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Deadlines: Mail in Chris Day (US Congress) by Aug. 1, and Christine Theodore (Ramapo Town Justice), Ken Zebrowski (NY Assembly) and Mike Parietti (NY Senate) should be sent by Aug. 17. You can also drop off your petitions at 6 Spook Rock Road (Chris Day by Sun. night Aug. 3rd, and all  others by Aug. 17.)
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Spring Valley mayor jailed for contempt of court

August 1, 2014 "Mayor Demeza Delhomme was in the county jail Friday night after his arrest for being in contempt of a
court order that he open the village's civic center to host its summer camp. Village Attorney Jerrold Miles said he was
"stunned" by the ruling from state Supreme Court Justice Gerald Loehr, who determined Delhomme violated his order to
give the village's summer camp access to the Louis Kurtz Civic Center on North Main Street.
Miles said he was scrambling to
get the mayor out of the Rockland County Jail in New City." Complete Journal News story here.



“The Investigation Continues”

July 30, 2014 Charged with two felonies which placed him at the center of a scheme to sell the Hillcrest
Elementary School at up to $6 million under its appraised value, Avi Vardi walked out of a Clarkstown
courtroom yesterday with a three-year probation and a small fine. The felonies had been kicked down
to a single misdemeanor based on a technicality about when he performed the lowball appraisal. How did this happen? (More)

Supreme Court Judge Garvey: Ramapo must put ward system on the ballot

July 26, 2014 " Siding with local activists, a state Supreme Court judge Friday ordered the town clerk to hold referendums on whether
Ramapo should elect its Town Board members by ward and to increase the size of the board from four members to six.The battle started
in 2012 when activists Michael Parietti and Robert Romanowski filed petitions seeking the two referendums with Town Clerk Chris Sampson.
fter reviewing the materials presented before her, Garvey confirmed that the 1,367 valid signatures needed to force each referendum were
present on both petitions. Though it's uncommon in the Lower Hudson Valley, the ward system is seen by some activists as a way to counter the
political influence of the growing Orthodox community. Parietti and Romanowski maintain a six-member ward system would better represent
parts of town that could otherwise be easily outvoted.
This is the fourth attempt to organize petitions seeking a town ward system. Prior attempts,
supported by the grassroots group Preserve Ramapo, were made in 2003, 2004 and 2005. Each was rejected by the town. Read the complete story
on LoHud here.

Reactions to the Court Decision about the Ward System

July 26, 2014 In the last court session before state Supreme Court Judge Margaret Garvey, the two sides appeared for the purpose
of finally reviewing those petitions collected by Preserve Ramapo that were thrown out by Christian Sampson, the Ramapo Town Clerk.
It had taken two years to get to this point due to the series of legal objections thrown up by the Town of Ramapo and its attorneys. (More)

Ramapo LDC lost $630G in 2013, audit says

July 25, 2014 "The local development corporation formed by the town to finance its controversial baseball stadium lost more
than $600,000 in 2013, according to an audit commissioned by the agency.
Because of the way the RLDC was set up, the agency
gets all the revenue generated by the ballfield, not the town. In 2013, the agency spent about $3.37 million, including $660,503
for advertising and promotion and $562,044 in legal fees, according to the audit. The difference, about $627,000, is listed as an
operating loss for the year.
LDC Executive Director Aron Troodler said the agency did better financially in 2013 than 2012 when
its operating loss was about $762,000.
The Provident Bank Park project has been under scrutiny since the state Comptroller's
Office issued an audit in 2011, criticizing Ramapo for guaranteeing the $25 million bond for the stadium against voters' wishes.
In May 2013, the FBI raided Ramapo Town Hall, seizing boxes of financial records. And a couple of months ago, the U.S. Securities
and Exchange Commission subpoenaed records from the town and the RLDC." Read the complete Journal News article here.

East Ramapo completes school sale to yeshiva tenants

July 24, 2014 "East Ramapo officials say they've finalized the sale of Colton Elementary School to their longtime yeshiva
tenants, putting the district on track to make $10 million from real estate deals this year if a second sale closes as planned.
$5.1 million sale of Colton, on Grandview Avenue in New Hempstead, closed after lengthy legal fights. One included a dispute
with the tenants-turned-buyers that ended in the district agreeing to give them a $1.5 million credit for rent paid — even after
a judge sided with the school board in its opposition to awarding rent credit because the tenants were in arrears on their rent.
The sum was deducted from the original $6.6 million purchase price." Complete Journal News coverage here.

Judge reviews petitions on Ramapo ward system

July 21, 2014 "A two-year-old battle over whether Ramapo should elect its Town Board members by ward is finally getting a
hearing in state Supreme Court this week.Activists Michael Parietti and Robert Romanowski filed petitions in 2012 with the
Ramapo town clerk trying to get two referendums on the ballot: To increase the size of the Town Board from four to six and to
elect members based on the area where they lived, not by a townwide vote.The ward system was seen as a way to counter the
influence of the growing Orthodox community whose bloc vote can decide an election.Parietti and Romanowski maintain a six-member
ward system would better represent parts of town that could otherwise be easily outvoted.At Monday's opening session, state Supreme
Court Justice Margaret Garvey said at issue were the number of necessary signatures to get the referendums on the ballot as well as
residency questions raised by petition objectors Jacob Weiss, Hershy Itzkowitz, Jarrhett Oates and Juan Ramirez." Complete Journal
News coverage here.

S.V. mayor offers flimsy excuse for closing camp

July 20, 2014 The explanation for the closing of the summer youth program for 50 children seems to be, according to Spring
Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme, that no one working in the program had the required CPR certification. Actually, there are
many services that can provide the training and certification in about one day. So Delhomme, according to his own statement,
closed the program for this reason — no certification. Read the full text of Bob Rhodes' in the Journal News here.

SEC seizes Ramapo records--Feds also take documents from LDC in fraud probe

July 19, 2014 "A year after the FBI seized boxes of financial records from Ramapo as part of a fraud investigation, the U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commission has also taken records from the town and its development arm. The SEC subpoenas and
request for voluntary disclosure of records came in May. The agency sought documents from Jan. 1, 2009, to the present. Its
demand was only recently disclosed in a memorandum by the town's bond counsel related to a $2.49 million bond request. The
SEC subpoenas were issued May 21 to Ramapo, its Local Development Corporation (LDC), the town's auditor and financial advisor,
and Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence. The LDC has been the financial arm behind the town's $60 million baseball stadium,
a $48 million housing development on Elm Street, and other projects." Complete Journal News coverage here.

A Possible Epitaph for Provident Bank Ballpark

July 17, 2014  In a New York Times story “One Team, Two Cities and None Are Happy,” it
seems politicians in Hartford, Connecticut, are having a hard time coming up with the $60
million they need to build a minor league baseball park for the New Britain Rock Cats. The
public doesn’t want it, and the push to get private funding is proving to be as difficult as
industry analysts predicted it would be. The public resistance comes from a concern over
tax increases and cuts to social services, and the Times points out that, “Hartford’s plan to
draw private investors faces steep hurdles.” Sounds a lot like the early stages of the plan
to build Provident Ball Park for a team from the Can Am League. Back then, here in Ramapo, any private investor
spending more than a half-hour on a risk analysis of the venture wouldn’t go near it, and the public also voted not to
fund it with taxpayer dollars. (More)


Robert Rhodes on Preserve Ramapo’s Support for Chris Day for Congress

July 16, 2014 For many months Nita Lowey ignored appeals from members of East Ramapo’s public school
community. Like Governor Andrew Cuomo she had apparently decided that the interests of 9,000 black
and brown public school students could be safely sacrificed for political expediency. Nita’s opponent is
Chris Day, a political newcomer to the Rockland political scene. Chris is best known in our county as the
manager of Ed Day’s remarkable campaign for County Executive last November. Unlike Nita, Chris has
criticized RLUIPA (the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act), criticized the New Square slaughterhouse,
and supported the East Ramapo public schools. (More)

Ward System Petition in Court this Week and Next

July 13, 2014 Mike Parietti and Robert Romanowski were notified by the court that Judge Garvey has ordered an in court hearing
that will commence on Monday July 21st at 9:30 AM to determine whether the voters of Ramapo will be allowed to vote on the issue
of getting direct representation on the Ramapo Town Board. A Ward System in Ramapo would divide the town into districts with each
having their own representative voice on the panel. You would elect a board member from your neighborhood who would be there to
represent your neighborhood. And if ever Ramapo residents needed their own representatives on the board it is now. (More)

Judge: Spring Valley mayor can't stop day camp

Judge ordered Spring Valley mayor to honor the board resolution to hold summer day camp.
But the camp's future is still unknown as camp director has been worried about her physical safety.

July 9, 2014 "In a village where the mayor and trustees disagree on practically everything, even holding day camp involves
a court order. State Supreme Court Justice Gerald Loehr ordered Wednesday morning that Mayor Demeza Delhomme be restrained
from violating a village board resolution to offer the summer program. But whether the camp actually opens is still unclear as Sonia Barton,
who supposedly would be the camp's director, hasn't made it clear that she's going to take the job. The fate of the 14-year-old program
at the Louis Kurtz Civic Center became uncertain earlier this year amid a conflict between Delhomme and Barton, who has been suspended
from her job as the village's youth director." Read the complete Journal News coverage here.

Camp Shalom: Day camp nearby was also vandalized

July 10, 2014 "A Hungry Hollow Road day camp was vandalized around the same time a pool was slashed at nearby Camp Shalom
at the Chestnut Ridge Middle School, Ramapo police said Wednesday. The dual acts of vandalism over the weekend have police
leaning toward thinking Camp Shalom – which is for Orthodox Jewish children – was not targeted due to religious animosity,
Ramapo Detective Lt. Mark Emma said. The camps are within walking distance of each other.
"There's no evidence at this point
to say the vandalism was or was not anti-Semitic," Emma said. "The vandalism at the other place leads me to believe there was
general criminal mischief by some young adults who were up to no good." Complete Journal News story here.

Camp pool vandalized at East Ramapo school

July 8, 2014 . Police are investigating an apparent act of vandalism at a religious summer camp leasing school property from the
East Ramapo district. A vinyl pool installed by Orthodox-Jewish Camp Shalom at the Chestnut Ridge Middle School was slashed in
seven places over the weekend. It is one of four temporary pools planned by the camp, which is
leasing the building and grounds
for $125,000 this summer. Ryan Karben, lawyer for the New Jersey-based camp, urged authorities to investigate the incident as a
hate crime. He said the camp has been subjected to harassment, had its workers cursed at and had unwarranted complaints against
it filed with police. He said the angry rhetoric has also been harsh on social media sites. The incident follows debate over the camp's
use of district property amid longstanding tension between public school advocates and the Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish-dominated
East Ramapo school board. Much of the controversy has focused on
work done before permits were obtained and a dispute over
whether local municipal permits were necessary for construction at the site.” Complete Journal News story here.

East Ramapo's legal costs continue to pile up

July 6, 2014 “East Ramapo taxpayers have spent nearly $1,000 a day on the district's high-powered law firm in the year since officials said
they would seek to replace it in the wake of an attorney's profane verbal attack on parents. Minerva & D'Agostino has billed East Ramapo
approximately $322,000 for services and travel between July 2013 and May 2014, according to invoices provided by the district. Details on
what the services were and which attorneys provided them were redacted by the district. While the total is less than the $600,000 set aside
for the firm, the district's legal costs have ballooned since Minerva & D'Agostino was hired in a hasty, late-night vote in 2009. The school board
hired the firm at twice the rate of the previous lawyer, Stephen Fromson, who worked for East Ramapo for decades. Former board members
and others have suggested the firm was hired because of the reputation of its principal, Albert D'Agostino, in assisting the ultra-Orthodox community
in getting its children access to specific special education services, often in private schools. That the access results in taxpayer money illegally funding
students' religious education is a central claim in a federal lawsuit pending against East Ramapo. The issue also plays into the district's own legal fight
with the state Education Department. Those bills don't include costs for other firms East Ramapo employs, specifically Bingham McCutchen, of New
York and Washington, D.C., whose lawyers are paid $450 or $650 per hour to defend current and former officials, including D'Agostino, schools
Superintendent Joel Klein and school board President Yehuda Weissmandl, in a federal civil rights case filed two years ago by 400 parents. The parents
claim that school officials steered public money to private religious schools to benefit the district's large ultra-Orthodox community. Bingham McCutchen
is also defending the district's method of placing special education students in private programs in a suit East Ramapo initiated against the state Education
Department. A court determined the district's process broke the law; the district is in the process of mounting an appeal.” Read the complete
Journal News
story here.

East Ramapo's lawyer games

July 5, 2014 “It's a disappointment that public monies will continue to flow to East Ramapo school board's preferred law firm, Minerva &
D'Agostino, which has treated the public so poorly, and has fomented controversy and tension in the deeply divided district. In July 2013,
the school board pledged to transition to a new law firm after a lawyer's vile, expletive-laden verbal attack on a group of district parents
was captured on video and posted on YouTube for all to see. Yet on Tuesday, the board voted 7-2 to retain Minerva & D'Agostino. School
officials say they could not find another law firm that was either qualified or willing to handle the district's "unique" situation — the majority
of school-age children living in the district attend private schools, and the majority of the school board comes from the Orthodox Jewish
community who send their children to yeshivas. It's important to remember why the school board selected the Long Island-based law firm
in the first place in 2010 — or rather, re-selected, as the board first voted to hire the firm in 2009, but had to re-do the process because
requests for proposals had not been issued. As then-President Nathan Rothschild said after the law firm's February 2010 hiring. "Minerva &
D'Agostino wrapped their arms around the private school special-education students and were instrumental in making many changes in the
environment for the families with special-education students in Lawrence" in Long Island, which also has a large Orthodox Jewish population
whose children are educated in yeshivas.” Read the full text of The Journal News editorial here.

East Ramapo: Board votes to sell Hillcrest school to yeshiva

July 3, 2014 “The East Ramapo school board has approved a $4.9 million sale of Hillcrest Elementary School to the property's current
tenant, Congregation Avir Yakov of New Square. The Board of Education voted 6-0 at a special meeting Thursday night to authorize the
board president to execute a contract of sale for the school. The district sold Hillcrest to the same buyer once before. State authorities
canceled that sale amid questions over its legality. The move followed the building's closure in 2010 in the face of public outcry and on the
erroneous premise that public school enrollment would decline in the coming years. Avi Vardi, the appraiser selected by the school board
to handle the initial sale, is now facing felony charges. A state attorney general investigation found Vardi took a $5,000 bribe from the intended
buyer, Avir Yakov, and falsified the appraisal to get the buyer a lower price. Vardi had pegged the property's value at $3.2 million while a
secondary appraisal report by a Mamaroneck firm determined it was worth $5.9 million. The district budgeted $5 million in revenue from the
anticipated sale of Colton Elementary School last school year. That $5.1 million deal is nearly complete. The past transactions involving both
schools are the subject of an ongoing investigation by state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office.” Read the complete Journal News story here.

Reaction to the East Ramapo D’Agostino Scandal

July 3, 2014 A year after promising and voting to fire and remove the abusive Minerva & D’Agostino law firm,
School Board President Yehuda Weissmandl and an overwhelming majority of his board members voted to
renew the contract with the law firm for the 2014-15 school year. Reaction from public officials was scathing. (More)

Are You Serious?

July 1, 2014 At the East Ramapo School Board reorganization meeting tonight (Tuesday July 1) there are items up
for approval that are hypocritical, unprofessional, and even legally questionable. (More)

Rocky first Reform Meeting Held by Council Member Friedman at Town Hall

June 25, 2014 It was the first time in memory that a meeting was convened at Ramapo Town Hall for the express purpose of dealing
with what’s wrong with the Town government and what can be done to mitigate the failures and eliminate the corruption. The first,
that is, unless you count the eight-hour meeting held by Federal agents at the site a year ago in May. At last night’s meeting, the Town
Clerk was not present, as he is at Town Board meetings, with his egg timer ordering speakers to sit down after barely introducing what
it was they wanted to discuss. Instead, the residents were allowed to speak at length—no one was shut up and no topic was dismissed as
off limits. And there was something else that’s missing in St. Lawrence-directed board meetings--you could ask questions and not be
dismissed off-hand with, “We’re not taking questions.” As you might expect, given the freedom to speak out and question, the meeting
was edgy, frequently contentious, and sometimes loud. It began shortly after 6pm and did not end until sometime after 9. More here along
with video coverage.

Community View: East Ramapo's children cannot wait

June 22, 2014 That something is wrong in East Ramapo cannot be doubted. The district spent over $3 million last year on legal fees
alone and budgeted the same amount to be spent this year. A review of East Ramapo's independent audits shows that the district
went from a $12.5 million surplus in 2011 to a deficit of $8.9 million as of June 30, 2013. It is currently borrowing $17 million to pay
for current operations, a practice that did not exist before 2009. Another questionably balanced budget was put in place for the
coming school year. Of note is that even as total bus transportation costs continue to rise, the amount budgeted for 2014-15 is millions
less than the actual amount spent in 2012-13. (More)

Judge orders Ramapo to back off in Reimer hearing

June 20, 2014 "A state Supreme Court judge ruled Ramapo was going too far in its questioning of a suspended finance employee
about her intention to sue the town for defamation. Melissa Reimer, Ramapo's supervisor of fiscal services, filed a notice of claim
against the town last year, arguing it unreasonably blamed her for an unfavorable financial review by the state Comptroller's Office.
Reimer is facing possible termination as misconduct-related charges against her were upheld by the town's hearing officers. Reimer's
testimony during disciplinary hearings indicated she might have been a whistle-blower in an ongoing federal investigation into town
finances, though she wouldn't confirm it.The town held a hearing Oct. 1 to question Reimer about her defamation claims. The town's
attorney raised his voice and threatened that her case would be dismissed if she didn't answer his questions, according to court documents
submitted by Fred Lichtmacher, Reimer's lawyer. One particular question was asked over 10 times, he wrote. At the end of the Oct. 1 hearing,
the town told her it would need two more days to complete the questioning. Reimer then sought court intervention.
In his decision issued
Thursday, Justice Victor Alfieri wrote that at the Oct. 1 hearing, the town was "delving into areas that clearly go beyond the statutory purpose"
of the hearing, which should not be an opportunity for the town to determine what evidence exists that may or may not support Reimer's claims."
Complete Journal coverage can be read here.

Monsey hotel proposal in limbo

June 20, 2014 "A proposed zoning amendment that would have allowed a Monsey hotel to rise as high as 50 feet apparently failed
to get enough Town Board support, although the developer's lawyer disagreed with the result. Sunrise Square LLC wants to build a
hotel in the heart of downtown Monsey and has been trying to change zoning code to allow a taller, bigger hotel in the densely
populated area. But the plan is now in limbo after the Town Board's recent vote on the proposed zoning amendment was 3-2 in favor.
The votes against the amendment were cast by Town Board members Yitzchok Ullman and Daniel Friedman. Susan Meyer, a spokeswoman
for the Rockland County Department of Planning, said Friday the town needed a majority plus one vote, or a 4-1 vote on the five-member
board, to approve the amendment because the county planning department expressed concerns over the change." Read the complete
Journal News story here.

Rockland creates task force to conserve water and mitigate need for desal plant

June 19, 2014 "The new board will focus on reducing demand through conservation and green infrastructure, using outreach, education
and incentive programs. It will have 19 members, including representatives of county departments, businesses, schools, and United Water
New York. It was United Water's effort to build a Hudson River treatment plant that galvanized everyday citizens, including members of the
Rockland Water Coalition, into opposing the facility in favor of detailed studies of the existing supply and demand and deeper exploration of
alternatives, including conservation and water reuse. Last month, the state Public Service Commission determined that while Rockland may
one day need more water, it doesn't need it until at least 2020. It told United Water it should continue to seek permits to build the plant, but
that the project would not be able to proceed until a certain supply threshold was reached.
In the same decision, the PSC said opponents of
the plant would now have the time they need to implement conservation measures designed to possibly delay or prevent the project." Complete
Journal News
story here.

St. Lawrence's 'corruption' blasted by Ramapo official

June 18, 2014 "Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence is getting a stiff broadside from within his own party as a Town Board member
prepares to host a meeting to discuss reform to "put an end to criminal activity and any form of corruption" under the supervisor. Daniel Friedman
said Tuesday that at the public meeting, he wants to get input from residents on his legislative proposals, which he will then present to the
Town Board. His action was prompted by a "clear record of illegal activity by Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and his administration,"
Friedman wrote in an emailed statement.The meeting is set for 6 p.m. Tuesday at Ramapo Town Hall at 237 Route 59, Airmont." The complete
Journal News story can be read here.

JN Editorial: In East Ramapo, fiscal monitor is an important first step
Yehuda Weissmandel (Board Pres): Fiscal monitor the result of anti-Semitism

June 15, 2014 In a weekend editorial, The Journal News commended the Governor and Education Dept. Commissioner for appointing an overseer
to monitor spending and planning in East Ramapo. “
The state has appointed a fiscal monitor for East Ramapo school district, where a divided
community bickers over ever-shrinking resources, with public-school children squeezed in the middle. We wish Hank Greenberg well as he dives
into the morass of concerns over how money and resources are used in East Ramapo.” Taking a different tack, the School Board President Yehuda
Weissmandl fired off a letter on Thursday to Commissioner King accusing him and the Governor of being complicit with local anti-Semites who
oppose the board’s actions simply out of personal bigotry. (More)

East Ramapo Schools: Orthodox Camp Files for Building Permits

June 14, 2014 “A religious summer camp leasing East Ramapo school district property has applied to the village for a building permit, backpedaling
from its stance earlier this week that the permit isn't needed to put up temporary pools."We reached an understanding with the village that provides
them with the information that they feel they need to have, agreeing to disagree about some of the legal issues involved," said Camp Shalom attorney
Ryan Karben. "Hopefully, this will give the village the information that it needs so it can protect its residents and the camp can provide services to its
campers." Complete Journal News story here.

Trial of Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin Will Begin at the Conclusion of the Smith Trial

June 13, 2014 On Friday, the Journal News reported a delay in the Malcolm Smith trial. “The federal corruption trial of state Sen. Malcolm Smith
could be put on hold as authorities await translations of a Monsey developer's Yiddish conversations while he helped Smith allegedly try to bribe
his way to the Republican nomination for New York City mayor.” Also in the article was the following information about Mayor Jasmin and Deputy
Mayor Desmaret: “Former Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin and former Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret were also charged in the case, accused
in a separate corruption scam involving Stern. The developer pitched a fictitious kosher catering hall on village-owned property that he needed to
justify Smith's promise of $500,000 from Albany for a road project there. Desmaret pleaded guilty in January to wire fraud and extortion. Jasmin
is scheduled to go on trial after the current trial wraps up.” Compete article can be read here.

East Ramapo schools monitor has broad charge, says King

June 11, 2014 "The state-appointed "fiscal monitor" for the East Ramapo school district is already receiving information about the troubled
district as he prepares to "launch" his work, Education Commissioner John King said Wednesday. The goal of a fiscal monitor is to look at how
East Ramapo is using its resources, to make sure its use of resources is consistent with federal law, state law and is in the best interests of students,"
he said. He said Greenberg will focus on how federal funds are used, in particular how East Ramapo carries out federal grant programs. Another
area of focus, he said, is how the district is ensuring that students have access to services and course offerings required by state regulations.
King said Greenberg may also look at certain district "preferences" when it comes to special education and real-estate transactions, areas that he
noted the Education Department has already reviewed. Critics have long charged that East Ramapo's school board, run by majorities of Hasidic
and Orthodox Jewish men who send their children to private schools, has focused on reducing spending and has not served the best interests
of public school students." Full Journal News coverage here.

