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Community View: Zebrowski explains basics of East Ramapo bill

March 8, 2015 "Recently, Sen. David Carlucci, Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee and I formally introduced our
East Ramapo Oversight Bill (A5355/S3821). Since the bill's introduction, much of the Rockland community has rallied
behind our oversight system. However, others have visited Albany, misconstruing the bill and lobbying against
its passage." (More)

Feds: Ex-Spring Valley mayor Jasmin wanted to rig election

March 7, 2015 "Former Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin did more than sell her political influence for kickbacks — she also tried to
rig a village election, federal prosecutors said in court papers filed in her corruption case this week. Prosecutors allege in a 20-page
motion filed in U.S. District Court in White Plains that Jasmin met with developer Moses "Mark" Stern, who was cooperating with the
FBI, and asked him if he could help eliminate dozens of absentee ballots in that year's village elections to ensure "favorable" candidates
would win." Read the complete story on Lohud here.

Ramapo whistleblower accuses St. Lawrence of defamation

March 3, 2015 "Melissa Reimer, who is currently suspended from her job as supervisor of fiscal services, has filed a notice of claim against
the town and St. Lawrence. She is accusing town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence of damaging her reputation during a recent radio show.
According to the notice, written by Reimer's attorney, Fred Lichtmacher, St. Lawrence stated during his Feb. 6 appearance on local radio
station WRCR AM that Ramapo was listed as the state's most fiscally stressed town in 2012 by the state Comptroller's Office because "the
person who was previously responsible for sending the information to the comptroller had an incident with the Police Department and did
not send the proper information to the Comptroller's Office. She did not report all of the assets that should have been reported. The matter
is now in federal court."
Lichtmacher said by falsely alleging that Reimer didn't report all the town's assets, she has been defamed in her
profession as a certified public accountant.
In August, Reimer filed a multimillion-dollar federal lawsuit against the town and its officials,
alleging they retaliated against her for speaking up about what she perceived as improper fiscal activities. The lawsuit is pending. The town
has filed a motion to dismiss it, but it will take at least until May for a judge to take any action as the FBI requested a stay of reviewing audio
and video recordings related to the case." Read the complete story on LohHud here.

Nat, Get the shovel—Mona, Where’s the ladder? I got a great idea!

 February 23, 2015  If nothing else, the current financial team at Ramapo Town Hall is consistent. You just know
what you’re going to get every time this group comes up with what’s next. And their long-term track record?
Multi-million-dollar new debt layered over the existing debt. They’ve cornered the most fiscally stressed town
in New York award, year after year. You would think the three would have learned by now that you don’t get out of a hole by continuing to dig. (More)

JN Editorial: Guidance for East Ramapo, then aid

February 20, 2015 "A bill has been introduced in the New York Legislature to provide fiscal guidance for the East Ramapo school
district. The proposal is dramatic – and it is needed. The legislation hews to a report issued by a special fiscal monitor, Hank Greenberg,
who was appointed last year by the state Education Department and supported by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The legislation calls for a state-appointed
monitor, who would join in all district and school board meetings, have access to all records and be able to reverse a school board decision
considered detrimental to students' education. The district could appeal to the state Department of Education. The stakes are high: The district
cannot serve children's needs as the school board continues to make bad decisions that not only waste precious resources but fuel a deep divide
among the public- and private-school community. Read the complete Journal editorial here.

Zebrowski, Jaffee, Carlucci Propose 5-Year Monitor for East Ramapo Board

February 18, 2015 In simultaneous press releases this afternoon, Assembly Members Ken Zebrowski and Ellen Jaffee announced
their bill to establish a state monitor to oversee the East Ramapo School Board. Read the full terms of the oversight in the
Zebrowski press release here.

County Exec: Taking Aim at Illegal Housing

February 16, 2015 "Over the next few months, you'll learn the details of a sweeping initiative to provide uniform and aggressive enforcement
of building, housing and zoning codes in Rockland County with an emphasis on eliminating illegal housing.
My executive team has been working
closely with County Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Ruppert and Fire and Emergency Services Coordinator Gordon Wren on a comprehensive
strategy to stop the madness. Because our plans involve certain New York State health and building codes, I've personally engaged directly with
the Governor's office on the effort.
Elements of the plan include a countywide rental registry, complete with regular inspections. Another
component involves an on-line "request for investigation." We want to make it easy to file a confidential complaint about any property in
the county." (More)

State rips Ramapo, Spring Valley building enforcement
February 15, 2015 "A state agency has issued blistering letters citing inadequate building inspections and enforcement of zoning and fire-safety
regulations in Ramapo and Spring Valley. After state officials last year responded to complaints, the state Department of State's
Division of Building Standards and Codes preliminarily found the municipalities allow potentially dangerous conditions to fester in housing and
single-family-home conversions into schools and, in some cases, houses of worship. The agency found Ramapo gave temporary approvals to
buildings used for religious schools that remain in violation. The temporary certificates of occupancy benefit the schools as administrators can
seek services from the school district and seek thousands of dollars in state aid and access other programs. Critics claim many temporary COs
never cease as private schools continue to operate, or get municipal approvals for classroom trailers, and rarely face court or government
penalties. If the municipalities don't move to correct the deficiencies, the state could intervene and conduct a "full investigation of all aspects"
of enforcement. The agency can hold public hearings, according to the letters issued Jan. 28.
Both municipalities must respond in writing."
Read the complete Journal story here.

Cuomo: East Ramapo oversight bill expected by June

February 14, 2015 "Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday that he expects the state Legislature to pass an oversight bill for the East Ramapo school
district sometime between April and June. Lawmakers are now working on a proposal that the governor expects to be presented to the Legislature
after the state budget deadline of April 1 and before the end of the session in June."We had an independent person come down and review the
situation and that report will now be the basis for legislation," he said during a visit to the Pascack Community Center." Read the complete Journal
News coverage here.

East Ramapo still a fiscal mess