East Ramapo schools to get state fiscal monitor

June 10, 2014 "The state Education Department said Tuesday it will install a fiscal monitor for the troubled East Ramapo
school district after Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on the state to step up its oversight. State Education Commissioner John
King said the fiscal monitor will be Albany attorney Hank Greenberg, a former counsel to Cuomo when the governor was
attorney general. "The department has been working closely with East Ramapo to try to address the district's serious fiscal
issues, and the appointment of a fiscal monitor is the next step in those efforts," King said in a statement. The move comes after local
officials have pressed for state intervention in the Rockland County school district, which has been plagued by financial turmoil and political
controversy. East Ramapo officials have been accused of giving short shrift to the interests of public school children, and many residents
have alleged that the school board steers taxpayer money toward the private religious schools." Complete Journal story here.

Link to Henry Greenberg’s professional bio   http://www.gtlaw.com/People/GreenbergHenryM

Karben: Village can’t stop camp

June 9, 2014 "A New Jersey-based religious day camp setting up shop at an East Ramapo school for the summer insists it is not subject
to village zoning regulations that prompted local officials to issue a stop-work order last week.
Camp Shalom, which serves hundreds of
Orthodox Jewish children, is instead subject to regulations under state education law, according to its attorney, Ryan Karben.
"The building
inspector issued a determination on this property Feb. 25 and, as far as I know, that hasn't been appealed," Village Attorney Walter Sevastian
said. "If the applicant has a problem with that, they can either appeal his determination or file an action (in court)." Complete story here.

NAACP fears Spring Valley housing bias could spread

June 9, 2014 "Though more than a year has passed since they filed a complaint on alleged exclusionary housing built under
the village's urban renewal plan, local NAACP leaders has gotten no answers from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban
Development. Meanwhile, a developer who was originally involved in the housing project in question — Park View Condominiums
at Main Street and Maple Avenue — has proposed building 124 affordable rental units at the Sen. Eugene Levy Municipal Plaza, to be
called Levy Towers. In April 2013, the NAACP filed a federal complaint alleging that the Park View Condominiums discriminated against
black people by selectively marketing and selling units to Orthodox Jews.
NAACP leaders said the developer was required to provide
a marketing plan to the village to ensure that the property, which was partly funded with more than $66,000 in federal dollars, was
fairly advertised." Read complete Journal story here.

Religious camp preps East Ramapo school site without permits

June 8, 2014 "A religious day camp angling to set up four swimming pools at Chestnut Ridge Middle School under a summer lease
agreement has begun work on the property without the proper permits. Chestnut Ridge code enforcement officials issued a stop-work
order to both the camp and its landlord, the East Ramapo school district, after workers at the middle school were seen earlier in the
week trenching and laying electrical lines and installing a new electric meter on school property during the day, Village Mayor Rosario Presti Jr.
said. "I saw the work in passing, because I drive by there every day. Then people started calling the village," he said Friday. "Code enforcement
went out and politely asked them to leave the site, but everything was already done." Complete Journal News story here.

Ramapo hires board member's spouse as rec coordinator
Nepotism still thriving in the St. Lawrence Administration

June 7, 2013 "Bernard Charles Jr. has recently resigned his parks and recreation director position with the Village of Spring Valley,
and his controversial $5,000-a-month consulting gig with the Ramapo town has been terminated. But no need to feel sorry for him:
he's got a new job on the town payroll. Charles, a former Spring Valley mayoral candidate whose wife is Ramapo Town Board member
Brendel Charles, has been appointed as an assistant recreation activities coordinator with the Ramapo town Parks and Recreation
Department. The full-time position will pay him $45,973 annually, according to the Town Board resolution.There's just one caveat:
Charles' appointment is provisional until he passes a civil service exam." Journal story here.

State, County, Town and Village Officials Join to Protest

Proposed New Square Slaughterhouse

June 2, 2014 They all agreed with the more than 100 neighbors and supporters who had
gathered there in front of the corner house, right across the street from the site where
New Square officials intend to build a plant that will slaughter more than one million chickens
per year. Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski, County Executive Ed Day, Clarkstown Supervisor Alex
Gromack, three County Legislators, and others—a total of 15 speakers who repeated the same message
that a poultry slaughterhouse has no place in a residential neighborhood. (More)

Watch NY CBS television report on the protest here.

Read Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee's statement opposing the slaughterhouse here.

Read the Journal News story: Crowd protests proposed New Hempstead poultry slaughterhouse

Read the Vos iz Neias? story: County Exec and Nearby Residents Protest Proposed New Square Slaughterhouse

Ramapo Residents Win First Court Skirmish in the Legal Battle To Bring
Diversity and Accountability to Town Government

May 29, 2014 "A recent court decision by the New York State Appellate Division has boosted the efforts of Ramapo residents
Mike Parietti and Bob Romanowski, as well as the Preserve Ramapo party, to bring a higher level of diversity to the Ramapo
Town Board. The favorable ruling will now permit Parietti and Romanowski to continue to press the Town to put two crucial
questions to a public vote: shall the ward system be established for the election of councilmen or councilwomen in the Town
of Ramapo; and, shall the number of councilmen or councilwomen of the Town of Ramapo be increased from four to six? The
Town has been fighting such a public referendum every step of the way." (More)

Protest against proposed New Square poultry plant set

May 28, 2014 “NEW SQUARE – As a poultry plant operator puts the finishing touches on unapproved plans for the
massive facility, opponents plan a protest outside the village site on Sunday afternoon. Opponents are focusing on the
$3 million plant's potential environmental impacts on nearby residential neighborhoods — not only in the Hasidic Jewish
village of New Square but bordering homes in New Hempstead. They want a $1.6 million grant from the New York Empire
State Development Fund earmarked for the project to be rescinded.
Among the speakers at the 2 p.m. "Stop the Slaughterhouse"
rally will be Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski, County Executive Ed Day, and neighbors of the proposed plant. Zebrowski has
called on the state to withdraw its grant." Complete Journal News coverage here.

United Water wants $60 million before seeking treatment plant permits

May 24, 2014 A state recommendation to extend the 2015 deadline for United Water to find a new New York water
supply hasn't discouraged the company from building a controversial new plant, but a company spokesman said Friday
it wants $60 million in reimbursements first. "We expect that our surcharge will be granted because the long-term water
supply project was in compliance with a PSC order and is an investment on behalf of our customers," United Water's
Steven Goudsmith said. State Public Service Commission experts in a report issued Thursday said that the plant is not
needed as soon because demand for water had fallen in Rockland, in part due to the recession. As a result, the timing of
a new water supply could be extended to 2020. But the PSC experts also recommended that United Water continue to
pursue the permits it needs to construct the Hudson River water treatment plant so if a certain threshold is crossed,
they'll be in position to build.
The company wants its customers to reimburse it for the money it has spent trying to get
approvals for the project before deciding if it wants to pursue the permits, Goudsmith said. The project was proposed to
comply with the PSC's 2006 requirement to add supply, he said." Complete Journal News story here.

PSC staff says United Water plant can wait until 2020

May 22, 2014 “Rockland will eventually need more water, but it doesn't need it yet, according to experts with the
state Public Service Commission who recommended Thursday that the 2015 deadline for a new United Water New York
supply be suspended. United Water has proposed building a controversial Hudson River water treatment plant in response
to a 2006 PSC requirement that it add supply. But the PSC decided in July to review the need for the plant as opponents,
including the Rockland Water Coalition, questioned the claim. The PSC staff recommendation was issued just hours before
many of those opponents gathered at Orangetown Town Hall Thursday to conduct a "People's Hearing" in connection to the
plant.The 103-page "Report on Need" concluded that water use had dropped off so significantly since 2007, that the need
for additional water supply had been pushed out to 2020." Complete Journal News coverage here.

Supreme Court Justice Thomas Walsh Suspends Ramapo
Planning Board Approvals for the Patrick Farm Development

May 21, 2014  In a decision handed down by Justice Thomas Walsh of Rockland County Supreme Court, dated May 19,
2014, the court suspended approvals issued by the Town of Ramapo Planning Board for the Patrick Farm project. Suzanne
Mitchell, Director of ROSA (Ramapo Organized for Sustainability and a Safe Aquifer) said, "this is not only a win for Rockland
County, but it is an extremely important victory for our environment."  She notes, "ROSA's intelligent and thoughtful actions
along with our numerous legal proceedings is providing our community with a positive impact for our future."ROSA's attorney,
Daniel Richmond, partner at law firm Zarin and Steinmetz, stated, "I am pleased that the court is requiring the Planning Board
to finally grapple with critical issues pertaining to this project, including site safety issues, and the project's impacts on
critical environmental resources including wetlands." (More)

School budgets get easy ride to passage

May 21, 2014 “Voters on Tuesday approved all 53 school budgets put forth by school districts in Westchester, Rockland
and Putnam counties, putting to bed the quietest budget season in the post-recession era. East Ramapo voters passed
the $210.9 million spending plan by roughly 500 votes, according to unofficial results from the district. The East Ramapo
school board race was uncontested. Ramapo Central voters returned incumbents Marylse Howard and Craig Long to their
seats but ousted Nick Milillo in favor of newcomer Amany Messieha Dgheim.” Full coverage at LoHud

Ramapo activists seeking ward system win ruling

May 19, 2014 "Local activists say their pursuit of a town ward system took an important step forward as the Appellate
Division of state Supreme Court recently affirmed their Article 78 claim against the town clerk was filed in time. But Ramapo
officials say the decision simply means the lawsuit can continue. In September 2012, activists Michael Parietti and Robert
Romanowski filed a petition with Ramapo seeking referendums on the creation of a town ward system as well as an increase
in the number of Town Board members from four to six. They said the six-ward system, with each Town Board member
representing his or her geographic area, would represent residents' interests better. Board members now are elected at
large, and the growing Orthodox Jewish community in Ramapo can have a big sway in local elections with its bloc vote."
Read the full text of the Journal News story here.

Read a message from the Preserve Ramapo Activists and the full text of the Court Ruling here.

St. Lawrence mum on sewage spills

May 20, 2014  Letter to The Journal News Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence has, once again, declined to
discuss an embarrassing failure on the part of a government agency. In the past he has assured us that our sewer system
is an "engineering marvel." What the article doesn't tell us is that as recently as last week Sewer District No. 1 was
still dumping raw sewage into the Saddle River. (More)

After Airmont loses RLUIPA battle, controversial proposal resurfaces

May 18, 2014 "Nothing has been built at the site where a proposed yeshiva with student-faculty housing touched off a
decade long battle the village ultimately lost.
But about three years after the case ended, the plan for the 19 acres on Hillside
Avenue may be revived. An engineer for Congregation Mischknois Lavier Yakov recently contacted the village about filing the
same proposal — a yeshiva and housing for more than 200 people — that was rejected by the Planning Board in June 2002."
Read the complete Journal News coverage here.

Hasidim Spark Backlash in NYC Exurbs That Entangles Cuomo

May 10, 2014 [from Bloomberg.com] "Community groups fighting the growing influence of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish
population in New York City’s northwestern exurbs are joining forces to counter the Hasidic bloc vote in this year’s
gubernatorial election. The activists want to prevent what they call “the next East Ramapo,” a school district about 40 miles
(64 kilometers) northwest of Manhattan, where critics say the state is standing idle as a Hasidic-controlled board of education
cuts programs for public-school students. A group called Preserve Rockland and a coalition of religious leaders, including rabbis,
are pressing Governor Andrew Cuomo for oversight." (More

Tuxedo Farms 1,195-home Mountainside Development
and the Hillburn Wastewater Treatment Plant

May 10, 2014  Last week the Rockland County legislature reaffirmed its commitment not to treat wastewater from
outside the county. In recent months the Town of Tuxedo and the Related Companies, a $14 billion company, had sought
to connect to the Hillburn sewer plant. Rockland County Sewer District #1 was interested in the additional revenue stream.
The Rockland County executive liked the $2 million payment offered to the county plus the construction jobs, but it was the
legislature’s decision to make. This drama has repeated itself more than once over the years as Related has sought ways to make
construction of 1,195 units on forested mountain land economically viable. Current plans would reserve some land as protected
species habitat, some could be for commercial development, and 570 acres between Sloatsburg and Tuxedo Park would become a
planned community. (More)

Seven-Year Lawsuit Against the Rockland County Sewer District Ends with
Hefty Fines and Judgment that the Sewer District is a Serial Polluter of
Federally Protected Waters

May 7, 2014 The Mayor of Upper Saddle River, Joanne Minichetti, announced the court decision on Monday in a message
to the residents: “After seven long years of litigation, the Borough of Upper Saddle River has prevailed. The Court found the
Rockland County Sewer District #1 liable for their sanitary sewer overflows into the Saddle River. Judge Ramos granted summary
judgment on the Clean Water Act and ordered further evidentiary hearings to assess civil penalties for each spill (up to $25,000
per spill). Equally important, because the Borough was found to be the prevailing party, Upper Saddle River is entitled to and will
pursue full payment of all attorneys’ fees and costs. This is favorable for both the residents of Upper Saddle River and the environment.”
The lawsuit is drawing to a close, but the polluting continues with another significant raw sewage spill at the Saddle River Swim and
Tennis Club just last week. (More) Read the court order here.

Rockland's county executive faces big challenges

May 5, 2015 "Rockland County Executive Ed Day has nearly four months in office behind him, but a full slate of challenges
in front of him. 'I can honestly say … the challenges of my first hundred days drive me even harder to get the solutions and
perform my duties to the best of my abilities,' Day said. Day ran for a job with some very big challenges. He took over a county
ranked as the state's most fiscally stressed. Rockland has a state-certified deficit of $125.6 million, and the institution responsible
for a large chunk of that, Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Care Center, has proven more difficult to sell than anticipated. So far,
Day has managed to reorganize the County Executive's Office – shedding about $76,000, or 10 percent, in salaries. He's reorganizing
county government overall, but has kept just about every department head named by his predecessor, namely on the grounds that
"people will often rise and fall on the level of expectancy. I'm setting the tone from the top." Complete Journal story here.

Rockland gets an F for air quality

April 30, 2014 "Nine counties in the state received F’s for ozone including Rockland and Westchester. Rockland was one of only
two counties in the state to drop two letter grades from a C to an F. At the same time, Putnam, which received a C, was one
of only four counties in the state to see its grade for ozone improve. No Hudson Valley County received an F in 2013.
Ozone is the
most widespread air pollutant, created by the reaction of sunlight on emissions from vehicles and other sources." Complete Journal
News story here. More information on health risks from elevated ozone levels here.

http://www.preserveramapo.com/Electon%202010/romanowskiphoto.jpgRamapo critics assert the town hasn't returned $3M budget loan from the
police fund to the general fund

April 28, 2014 "Town Attorney Michael Klein said state law permits inter-fund borrowing as long as it's paid back. When the nature
of the two funds are different, as in the town's police and general funds, the money has to be returned with interest, he said. Robert
Romanowski, a Republican who is a frequent critic of the Ramapo Town Board, said he filed a Freedom of Information Law request
in January, seeking records that might show the money was returned to the police fund.
After many weeks without a response,
Romanowski said, he received a letter from town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence stating that his request was denied because
no such document existed. A letter from Town Clerk Christian Sampson, who is also records access officer for the town, was attached to St. Lawrence's
letter, stating that no records were found." Complete Journal News story here.

Tip of the Iceberg  

April 28, 2014  When a municipality transfers money from one accounting line to another it is supposed to pass a resolution authorizing the transfer.
Under exceptional circumstances funds can even be loaned from one tax line to another, but they must be returned by the end of the year (with interest).
Thanks to the persistence of Bob Romanowski we now know that $3 million in taxes that we thought we were paying for police services were
transferred to the general tax line and never returned. (More)

Tone at Town Hall Shifts from Uncivil to Unspeakable

April 24, 2014  For the second meeting in a row, the proceedings last night at the Ramapo Town Board meeting ended with a “sit down
and shut up” order followed by hurled insults. The happy, yappy banter and backslapping that customarily bubbles up at the conclusion of most
Ramapo Town Board meetings has been replaced by standing challenges and the peripheral players scuttling unceremoniously out of the room and
away from the conflict. (More)

Is Hasidic Board To Blame for Gutting Public Schools in N.Y. Town?

Crisis of Democracy Hits Home in Rockland County

April 23, 2014  From the Jewish Daily Forward "The struggle over the East Ramapo Central School District in this poor suburb 40 minutes
north of Manhattan has grown familiar after four years of press coverage: Ultra-Orthodox Jews who don’t send their kids to the public schools
control the majority of seats on the local school board. And the families who do send their kids to the public schools say the board members
favor the private yeshivas in the district at the expense of the public schools. The years of media attention have changed little. The East
Ramapo district is getting worse. Elementary schools don’t have assistant principals anymore. They don’t have art classes or social workers,
either. Middle school sports have been cut, as has summer school. Class size is up to 28 students in some elementary school buildings. Parents
who can send their children elsewhere, do." (More)

Day urges Public Service Comm. to amend “unfair” Lake DeForest Reservoir agreement

April 16, 2014 "Rockland County Executive Ed Day today called on the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) to correct an unfair
water agreement which has been in effect for more than 50 years.The PSC is currently reviewing a 20-year extension to the Lake DeForest
Reservoir Cost Allocation Agreement, which was originally drafted in 1954 to define how the cost of operating the reservoir would be shared
between the Spring Valley Water Company (now United Water New York, UWNY) and their parent company, the Hackensack Water Company
(now United Water New Jersey, UWNJ). County Executive Day said, “United Water New York ratepayers have been getting the short end of
the stick for decades.  As a matter of fairness and balance, we believe this Agreement must not be approved until the PSC considers the
County’s recommendations.” (More)

The Ramapo Tire Fire Spreads at Town Hall

 April 15, 2014  Some think that the political tire fire that is now heating up the Ramapo Town Board
meetings was first ignited last month when St. Lawrence created a new job for board member Brendel
Charles’ husband, Bernard. When the list of responsibilities for the job were disclosed, board member
Daniel Friedman went ballistic showering sparks over this matter, and then over the energy consultant thing,
and now it continues with his own hair lighting up  whenever  he’s calling St. Lawrence a liar at the meetings,
on the radio, or in the newspaper—what a show. But give it a little more thought and you realize this blaze
was smoldering long before, beginning way back on May 15 of last year when the FBI showed up at Town Hall
and hauled out cartons full of papers and hard drives. What continues to play out now appears to be little more
than the furry unfaithful coming up on deck of a badly faltering ship that’s offering its passengers not many good escape options. (More)

Don’t Believe There Are Two Sets of Laws in Ramapo?

April 15, 2014 The judge ordered that the illegal matzo oven be removed along with students on the Forshay site until the proper permits
had been obtained because the complex, which includes a wood-frame single-family home and three modular trailers, is "endangering lives."
The congregation had already been cited for another set of violations because it lacked the proper permits and fire safety devices required
for its school and dormitory. Rockland County Fire Coordinator Gordon Wren said, "The property, in my opinion, has been occupied illegally for
several years. And despite being in court, on an off, on and off, almost nonstop for five years, there's no penalty, there's no deterrence. People
know nothing is going to happen here." Today, the baking continues and nothing has changed. Read The Journal News’ The matzo baking
continues here.

Judge OKs East Ramapo settlement with yeshivas

April 14, 2014 "A state Supreme Court justice has signed off on a settlement between East Ramapo and two yeshivas that frees up the school
board to sell an elementary school after years of delays and controversy. But the net gain to the district for the sale of the Colton school
property — which was closed to public use in 2009 after what turned out to be a false forecast that public school enrollment was declining — remains
unclear. Under the agreement, East Ramapo will grant the yeshivas more than $1 million in rent credits, waive tens of thousands of dollars in late fees
for rent that was never paid and give additional credits for repairs undertaken by the tenants.
At least $1.5 million in credits specified in the settlement
document will be deducted from the $6.6 million purchase price, bringing East Ramapo's highest possible profit to $5.1 million. However, several other
credits due to the yeshivas in the settlement are not specified, making it difficult to determine the real bottom line." Complete Journal story here.

Medicaid millions on line for Rockland's Summit Park bidders

April 13, 2014 "Rockland County continues to push forward with its plan to sell its Summit Park Hospital and Nursing Care Center even after the
leading contender to buy the facility dropped out. That happened, at least in part, because a competitor filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court
and also attempted to drag the issue into a rabbinical court, in both cases seeking to block the sale. Meanwhile, a review of Medicaid figures
shows there are plenty of reasons for fighting for the right to buy the facility — millions, in fact. At least $87 million in Medicaid funds poured
into Rockland last year in the form of payments to 10 nursing homes, records requested by The Journal News show.
The county's nursing home
received the most, almost $16.57 million. Its hospital, on the other hand, only netted about $491,000." Complete Journal News story here.

New clergy group calls on Cuomo to fix East Ramapo schools

April 8, 2014 "Religious leaders from dozens of local congregations are calling for state intervention in the divided East Ramapo school district,
saying strong leadership by Gov. Andrew Cuomo is required to fix a system that disadvantages thousands of children. Rev. Weldon McWilliams IV
addressed an audience of more than 100 supporters who packed the basement of the First Baptist Church on Tuesday. McWilliams, a pastor at the church,
is part of the newly formed group, Rockland Clergy for Social Justice, that has tuned into the school district's troubles and says a change in governance
is long overdue.
The group includes dozens of Jewish, Christian and Muslim clerics from Rockland County and the region. Tuesday's event was a kickoff
of sorts ahead of the group's April 30 trip to Albany, where members hope to address the governor and other state leaders. Carol Jacobs, a retired East
Ramapo special education teacher, pointed a finger at state leaders.
"I firmly believe that Cuomo, (Education Commissioner John) King, (state Comptroller
Thomas) DiNapoli and the legislators are aiding and abetting the problem by their procrastination, their ignoring of the issue," she said. Read the complete
Journal News story here.

Video of the Rockland Clergy for Social Justice Press Conference can be viewed here.

A School Board That Overlooks Its Obligation to Students

April 7, 2014 (From The New York Times) "A principal leans across the table at a pizza parlor and, with whispered intensity, totals up the damage
done to the East Ramapo Central School District in recent years. She has lost assistant principals, social workers, art teachers. Bilingual classes? Please.
If she is lucky, she can find a Creole speaker for Haitian students. Kindergarten class size has jumped to 28 children from 20. Fourth-grade classes
hover at 32 children. Sky’s the limit in high school.
Middle school athletics? Cut. East Ramapo’s award-winning band leader? Laid off. And state
mandates for bilingual and special education?
“We’re not even close to the state-mandated services,” she says. “I feel like I’m watching a disaster
descend on our children.” Read the full text of the article here.

It's Orthodox Vs. Orthodox In East Ramapo Schools Fight

April 7, 2014 (From The Jewish Week) "An Orthodox social justice group has joined the call for state intervention in the East Ramapo school
district, where the haredi-controlled board is accused of siphoning taxpayer money to private yeshivas. In a petition to Gov. Andrew Cuomo
the organization, Uri L’Tzedek, asks for state “fiscal and administrative oversight” of the Rockland County district, where the board has slashed
academic offerings, extracurricular programs and more than 400 staff positions over the past five years. Between 2009 and 2012, elementary
school class size has risen from an average of 20 to 25. “It’s a chillul Hashem, a desecration of God’s name,” said Rabbi Ari Hart, Uri L’Tzedek’s
co-founder, who began circulating the petition Saturday night. As of noon Monday, 376 people had signed, Hart said." (More)

65 Rockland Non-public Schools Did Not File Fire Inspection Certificates
in 2013--88% are in Ramapo

April 6, 2013 New York State law requires that anyone who wants to operate a school, public or private, must
provide guarantees for the safe operation to protect the children attending. A crucial safety requirement demands
that the schools must submit proof of fire inspections each year. The inspection must be made before December 1st,
and the Fire Inspection Certificate documenting that inspection has to be filed with the New York State Board of
Education no later than December 16. Preserve Ramapo was able to acquire a state report that reveals a disturbing
number of non-public schools that did not bother to comply with the law in 2013. Of the 65 schools that were in violation
of this law, most of them (57 out of 65--87.7%) are in the Town of Ramapo. These numbers, like so many others, reinforce the sad reality of
an increasing lawlessness in the town. (More)

Update on the Ward Petition Legal Case

April 5, 2014 Well folks, it’s time for an update on the legal case with the Ward System petitions, which is still working its way slowly through
the judicial system. It would be too exhaustive to explain all the legal minutiae and maneuvering involved, so we will simply recap the situation
with an overview and conclude with the latest developments. (More)

Judge says restore child care aid to religious students

April 4, 2014 "Students paid to answer questions and do research while spending their days studying religious texts are eligible for Rockland Social
Services' child care payments, a state administrative hearing judge has ruled. The Rockland Social Services Department has asked for a re-hearing
before another judge, arguing the recipients of more than $50,000 in child care money are adult students paid stipends — not employees of the
handful of religious study centers called kollels. "These are full-time students who study for hours a day and they say they have to be available
for a certain number of hours to answer questions from people," DSS Commissioner Susan Sherwood said. "For us, they are not employees. My
thought is it just doesn't pass the smell test."If this is not an abuse, it's clearly a misuse," Sherwood said. "At the very least the employer needs
to deduct FICA." The three families who challenged the DSS determination received $52,450 between Jan. 1 and Oct. 31 in 2013, when they
were declared ineligible. The entire program paid out a total of $6.5 million during that same period. It cost about $8.2 million to operate the
Rockland program for fiscal year 2013 and is estimated to cost $8.6 million for this fiscal year. The local share was about $336,000 and $340,000,
The child care program's goal is to provide temporary assistance for parents looking for work or who have jobs." Read the complete
Journal News story here.

Judge: There was an attempt by Orthodox developer Shalom Lamm to "stuff the ballot box"
in Bloomingburg mayoral election

April 4, 2014 The Times Herald-Record announced on Wednesday that Frank Gerardi was declared the winner in the village election after
developer Shalom Lamm withdrew from his fight in the electoral battle for the Village of Bloomingburg. (More)

Ramapo LDC should pay for ballpark violations, activists say

April 2, 2014 "Making town taxpayers pay for possibly a half-million dollars for wetland violations related to a minor league baseball stadium's
construction is not sitting well with a watchdog group that opposed the project all along.
Preserve Ramapo has sent a letter to Assistant U.S.
Attorney Andrew Krause this week, asking why Ramapo taxpayers were fined for violations of the federal Clean Water Act "when it was not the
town of Ramapo, nor its citizens or officials, who built and now own the property." Complete Journal News story here. Our coverage here.

Nyack Hospital Receives Poor Safety Score

April 1, 2014 The May issue of Consumer Reports provides the safety scores for 2,591 hospitals in all the states and the District of Columbia.
Nyack hospital received one of the 13 lowest scores in the nation, 25. Good Samaritan received a safety score of 49 and Valley Hospital
in Ridgewood received a safety score of 47. (More)

St. Lawrence Violates the Law and Taxpayers Are Asked to Pay
the $125,000 Federal Fine and $425,000 Damage Remediation

March 31, 2014 During the building of the Provident Bank Ballpark, Christopher St. Lawrence, as the President of the Ramapo Local Corporation,
destroyed wetlands and damaged federally protected waterways. For those federal crimes, the US Attorney’s Office fined the Town of Ramapo
$125,000 and ordered remediation of those wetlands by June 2014. The fix will cost $425,000 or more, and, at a recent Board meeting, members
were told that the managing engineer, Torgensen, has said more equipment and manpower is needed if the June deadline is to be met. Preserve
Ramapo has petitioned the U.S. Attorney for an explanation why the taxpayers and not St. Lawrence and his Local Development Corp are liable for
these fines. We have also asked the Authorities Budget Office of New York State to open an investigation of the Ramapo Local Development
Corporation. (More)

Daniel Friedman: "St. Lawrence’s Violations of the Town Board’s authority
are no longer acceptable in Ramapo, and there must and will be consequences
for those violations"

Commentary by Daniel Friedman posted on The Rockland County Times March 26, 2014 "In the wake of several actions taken
by Ramapo Supervisor Christopher P. St. Lawrence, Ramapo Councilman Daniel Friedman initiated an investigation into the mishandling
of governmental business in Ramapo Town Hall. The results of that inquiry demonstrated that there were multiple incidents in which Ramapo
officials took inappropriate action. After numerous personnel improprieties Councilman Friedman says an investigation has proven Supervisor
St. Lawrence deceived the board. Friedman, along with Councilman Pat Withers, sent a letter raising numerous questions relating to the issues
involved to Town Attorney Michael Klein, requesting that his office conduct an investigation. The results of that investigation prove that
Supervisor Christopher P. St. Lawrence violated the authority of the Town Board multiple times." (More)



County Exec Ed Day Appoints Calherbe Monel
as Director of Economic Development

March 26, 2014  After an extensive recruitment and selection process, Rockland County Executive
Ed Day today announced the appointment of Calherbe Monel as Director of Economic Development.
"Calherbe's experience has given him a unique range of skills that will greatly benefit Rockland County,"
said Day. "Economic growth is critical to the County's fiscal sustainability. I am confident that Calherbe
will strengthen relationships with our existing business community while working to attract new jobs." (More)

More than 120 votes still to be counted in Bloomingburg

March 19, 2014 "If you think the election that’s turned into the Battle for Bloomingburg will just be settled by ballots,
think again. A day after the vote - which has challenger Frank Gerardi leading incumbent Bloomingburg Mayor Mark Berentsen
by more than a 3-1 ratio - the contest has morphed into a war of lawyers. They’re fighting over the more than 120 votes
whose registrations have been challenged - votes that could determine the election in this eastern Sullivan County village of
400.The lawyers for Shalom Lamm - whose 396 home Hasidic development is at the center of the battle - want to essentially
dismiss the challenges. It’s expected that most of the voters, who live in buildings owned by Lamm, would be votes for
Berentsen and his Bloomingburg Strong team who support Lamm’s development. Gerardi and his Rural Heritage Party candidates
oppose it." (More from the Times Herald-Record here.)

Wasting Energy: Board Member Friedman Lashes Out at St. Lawrence

March 17, 2014 The Rockland County Times reports: "Friedman lashes out at St. Lawrence, says he needlessly
wasted $73,000 on energy contracts.
The Ramapo Town Board saw a brief skirmish between Councilman Daniel Friedman
and Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence last Monday over energy contracts which Friedman claimed cost taxpayers tens of
thousands of dollars. Friedman proposed a new resolution reauthorizing Resolution Energy Group to conduct a request for bids
to find a bidder for town energy contracts. Resolution is a consultant group which seeks out affordable energy bids to limit
unnecessary spending.“Time is of the essence as taxpayer money is wasted for no justifiable reason,” Friedman said to the board."
Read the article and view the video here.

Update: FBI Raids Developers Shalom Lamm's properties in Bloomingburg
Allegations of voter fraud

March 16, 2014 "FBI agents swarmed this tiny village Thursday morning, raiding at least a dozen buildings owned by
developer Shalom Lamm — including his offices — in an effort to learn if the more than 140 people registered to vote
at those buildings actually live there. The early morning raid, part of a larger investigation into corruption in the village,
comes after opponents of Lamm's 396-home Hasidic development charged that he is trying to manipulate the March 18
village election." (More)





FBI Raids Controversial Orthodox Developer’s

Properties in Upstate N.Y.

50 Agents Swarm Bloomingburg, Site of Development Fight

March 13, 2014 The agents are armed with search warrants and many assume they are there to investigate voter fraud.
Initial coverage from The Jewish Forward and the Times Herald -Record here.

Ramapo's nonprofit funding distribution under fire

St. Lawrence claims the $400,000 was donated to benefit the entire town but 80% of the
total was given to Ultra Orthodox and Hasidic communities.

March 10, 2014 In a front page story The Journal News reported this morning: "According to
Preserve Ramapo, and confirmed by documents obtained by The Journal News through Freedom of
Information Law, nearly 80 percent of the town's funding for nonprofits for 2014, or $309,000, have
been allocated to organizations based in the hamlet of Monsey or the villages of New Square and
Kaser, communities that are heavily populated by ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic Jews." (More)

Rockland lawmakers propose bill to make illegal housing conversions a felony

March 9, 2014 "A New York state law has been proposed to make it a felony to endanger first responders by renovating housing into apartments
without permits or buildings into schools without approvals and safety equipment. The proposal creates the crime of "reckless endangerment of a
peace officer, police officer, firefighter or emergency medical services professional."The measure would make it a crime to knowingly alter buildings
without a permit and convert or subdivide a building in violation of the state fire prevention and building codes or other laws. The proposal was
introduced by Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski, D-Clarkstown, with support from Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, D-Ramapo. Sen. David Carlucci,
D-New City, introduced the bill in the Senate. On several occasions, The proposal addresses the rising number of illegal housing conversions and
private schools. firefighters in Rockland, New York City and Mount Vernon, for example, have been injured responding to fires when they run into
locked rooms created by adding walls." Full Journal News coverage here.

Who is Bernard Charles and Whats with the
Patronage Positions He Keeps Getting?

March 6, 2014 He is at the center of the latest controversy in Ramapo with two board members calling for
an investigation into how he was handed this latest political job. According to Council Members Friedman and
Withers, somebody rewrote the terms of the contract after they voted to approve Bernard Charles, Jr as Public
Affairs Consultant at the Ramapo Cultural Affairs Center (aka the old porn theater on Main in Spring Valley). Charles
will be paid $60,000 a year, that is
, unless Friedman and Withers' demands are met and a legal investigation is
initiated immediately and Charles is suspended even before he gets a hand on the doorknob at the movie house. (More)

Fire official who voted to silence whistle plans housing

March 4, 2014 "A Monsey fire commissioner who lives next to the Brewer Fire Engine Co. and voted to turn off the firehouse whistle has subdivided
his property to make room for 10 housing units.
Joseph Jacob should have abstained from the Feb. 19 vote that turned off the whistle, volunteer
firefighters said. "He should have recused himself from voting on something he stands to benefit financially from," said Adam Peltz, president of the
Monsey fire company and an assistant fire inspector in Ramapo. The commissioners voted 3-2 to turn off the whistle and if Jacob had recused himself,
firefighters said, the whistle would not have been turned off and an in-depth review of the issue could have taken place." Complete Journal News
story here.

Two Ramapo Board Members Claim Final Resolutions about two Recently Created Jobs
Were not the Jobs Described to Them During the Vote--Both Call for an Investigation

March 3, 2014 "At a recent Town Board meeting, Melinda Mallia, a daughter of Building Inspector Anthony Mallia, was appointed as a temporary
clerical assistant, and Bernard Charles Jr., husband of Town Board member Brendel Charles, as a $5,000-a-month public affairs consultant. Town Board
member Daniel Friedman said the board approved those appointments, but details of their job descriptions are different from their understanding. "The
positions voted on by the board were drastically changed, resulting in taxpayer dollars being spent against the will of the Town Board," Friedman tweeted
Monday. Late Monday afternoon, Friedman sent out a letter to Town Attorney Michael Klein calling for investigation. "I would like your investigation to detail
what individuals altered the employment details of these hires in the resolution that was written after the vote," Friedman wrote in the letter. He was joined
by his fellow Town Board member Patrick Withers.
"What has happened with these positions is not at all what was voted on by us on the Town Board," Withers
said in his written comment sent via email. "Any violation of a Town Board vote is unacceptable, and that is why I join the call for an investigation into this
matter immediately." Complete Journal News here.
(Read the full text of the two resolutions which Friedman and Withers say were "drastically
changed" from what they voted on at the Jan 16 Board Meeting and the letter calling for an investigation--both here.)

Ex-Spring Valley mayor to stand trial alone on charges

Former Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin will stand alone at trial on federal corruption
charges, a judge decided Friday.

February 28, 2014 The Journal News reports:"Judge Kenneth Karas severed Jasmin's prosecution from the three New York City
political officials accused of taking bribes from a Monsey-based FBI informant to fix the Republican mayoral nomination. The
officials are state Sen. Malcolm Smith, D-Queens, Republican Councilman Daniel Halloran and former Queens GOP Chairman Vincent Tabone.
Jasmin and former Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret were charged in a separate alleged corruption scam orchestrated by developer
Moses Mark Stern, who is said to have bribed them to support construction of a fictitious kosher catering hall on village-owned property
outside the municipal building along Route 45.
Desmaret, 57, pleaded guilty Jan. 29 to wire fraud and Hobbs Act extortion charges,
admitting he took $10,500 from Stern. Desmaret faces nine years in prison when sentenced May 22 by Karas."

Corridor of Corruption Update: Man convicted in mortgage fraud
orchestrated by Monsey resident

Feb. 25, 2014 "A federal court jury on Tuesday convicted a Queens man in a $126 million mortgage fraud scheme orchestrated by a
Monsey resident who later turned FBI operative and snared two Spring Valley officials and New York City officials in bribery scams.

Ephraim Frenkel faces a statutory maximum of 40 years in prison for conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud. His sentence
will be determined by federal sentencing guidelines, which is less time than the statutory maximum. Frenkel, a lawyer and escrow agent,
was convicted for his role in a $126 million loan from Citigroup in 2007 through a company owned by Moses Mark Stern, who wanted to buy
11 shopping centers in the South.
Stern, an influential Satmar Hasidic political donor and businessman, pleaded guilty in March to a still-sealed
federal charge while working off a sentence for the FBI.
As a federal witness, Stern pitched a kosher catering hall-community center development
in Spring Valley. He enticed votes from former Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret to back him as developer for $10,500 and former
Mayor Noramie Jasmin’s support for a 50 percent ownership in the business, according to federal charges." Complete Journal News story here.

Journal News editorial: East Ramapo's special-ed defense falls flat
District paves way for private-school placement

February 21, 2014 "The East Ramapo school district insists that it makes fiscal sense to bow to parents’ wishes and place special education
children in private religious school programs (and foot the bill) and avoid costly litigation. Time and again, the district has been found in
violation of the law because of the practice, as it was in state Supreme Court last month. Yet the district has vowed to again appeal the ruling,
this time at the state Appellate Court level.
Another appeal is a disservice to taxpayers. So is the district’s special education placement practice
that prioritizes families’ religious school preferences over children’s educational needs, flouts federal and state education law, and does it under
the guise of saving money.
East Ramapo board President Yehuda Weissmandl insists that it is cheaper to grant a parent’s special ed placement
request, and avoid costly litigation, despite what the Committee on Special Education deems is more educationally appropriate for the child.
Weissmandl writes: “If parents prefer a private school — which in almost every case costs about the same or less than it would cost to educate
the student in a public school — there is no financial reason for the district not to settle.” But he fails to mention the millions the board has spent
on legal fees (to a controversial law firm the district pledged last summer to fire, but still has not) to defend its practice." Read the entire
editorial here.

East Ramapo Board to appeal state Supreme Court ruling on special education placements
Legal Fees Continue to Drain Millions from the Classrooms

Feb. 19, 2014 "East Ramapo school officials say they will continue to defend their controversial special education practices by taking their case
to an appellate court.
The district plans to appeal a recent state Supreme Court decision upholding the state Education Department’s finding that
the district broke the law by placing students with disabilities in private religious schools when less restrictive options were available. The appeal
has not yet been filed. When it is, it will be the latest legal action undertaken by the district, which plans to spend about $2.66 million on legal
fees this school year as it continues several other lengthy lawsuits." Complete Journal News coverage here.

llegal Ramapo school must close, state judge rules--Ramapo site in violation of zoning laws

Feb. 8, 2014 "A state judge on Friday ordered a religious congregation to vacate an illegal school on Carlton Road and only use the building for
its zoned purpose as a single-family house.
Ramapo moved to close the school after its building and fire inspectors found numerous violations at
the two-story, wooden house used by Congregation Lizensk and its operator, Mordechai Raab.The congregation has a history of violations at
49 Carlton Road. Another school bearing the congregation’s name in Clarkstown has been closed for health, fire and safety violations. The violation
cited by Justice Margaret Garvey was that the congregation operates a school contrary to its certificate of occupancy for a single-family home,
according to court documents. Ramapo Fire Inspector Adam Peltz and Code Enforcement Office Peter Muzzi found 20 students at the house in
January and cited the school for additional violations, including having dormitory rooms, a cafeteria, worship rooms and classrooms, the
documents said." Complete Journal News story here.


The Price of Loyalty in a Time of Crisis in Ramapo

January 31, 2014  Did you know that you gave the Purchasing Officer at Ramapo Town Hall an astounding raise
of $40,866 for 2014? That’s a whopping 39% increase. You also gave the Town Clerk a $23,252 raise (19%), the
Justice Court Clerk a $16,758 raise (14%), the Director of Parks and Recreation a generous $14,664 (10%), and
the Director of Automated Systems $13,064 (10%). And there are more like this. You are paying for these raises
with those checks you just sent in to Ramapo's Receiver of Taxes. And why would this inner circle of St. Lawrence's
team be getting these obscene raises at this time when Ramapo is the most fiscally stressed town in the entire state?
Could it be related to the federal investigation of town and RLDC finances?  (More)

Hiding the Increases in Ramapo 2014 Taxes

January 31, 2014 "Faced with an FBI investigation of Town financial chicanery, Supervisor Christopher P. St. Lawrence presented a Tentative 2014
Budget that called for a 28% property tax increase for the General Fund, a 21% increase for the Town outside Villages Fund, a 12% increase in the Lighting
Fund, a 10% increase for the Town wide Highway Fund, and a 1% increase in the Water Fund. It called for decreases in the property tax to be raised for
the Police Fund, The Town outside Villages Highway Fund and the true cash cow, the Ambulance District, from which the Town extracted nearly $9.7 million
in the four-year period up to the end of 2012, according to the most recent Town audits. The Supervisor proposed cutting the property tax for the Ambulance
District by over 90% to reflect the true cost of the district’s services to local taxpayers (private insurance pays for the bulk of these services).  These changes
represented a mostly honest approach to Town spending and taxes ending years of raiding other funds to pay the bills of the nearly broke General Fund on
which politicians run for re-election. (More)

Hillcrest lease set to be nullified
Judge: State was correct to annul E. Ramapo deal

Jan. 31, 2014 "A Supreme Court justice says the state’s top education official acted correctly when he voided the lease of an East Ramapo public
school building to an ultra-Orthodox congregation in New Square last year. The state justice upheld Education Commissioner John King’s July decision
that the controversy-prone district didn’t seek the best deal when arranging the lease of Hillcrest Elementary School to Congregation Avir Yakov for
$21,000 per month. “In sum, this court finds that the Commissioner’s determination was wholly rational and was not arbitrary and capricious or affected
by an error of law,” acting Supreme Court Justice Roger McDonough wrote in court papers.The decision, reached Wednesday in Supreme Court in Albany,
is the latest legal milestone in East Ramapo’s years-long battle with public school activists who have fiercely opposed the Board of Education’s decisions
to close, sell and lease two elementary schools, Hillcrest and Merrill L. Colton Elementary School." Complete Journal story here.

Spring Valley's Joseph Desmaret faces up to 9 years, pleads guilty in bribe

Jan. 29, 2014 "Former Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret could face nine years in prison on Wednesday’s guilty plea to two federal charges,
after admitting he took a $10,500 bribe to support building a kosher catering hall in front of the village municipal building. Desmaret had been caught
on audio and videotape discussing and taking the bribe in seven payments from a Monsey-based cooperating witness, prosecutor Douglas Bloom said in
the federal courthouse in White Plains. Desmaret, 57, would spend between seven years and three months and nine years in prison and pay a fine covering
the amount of the bribe, under a plea agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office. He pleaded guilty to mail fraud and extortion. Judge Kenneth Karas, who
is scheduled to sentence Desmaret on May 22, said the amount of prison time would depend on the presentencing report and other issues. There is no
indication of a cooperation agreement with prosecutors, as there is with another defendant in the case." Complete Journal News coverage here.

State visits East Ramapo to evaluate special ed program legal compliance

Jan. 24, 2014 "The state is stepping up involvement in East Ramapo schools to see if broader regulations are being met in the special education
program after a judge ruled that school officials broke the law in their controversial method of handling student placements.
The state Education
Department sent representatives to Ramapo and Spring Valley this week to tour buildings and meet with special ed staff as it conducts a new audit
prompted by the district’s “long-standing noncompliance with special education requirements,” a spokesman said. Complete Journal coverage here.

You can read the court decision against the East Ramapo placements in private schools here.

Suffern area starts counting its losses after Novartis announces plant closing--Closure will
cost schools, merchants

Jan. 22, 2014 "Novartis’ announcement that it will close its Suffern plant had local residents, business owners and officials pondering the area’s
future. The Basel, Switzerland-based company said Tuesday it will eliminate or transfer 525 jobs at its plant, demolish its buildings and sell the
property by around 2017. The company said the plant closure results from declining sales of its drug Diovan, whose patent expired in the U.S. in
The Suffern plant closure will cost taxpayers about $4 million in lost annual property taxes, along with lost local spending by Novartis employees."
Read the Journal News story here.

Spring Valley asks if mayor is fit to lead; Delhomme says plow drivers were told to take break

January 22, 2014 "On Monday, Spring Valley Mayor Demeza Delhomme tweeted, “A UNITED VILLAGE can create miracles.” A day later, amid the
worst snowstorm of the season, he ordered plows off the streets and ignited the largest controversy of his seven-week tenure. But this time, people
didn’t just question his actions, but whether he’s fit to lead the village." Complete Journal News story here.

Court: East Ramapo broke law on special-ed placement in private religious schools

Jan. 17, 2014 "A state Supreme Court justice has upheld the state Education Department’s finding that the East Ramapo school district’s past
practice of placing students with disabilities in private religious schools when public-school placements were available broke the law.The Education
Department has cited East Ramapo several times since 2010 after on-site reviews concluded its practice violates the Individuals with Disabilities Education
Act, or IDEA. In filing the suit, the district asked the court to “clarify its rights and obligations” under IDEA.
In a Dec. 30 decision, Justice Michael Melkonian
upheld the department in all respects, concluding that East Ramapo failed to meet its burden of demonstrating that the Education Department acted arbitrarily,
capriciously or contrary to law when it determined the district violated IDEA." Full Journal News coverage here.

It's Back: New Square proposal calls for slaughtering 5,000 chickens a day

Jan. 15, 2014 "The builder of a proposed $3 million slaughterhouse that would process 5,000 chickens a day
has completed initial studies on the impact of the controversial plant.The 30-page summary of the environmental
impact of the 26,250-square-foot plant has been given to the New Square Board of Trustees and shared with the
nearby village of New Hempstead and other agencies. New Square-based Adir Poultry is seeking to replace its closed
5,000-square-foot slaughterhouse at the edge of the village, which was shut down in 2010 after it was discovered the
operators had been selling uninspected poultry since 2002, among other violations. An estimated 21-hour day from Sunday
to Thursday is included in the executive summary outlining the new site’s operational, environmental, disposal and traffic
issues. Five days a week by 5 a.m., a truck would drop off 5,000 chickens for slaughter inside an enclosed plant just off Route 45.
Within an hour of delivery, plant workers would start the automated and hands-on processing of an estimated 15 birds per minute — from slaughter and
defeathering to soaking, salting and chilling. The day includes trucking the previous day’s chickens to the market and ends with cleaning and sanitation
operations." Read the entire Journal News story here.

East Ramapo board a symptom of community's segregation

A Community View by the Rev. Dr. Weldon McWilliams IV

Jan. 10, 2014 In 2012, I became associate minister of the First Baptist Church of Spring Valley, which is located in the East Ramapo
section of Rockland County. Many members within my church asked me to research the issues that were troubling the East Ramapo
school district. I believe that all institutions have a responsibility to the communities in which they reside, so with this philosophy
I began my involvement with East Ramapo, and the issues within its school district and the growing issues in the county as a whole.
Read the full text of Rev. McWilliams' Community View here.

Bill to give Ramapo yeshiva a tax exemption vetoed by Cuomo

January 12, 2014 "At the behest of state legislators, the governor has vetoed a bill offering a retroactive tax exemption to an Orthodox
Jewish congregation in Ramapo that illegally converted a house into a school. Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, D-Suffern, and state Sen.
David Carlucci, D-New City, said Friday the bill they had originally supported to give the Talmud Torah Ohr Yochanan a 2011 tax exemption
was vetoed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
The bill, a fairly routine retroactive property-tax exemption, was passed by the state Legislature in
June with support from Jaffee and Carlucci." Read complete Journal story here.

384 condos planned in Ramapo raise fears of school burden, snakes

January 9, 2014 "A 384-unit condominium complex is planned for a wooded parcel, raising concerns about overdevelopment, a burden on the
school system, rattlesnakes and the area’s semirural character.
The development known as Woodmont Hills is proposed for 54 acres in unincorporated
Ramapo, just south of the Sloatsburg village border. The developer, Woodmont Properties of Fairfield, N.J., wants to build on a swath of woods along
Route 17 southbound." Complete Journal story here.

Jonas Gelb: Fire Ramapo Whistleblower, Immediately

 January 7, 2014 It took five months for the Town of Ramapo to conduct a disciplinary hearing against Melissa Reimer, supervisor of fiscal
services for the town, and for hearing officer Jonas Gelb to come up with a 30-page decision. Today's Journal News reported Gelb's unequivocal
recommendation: Melissa Reimer engaged in "multiple and serious breaches of good conduct" and should "be immediately discharged from service."
Reimer's defense throughout the hearing was that St. Lawrence initiated the action against her in response to her warnings about the illegality of
certain financial operations--warnings she provided to the independent auditors and later to the FBI when she was ignored at town. Fred Lichtmacher,
her attorney, told the newspaper, "Because of her position, Ms. Reimer had a firsthand view of how bad things were. She stood her ground, stayed here
and spoke about exactly what happened at great risk to herself, and (town officials) did the worst thing they could possibly do to her, which is make up
charges, accuse her of things she didn't do, and make her life miserable." (More)

An Outrageous Choice

January 1, 2014 In a caucus meeting of the Democrats at the County Legislature held on December 17, Aron Wieder,
D-Spring Valley, was officially selected as the Legislature’s Democratic Majority Leader. A remarkable choice when you
consider that Wieder served as Vice President of the East Ramapo School Board that was, and is, in the process of dismantling
what had once been one of the best school districts in New York State. As a result of his actions on the board, Wieder is currently,
along with his other board members, subject to a class action lawsuit by hundreds of parents in East Ramapo, and also is the focus
of an ongoing criminal investigation by New York’s Attorney General concerning the sale of a public grammar school. The assessor
who was selected by Wieder’s board for this sale has already been arrested and charged. Add to this Wieder’s proximity to the
indicted Mayor of Spring Valley who is facing federal charges, and the judgment of these County Democrats becomes seriously suspect. (More)



Rev. Weldon McWilliams IV Noted by The Journal News
as a Person to Watch in 2014

In the New Year's Day issue, The Journal News selected 21 notables in Rockland and Westchester counties
to watch in 2014. (More)


Clarkstown: Religious school violating court order
Facility accused of operating despite citations

December 31, 2013 "Clarkstown officials on Tuesday accused a Ramapo-based religious school of violating a state judge’s order by continuing to
use a violation-ridden building at the former Singer’s catering hall. Clarkstown lawyers will provide the judge with evidence the South Central
Avenue building was used by Congregation Lizensk in defiance of her closure order a few months ago, Supervisor Alexander Gromack said. Congregation
Lizensk also is under fire in Ramapo for operating Carlton Road schools and dormitories for several years without approvals and in violation of local laws.
As the violations piled up and lingered in Ramapo Justice Court, the Town Board recently voted to take the congregation to state Supreme Court."
Complete Journal story here.

Spring Valley activist Brightman dies at 81

Dec. 30, 2013 "The Rev. Walter Brightman Jr., Ramapo police chaplain and a former Ramapo Planning Board member, died Saturday. He was 81.
Brightman served as pastor of St. Paul’s AME Zion Church of Spring Valley from 1984 to 2011 and had been known as an activist for equal rights.
“He did so many things. He was an advocate for fair housing. He was concerned about youth in the community. ... He was an advocate for veteran’s
affairs,” said Brenda Atkins, a lifelong member of St. Paul’s Church. “He was a true civil rights advocate.” Peggy Hatton, a public school advocate and
a vocal critic of the East Ramapo school district, said Brightman spoke up during the cash-strapped school district’s meetings to urge the board to give
East Ramapo children a quality education. “He was a voice for the East Ramapo school district children. That’s how I got to know him,” Hatton said.
“He stayed with us until wee hours of the morning when there was something controversial going on. He really cared about the kids.” Journal story here.

FBI Ramapo Probe Shows Risks of Minor-League Stadium Boom

Dec 26, 2013 Bloomberg BusinessWeek.com "The top elected official in Ramapo, New York, Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence, wanted a minor-league
baseball team and a new stadium to house it. The park would cost about $20 million and taxpayers wouldn’t have to cover it, he and paid consultants predicted
three years ago. Instead, taxpayers are responsible for as much as $60 million in stadium expenses, according to state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. Ramapo’s
finances are the subject of a Federal Bureau of Investigation probe that became public after agents descended on the town hall about 38 miles (61 kilometers)
northwest of Manhattan in May. DiNapoli says the town, which backed a $25 million tax-exempt bond issue in 2011 for the venue, is the state’s most
fiscally stressed." (More)

East Ramapo bill at $74G for law firm officials vowed to fire

December 22, 2013 "The bills for East Ramapo’s law firm continue to pile up nearly six months after an associate attorney exploded into a vulgar outburst at
a parent, prompting district officials to promise they’d cut ties with the firm. Since the July 2 incident, which was captured on video and attracted
international media attention, the district has racked up a $73,900 bill for services provided through September by the Minerva & D’Agostino law firm. Taxpayers
are on the hook for that cost in addition to fees for October, November and December, but records of those charges aren’t yet available, the district said Friday.

Schools Superintendent Joel Klein and school board President Yehuda Weissmandl refused to comment on the district’s anticipated transition to a new attorney
except to say that it’s been a struggle to find candidates who are both qualified and interested." Complete Journal coverage here.

E. Ramapo board member Corado resigns

Dec. 19, 2013 "East Ramapo Board of Education member MaraLuz Corado is stepping down after serving less than six months on the board. Corado, 45, a pastor,
was elected this spring to serve a three-year term along with two other newcomers, Bernard Charles Jr. and Pierre Germain, who were backed by an anti-tax,
ultra-Orthodox community group. School activists raised questions about Corado’s credibility after it was reported that she registered to vote just days before
the school board election in May. According to the Rockland County Board of Elections, she has no voting history. Another red flag for critics is Corado’s registered
address, 89 W. Maple Ave., which is the site of the Community Synagogue of Monsey. Corado and her husband are said to be live-in caretakers of the synagogue."
Complete Journal News story here.

Spring Valley fire inspector's dismissal broke the law, union official says

Dec. 19, 2013 "Mayor Demeza Delhomme broke civil service law when he arbitrarily fired the assistant fire inspector, a union official representing village workers
said Thursday. A Civil Service Employee Association labor specialist is scheduled to meet Delhomme on Friday in Village Hall. The specialist, Larry Sparber, plans
to discuss state labor laws with the mayor and his staff, as well as the rights of employees. The CSEA spokeswoman, Jessica Ladlee, said a government cannot fire
an employee attached to a union without cause, without bringing charges and without holding a hearing." Journal News story here.

Spring Valley Mayor Delhomme fires assistant fire inspector
When Board asks why? He says he's the mayor and can do whatever he wants

December 18, 2013 "Fresh off prohibiting the village’s volunteer firefighters who work for the village from automatically responding to fires, Mayor Demeza Delhomme
has fired the assistant fire inspector without an explanation. Delhomme signed a letter of dismissal on Friday for Frank Youngman, a retired police officer and volunteer
firefighter who investigates fires and inspects businesses, schools and apartment complexes to ensure the owners meet fire and safety codes. Youngman’s work brought in
thousands of dollars in revenues for the village since 2011, when the Board of Trustees approved his appointment. He was paid $21.38 an hour to work 17 hours per week.
Youngman said Wednesday that the mayor has yet to explain his firing.
The trustees asked him why and [Delhomme] responded he’s the mayor and can do whatever
he wants." Complete Journal News coverage here.

Ed Day's letter to Commissioner King calling for removal of D'Agostino's Law Firm

December 13, 2013 "There is no place in this community for actions such as the ones described and well documented, and the failure of the East Ramapo School
Board to follow up on its assurances to the community is wholly unacceptable. I urge you to take whatever steps you deem appropriate to ensure that the law firm
of Minerva & D'Agostino is, in fact, discharged from their duties forthwith." (More)

E. Ramapo board, in another failure, still employing tainted law firm

December 12, 2013 "The East Ramapo school board has proven that nothing short of their removal and replacement with a body appointed by the state Board
of Regents will return the district to the quality and respect it was once known for. If the school board members won’t remove D’Agostino, then Albany must
remove the school board members." Read Steve White's Community View here.

East Ramapo's Colton site: Suit turns on rent credit--District could lose $1.3 million

December 12, 2013 "The ongoing legal struggle over the lease and sale of the East Ramapo school district’s Colton property could hinge on how a judge
reads two starkly different interpretations of a hand-scrawled amendment tacked onto a formal contract of sale during a closed-door meeting 2 1/2 years
Documents filed Wednesday in state Supreme Court in New City by attorney Paul Savad, who represents the two private religious groups that want to
buy the Colton property, claim the rent credit provision that was added to the sale contract as a handwritten second rider should be honored." Read the
complete Journal News coverage here.

Judge Seals Voluminous Evidence in Spring Valley Corruption Case.

Dec. 8, 2013 "A federal judge has forbidden lawyers from publicly disclosing evidence until a possible trial in an ongoing corruption
case that has ensnared several government officials, including former Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin, ex-Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret
and state Sen. Malcolm A. Smith.
The order, by Judge Kenneth Karas in U.S. District Court in White Plains, means lawyers for the case cannot
release evidence — said to be voluminous, including video and audio recordings of those under investigation — to the media. The decision was
a victory for prosecutors, who said such disclosures might jeopardize ongoing investigations." Complete Journal story here.

Spring Valley mayor rescinds firefighting ban for village employees--Village workers may
respond to fire calls again

Dec. 5, 2013 "Several Spring Valley workers went back to responding to fires and emergencies Thursday, days after fire officials said
the newly elected mayor had prohibited the volunteers from answering calls while working. After issuing the edict, Mayor Demeza
Delhomme took a lot of heat from residents, firefighters and other officials.Haverstraw village’s mayor called the ban “dumb policy”
and the Rockland County fire coordinator described it as “ludicrous” and dangerous." Journal News story here.

Spring Valley firestorm: Delhomme bars employee volunteers from responding to blazes

December 4, 2013 "Mayor Demeza Delhomme has prohibited village employees who are volunteer firefighters from responding to calls
during working hours, igniting a debate about whether the policy endangers lives and property.
Delhomme said if there is a serious
fire — and Spring Valley calls top 1,000 annually — other village volunteers can respond and the village-funded department can depend
on other departments to provide mutual aid." Journal News story here. Gordon Wren letter to Mayor Delhomme here.

The Newark Bears Quit and the Can-Am League Seeks Life Support
for its Surviving Teams

November 30, 2013 The demise this week of the Newark Bears makes the fifth team to fail since Ramapo decided to make a $60+ million
investment--building a stadium and fielding a team in this risky Independent League. So far, of the original eight teams, the Pittsfield
Colonials, Brockton Rox, New York Federals, Worcester Tornadoes, and the Newark Bears have all gone belly up. That’s a 62.5% fail
rate in just three seasons. (More)

East Ramapo, Colton tenants in dispute over sale


Nov. 26, 2013

"The East Ramapo school district and the tenants poised to buy its former Colton elementary building are wrangling in court over
the delayed sale that represents $5 million in revenue in the district’s budget this year. The two private Jewish schools that have
leased the Colton school since 2009 are suing the district, claiming it’s reneged on an agreement to provide credit for rent paid since
the $6.6 million sale contract was signed in 2011.
Congregation Bais Malka and the Hebrew Academy for Special Children are entitled
to a credit of about $1.3 million from the district for rent paid between July 2011 and July 2013, says attorney Paul Savad." Complete
Journal News coverage here.

Cuomo needs to intervene on behalf of East Ramapo students

Nov. 23, 2013 "Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s widely circulated Nov. 8 letter to John King, New York State’s education commissioner,
expressing outrage and concern over alleged anti-Semitic bullying of Pine Bush Central School District students is commendable.
It demonstrates a willingness to intervene when student safety, welfare and dignity are endangered. Public school children in
two school districts are victims: Pine Bush and East Ramapo. You have intervened on behalf those in Pine Bush. We need you
to do likewise for those of East Ramapo." (More)

Preserve Rockland says it fights for fairness

Nov. 23, 2013 

In a letter written by Robert Rhodes to The Journal News regarding a Community View entitled “Day’s challenge is to unite Rockland,” the
Chairman of Preserve Ramapo points out: "News blackouts are not helpful. During the recent political campaign The Journal News appeared to
carefully avoid any mention of Preserve Rockland. But after the election it wrote an editorial in which it gratuitously referred to Preserve Rockland
as an organization that some feel is anti-Semitic. It followed this up with a strange Community View by a self-promoting publicist who first calls
for uniting our community and then makes a clear threat." (More)

First shoe drops in the Corridor of Corruption--Savino admits taking bribe,
now a cooperating witness

November 14, 2013 "The disgraced former boss of the Bronx Republican Party copped a plea to federal corruption charges on Tuesday,
saying he accepted a $15,000 bribe to let a Democratic state senator run for mayor as a Republican — and in the process throwing an indicted
Queens councilman under the bus. Joseph "Jay" Savino told White Plains federal Judge Kenneth Karas that Councilman Dan Halloran instigated
the entire scheme to get state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) on the GOP ballot for mayor." (More)

Aid bill signed by Cuomo--East Ramapo looks for best use of $3.5M

November 14, 2013 "Special legislation signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo gives the beleaguered East Ramapo school district access to $3.5
million it could use this year to temporarily restore salaries and programs cut from the budget. The legislation providing an advance of
state lottery money, commonly called a “spin-up,” was signed by Cuomo late Wednesday. The district can opt to take the money early or
The East Ramapo bill contains a unique stipulation that the money be used to restore salaries for teachers, security guards, nurses
and other employees, and for intramural and co-curricular activities. It also creates an additional layer of state and local oversight over
district finances — something community activists demanded.
" Complete Journal News story here.

A Public Hearing in an Empty Hall

November 12, 2013 Last Wednesday night the Ramapo Town Board held a public meeting to hear from
the residents about the proposed town budget for 2014. It was safely one day past the election, beyond
any damage that unfortunate disclosures or complaints might have on the candidates: St. Lawrence, Ullman,
and Withers. They had handily won their races so public approval was no longer a concern. (More)

Rockland shows power of each vote

November 12, 2013 Letter in The Journal News "As a community activist for many years, I have always realized the importance of my
vote. Last Tuesday’s election for Rockland county executive demonstrated that one vote does make a difference. Preserve Rockland
has demonstrated the power of that vote." (More)

Stony Point, Orangetown look to stay under tax cap--Ramapo Townwide will
Increase taxes by 25%

November10, 2013 "The Ramapo Town Board held a hearing for its $84 million spending plan, which is down by $6 million from this year’s
budget. But the 2014 plan would require raising more in the tax levy because it projects almost $10 million less revenue than in the current
Townwide taxes would rise by $138.25, or about 25 percent, for every $50,000 of assessed value, while taxes outside of villages
would be reduced by $53 per $50,000 of assessed value. Taxes for police would stay almost at the same level. The board will consider the
budget at a meeting at 10 a.m. Nov. 20." Read the complete Journal News story here.

Day faces a divided Rockland--Coalition tipped balance for exec

November 9, 2013 "The Preserve Rockland line represents a joining of Preserve Ramapo and the Clarkstown Preservation Society, grassroots
groups that say they are angered by issues such as high taxes, overdevelopment, a loss of quality of, and the unequal treatment of some at
the expense of others. Read the Journal News article here, and check out the interactive map of the County Executive race here.  

Another illegal apartment exposed by fire, Hillcrest officials say

Nov. 4, 2013
Hillcrest firefighters doused a dryer fire Monday inside a West Clarkstown Road basement that had been converted into an apartment
without smoke detectors, authorities said.
The fire marked the third time since Friday that inspectors found an illegally subdivided house. The others
were in Ramapo on Friday and Sunday.
On Sunday, a fire started in the kitchen of a Slinn Avenue house already facing numerous violations in Ramapo.
Authorities said the garage was illegally converted into an apartment. The owner, Larry Weinstein, had been cited for that house as well as violations
to two others on the same street, fire inspectors said. Weinstein, who has faced problems paying building permit fees for an office complex on Main
Street in Spring Valley, has been in court for about two years.
His case is one of dozens being monitored by the Rockland Illegal Housing Task Force,
which has been critical of Ramapo for lax enforcement issues, approving schools that opened illegally and not getting sufficient fines from landlords
and builders as a deterrent." Complete Journal News story



Ed Day Wins with a 6-point margin

The final unofficial vote is: Day 36,542 Fried 32,311. The number of votes for
Day on the Preserve Rockland line was a decisive 8,386. For complete results
check here.


Emilia White Wins trustee spot in Spring Valley

Emilia won with 1,801 votes along with the other trustee Asher Grossman.
Demeza Delhomme won the mayoral race with 1,407 of the votes and Bernard
Charles was a close second.


In a very close Suffern Mayoral Race, Charles Falciglia lost by 30 votes

Charles Falciglia  830 |  Patricia Abato  860 |  James Giannettino  776  |  John Keegan  400


In Ramapo the incumbents prevailed with wins for Christopher St. Lawrence
and council members Itzy Ullman and Pat Withers

(Click here for a brief rundown of the counts--Later we will have the complete numbers up on the
 Document Cloud website.)

PreserveRockland 2013  

Thanks all who came out to support our candidates


Ramapo Taxes to Increase 26% in 2014

St. Lawrence Prevents Release of Documents until After the Election

October 31, 2013
The Town of Ramapo Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2014, has the numbers that reveal what the tax increase
will be for next year. We submitted a FOIL request for that document on Wednesday Oct. 16, and the Town had five business days to send us copies.
The Town Clerk’s Office then sent notice of one delay after another until it finally claimed it needed an additional 20 days to prepare the materials for
delivery. This stonewalling, besides being illegal, would keep the Tentative Budget away from the public until November 14—nine days after the election,
and eight days after the scheduled public hearing about the budget. That same Tentative Budget was filed with the Town Clerk “no later than Sept. 30,”
and it was in the hands of members of the Town Board “on or before Oct. 5,” so it was available in a format that could be delivered to the taxpayers
before they went to the polls. Why it was illegally kept from the public becomes clear when you look over the numbers. (More)

Suffern Trustee and Mayoral Candidate Charles Falciglia responds to attacks

Suffern Trustee and Preserve Rockland Mayoral Candidate, Charles Falciglia, continues to be the target of his three opponents, with attacks
that have now devolved into just good old fashioned lying. “You have this small cabal of career candidates who have been around forever
and who have no positive message or vision for Suffern. The spinning has now reached the point of being delusional.” (More)

Candidate Koplen's Really Bad Week
The story of the Preserve-Ghanistan-Gate Scandal

Oct. 31, 2013  Rockland County Times "Michael Koplen, New Hempstead village trustee, former county legislator, and GOP candidate
for Ramapo town supervisor, seemed determined to use Facebook to cause a whole lot of “real world” trouble this week. In what shall go down
in history as the “Preserve Ghanistan-Gate” scandal, Koplen first fired a puzzling insult at the Village of West Haverstraw, likening it to Afghanistan,
and then stirred embers of political fire by dumping on his party’s standard bearer for county executive, Ed Day, and endorsing Democratic candidate
David Fried. In the process he called the Ramapo political advocacy organization Preserve Ramapo a “hate group.” All this was done via Facebook
. (More)

Rhodes Slams St. Lawrence, Claims Ramapo Is Not Forthcoming on Finances
October 31st, 2013 The Rockland County Times
Preserve Ramapo has been asking the town of Ramapo and the Ramapo Local Development Corporation
for their year-end financial statements since the summer and we have been told repeatedly that they are not yet available. Just another St. Lawrence
lie. On October 15 they were released to the national site that reports information on bonds, municipal and others. Now Ramapo is holding off on its
public hearing on next year’s budget until after the election. If last year is any guide we will have a public hearing without knowing our finances
for 2013. (More)

Jaffee and Carlucci Back Down on their Support for Tax Exempt Status for Illegal Yeshiva

October 31, 2013 "Two state legislators from Rockland said Wednesday they will urge the governor to reject their bill offering a retroactive tax
exemption to a congregation that illegally converted a single-family house into a school on Highview Road.
Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, D-Suffern,
and state Sen. David Carlucci,
D-New City, said they backed off support for the 2011 exemption for the Talmud Torah Ohr Yochanan because it had
zoning violations and no certificate of occupancy. Jaffee also said there were other issues. The students are being taught in the four-bedroom house,
including on the second floor in violation of zoning, and in two classroom trailers. The Assembly and Senate approved the bill for Gov. Andrew
Cuomo’s signature." Read the entire Journal News article here.



Legislator Aron Weider Bashes Cops to Win Hasidic Community Support for David Fried

October 31, 2013 "Rockland County Legislator Aron Weider has been discovered to be bashing police in an effort to push David Fried
to the Hasidic community, using a phone-based news and information network to conduct Yiddish-language outreach as a surrogate of
David Fried. (More)

"Town of Ramapo is on notice. Clean up your act before being party to a mass fatal fire.
Stop playing politics with people’s lives."

October 27, 2013 In a letter to the Journal News, the Chairman of the Rockland County Illegal Housing Task Force accuses Christopher St. Lawrence
and other politicians with risking lives in the community for votes: "Ramapo is a ticking time bomb and this fire is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re
getting nothing from the town but lip service from the supervisor and building officials in an election year. The only one who seems to care is the
town’s head fire inspector. If the town is going to continue with its policy of granting permissions after the fact and ignoring violations, it’s time
for a higher authority to step in." Read the letter here.

Illegal Mismanagement of Millions
by the Ramapo Five

October 26, 2013 With the publication of the audited 2012 Financial
Statement, there is evidence that Ramapo Supervisor St. Lawrence
and his four board members, Friedman, Ullman, Logan and Withers,
have taken $2.9 million from five different funds and never repaid
these loans as required by law. Most surprising is that they continue
to violate municipal law while stooping beneath the cloud of a
wide-ranging FBI criminal investigation. (More)

East Ramapo parent appeals to state over lack of music, art instruction

October 24, 2013 "The parent of a third-grade student is appealing to the state education commissioner over what he claims is a complete
lack of music and art instruction in his son’s class at Hempstead Elementary this year, although those subjects are mandated by New York state.
David Curry of Spring Valley served a complaint, or 310 Appeal, Tuesday on the East Ramapo school district that demands the state review all
the district’s public school programs to ensure they comply with state law. The complaint was filed on behalf of Curry’s 8-year-old son, Andrew,
and all current students in grades one through six." (More)

Fire breaks out at Ramapo house tied to disputed yeshiva on Highview Road

October 24, 2013 "A 13-year-old girl suffered smoke inhalation Wednesday after a fire broke out at a building next door to a yeshiva
that had been illegally converted from a single-family house on Highview Road.
The girl, who was treated at Good Samaritan Hospital,
had been home alone in the caretaker’s house with two small dogs when an iron left unattended in a second-floor bedroom ignited
the fire at 95 Highview Road, authorities said.
The number of students and teachers has been capped at 85 for the house, but the school
has added two trailers and set up classrooms on the second floor to accommodate up to 165 students.
Officials with the Rockland County
Illegal Housing Task Force, which reported the yeshiva to the New York State Codes Division some time ago, blasted the owners of the
property Wednesday." (More)

B&H Photo may move warehouse to Chestnut Ridge

October 22, 2012 "B&H Photo & Electronics Corp., the nation’s largest non-chain photographic equipment vendor, is considering
moving its Brooklyn warehouse and Rockland County is an option.
In December a limited liability corporation affiliated with B&H,
Chestnut Ridge Venture of 390 Berry St. in Brooklyn, bought the Edwin Gould Foundation for Children property in Chestnut Ridge for
$9.3 million. Jacobowitz confirmed that Chestnut Ridge Venture is affiliated with B&H, but he added that B&H’s owners have many
businesses and the property could be used for some other purpose." Journal News story here.

Journal News Editorial: Poor decisions in insular communities encourage crime

October 13, 2013 The accusations in an FBI criminal complaint seem fantastic: a ring of thugs violently extorted religious divorce
agreements from recalcitrant husbands in the observant Jewish community. The price for their services? Tens of thousands of dollars,
according to an FBI criminal complaint. Threats, beatings and even a cattle prod were employed, according to FBI documents, but
the men aimed at leaving no physical mark. Insular communities often 'protect' themselves by trying to handle conflicts internally.
That leaves their own members as prey to criminal acts. The community cannot look the other way. Neither can local law enforcement
agencies, no matter the pressures. The FBI probe demonstrates the risks. Full Journal editorial
Two responses to the editorial: The "Insular Community" Euphemism, and  The Criminals Using Slander here

FBI Raids Monsey Yeshiva--Arrests Two Rabbis

October 10, 2013 Defendant Rabbi Mendel Epstein spoke about kidnapping, beating and torturing husbands in
order to force a divorce. He stated, “Suppose we, ya know this is an expensive thing to do. It’s not simply;
we’re talking, uh, I don’t want to use the, the terms but, basically what we are going to be doing is kidnapping
the guy for a couple of hours and beating him up and torturing him and then getting him to give the get. We take
an electric cattle prod. You put it in certain parts of his body and in one minute the guy will know.” (From the
Federal Criminal Complaint) (More)



No Memory--No Shame

October 10, 2013 From the long list of personality disorders that professional politicians are prone to, the combination
of an intentionally faulty memory and shamelessness is particularly annoying. A recent example of this kind of  
brainless shameless behavior involved a whole group of local political recognizables. (More)

"Preserving Rockland": A 10-Point Plan to Stop Irresponsible Overdevelopment

October 9, 2013 Here's the press release and a link to the details of Ed Day's plan to bring some sort of sanity to the problem of
overdevelopment in Ramapo and Rockland. Read the overview in the press release here and then link to the details linked to
on Ed's website.

State judge shuts Nanuet religious school over safety concerns

October 4, 2013 "A Ramapo-based congregation has been ordered by a state judge to close down portions of its religious school at the former
Singer’s Hotel and Caterers due to safety and zoning violations found by Clarkstown inspectors. Inspectors found numerous violations including
exposed and improper wiring, more than 100 feet of missing sheet rock and missing or damaged tiles designed to reduce the spread of fire, problems
with fire sprinklers, and debris and garbage, according to court documents. The inspectors also found additional violations of the state fire code and
Clarkstown codes concerning some fire doors and other fire suppression equipment, documents state. Congregation Lizensk, which faces numerous
violations on its schools in Ramapo, runs the Clarkstown school for up to 180 students and 50 dormitory rooms for up to three students each on the
campus at 100 S. Central Ave., Nanuet, just outside the village of Spring Valley." Full text of The Journal News coverage here.

An Accountant, an Auditor, and the Attorney with Amnesia—Melissa Reimer’s
Disciplinary Hearing Final Session

October 3, 2013 The Town of Ramapo’s hearing concerning its disciplinary action taken against whistleblower Melissa
Reimer resumed Monday morning at 10:15 and ran through the day until after 4 pm. Three witnesses were cross-examined:
a partner with the auditing firm O’Connor Davies; an accountant working in the Ramapo finance department; and Town
Attorney Michael Klein. (More)

Judge: Federal suit against East Ramapo officials can proceed

September 30, 2013 "A federal judge allowed key claims in a lawsuit against current and former East Ramapo school officials to move forward
Monday, even as she dismissed most other claims. Judge Cathy Seibel gave life to a much smaller, but potentially revealing class-action lawsuit
against a dozen defendants, who had sought to have the claims against them dismissed.
The lawsuit can now confront several of the most divisive
issues in East Ramapo, including the placement of Hasidic and other Orthodox students in private special-education schools at public expense, the
alleged purchase of religious textbooks for private schools, and whether the school board tried to sell two schools at below-market rates.
She also
allowed the lawsuit to look at whether the school board hired Long Island-based lawyer Albert D’Agostino in 2009 as part of a conspiracy to place
special-education students in private schools in a manner that forfeits state reimbursements." Complete Journal News story here.


In the Fiscal Race to the Bottom Rockland
Plunges Past Ramapo to Dead Last in the State

September 27, 2013 In a press release issued Wednesday from the Office of the Comptroller, Thomas
DiNapoli announced the updated list for the most fiscally stressed towns, cities and counties in the
State of New York. If the results were bad for Ramapo and Rockland in the Spring, they were even
worse with the updated numbers. (More)

Federal prosecutors target Spring Valley officials' pensions in corruption cases

Sep. 20, 2013 10:44 AM "
Federal prosecutors have moved to eliminate government pensions for two Spring Valley board members and other
elected officials if they are convicted of pending corruption charges. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Manhattan amended the forfeiture section
of the 10-count indictment to target the pensions of Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin, Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret, state Sen. Malcolm
Smith, D-Queens, and New York City Councilman Daniel Halloran, R-Queens. All four are charged with corruption-related bribery and other charges
in separate schemes. Jasmin and Desmaret are accused of taking bribes from a Monsey-based investor working for the FBI in exchange for voting
to give the developer and his FBI-undercover associates a contract to build a kosher catering hall on village-owned property outside Village Hall.

They are charged with wire fraud and Hobbs Act Extortion." Complete Journal News coverage here.

Community View: Owners profit as illegal housing poses many dangers in Ramapo

September 15, 2013 "Does anyone care about that there are reckless landlords that profit from their illegal housing/ construction
that is running rampant in the town of Ramapo and its surrounding villages in a Wild West environment, where almost anything goes
in building and zoning? When violators are fined, town and village courts repeatedly reduce the amounts to the equivalent of a slap on
the wrist, which is often seen as the cost of doing business. The landlords keep making more money, groups continue to build illegal schools
in single-family homes, and tenants, students and firefighters are put in harm’s way." Read the full text of Rabbi Justin Schwartz's Community
View here.


"You do not have to do the right thing here, you have to play ball and
make the supervisor happy." (Nat Oberman, Ramapo Collector of Taxes)

August 30, 2013 The disciplinary hearings against Ramapo employee Melissa Reimer resumed on Tuesday,
Aug. 27, and Thursday, Aug. 29, and as in the previous two sessions, much of the discussion centered on
corruption and the tight control over financial information within the embattled confines of Ramapo Town Hall.
"It’s a scary place to work—a very scary place to work," Reimer observed in her testimony. (More)


Rockland bus company owner linked to more campaign gifts to Ilan Schoenberger

Donors tied to Brega have contributed $48G 

August 30, 2013 "People connected to Clarkstown businessman Richard Brega, including his relatives and employees, have donated at
least $48,000 to a Rockland County executive candidate, The Journal News has found. State records released Friday show an additional
$12,000 from associates of Brega, who is in line for a $70 million county bus contract.The money went to the campaign war chest of
County Legislator Ilan Schoenberger, who is running in the Sept. 10 Democratic primary. The Journal News reported on the initial donations
Thursday.The three most recent contributions were made Aug. 14, the largest coming from Brega’s father-in-law, Aniello Feola of Thiells,
who gave $6,000.Feola’s wife told a reporter Friday that the family would have no comment.
Feola is the 10th person with direct links to Brega
that The Journal News has identified as having given $4,000 or more to Schoenberger." Read the article here.


East Ramapo board chief's complex has illegal subdivision, inspectors say

August 28, 2013 "An illegally subdivided townhouse was found at a housing complex owned by the president of the East
Ramapo Board of Education, village housing inspectors said Wednesday.
Walls were built to add three apartments to one of the
eight townhouses at 29 Bethune Blvd., officials said. The three-story building is owned by Yehuda Weissmandl through his company,
Prestige Builders of 1 Koritz Way, New Square, officials said.
Booker said the owner will face violations of construction without a
permit, occupancy of uninhabitable space in the basement, and occupancy without a certificate of occupancy for the added rooms.
Weissmandl, a son of the late New Square village administrator, has been school board president since the spring in a district rocked by
financial and social controversies. Weissmandl came under criticism before getting elected to the school board when he tore down a
fence separating New Square from Hillcrest Elementary School. He claimed at the time that a storm tore down the fencing and trees.
Read the full story on LoHud here.

The St. Lawrence Administration Picks up another
"Worst in the State"—Highest Average Salaries in NYS

August 25, 2013 The Empire Center issued a press release Thursday announcing that their
data for municipal salaries throughout the state has been published in the 2012-2013 edition
of What They Make. And once again, at the very top of the list, in the nation’s third-most
populous state of 19.47 million, the Town of Ramapo has the most onerous totals for cost
of local government. (More)

The Melissa Reimer Disciplinary Hearing—Part Two

August 21, 2013 After a slow beginning, with only a single witness called in the first hearing, the Monday continuance of the
Town of Ramapo Disciplinary Hearing against Melissa Reimer produced some interesting developments. Among the more notable:
Aaron Troodler forgot for whom he works, now there are two Apples that are problematic, the town wants all those recordings,
on the video Linda Condon made a wrong turn, and Michael Klein is still fighting to keep out of sight. And there were some new
questions: who’s got the iPhones, were Mona Montal and Pat Withers working on election materials in a Town of Ramapo office
after hours, why did Michael Specht bring in that video without reviewing all of it, and who was the suit sitting in the back of
the room taking notes? (More)

Reimer hearings: Ramapo’s ‘Night at the Opera’
Letter published in Our Town  
August 21, 2013 

Last week I attended a comedy at Ramapo Town Hall. It was a tremendous performance. But sadly it will have a tragic
ending for Ramapo taxpayers. (More)

Rockland, state must rescue the kids of East Ramapo

August 15, 2013 "Reduced pre-K, schools being shuttered and sold off for losses, dropping test scores, half-day
kindergarten, cuts to BOCES technical programs, increased class sizes, canceled extracurricular programs,
distressingly low graduation rates — these kids are suffering from a series of deprivations that simply cannot
be tolerated." Read the full text of the Community View by Ed Day here.




Judge: East Ramapo lease OK until Oct. court date

District can collect rent while fighting voided contract

Aug. 11, 2013 "East Ramapo school officials won some breathing room as they pursue a lawsuit challenging the state education
chief’s nullification of a building lease that would net the financially strapped district $252,000 this school year. A judge granted
the district a stay on a decision last month by state Education Commissioner John King Jr. to nullify the lease held by an Ultra-Orthodox
Jewish congregation for use of a former public school building on Addison Boyce Drive in New City. Justice Thomas J. McNamara’s decision
Aug. 7 in Albany County Supreme Court allows East Ramapo to continue renting the Hillcrest Elementary School building until at least Oct. 18,
the next time lawyers for East Ramapo and King are due in court. The legal wrangling follows the recent arrest of the appraiser who valued
the Hillcrest building at $3.2 million and whose report was used in 2010 to sell it to Avir Yakov for $3.1 million; the sale was later canceled
by former state Education Commissioner David Steiner after a district parent challenged it in court. Schneiderman’s office charged Avi Vardi
with grand larceny and filing a false instrument, both felonies, alleging that he took a $5,000 payoff from Avir Yakov to provide the district
with a falsified appraisal that undervalued the building." The complete Journal News story can be read here.


Ramapo laws let illegal schools operate for years

August 7, 2013 "Critics argue the law itself is the problem. Thanks to town law and policy, schools like those at 95-97 Highview Road,
49 College Road, 50 College Road and 5 Lane St. are allowed to continue operating for years — while collecting thousands of dollars
in tuition fees — without approvals. Some have expanded with town-permitted classroom trailers while awaiting approvals. The policy
deems a house is like a classroom trailer and can be used temporarily for up to two years while a school is built. Residents and firefighters
say the system gives de facto approval for new structures without environmental reviews or public input.
“If people think they can get
away with operating illegally, they will,” said Bob Doerr, who lives on Highview Road. “The problem is the Town of Ramapo.
News story here.


Ramapo rally protests school, 'corruption'

Residents seek to block proposal in neighborhood

August 7, 2013 "Calling for a “regime change” and an end to political favoritism believed to plague town government, a group of
more than 100 Ramapo residents rallied at Town Hall on Tuesday.
Many of the ralliers support the grass-roots political group Preserve
Ramapo, which has criticized Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence’s land use and development policies and has long tried to oust him
from office.
The Rev. Weldon McWilliams IV, of the grass-roots group Wake Up Rockland, led the crowd in chants of “a community united
will never be divided.” Opposition to town-sanctioned zoning changes that many believe favor the town’s increasingly large ultra-Orthodox
Jewish population isn’t an issue of religious discrimination, he said, in a reference to an argument frequently voiced by members of the
ultra-Orthodox community.“I don’t care what your religion is — if your value system is to exploit the community, I want you out of the way,”
he shouted. “This has nothing to do with religion.”
Several ralliers, including McWilliams, are running for office on the Preserve Ramapo slate
with hopes of representing the town of Ramapo or the village of Spring Valley next year.
The approaching election has created more tension
than usual as town officials remain the subject of an FBI investigation into financial practices after federal authorities raided Town Hall in May."
Read the complete Journal News story here.

Haphazard housing: Ramapo lax as landlords profit from illegal, dangerous
housing, fire officials say

August 4, 2013 "Steeper fines and a crackdown on reckless landlords are needed to stop the proliferation of illegally altered housing in
Ramapo and Spring Valley, frustrated inspectors and fire officials say. Half of all illegal-housing complaints countywide come from the
town and village, a Journal News analysis found.
The housing is dangerous to tenants and emergency responders, yet municipal enforcement
is sporadic and penalties far too soft, officials and volunteer firefighters said in numerous interviews with The Journal News between May
and July. They say the problem is especially pronounced in Ramapo, which one county fire official characterized as “the Wild West, where
almost anything goes.”
In Ramapo in particular, the cycle of illegal housing accommodates the needs of a fast-growing ultra-Orthodox Jewish
community and a rising population of Central and South American immigrants.
“We fear it’s just a matter of time before we’re pulling 10 bodies
out of a building at 4 o’clock in the morning,” said Kryger, a retired New York City firefighter.
Ramapo and Spring Valley also generate an
outsized number of housing health issues investigated by the county Board of Health, about 38 percent of issues investigated over the past
five years." Not surprisingly, the investigative report offered the following quote from the head of Ramapo's building dept. and the legal

department: "[Anthony] Mallia and Ramapo town lawyers responsible for prosecuting violations argue that Kryger, Wren and the task force
volunteers exaggerate the extent of violations and dangers." That's the same legal department that was recently visited by FBI agents, and
computer drives and documents were carted out, over a span of about eight hours." Please read the entirety of this important and wide-ranging
investigative report here on the LoHud website.

Ramapo finance official in fight over new claims

Worker recorded those considering misconduct charge

August 2, 2013 "Melissa Reimer’s stealthy iPad recordings of her interviews with town officials as she faced misconduct charges
in January — and what’s contained in those recordings — are a focal point in a second disciplinary hearing that began Thursday as
Reimer faces possible punitive action by the town, including termination. [Lichtmacher, her lawyer, insists],
“We’re not here because
of things Melissa Reimer did. We’re here because of things Melissa Reimer would not do,” he said. “We’re here because she’s a truth teller.”
The town, he argued, is looking for any excuse to fire Reimer because she complained about what she believed were illegal activities
within town government. Lichtmacher said Reimer’s complaints targeted Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence, who serves as the town’s
finance director, among others. When she brought her concerns to Finkelstein and another town attorney, Janice Gittelman, she was
laughed at and told to quit her job, Lichtmacher said. He has not elaborated on the details of the complaints but indicated Reimer
questioned town finance practices in the period before federal authorities raided Town Hall in May and took financial documents
as part of a continuing FBI investigation. Other witnesses, including Reimer, are expected to testify when the hearing resumes
Aug. 12." Complete story on LoHud here.

Where in the World is Governor Cuomo?

July 31, 2013 "What is in the water cooler at the Long Island-based law firm of Minerva & D’Agostino? Attorneys for the firm,
which was hired in 2009 to represent the East Ramapo School District ("ERSD"), have engaged in a pattern of bullying, intimidation
and unprofessional conduct toward the parents and students of the district." (More)

Appraiser charged in East Ramapo school sale

Suspect accused of falsely undervaluing Hillcrest

July 31, 2013 "The controversial sale of an East Ramapo school building in 2010 to an ultra-Orthodox
religious congregation was based on a falsified appraisal report that undervalued the building and
netted the appraiser $8,500, according to a state Attorney General’s investigation into the troubled
school district. The appraiser, Avi M. Vardi, 57, was arraigned Wednesday in Clarkstown Justice Court
on charges of grand larceny and filing a false instrument, both felonies. He was released on his own
Vardi was arrested by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office as that office continues
a more than 18-month investigation into the district’s real estate deals involving the former Hillcrest and Colton elementary school
buildings.Vardi was hired by the school board’s attorney to provide the appraisal after an unidentified board member emailed Vardi’s
cellphone number and other contact information to the attorney, according to the complaint. The complaint goes on to state that Vardi
later asked for and received $3,500 from the district, which paid him “acting on the false understanding” that Vardi had provided an
independent appraisal. Vardi was also allegedly paid $5,000 by Avir Yakov. County Legislator Aron Wieder, who was the school board’s
vice president at the time of the appraisal. Wieder supported the closure and sale of the school.
" Complete Journal News coverage here.
You can read the original appraisal drawn up by Vardi here.

Why is Ramapo So Broke?

July 31, 2013  How broke is Ramapo?  According to the New York State Comptroller Ramapo is the most financially stressed of
917 towns in New York State.  But what does that actually mean? (More)

Yeshiva set to vacate house

New Hempstead won't approve special permit

July 27, 2013 "An ultra-Orthodox Jewish school operating for more than a year without village approvals has agreed to vacate the
single-family house it has been retrofitting on Route 306. Yeshiva Ohr Torah made its decision after members of the New Hempstead
Board of Trustees made clear Thursday night that they would not approve a special permit for the school to operate legally in the village.
Firefighters packed the public hearing Thursday to voice their opposition to the school, just as they did two years ago when it opened.
Fire and village officials contend the congregation created a safety hazard at the single-family house and should follow the village zoning
The school, which officials said 90 people attended daily, must be vacated by Tuesday." Complete Journal News coverage here.

Daily Scratch Sheet for Several Local Races

July 23, 2013  The following scratches were reported in The Journal News. In Spring Valley, two candidates for Mayor were removed
from the list. "The Rockland County Board of Elections invalidated the petitions of Spring Valley Village Trustee Joseph Gross and village
parks and recreation employee Bernard Charles Jr., which eliminates them from the ballot." In Spring Valley the number of valid signatures
needed is 364. In the race for County Executive where 2000 signatures are needed, "Vladimir Leon is no longer a candidate for the primary
after problems with his petitions left many of them invalid." And David Fried, who is a candidate in the primary, "filed specific objections to
petitions filed by Suffern Mayor Dagan Lacorte. Fried is challenging the valididty of 3,337 of Lacorte's total of 4,435 signatures on various
grounds." The matter has not yet been resolved.

Spring Valley marchers seek justice in Trayvon Martin killing

July 21, 2013 " Dozens of people called for justice Saturday as they protested the fatal shooting of
Trayvon Martin and the laws and cultural disconnect that they say allowed his killer to go free. “It is
unfair to charge a young black boy with his own murder,” the Rev. Weldon McWilliams IV said. “What
do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now.”
McWilliams organized a march that started in front
of Spring Valley Village Hall, proceeded down Route 45 and ended with a rally at Memorial Park.
It was one of dozens called for in cities across the nation Saturday." Read The Journal News story
with video coverage here. Additional photos of the March appear on Len Tsou's Picasa page here.


No, the Glass is not Half Full

July 19, 2013 Last night, the Winnipeg Goldeyes played the Rockland Boulders in a game at Provident Bank
Park. What was different about this game was that it was broadcast on the Optimum Government Access
channel 78. Supervisor St. Lawrence was there for the debut, but he didn’t have much company. (More)

Spring Valley
corruption case trial possible as soon as January

July 19, 2013 "As he faces federal bribery-related charges and potential trial in January, Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret
has resigned his job with the town of Ramapo where he had been suspended pending a civil service hearing. Desmaret resigned his town
job last week to concentrate on the federal charges of mail fraud and Hobbs Act extortion — a case that could go to trial next year, his
lawyer, Kenneth Gribetz, said. Desmaret was supended on a town misconduct charge from his $55,000-a-year job as a data clerk with the
Ramapo Tax Assessor’s Office. He had been suspended shortly after being arrested on the federal charges. The job was in addition to his
village deputy mayor post, which he still holds, with a $25,750 salary. He has not resigned from his elected office.
At a federal court
appearance Friday attended by Jasmin, Desmaret and city officials in White Plains, the judge set a date of Dec. 13 for a discussion among
defense lawyers and prosecutors on scheduling a trial as early as January 2014." Journal News story here.

United Water desal plant faces review over supply needs

July 18, 2013 "The state will review United Water New York’s proposed Hudson River treatment plant to determine whether it is needed to
satisfy Rockland County’s long-term water supply requirements.The state Public Service Commission also said Thursday that the review would
require United Water to consider the most recent information about the county’s supply in a report relating to the need for a new supply source.
Word of the commission’s review brought praise from activists who question the current need for the plant. George Potanovic, a founder of
the Rockland Water Coalition, said he hoped the PSC would give the hard look needed regarding supply, conservation and the choice of projects
to add to the supply." Journal News story here.


Stonewalling in Ramapo 

July 13, 2013 What do you do when the numbers are so bad you cant let the public know? Well, in Ramapo theres a
three-point plan put in place by Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence. It
s a hide em, denied em, fired em full
coverage plan for all occasions. (More)

State education chief blocks East Ramapo school lease to yeshiva

State: E. Ramapo didn't take steps to get best deal

July 16, 2013 "The state Education Department on Tuesday upheld a petition by an East Ramapo public school parent to nullify the current lease
of the Hillcrest Elementary School building to a New Square yeshiva.
A petition filed by Robert Forrest specifically accused the school district’s lead attorney,
Albert D’Agostino, of negotiating the deal allowing the New Square congregation to lease the building and its 12 acres at 60 percent below market rental
value. “The property was leased to Congregation Yeshiva Avir Yakov for approximately $252,000,” Forrest said. “In comparison, another school in East
Ramapo was being leased by the district for approximately $760,000 per year. The Hillcrest lease equates to an economic loss … of $508,000 per year to
the children of the East Ramapo Central School District.” Read the Journal News coverage here.

More Trouble for East Ramapo—Students Denied Busing While Religious Children Get a Ride

July 9, 2013 "The United States Department of Education, New York Office for Civil Rights is now investigating the East Ramapo Central School
District based on a discrimination complaint that alleges that special needs students were discriminated against based upon disability on three
separate occasions during the past school year." (More

Ramapo councilwoman's son arrested for second time in 2 weeks

Police: Man, 23, robbed, choked mom of his child

July 9, 2013 "For the second time in two weeks, Ramapo Councilwoman Brendel Logan’s 23-year-old son has been arrested.
Spring Valley police charged Krystafer Johnston on Monday night, accusing him of robbing and choking the mother of his child, Chief
Paul Modica said. “He grabbed her by the throat, knocked her down to the ground and choked her,” Modica said. “When she tried to
call the police, he took her cellphone and left the apartment with their child.”
Officers arrested Johnston as he drove back to his girlfriend’s
apartment on Kearsing Parkway, Modica said. His girlfriend had been taken to police headquarters.
Ramapo police arrested Johnston on June 24
in connection with the burglary in September of Bravo Supermarket, where he had worked as a security guard. His DNA matched blood found
at the scene, police said, and a surveillance video camera captured the break-in." Complete Journal coverage here.


East Ramapo to keep paying law firm until new one hired

Transition could take months

July 9, 2013 "It could be weeks, months or longer before the East Ramapo school district is ready to part ways with its controversial
Long Island law firm of record and settle down with new attorneys who will juggle a host of complicated issues. In the meantime,
taxpayers will continue paying for the services of Minerva & D’Agostino throughout the district’s transition to a new firm." Full
text of the Journal News story here.

East Ramapo to split with firm after lawyer's profane outburst

Parents, students pack Monday night's special school board meeting following profane video

July 8, 2013 "Less than a week after an East Ramapo school district attorney’s profanity-laced
outburst went viral, the school board decided Monday night to split from his controversial law
firm and transition to a new one. The board, meeting at district headquarters Monday, made
the move in response to the outburst from Christopher Kirby, an attorney with Minerva & D’Agostino
of Long Island, who was recorded on video yelling obscenities at a group of parents and threatening
to fight one."

The Rev. Weldon McWilliams led a chant of “Are you with me?” and elicited responses of “Yes!” from
the 100 or so gathered outside.

Read the complete Journal News coverage here.

East Ramapo should invest in education

Jul. 7, 2013 "East Ramapo school board President Yehuda Weissmandl should get to know a little more about his district and the
community it serves.
According to the U.S. census, the total annual income for residents of East Ramapo is over $2.5 billion. The
school tax is $125 million, just 5 percent of income, the lowest percentage in Rockland County.
If East Ramapo spent just 6 percent
of its income on public education, like Clarkstown does, there would be enough money to put back all the programs Mr. Weissmandl
has cut. If they spent 7 percent, like most Rockland school districts do, there would be enough money for full-day kindergarten
and smaller class sizes." Read the full text of Steve White's letter here.

Preserve Ramapo/Preserve Rockland Candidates Demand Removal of East Ramapo
School Board's Legal Firm Minerva & D'Agostino

July 5, 2013 Immediate termination of the contract with Minerva & D'Agostino is the only acceptable remedy to this hideous display of
contempt towards the parents, supporters and students of East Ramapo. The School Board should look to retain a legal firm with a
reasonable rate structure and a reputation for competence, integrity and respect, rather than a simple track record of enabling the
subjugation of the needs of public school students to those of the private schools. (Full text of the Press Release here)

Assemblywoman Jaffee says, “The ERCSD Board should terminate the contract with
Minerva and D'Agostino now.”

July 5, 2013 Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee joins David Carlucci demanding that the Board fire the D'Agostino law firm. Read the press relesase.


Why D’Agostino has to Go, Too

July 3, 2013 Not only has East Ramapo attorney Albert D’Agostino cursed out an honor student at a
meeting, and yelled at parents, once getting into the face of one threatening him with a personal
lawsuit, consider what he told The Journal News. (More)


East Ramapo Attorney Erupts at Board Meeting—Physically Threatens
one Parent, Mocks Another and Spews Obscenities at a Group of others

The Journal News, Senator David Carlucci, County Exec Candidate Ed Day, and the National
Organization of Women call for the immediate firing of the D’Agostino law firm

July 3, 2013 At last night’s East Ramapo School Board meeting, the Board’s attorney, Christopher Kirby, from
the Minerva
& D’Agostino firm from Long Island, exploded with an obscenity-laced rant against one parent and
physically threatened another. Police were called and charges were filed against Kirby who left the parking
lot before the police arrived. Today, the list of individuals and organizations calling for the immediate dismissal of the law firm continues to
grow. (More)

East Ramapo group buys kosher in quest to 'coexist'

Demonstrators 'stop and shop' to fight segregation

June 28, 2013 "They walked single-file into the bustling kosher grocery, calmly surveyed the aisles, and chose their items. A bag of potato chips.
A bottle of water. One by one, they lined up at the cash registers, made their purchases and stepped aside quietly. Busy with their shopping, Hasidic
men and women in conservative dress paused to eye the group of 25 local activists — black, white, young, old, wearing shorts and T-shirts and jeans — and
wondered what was happening. A few minutes later, the disgruntled store owner appeared, tried to block news photographers’ cameras and steered the
demonstrators toward the door. “You have no right to do this. Get out of here,” he said. The “stop and shop” demonstration Friday afternoon at Rockland
Kosher Supermarket off Route 306 was the kickoff event by a new group called Wake Up Rockland. Organizers said their purpose is to “combat the growing
phenomenon of de facto segregation” between Hasidic and non-Hasidic communities in Rockland County, specifically in the East Ramapo Central School
District. “We’re basically saying to the Hasidic community that we are here and we’re not going anywhere, so it behooves both of us to coexist,” said the
Rev. Weldon McWilliams IV, who organized the demonstration. “But the way things are, we can’t coexist.” The complete Journal News story here.

Ward Petition Update: June 27

The town of Ramapo has notified Judge Garvey that they are seeking permission from the appellate division to appeal all of her recent
rulings that denied all their motions in their entirety and instructed them to respond to our article 78 lawsuit. The Town of Ramapo is also
claiming that Judge Garvey erred when she ordered the town to respond to the lawsuit, because they say that there is an automatic stay
on the case until the appellate division decides whether to grant Ramapo permission to appeal.  Judge Garvey has responded by scheduling
oral arguments from both sides on that very subject this Friday at 9:15 a.m. in her court room. (Letter can be read here

Newsday: Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Desmaret talks plea with feds, may
aid Rockland probes, sources say

June 26, 2013 "Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret is negotiating a plea deal with federal prosecutors that would require him
to be a cooperating witness for the government in two public corruption probes in Rockland County, Newsday has learned. Desmaret,
55, was indicted April 18 along with five other political figures, including Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin, in a complex bribery scheme
involving a proposed community center in Spring Valley as well as the New York City mayoral race.
Desmaret and his lawyer Kenneth Gribetz
met for several hours Tuesday afternoon with federal prosecutors and FBI agents at the U.S. attorney's office in White Plains to discuss the
terms of a possible plea deal, multiple sources familiar with the case told Newsday. "Desmaret has no choice, really. He has to plead guilty.
The video and audio they have against him is damning," said one source familiar with the case." Full Newsday coverage here.

Just How Bad is the Financial Mess in Ramapo?

June 25, 2013 How about the worst in the State of New York? The Office of the Comptroller follows
those towns and counties in trouble with annual reports as part of its FSMS—Fiscal Stress Monitoring
System. And the most recent results presented by the Comptroller has the Town of Ramapo dead last
of the more than 900 towns in the state. The stress level for Ramapo is only exceeded by one
municipality, a county, in the worst scores in New York
. (More)


Ward Update—Another Win in court

Judge Garvey Tosses All Four St. Lawrence Motions Opposing the Ward System Initiative

June 24, 2013 The Preserve Ramapo fight to grant the voters of Ramapo the right to decide whether they want a Ward System will
move forward as Supreme Court Judge Margaret Garvey threw out St. Lawrence’s objections to the petitions. A ward system would
allow voters to elect representatives from their own districts, who would represent them on the Ramapo Town Board. The current
system has a panel of at large rubber stamps who have allowed St. Lawrence to decimate the finances of the Town and destroy
the zoning. (More)

Community View: Ramapo must reveal latest audits

June 23, 2013 "The public has a right to know just what is going on. To clear this up, the Town of Ramapo should immediately put its
Independent Financial Audit online for all to see or explain why it does not have this audit ready for review at this time. The towns of
Orangetown and Clarkstown already have put this information online for its residents to see. Previously, Ramapo has released independent
audits through Freedom of Information requests but the town has not released the audit for fiscal year 2012. Why not? What we do know
about the town’s fiscal condition at the closing of its books at the end of 2012 is hardly reassuring." Read Bruce Levine's analysis of what
it might be that the town is hiding.

Suspended Ramapo finance worker plans to sue, says town retaliated

June 21, 2013 "A town Finance Department employee who’s been suspended from her job says she was falsely accused of misconduct in
retaliation for speaking up about alleged “criminal” acts by Ramapo officials and plans to sue the town. Melissa Reimer, the town’s supervisor
of fiscal services, referred comment to her lawyer, Fred Lichtmacher, who declined to elaborate on the alleged criminal acts. But Lichtmacher
said Friday that Reimer plans to sue the town for $2 million in damages for defamation in her community, emotional injury and harm to her
professional reputation. According to a notice of claim sent to the town, officials retaliated against Reimer after she complained about “criminal,
deceitful and inappropriate acts and omissions by several members” of town government. The notice states Reimer complained to Supervisor
and Finance Director Christopher St. Lawrence; town attorneys Michael Klein, Alan Berman, Janice Gittelman and Beth Finkelstein; and others but
does not specify whom she complained about." Complete story here.

Ramapo finance official says she's being scapegoated
Worker disputes town claim of improper filing of report to comptroller

June 21, 2013 "The town Finance Department employee who town officials claim sent misleading information to the state Comptroller’s
Office says she’s done nothing wrong and is being made a scapegoat for the town’s unflattering new financial designation. Melissa Reimer,
the town’s supervisor of fiscal services, disputed a statement the town issued Tuesday in response to Ramapo’s being named to Comptroller
Thomas DiNapoli’s hot list of municipalities in “significant fiscal distress.” The town statement said Reimer sent the comptroller an “annual
update document,” or AUD, in May without the authorization of officials, including Town Board members and Supervisor Christopher St.
Lawrence, who also serves as director of finance. The town said the report Reimer sent indicated Ramapo faced “certain fund deficits”
and omitted $3.5 million in anticipated revenue.
But Reimer said she sent the correct information the same way she always has in her 10 ½
years on the job and that the information on the anticipated revenue wasn’t made available to her." Full Journal story here.

East Ramapo: Senate OKs lottery bill to advance $3.5M to district

June 21, 2013 "A bill that would advance the East Ramapo school district $3.5 million in state lottery funding has passed both
chambers of the state Legislature, bringing the deficit-plagued district a step closer to getting the one-shot cash infusion that
could help restore programs next year. East Ramapo would get the lottery money in September 2014 anyway, as part of its annual
state aid award. But district officials asked lawmakers earlier this spring to draft special legislation that would provide the money
earlier, in June 2014, so it could help ease the district through the 2013-14 year. Over the past few years, the district has laid off
more than 450 employees and cut non-mandated classes and activities as it has struggled with operating deficits and rising contractual
costs." Full text of the Journal News story here.

Where in the world is Mara Luz Corado?
Newly elected East Ramapo school board member is MIA

June 20, 2013 "In mid-April, Mara Luz Corado surfaced as a candidate for the beleaguered East Ramapo school board. She was
elected on May 21 and is expected to be sworn in on July 2. Despite relentless attempts to speak with her -- or even get her
phone number -- Corado remains elusive. East Ramapo school district clerk Cathy Russell said the only contact information
she could release for Corado is a mailing address. Moreover, Bernard Charles Jr. and Pierre Germain, who successfully ran
with Corado for the three open seats on the nine-member board, have been evasive when asked about her. "I do not have her
number. Let me find out for you and I could have her call you," Germain told Newsday earlier this week. Charles, who organized
the slate, last week said Corado has been "away." He declined to elaborate, and said he, too, would ask Corado to contact Newsday.
Still, no word. Records show that Corado, 45, registered to vote in Ramapo just five days before the school board election. The
address she used to register and to put on her candidate petition -- 89 W. Maple Ave. -- is in the Community Synagogue of Monsey,
a brick building with no apparent residential entrance." Complete Newsday story here.

Editorial: Ramapo’s Financial Mess Rates 2nd Worst in the State

June 20, 2013 Ramapo's financial problems are entirely self-inflicted, created by our remarkably irresponsible town supervisor,
Christopher St. Lawrence and his rubber stamp board. (More)

East Ramapo Budget Passes--4,050 yes 2,238 no (unofficial results)

Ramapo named one of state's most fiscally distressed towns by state comptroller
Only one community in New York State with worst finances

June 18, 2013 "The Town of Ramapo is under "significant fiscal stress" and could be headed for bankruptcy or a control board unless
the town can turn around its finances, according to a report released Tuesday by State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. Ramapo is one
of six New York communities -- and the only one in Hudson Valley -- that are under "significant stress" as a result of cash flow problems,
mounting debt and chronic budget shortfalls, DiNapoli said. The town was given a 70.8 percent stress rating, second-highest only to
Monroe County, which received an 82.1 percent score." Newsday coverage here, The Journal News story here.

New Square Slaughterhouse Plan Is Back—County
Objects, Candidate Michael Koplen Says It’s Workable

June 18, 2013 The Journal News reported today that the village of New Square has revived its plan for an
industrial project within a residential neighborhood. The 26,250 square foot processing plant is smaller than
the one proposed in 2009, but is five times the size of the existing New Square plant, which is closed. The
U.S. Attorney's Office took civil action in December 2009 against New Square Meats for unsanitary conditions
at the plant and selling poultry since 2002 that the U.S. Department of Agriculture never inspected. Adir Poultry,
a company connected to New Square Meats and Ezras Yisrael, wants to replace the closed 5,000-square-foot
slaughterhouse with a $3 million, 26,250-square-foot plant." (More)

Ramapo Corruption Update: Ramapo stops pay for Desmaret's job at Town Hall
June 15, 2013 "
Spring Valley Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret’s job as a data clerk in Ramapo Town Hall is on the line as he contends
with a federal mail-fraud charge and an investigation at Village Hall.The town filed a misconduct charge against Desmaret and stopped
his pay after an interview and an internal investigation, Town Attorney Michael Klein said. “We’re aware of the federal indictment but
we’re not privy to the witnesses and the evidence that the federal authorities gathered,” Klein said. “We did conduct an administration
interview of Mr. Desmaret, and based on that and our own investigation, we felt we have sufficient evidence to bring the misconduct charge,
independent of the federal investigation.” Full Journal News coverage here.

Monsey man tied to FBI informant must repay $1.75M for bank fraud
June 13, 2013 "A Monsey man linked to an FBI-undercover investor accused of bribing Spring Valley and New York City officials has been sentenced
to repay $1.75 million from a bank fraud conviction. David Neumann was sentenced to three years’ supervised probation and ordered to pay
restitution by U.S. District Judge Warren Eginton, said Herbert Hadad, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in White Plains. Eginton sentenced
Neumann on June 7 at the federal courthouse in White Plains. Neumann pleaded guilty to a bank fraud charge involving the 2007 sale of a single-family
house at 39 Remsen Ave. in Monsey. The dilapidated house is next door to a mansion owned by investor Moses Mark Stern, who pleaded guilty to
undisclosed federal charges in March after working undercover for the FBI." Complete Journal News story here.

Dismantling East Ramapo Public Schools:
Cutting Sports Programs

Part 3 of Lisa Karrer's on-going series of documentaries, studying the dismantling of the
public School system in the East Ramapo District of Rockland County, NY. This video
features an interview with Duff Pannell, the Athletic Coordinator of Ramapo High School,
excerpts from the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC Public Radio, with Spring Valley High School
student and activist Olivia Castor, and quotes from Public School Parents and Advocates.
View video here.

Superintendent Klein Misleads the Press—Claims Schools “Given Clean Bill of Health”

June 9, 2013 Were it not for the timeline of events and a claim that absolutely contradicts what the State reported
as dangerous conditions in two schools, you might cut the Superintendent a little slack and look for a set of circumstances
that might justify what he told Newsday reporters last week. But a quick read of what he said, and when he said it
seems to leave no doubt—what he told reporter Meghan Murphy was clearly not true. And that begs several important
questions: Why did he do it; and, Who is he serving with this kind of misinformation? (More)  [Story updated June 10]

What’s the Grand Jury Doing?

June 5, 2013 After gathering information and evidence over an extended period of time, the FBI then launched a foray into Ramapo
Town Hall on May 15, spending eight hours searching for specific documents and emails, removing hard-drives and cartons of paper files.
Some time within the following two weeks a grand jury was convened, and they have subpoenaed evidence from the Ramapo Local
Development Corp, Provident Bank, Jefferies LLC the company that places bond and note offerings for the town, and Environmental
Capital, which is the Financial Advisor for Town bonds and notes. The evidence and the case are now being sorted out by the members
of the Grand Jury to determine the indictments. (More)

Fire Code Violations Task Force Calls Ramapo a ‘Time Bomb’
Task Force Appeals to State for Help in Ramapo

June 4, 2013 "The head of Rockland County’s volunteer task force on illegal housing says rampant building and fire code
violations in the Town of Ramapo are a 'time bomb waiting to go off' and require a state investigation.
'The volunteer fire service
in Rockland is not about to wait until dead bodies are pulled from these ‘weapons of mass construction,’ be they civilians or firefighters,'
John Kryger wrote in a June 1 letter to the New York state Division of Code Enforcement and Administration.
Kryger said he sent the letter
to Ronald Piester, director of the Division of Code Enforcement and Administration, with hopes the state would take notice of what he says
is a lack of enforcement by the town and some of its villages. 'Such has not been the case in Ramapo, Kaser, New Hempstead and Spring Valley,'
Kryger wrote. There, violations are issued and ignored, and court cases are repeatedly postponed, he said.
'We haven’t gotten any satisfaction
from the Town of Ramapo on any of the violations that have been reported to us." Complete Journal News story here.

Merge Rockland School Districts

May 31, 2013 "Given the situation, one could assume that district schools have deteriorated to such an extent that students
are not receiving an adequate education preparing them to compete successfully as adults. In other words, the East Ramapo
students are being prepared for failure." Read the full text of the Community View here.

Ramapo Raid Update: Grand Jury Issues Subpoenas to RLDC,
Provident Bank and others;
Bond abandoned for short-term notes—cost to taxpayers
almost $1.5 million in interest;
Ramapo Democratic Committee stalled—Who’s running
for Supervisor?

May 31, 2013 While the most frequently asked question seems to be, "When are the indictments
coming and who will be on the receiving end?" there are very nasty secondary repercussions as well, and they are already
emerging. (More)

JN Editorial: Rockland water treatment plan must be reviewed

May 30, 2013 "Questions have surfaced about earlier data used to determine the need for the Hudson River water treatment plant,
as well as what consumers will end up paying for the new water source, to be drawn from brackish Haverstraw Bay and put through
purification and energy-intensive desalination processes. On Tuesday, the Orangetown Town Board voted to support an “issues
conference” — the first step in a state Department of Environmental Conservation review of United Water’s Hudson water treatment
plant plan. Such a conference would allow an administrative law judge to review data and determine whether the proposed water
treatment plant warrants a full review." Click here for the complete Journal News editorial.

“So proud of them…”--Hundreds of E. Ramapo students walk out to protest cuts

May 29, 2013 "Fed up with waves of budget cuts and deteriorating building conditions, and determined to show authorities their
troubled school district needs immediate attention, hundreds of East Ramapo students walked out of class late Wednesday morning.
Hollering and chanting "No more cuts!" they weaved their way from Spring Valley and Ramapo high schools toward Memorial Park as
surprised workers, drivers and pedestrians looked on with equal amounts of interest and annoyance." Journal News coverage here, with
video of the march to Memorial Park.

Stadium feeds Ramapo's fiscal slide

May 26, 2013  After 71 percent of the public rejected the guarantee of a $16.5 million bond for a baseball stadium, Ramapo
Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence first promised that no public funds would be used for construction. After first stripping
all reserve funds from our town treasury he got around the rejection with a $25 million five-year note that did not require a
referendum. We knew there was no way he could pay off this bond in just five years. Sure enough, he then refinanced with
a long-term bond, evading our citizens’ refusal to guarantee the bond. (More)

While all We Saw Were Silos, the FBI and Comptroller
Were Working Together

May 24, 2013 Over the past 10 years, Preserve Ramapo has filed a number of official complaints and
requests for investigation with a wide variety of agencies—local, state, and federal—from the State
Attorney General to the Office of Special Council in Washington, the State Bar Association to the
Committee on Open Government. And almost without exception, these agencies operated separately
and apart as they dealt with our documents and timelines. Apparently, though, there was one
significant exception. (More)

Ramapo bond issue postponed as town scrambles to fund debt

May 24, 2013 "On the heels of an FBI raid, the financially strapped Town of Ramapo on Thursday postponed the issuance of
$39.2 million in bonds intended to refinance
 debt and help pay for basic town services such as road resurfacing. Town officials
dodged questions about the bond issue -- some even saying they didn't know what was going on with the financing -- while
the Wall Street
 market information firm IPREO confirmed to Newsday that the bond sale -- scheduled to be priced Friday -- had
been scuttled.
No new sale date has been scheduled, according to IPREO." Complete Newsday coverage here.

East Ramapo trims tax hike, cuts budget $452,000; new vote is June 18

May 23, 2013 "East Ramapo school officials will ask voters to decide on a $209.5 million budget with a 2.8 percent tax
increase next month following a narrow defeat of slightly higher spending proposal earlier this week. Until the second
election on June 18, officials said they’ll use the next three and a half weeks to ramp up efforts to get out the vote,
especially in the public school community, which sends about 9,000 students to East Ramapo.
A $209.9 million budget
with a 3.13 percent tax increase failed by 505 votes Tuesday." Complete Journal News story here.

Christopher St. Lawrence, Michael Klein mum on Ramapo probe

"Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence -- whose Local Development Corporation is at the center of a federal
investigation -- has clammed up about the probe, refusing to answer reporter's questions after a town board meeting
Wednesday night.
The only mention of Ramapo's woes during the first regularly scheduled board meeting since the raid
was from Michael Castelluccio of Preserve Ramapo.
Castelluccio refuted a statement made by Ken Lehner, president of
the Rockland Boulders, who said the team is in no way involved with the investigation. "Until the financial records from
last year are published and made public and given to the town, they are in the middle of the eye of that storm," Castelluccio
said. "And if, in fact, they have produced those numbers and that information is currently being stonewalled by the current
administration, all I could say is 'good luck'". Complete text of the story here.

  Moody's Downgrades East Ramapo School District Bonds
  to Three Steps Above Junk Status

May 22, 2013 "Moody's Investors Service has downgraded to Baa1 from A2 the underlying rating on East Ramapo Central
School District's (NY) $14.4 million in outstanding general obligation debt; the outlook remains negative.
The downgrade
to Baa1 reflects ongoing deterioration in the district's financial position with the expectation of a negative General Fund
balance at the end of fiscal 2013. The weakened financial position is the result of a continued structural imbalance driven
by underperforming revenues." Full report here.

F.B.I. Raid Renews Focus on Ballpark Deal in Rockland

May 21, 2013 The New York Times reports:  "When federal agents last week spent
seven hours extracting documents and computer files from Town Hall here, attention
immediately turned to the financing of a local ballpark. The stadium was the subject
of a withering state audit last year suggesting officials inappropriately mingled private
and public enterprises for a risky development. Last week, federal agents seized
documents and computer files from Town Hall in Ramapo, N.Y.  But the raid last
Wednesday also set in motion a guessing game centered on which of a welter of local controversies could
become part of the investigation in a town where the increase in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish population in
communities like Kaser, Monsey and New Square has made it the fastest-growing area in Rockland County,
and perhaps the most divided." (More)

Election Results
East Ramapo Budget Defeated 5,400 No--4,895 Yes (Only School Budget in the County to Fail
Charles, Corado and Germain win seats on the Board--Tied to Opposition to the Budget Vote in Key Districts
Ramapo Central School District
Budget passes-- Clarke Osborn and Maureen Danzig re-elected

Ramapo corruption investigation: FBI questioned Boulders' ballpark developer Holt

May 17, 2013 "The FBI's 40-agent foray into Ramapo Town Hall Wednesday was not its first trip to Rockland County in search of evidence
in an investigation of the town's Local Development Corporation and how the LDC refinanced $25 million in bonds for Provident Bank Park.

Several weeks ago FBI agents visited the general contractor on the $39 million baseball stadium, Jack Holt, the owner of Holt Construction
in Pearl River, and questioned him about the project and its financing, Holt told Newsday Friday." (More)



Bernard Charles' one vote on Ramapo Planning Board
stirs broad resentment

Originally published: May 17, 2013 NEWSDAY "School board candidate Bernard Charles Jr.
voted on just one project during his unusually brief tenure on the Town of Ramapo Planning
Board. But that one vote is haunting him. Charles, who is running with a slate of candidates
for election to the East Ramapo Central School District Board on May 21, voted in favor of
the Patrick Farm development in March; three weeks after the vote, he quietly resigned from
the planning board, having served on it less than a month. The vote has proved controversial.
Education activists see the Patrick Farm project as a step toward further destabilization of
the troubled East Ramapo district. (More)


Ramapo raid is a proud moment for the gadflies

May 17, 2013 "They're often looked upon as curmudgeons: the naysayers, loudmouths or know-nothings who revel in obstruction. But in truth,
they are trying to do a civic duty -- challenging authority and offering a dissenting voice, however intense, passionate or seemingly annoying.
Socrates is one of history's better-known pains-in-the neck: He said such flies are easy to swat away or ignore, but society does so at its own peril.
Federal investigators must know a thing or two about that philosophy; they aren't blowing off any of Ramapo's gadflies these days." (More)

Moody's gives Ramapo negative outlook as bond sale nears

May 16, 2013 "An influential investment rating agency issued a dire analysis of Ramapo’s financial health as the town prepares to sell $39.2 million
in serial bonds for public improvement projects. Moody’s Investors Service issued its A1 rating and negative outlook for Ramapo on Wednesday,
coincidentally the same day the FBI and Rockland District Attorney’s Office raided Town Hall and seized financial records.
'The rating incorporates
significant erosion of the town’s financial flexibility stemming from four consecutive years of operating deficits from aggressive economically
sensitive revenue assumptions and inability to offset mid-year shortfalls,' Moody’s stated on its website." Complete Journal story here.


Sources: Ramapo raid tied to Boulders stadium's financing

May 16, 2013 "The investigators are reviewing documents to determine whether Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence overstated assets, such
as incoming revenue, for the bonds and refinancing of the $25 million bond. They also are looking into the movement of money among accounts,
possible commingling of funds and whether the Local Development Corp. that oversaw the project generated money and repaid the town,
a source familiar with the probe said.
Among the documents taken were emails from St. Lawrence, Town Attorney Michael Klein and Finance
Officer Nat Oberman.
Though the FBI made no arrests, the raid sent a strong signal that the U.S. Attorney’s Office has set its focus on more
corruption investigations in Ramapo.
" (This LoHud article provides background on the Ballpark and Elm Street financing--Read the
full article here.)

Reaction to Ramapo probe is no surprise--Journal News Editorial

May 16, 2013 "Ramapo is a mess — socially, politically and fiscally. Tension has long been building over the leadership and decision-making
of Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence, including ill-considered downzoning and profligate spending on his watch. And bubbling not even below
the surface — a growing perception among critics that town decisions are made to curry favor with the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic "bloc vote,"
formidable enough to tip elections. Those challenges help explain the glee expressed by many residents as news spread that the FBI had raided
Town Hall and left with suitcases full of documents and computer drives.
That strong reaction — some residents came to Town Hall on Wednesday
night to offer their comments to reporters — was emblematic of the long-simmering relationship between St. Lawrence, and the government
he leads, and the large number of disaffected residents who also are his constituents.
" Read the entire Editorial here.

Ramapo corruption probe: Feds focus on ballpark refinancing, sources say

May 16, 2013 "Federal authorities are investigating whether Ramapo's Local Development Corp., headed by Town Supervisor Christopher
St. Lawrence, falsely claimed assets it did not have to back the refinancing of bonds, including the $25 million bond for the controversial
Provident Bank Park, sources told Newsday. FBI agents and prosecutors from the U.S. attorney's office also are investigating the LDC's
financing of the building of Ramapo Commons, a 24-unit affordable housing condominium project in an unincorporated part of the town,
sources familiar with the investigation said." (More)

FBI seizes town records in Ramapo corruption probe

Officials in the Rockland County town are under fire over controversial spending decisions. Activists suspect the FBI raid is a response to their complaints
against LDC president and town supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence
.  NEW YORK DAILY NEWS coverage here.

From the Twitter accounts of the reporters still at Town Hall--Mareesa Nicosia and Steve
Lieberman from the Journal News:

Steve 10:40 pm--Assistant US Attorney Daniel Filor was seen just leaving Ramapo Town Hall offered no comment.
Steve 10:40 pm--Heard that FBI agents were wrapping up after almost 7 hours inside collecting information.

Mareesa 10:35 pm--No sign yet of St. Lawrence or Town Attorney Michael Klein but their cars are still in the parking lot.
Mareesa 7:30 pm--Still inside Town Hall are St. Lawrence, Michael Klein and the head of IT for the town. (There since 4 in the afternoon)

Steve 6:30 pm--FBI seizing Ramapo financial records, and documents from town atty and RLDC for baseball stadium, housing. IT department
data targeted.

Earlier in the day there were reports that several town officials were kept for questioning inside town hall as all other workers were told
to leave. These included Christopher St. Lawrence--Supervisor, Michael Klein Town Attorney, Nate Oberman Finance Director, and Christian
Samson Town Clerk, and Teresa Reeck IT Director.

Another as yet unconfirmed report claimed there were Treasury Officials along with the FBI evidence recovery team. 

FBI Raids Ramapo Town Hall

May 15, 2013 Newsday reports: "About 40 federal agents showed up in force at Ramapo Town Hall Wednesday afternoon and ordered
most employees out while they executed a search warrant for financial documents related to yet another corruption probe affecting a
Rockland County community, sources said.
FBI spokesman Jim Margolin confirmed the raid, but would not answer questions. A law
enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation said some of the records sought by federal agents include documents related
to Provident Bank Park and the local development corporation that runs the controversial, $38 million baseball stadium that is home
to the Boulders. Shortly before 11 p.m., a swarm of agents carted out two dollies stacked with number brown cardboard boxes full of
documents. Ramapo's finance director, Melissa Reimer, walked out of town hall a few minutes after 10 p.m. -- more than six hours
after the FBI arrived -- and told reporters she had no comment.
" (More)

FBI agents descend on Ramapo Town Hall,
employees ordered out

May 15, 2013 The Journal News reports: "FBI agents and investigators from the Rockland District Attorney’s Office have ordered all
employees out of Ramapo Town Hall after agents arrived for an apparent investigation. A town employee said everyone was told to
leave the building by agents, who arrived around 3:30 p.m. The FBI has not said yet what it is seeking at Town Hall, or what the focus
of the investigation might be. Ramapo police arrived shortly after the FBI and were blocking the entrances to the building. Town
Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence arrived at 4 p.m. and went in the side entrance to his office. “I’m going in to see what’s going on,”
he told The Journal News. About 15 minutes later, agents were still escorting employees out of the building. Employees said they were
not told what was going on. Some of the agents are wearing blue windbreakers with lettering “FBI ERT,” indicating they are from the
bureau’s Evidence Response Team." Read the developing coverage at Lohud here but be patient, the LoHud server has crashed at least once
with increased traffic.

Wrong to use public site to discriminate

May 13, 2013 "My husband and I went to Provident Bank Park on Thursday evening. We read in The Journal News that there would be a
rally initiated by the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic community addressing the danger of the Internet. The article indicated that the audience
would be limited to males ages 10 and older and that tickets were $10 a person. It was our intention to see if we — with the purchase of
two tickets — would be admitted to a public site that our tax dollars paid for — and apparently will pay for many years to come." (More)

 (Read announcement from Day's campaign here)

Preserve Ramapo Announces Endorsement of Ed Day for County Executive

May 10, 2013 Today Preserve Ramapo and County Legislator Joseph Meyers announced their endorsements of Ed Day for the
office of Rockland County Executive. Read the Press Release here. And read the letter from Preserve Ramapo Chairman, Bob Rhodes,
which outlines the reasons for our choice of Day as the best candidate. Bob's letter can be read here.


Olivia Castor and Peggy Hatton Explain the Crisis in East Ramapo Schools
 on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show

May 9, 2013 To replay the full show, just click on the image of the player below. You will be taken to the WNYC page
where you can click on the play button and listen to a stream of the entire half-hour segment with call-ins.


 David Fried, Candidate for County Exec, Tied to Wired FBI Informant
 Moses Stern--Promises to Give Back $10k in Campaign Donations
May 8, 2013 Newsday reported today: "Stern's three companies -- SME International Associates Inc., First Republic Group,
Inc. and Asian Capital Corp. -- donated $10,000 to Fried's failed 2006 run for Assembly. Stern's companies wrote three checks
to the Fried campaign on Aug. 23, 2006, less than a month before the Democratic primary which Fried lost to Legis. Ellen Jaffee
(D-Suffern). The donation was roughly 20 percent of the total Fried raised for the campaign." (Newsday story



Monsey Controls Planning and Zoning Boards in Ramapo
St. Lawrence Appointees Kept Anonymous

May 3, 2013 The names of the seven members of the Ramapo Planning and Zoning Boards do
not appear anywhere on the Town’s website. Clarkstown, Orangetown, Stony Point—they list
their boards. You might ask the Supervisor. After all, he appointed the members to terms as
long as seven years. More important though is the question why does one sector which has
the most irresponsible and out-of-control development have control over the planning and
zoning for all of Ramapo? (More)


Suit vs. East Ramapo: Judge says discovery process may proceed

May 3, 2013 "Nine months after parents filed a federal lawsuit accusing East Ramapo school officials of steering public tax dollars to
private religious schools and segregating special-education students, the records-gathering process in the case can begin. The Advocates’
case could hinge on parsing the evidence to show how much the district has spent — for special education and in other areas — on its private
school population versus its public school population." Journal News story here.

Debit Town

May 1, 2013 You just recently paid your Ramapo Town tax bill, and Nathan Oberman, receiver of
taxes, presumably, banked your check to fund all the expenses outlined in the new town budget.
And what does the Ramapo Supervisor and the Board do next? They vote to borrow an additional
$19.7 million to fix the roads, spruce up the parks, buy some equipment, and roll over an old debt—all
guaranteed by your signature and to be paid by you and the neighbors next tax collection cycle, and
the next, and the next. (More)

Community View: Planning, balance lost in Ramapo's development

May 1, 2013 "Neighbors are upset, fearing property values will decline, worried about traffic and noise. They should also be concerned
about planning imbalance that will bring greater costs to all and a decline in the quality of living. Throughout much of Ramapo, housing
construction for religious groups, principally from land-starved New York City, has skyrocketed, with building density and height not in
keeping with suburbia. Sewers and water supply are increasingly stressed even as the county considers an uber-expensive Hudson River
water-treatment desalination plant that will encourage more such growth. The East Ramapo school district, its public school children
disenfranchised because their education is increasingly held hostage by religious group-inspired budget cuts and private school needs,
will suffer even greater financial drain." Read the full text of Arthur Gunther's Community View here.

Feds probe Spring Valley's use of HUD funds in housing project
Feds probe use of HUD funds for condos

April 30, 2013 "The village potentially owes a federal agency close to $1 million resulting from administrative errors involving an urban-renewal
housing project, according to a federal audit. The project, Park View Condominiums, has also drawn federal scrutiny following allegations the
developer discriminated against blacks by selectively marketing and selling units to Orthodox Jews. The Department of Housing and Urban
Development is investigating Spring Valley’s use of federal money involving the condo property at Route 45 and Maple Avenue." Journal story here.

Ramapo Finds Way to Enable Illegal School Conversion
for 250 Students in Hillcrest

April 30, 2013 At first, the building inspectors for the Town of Ramapo shut down the illegal conversion of a house on
Eckerson Lane into a school. Then a Town Advisory Board that included Ramapo Chief Building Inspector and planning
consultant Anthony Mallia and the Town’s legal department gave the congregation permission to use the house as a
school for a year, during construction. "They are retrofitting a house as a school," Mallia told a Journal News reporter.
"They could have used modular trailers for classrooms. What’s the difference? The congregation is taking a risk.
If after a year, they don’t get final approval for a school, they might have to leave." (More)

Failure of the Tax Cap in Ramapo

April 29, 2013 The tax cap is almost meaningless at the local government level. As the Journal News reporter tells us, it only takes a simple majority of
the town board (3 of 5), or 60% of the town board to overrule the cap.Take the town of Ramapo as an example. Around last June Supervisor
St. Lawrence announced with a big headline in the Journal News that local taxes would only go up by only 1.9% in 2013. But that was before
his EXTREMELY delayed year end financials for 2011 came out. We knew this was impossible and wondered how he could create a new budget
for 2013 when he still CLAIMED he did not have the financials for 2011! Then at the end of 2012, he announced the real tax increase for 2013
would be 9.4%, not the previously announced 1.9%. (More)

Benjamin Wallace-Wells--Author of "Them and Them" appears
on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show

April 28, 2013 Listen to the broadcast here. To fill in some of the gaps in the
discussion, you can see a list of the fraud and abuse charges leveled against the school board and
administration officials in the parents' class action lawsuit here. There's also a direct link to the
text of the lawsuit, which is posted here. Wallace-Wells original article on the "gutting" of the East
Ramapo School District by its ultra-Orthodox board can be read here.

Feds probe NAACP discrimination claim against Spring Valley, condo developer
NAACP: Builder, Spring Valley discouraged black buyers

April 23, 2013 "The NAACP has filed a federal complaint alleging that the Park View Condominiums discriminated against
black people by selectAively marketing and selling units to Orthodox Jews. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
is investigating whether the developer of a 60-unit condominium complex violated fair-housing and civil rights laws.
The April 16
complaint, filed by the regional and Spring Valley branches of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, names
the Village of Spring Valley and Route 45 LLC (of Lakewood, NJ), the developer of the complex at 120 N. Main St., at the Maple Avenue
corner. “Upon information and belief, the developer with the knowledge of the village of Spring Valley is marketing these dwellings as
segregated housing to people of Hasidim faith only,” the complaint reads." Journal story here.

Them and Them

New York Magazine feature article on the destruction of the East Ramapo School System

April 21, 2013  “Up in Ramapo, the immigrant community and the growing population of Hasidim had eyed each other with increasing
wariness. Then the Orthodox took over the public schools and proceeded to gut them.” (More)

Rockland Boulders ballpark's 2012 finances
remain a mystery, worrying residents, NY officials

Newsday: April 20, 2013 "As the Rockland Boulders gear up for opening day in less than a month, Ramapo town
officials say 2012 financial figures for the team's Pomona stadium -- which were to be released in February -- are
still not available, drawing concerns from state officials and local residents. (More)


St. Lawrence’s Investment in Joseph Desmaret

April 21, 2013 Earlier in the week, in our update on the political fallout in Spring Valley, we included a table that showed a substantial cash flow
in a very short period of time between the Ramapo Town Supervisor and the recently indicted Joseph Desmaret. Since then, we have researched
the salary and raises given to Desmaret by his political enabler, and we have received some interesting speculation on the nature of the political
relationship. (More)

Journal News: East Ramapo board chief Schwartz resigns

April 20, 2013 "Schwartz has held the unpaid school board post for two years and was elected president in July. In that time, tensions between the
public and the nine-member board, whose members are mostly Hasidic and Orthodox men, have grown increasingly contentious. Often at odds with
the public-school community, Schwartz used his authority as president to threaten to remove the public-speaking portion of regular board meetings
and unsuccessfully tried to move people who videotape meetings from the front to the back of the room.Schwartz and several other board members
and district administrators are defendants in a federal lawsuit filed by hundreds of parents who claim the officials wrongfully steered public tax dollars
to private schools to benefit the Orthodox community’s yeshiva education system. Legal petitions calling for the removal of board members also have
been filed by members of East Ramapo’s activist community." Complete Journal coverage here.

Newsday: Daniel Schwartz, East Ramapo school board president, quits

April 19, 2013 "Citing "various personal reasons," East Ramapo school board president Daniel Schwartz said
he will step down Monday -- days before the beleaguered board is set to pass its deficit-plagued
budget -- according to a resignation letter submitted Friday.Schwartz, an associate attorney at
the law firm
Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman P.C. did not elaborate on his reasons for quitting the unpaid school board
position that he has held for two years. A well-connected source within the Hasidic community told Newsday
that the polarizing issues facing the board were hurting the law practice, and Schwartz, 43, was forced to
choose between his job and position on the board. "He was squeezed out of business because of what's been
going on," the source said. "A person needs to take care of his family first ... He had no choice." Schwartz,
who had one more year left on his term, did not immediately return a request for comment." Newsday story

East Ramapo school district proposes dozens of staff layoffs, sports cuts in 2013-14 budget

April 17, 2013 "The East Ramapo school district plans to eliminate dozens of staff, mostly teachers, and steer other longtime employees to opt into
retirement incentives to close a shortfall in its 2013-14 budget. The teachers who will be laid off are assigned to core academic subjects, as well as
English as a Second Language, music, art and physical education, at the high school and middle school levels. In addition, 15 special education teachers
will be laid off and collaborative classes other than those at the middle schools will be cut, according to the plan released by East Ramapo officials
Tuesday. Sports will also be affected. Varsity golf, cheerleading, boys volleyball, JV tennis, girls JV volleyball and all middle school sports will be cut from
the budget, according to the plan. Another set of potential cuts would eliminate 14 art and music teachers and seven librarians in the elementary schools
if the district were to lose $960,000 due to federal budget cuts enacted last month, known as “sequestration.” In total, 52 employees could lose their jobs."
Full text of The Journal News story here.

Spring Valley Round-up (News that is) for the Week

April 14, 2013 Over the past seven days a lot has been going on in Spring Valley as a consequence of the Federal indictments
brought against the Mayor, Noramie Jasmin, and Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret. The FBI is looking to gather more information,
and Desmaret has gotten new lawyers but can’t find a co-signer for his bail bond. Meetings between St. Lawrence and the wired
informant have been mentioned in the press, and the list of mayoral candidates is growing. (More)

Treatment method won't eliminate carcinogens from Hudson waters

April 10, 2013 "United Water, an American subsidiary of the French transnational company Suez Environnement, is pushing hard to
build a desalination plant on Haverstraw Bay, which they state will help them distribute water to their customers in Rockland County.
United Water is not really interested in protecting endangered species around the Hudson River or whether the water that they will
obtain by treating it with the latest reverse osmosis technology will have serious health consequences for its consumers in Rockland
County." Read the full text of the Community View here.

Latest on the Ward System in Court
April 8, 2013
As we reported a few weeks ago, on March 7, Judge Margaret Garvey denied the Town of Ramapo's Motion to Dismiss the
Article 78 we filed in response to the Town Clerk's invalidation of our ward petitions. Judge Garvey also ordered the town to respond to the
charges in our Article 78 lawsuit by March 29th. (More)

FBI: Deputy mayor had 'prior corrupt agreement'
Complaint: Desmaret took $1,000 in unrelated matter

April 8, 2013 "Before the FBI swept up two elected village officials in a bribery sting, Deputy Mayor Joseph Desmaret took $1,000 from a
cooperative witness as part of an unrelated matter, the federal complaint outlining the community center bribery scheme says. Details of this
“prior corrupt agreement,” as court documents call it, were not spelled out, and authorities would not discuss them over the weekend. Whatever
took place happened before federal authorities joined the investigation begun by the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office.
The payoff to
Desmaret came Feb. 28, 2012, inside a car owned by the undercover cooperative witness, identified as corrupt financier Moses “Mark” Stern,
who has been tied to several multi-million defaults of loans and alleged financial frauds." Complete Journal News story here.

The man who wore the wire revealed
New York Post--Shoulda Known He Was Trouble

April 4, 2013 "They should have just Googled the guy. A simple Web search would have shown state Sen. Malcolm Smith and City
Councilman Dan Halloran that they were getting into bed with a shady developer who lost a $126 million lawsuit over a failed real-estate
project. Moses "Mark" Stern, who was the feds’ confidential informant against the pols, took out a massive loan from Citigroup to buy 11
shopping malls in 2007 — and his company promptly went bankrupt, according to court documents."  (More)

FBI Press Conference

April 3, 2013 "And the dream of honest government cannot come to pass unless there is real change in the
culture. Because what can we expect when there continues to be – even after a parade of politicians have
been hauled off to prison – a lack of transparency, a lack of self-disclosure, a lack of self-policing,a lack of
will, and a failure of leadership? What can we expect when transgressions seem to be tolerated and nothing
seems to ever change? New Yorkers should demand more. Federal prosecutors and federal agents are doing
everything we can to proactively attack the corruption problem. And it’s time for others to step up also." (More)

Mayor Jasmin Says Little in Minute Press Conference

April 3, 2013 In a press conference which lasted a few minutes, Mayor Noramie Jasmin announced, "We will vigorously defend against those
charges to restore my good name. I'm asking the community not to prejudge me, rather to keep me in your prayers for my good name to
restore." She took no questions, and did not say whether she would stand down until the legal issues are resolved.

Mayor and Deputy Arraigned

April 3, 2013 In a Westchester Court, Mayor Noramie Jasmin and her Deputy Mayor, Joseph Desmaret, were arraigned on federal
charges of mail fraud and bribery. Both were required to produce $250,000 bail, and they surrendered their passports. Desmaret was
also ordered to wear a digital tracking device and the Mayor was assigned a monitor. Pleas were not made at this time, and the next
court hearing will be April 23. The matter of whether the two will step down was not discussed at this time and will be possibly
addressed in an official comment by Jasmine promised for later today. The full text of the FBI complaint against the two local politicians
can be read at

FBI Arrests Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin and
Deputy Mayor Joseph DesMaret Charging Bribery and Mail Fraud

April 2, 2013 This morning, at around six am, agents from the FBI’s Public Corruption Squad arrested Spring
Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin and Deputy Mayor Joseph DesMaret at their homes in Spring Valley and Monsey.
The two were charged in a land development bribery scheme involving property in the village. The charges
were unsealed in Manhattan this morning, and the two politicians will be arraigned in Westchester this
afternoon. (More)


Rockland County Sewer District Notifies Ramapo and the Patrick Farm Developer
of Need to Verify Wetlands

March 28, 2013  From ROSA 4 Rockland: “As of late this afternoon,  Scenic Development and the Town of Ramapo have been officially
put on notice by Rockland County Sewage District #1: "as a condition of allowing the Patrick Farm project to connect to the District's
sewerage system, the District requires the project sponsor to obtain and forward to the EPA and to the District a jurisdictional determination
from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers verifying the extent of the project area wetlands" ROSA's hired civil engineers and wetland experts
have carefully examined this project and reported that unmapped wetlands exist and need to be accounted for.  Once mapped additional
wetlands can seriously impact the development plans.” (More)


Layne Gets Conditional Discharge for “Official Misconduct”

March 28th, 2013 "Former Airmont mayor and Sloatsburg building inspector pleads guilty to misdemeanor and
receives light sentence. The DA’s probe into the activities of former Sloatsburg Building Inspector John Layne
have ended somewhat anti-climactically, as Layne pled guilty Wednesday to a misdemeanor charge of “official
misconduct” and received a one-year conditional discharge." Story on Rockland County Times website here.



Update: East Ramapo Surtax—Legal Defense Fund for School
Board Members—Now $4,000+ Per Day

March 22, 2013 With the most recent returns from a Feb. 1 FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) request
added in, the cost of defending the East Ramapo School Board President and individual Board members
is growing. What amounts to a surtax to defend them against a lawsuit and also the New York State
charges of mismanagement and misappropriation of funds is now $4,336.91 per day. (More)

East Ramapo now drawing national coverage--Associated Press: Barbs of racism,
anti-Semitism in NY school clash

March 21, 2013 SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. (AP) — "School board meetings descend into shouting matches. Accusations of racism and anti-Semitism fly.
Angry parents turn their backs on board members in a symbolic stand of disrespect." (More)

Patrick Farm housing gets final Ramapo approval but environmental suits to proceed

March 21, 2013 "The Planning Board has given final approval for a 497-unit housing project on the site known as Patrick Farm — 208 acres of
environmentally sensitive property along the route 202-306 corridor outside Pomona
Though the board’s site-plan approval — for the second
time — clears another hurdle for the developer, the massive project still faces opposition and several pending lawsuits." Read the full text of
The Journal News coverage, including review of legal actions and what's next here.

McKinstry of Newsday: End the bullying in East Ramapo

March 20, 2013 "Growing up in the Douglas Projects on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Charlene Williams-Pulakos learned a few things
about bullies: They're not so tough when confronted.
The Pomona resident, whose son was called a "piece of ----" by the East Ramapo Central
School District's $250-an-hour attorney, Albert D'Agostino, said her response to this incident is no different from what she learned years ago in
the schoolyard and city housing project. Make aggressors accountable for their actions." More.

East Ramapo sues state over special-education placements

March 20, 2013 "The East Ramapo school district is suing the state Education Department over the district’s controversial practice of assigning
students with disabilities to private religious schools when public-school placements are available." Journal News story here. You can read the
lawsuit at www.scribd.com/doc/131318746/East-Ramapo-lawsuit-against-state. The first 12 pages offers a summary and history of the problem.

Journal News Editorial: State must help East Ramapo kids

"East Ramapo school district’s sinking fiscal situation and declining public educational offerings have spurred various calls for action. The local
NAACP wants the governor to get involved. The state education commissioner wants legislation allowing the Board of Regents to intervene in
school districts that are in academic or fiscal distress, or, in the case of East Ramapo, both. A state assemblyman wants an outside study, paid
for by the state, of possible fixes, including the dramatic step of splitting the district into two entities — one serving public-school children and
the other the private school community.
All these suggested approaches, different as they are, have their own risks and rewards. What they have
in common is this: they demand action from state officials. The state Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo should heed the calls for their intervention.
New York owes its youngest citizens a sound public education — and the promise inherent in such offerings. Day by day, the public-school children
in East Ramapo move further away from that goal." Read full text of the editorial here.

Patrick Farm Final Hearing Before Ramapo Planning Board Tonight--Wed. March 20

March 20, 2013 A public hearing for a Final Subdivision Approval of the Patrick Farm Subdivision, consisting of 88 tax lots on 196.4 acres
will be held tonight, Wed. March 20 at 8pm, at the Ramapo Town Hall on Route 59. The applicant is Scenic Development, LLC, 3 Ashel Lane
Monsey, N.Y. More information can be found here.

Village Elections--Results

Chestnut Ridge Elects Mayor Sam Presti  with 978 votes to Nancy Guirand's 303 votes
Unopposed Trustees--Howard Cohen and Marisa Stewart and Justice--Joseph Suarez elected

Airmont Returns Incumbents: Mayor Veronica Boesch defeats Thomas Gulla 791 to 696
Trustees--Ralph Bracco (913 votes) and Dennis Cohen (1252 votes) defeat Randi Mallia (615),
and Philip Gigante (866) defeats Veronique Allen-Hazell (620)
Unopposed Village Justice--Daniel R. Goldman elected

Judge Garvey Denies Motion to Dismiss Filed by the Town of Ramapo

Click here for the latest update on the Ward Petition and Petition to increase number of council members.

State may act on East Ramapo, education chief says
King responds to activist's concerns about troubled district

March 14, 2013 "The state’s chief education official says he’s ready to intervene further in the East Ramapo schools’
crisis if the district doesn’t take sufficient action on its own. In a letter to a community activist, state Education Commissioner
John King Jr. said he’s “prepared to take escalating action, as authorized by law,” if East Ramapo officials don’t “make sufficient
progress” to address the district’s problems, including its multimillion-dollar deficit. Such action, according to state education
law, may include the removal of local school officials if it’s proved that they willfully violated the law or disobeyed an order
of the commissioner or Board of Regents.
The warning heartened activists who had hand-delivered a petition with almost 5,000
signatures in Albany in January, asking King to appoint an oversight monitor to take charge of the troubled district." Complete
Journal News coverage here.

Dividing the East Ramapo District—A Response

March 13, 2013 State Senator Ken Zebrowski deserves real credit for his concern for the future of the children who attend schools
in the East Ramapo school district.  Unfortunately his proposed plan to divide the district into two separate segregated school
districts is not legal, or, even if it were, a practical solution. Read the full text of Bob Rhodes' response to the Zebrowski plan here.

Zebrowski on East Ramapo: Create 2 school districts

March 13, 2013 "A state lawmaker says the “untenable” problems of the East Ramapo school district could be solved by carving out
new geographic lines that would divide the current district into two. In an exclusive interview this week with The Journal News,
Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski Jr. said he wants to appropriate money in this year’s state budget to commission an independent
feasibility study on his proposal.The plan, he said, would create a new school district to serve the needs of East Ramapo’s 9,000
public school students — many of whom come from low-income, immigrant families." Full story here.

School Board offers New
Interpretation of the First Amendment

March 12, 2013  School board president, Daniel Schwartz,
declared tonight at a public meeting that if the "miscreants"
who offer critical and cynical remarks in the public comment
part of the board meetings persist, he and the board will move
the public comment section to the end of the meeting and perhaps
will even eliminate public comments from the meetings entirely.
That's what he said. If you don't have something nice or positive
to say, we'll simply remove your right to say anything. The
"miscreants" will surrender their right to public input, exchanging it
for the disciplined silence that badly behaved children deserve.

Some tutoring for this assemblage seems in order. Vocabulary, as in: How do you define the word "divisive"? And certainly a review
of the American Constitution and it's application in all American communities, even this one. To hear the President of this board call
the parents and students "miscreants" (more than once, actually) on the same day his attorney had a professional complaint filed against
him for cursing out an honor student might serve as a grim example of irony, and disturbing arrogance.
 [di-vi-sive adj. : creating disunity or dissension] And please check out the sections in the First Amendment on "free speech" and, more
importantly, "the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances." You can view the video of the threats here.

Parent files ethics complaint against E. Ramapo attorney
March 11, 2013 Newsday "The mother of a student who was the subject of some harsh words from East Ramapo School
Board attorney Albert D'Agostino filed a complaint with the Grievance Committee for the Tenth Judicial District on Thursday.
Charlene Williams-Pulakos asked the committee to investigate an incident Tuesday in which D'Agostino allegedly called her
17-year-old son, Nicholas, a profane name after a School Board meeting. Williams-Pulakos is the supervising court attorney
for Bronx criminal court." (More)

East Ramapo schools attorney D'Agostino curses at student after board meeting

March 6, 2013 Newsday "
A heated School Board meeting had just ended at about 8:30 p.m. after members of the  board
unceremoniously took off early -- yet again -- leaving the board without a quorum and students without someone  to hear
their complaints about cuts to programs and changes to graduation." Complete Newsday story here.

Legal Fees to Defend East Ramapo School Board Now at $3,000 a day

March 6, 2013 The East Ramapo School Board, whose deficiencies have "exposed District funds and assets to abuse,
waste, and/or loss," according to the New York State Comptroller, are currently fighting legal actions against the New York
Attorney General (investigating sales of school buildings), the New York Board of Education (for illegal placement of students in
private schools, lost and mismanaged funds and resources), and 600 East Ramapo parents who have launched a class action lawsuit
against the board members for "siphoning off public money to support private religious institutions," and "segregating students in
special-education programs based on their race, at taxpayer’s expense" (filed by the public-interest law firm Advocates for Justice).
The cost for defending this group, which the Comptroller’s Report claims, "[Have] failed to fulfill its stewardship, oversight, and
leadership responsibilities," is considerable. Worse, it’s being shoved off onto the taxpayers. (More)

Newsday--State school officials to East Ramapo: Show us your books

March 1, 2013 "State education officials have asked East Ramapo to allow them to examine the beleaguered
school district's financial records in an effort to resolve a persistent budget crisis. In a Feb. 14 letter obtained by
Newsday, Deputy Education Commissioner Ken Slentz deemed that East Ramapo again had failed to provide the
state with sufficient information to determine why the district is operating with a midyear deficit. Slentz also
requested a meeting with district leaders." Complete Newsday story here.

NY Attorney General seeks testimony from ex-East Ramapo board member

March 1, 2013 "— At least one former East Ramapo school board member has been asked to testify to state
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office, which is probing the district’s controversial sales and leasing of
two former public school buildings to local yeshivas. Stephen Price, one of two board members who abruptly
resigned from the fractured school board in January, told The Journal News he was recently contacted by the
Attorney General’s office and asked to testify. 'They haven’t indicated when. They just said they wanted to
talk to me,' Price said Thursday evening. He added that the office gave no indication in a recent letter addressed
to him what the subject of the questioning would be about." Complete Journal News story here.

East Ramapo: State seeks rare meeting over finances

Feb. 28, 2013 "With the troubled East Ramapo school district facing a multimillion-dollar shortfall and the
potential of more program cuts, state education officials say they want to meet face to face with school
leaders to address the district’s budget and its plans to dig out of its deficit.
It’s a rare intervention by the
state Education Department, which has been monitoring East Ramapo’s financial problems and in recent months
demanded officials submit a plan to the state for how it will balance its budget." Complete Journal News story here.

East Ramapo fails public school students

Feb. 25, 2013 "I was both perplexed and disturbed when reading the response by the president of the East
Ramapo school board, Daniel Schwartz. Where is the mention of the public school student? He has a fiduciary
duty to steward children through the K-12 educational process and through education reform changes, and to
provide for them with proper budgeting." Complete Community View Reply here.

Report: New Square yeshiva got millions in tech funds despite
no student access to computers

Feb. 19, 2012 "An all-boys school in the Hasidic village of New Square has accepted more than $3.3 million
in federal funds earmarked for Internet and telecommunications technology
even though students there do
not have access to computers, an investigation by the Manhattan-based Jewish Week has found. According to
a Feb. 15 report published by the newspaper, Yeshiva Avir Yakov in New Square “is just one of many fervently
Orthodox Jewish schools
in New York State that, despite publicly eschewing Internet use and despite offering
their students minimal, if any, access to computers, have spent large sums of E-rate money.” Journal News
story here.

The Jewish Week: Internet-Averse Haredi Schools Reaping Millions
in Federal Tech Funds

How does a community that rails against the Web pull in $30 million in one year for its schools from the
E-rate program? Story here.

Ramapo's decision to refinance Provident Bank Park sparks state concerns

Feb. 15, 2013 "Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence signed off on the refinancing of Provident Bank Park
despite not knowing how the stadium fared financially in 2012, sparking concern and outrage from the state comptroller
as well as local residents.
St. Lawrence, who heads the town-backed Local Development Corporation, and LDC board
members John Brunson and Moses Gross on Thursday extended the initial five-year, $25 million bond financing for the
2-year-old Pomona ballpark to a debt that would be paid off over the next three decades, LDC attorney Aaron Troodler
told Newsday.
While the terms of the refinancing seem favorable, to some critics of the ballpark, it also raised red flags,
particularly with revenue figures from 2012 still not available, five months after the stadium's tenants, independent baseball's
Rockland Boulders, finished off their season. "Short of them coming up with new figures, I'm not sure how this is going to
alleviate any of the concerns of the initial audit," said Brian Butry, a spokesman for state comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, referring
to an investigation his office conducted in February 2012 that raised questions about the ballpark's revenue estimates.The decision
to refinance has only exacerbated the concerns found in the 2012 probe, said Butry, who added that this could spark another
audit from the comptroller." Read the complete Newsday story here.

State firm on E. Ramapo special education violations

Feb. 13, 2013 "The state Education Department is standing by its findings that the East Ramapo school district
has violated the law in its placement of students with disabilities and must take corrective action or face financial
and other consequences. Assistant Commissioner James DeLorenzo made the statements in a Feb. 6 letter written in
response to a January rebuttal letter from East Ramapo lawyer David Butler.East Ramapo has been cited by the state
three times since 2010, and subsequently had funding withheld, for placing students with disabilities in private schools,
specifically private Jewish schools, or yeshivas, when public school options were available. DeLorenzo’s recent response,
first reported Wednesday by The Journal News, makes clear that the state will take action against East Ramapo if officials
don’t comply with several requirements — including creating a plan to bring students who’ve been sent elsewhere for
Yiddish education programs back into the district
“A (local educational agency) must conduct itself in compliance with the
letter and purpose of the law. We find in these instances, that the district did not do so, and is now attempting to justify
its actions under the law,” DeLorenzo wrote.If the district doesn’t comply, DeLorenzo states, it is subject to further enforcement
actions by the state Education Department, including redirection and/or withholding of federal funds. A commissioner’s order
to the board and superintendent could also result. In the case of a school board’s willful violation of an order from the state
education commissioner, John King Jr., the commissioner has the authority to remove school board members from office.
The state, however, can take over a school district only if special legislation is passed to authorize it." Read the complete text
of the Journal News story here. Additional coverage in a Newsday story can be read here.

I'll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours!

Newsday publishes a provocative challenge from a perspective applicant for one of the vacant seats on
the East Ramapo School Board. It's both hilarious and very sad. Read the letter here.


February 4, 2013 On his Saturday radio broadcast, Supervisor St. Lawrence had a
little trouble "controlling the message" when the laces on his Oxford got in the way
of his usual measured eloquence. (More)


The Ramapo Sinkhole Known as the RLDC

January 31, 2013 Over the past year, millions have been transferred
from the Town of Ramapo tax resources to Supervisor St. Lawrence’s
private development company called the RLDC (Ramapo Local Development
Corp). It’s a small corporation, St. Lawrence is both President and Chairman
of the Board and there are two other members of the board and that’s it.
Yet it spends tens of millions of taxpayer dollars each year. The New York
State Comptroller’s Office has warned in a highly critical audit that the RLDC
funds and the Town of Ramapo funds must be kept separate and apart. But since the RLDC doesn’t have the money to
do what it wants, it takes what it needs from the Town coffers. The State’s warning is not an obstacle because the
Town Board is as deaf to what the State says as St. Lawrence, who, of course, is the herder of this group of accomplices. (More)

Journal News Editorial Calls for State Investigation of Resignations

January 25, 2013 Today, on its editorial page, The Journal News echoed the same call for a State investigation of those
circumstances that motivated the resignation of two school board members, which we expressed as our first reaction to
the content of the letters from Price and Young-Mercer. In part, the editorial reads: "
The recent resignation letters of two
East Ramapo school board trustees assert ongoing intimidation, accuse the district’s administration of withholding key
information amid a fiscal crisis and express a lack of trust in the district’s leadership. But what could be the most important
line comes at the very end — a cc to Dr. John B. King, New York state’s commissioner of education. He needs to study the
letters closely as he weighs the need for future state intervention in a district drowning in red ink and community distrust."
Read the entire editorial here.

Why Stephen Price and Suzanne Young-Mercer Resigned from
the East Ramapo School Board--Full Text of their Resignation Letters

January 23, 2013 The letters include a number of serious situations that require investigation by state officials. Read both
letters here.

'Intimidation' cited by East Ramapo trustees who resigned--
School Board Comprised Now Entirely of Orthodox and Hasidic Members

January 23, 2013 "Two East Ramapo school board members who unexpectedly resigned Tuesday said they did so because
it had become “exceedingly difficult” to work in the district due to a lack of information from the schools superintendent and
continuous intimidation from their fellow board members. Stephen Price and Suzanne Young-Mercer submitted their resignation
letters to District Clerk Cathy Russell on Monday. The resignations were announced at Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting,
which Young-Mercer and Price did not attend. Young-Mercer said doing her job as an elected official had become “exceedingly
difficult ... due to the lack of trust I have in the information being provided to me.” She also cited “the persistent level of
intimidation” she felt when she spoke out or raised concerns, including verbal abuse by fellow trustees. Price, who has served as
trustee for 20 years, wrote there was a “continuing pattern of harassment and intimidation” that made it near impossible for him
to carry out his duties. In addition to being denied access to district information, he wrote was “wrongfully accused of religious
discrimination” and threatened with legal actions.
Price also wrote he had made numerous requests to Klein for financial and cash
flow data and other budget information but that his requests were “ignored and the scant information that I did receive was generally
incomplete or inaccurate.” Read the complete Journal News story here.

Ward System Update--Where the Petition Effort Stands in the Courts

January 21, 2013  The Town of Ramapo is still fighting the legal right of petitioners to have a referendum vote on whether Ramapo
should be divided into Wards, each with their own elected representative on the Town Board. (More)

After 26 years, Chestnut Ridge's only mayor says
it's time to step down

Jan. 19, 2013 It was general "mistrust of Ramapo government led to the creation of the Village of Chestnut Ridge
in 1986. Chestnut Ridge followed several other communities becoming villages in response to town government
planning or lack of enforcement of zoning laws. Kobre has been the village’s only mayor and is currently the
longest-serving mayor in the county. 'I am proud to have been the mayor of this beautiful, diverse community,'
Kobre said last week. 'It’s time for someone else to lead after 26 years as mayor. The village needs someone younger who will
keep the village, in our estimation, the best in the entire county.'
Kobre has endorsed Rosario “Sam” Presti Jr. as his successor.
An election is set for March 19." The complete Journal News story can be read here.

East Ramapo threatens to sue Education Dept.

Jan 19, 2013 "The East Ramapo school district is threatening legal action against the state Education Department as officials challenge
state findings on their handling of special education student placements.
In a blistering, 11-page letter to state officials, East Ramapo
attorney David Butler writes the state has “misapplied and misinterpreted” laws in determining the district remains in noncompliance
with rules that require special education students be taught in the “least restrictive environment.” East Ramapo has been cited three
times since 2010 in state reviews for placing students with disabilities in private schools, specifically private Jewish schools, or yeshivas,
when placements in public schools were available
. Butler’s letter, dated Monday, is a response to the third citation on Dec. 19 in a letter
from Assistant Commissioner James DeLorenzo, in the state Office of Special Education, that requests corrective action from the district.
Required actions, according to DeLorenzo’s letter, include the immediate “cease and desist” of allowing one district employee to “unilaterally”
determine the placement of students with disabilities and override placement recommendations by the district’s Committee on Special
Education." Complete Journal News coverage here.

East Ramapo needs money, oversight--A Journal News Editorial

Jan 18, 2013 "This is how East Ramapo school district leaders have answered the state’s demand that it present a comprehensive
plan to dig out of its deep deficit: It’s your fault, you fix it. The district’s general plan for correcting its financial woes — contained
in a four-page letter by Superintendent Joel Klein, along with seven addendum documents — mostly relies on the state changing aid
formulas so the district gets more money. That is hardly a path forward for a district that has rung up a $9.2 million operating deficit,
and owes Rockland BOCES $5 million for services provided to East Ramapo students. East Ramapo needs money, and it needs oversight.
The state — taxpayers — should make no further investment in the district without first setting up a structure to heighten oversight and
accountability, and ensure East Ramapo meets its financial obligation and legal duty to provide a sound basic education to the children
it serves." Read the rest of the Journal editorial here.

Ramapo Planning Board delays vote on Patrick Farm,
seeks to scale back housing plan amid public opposition
Town urged to delay OK pending design review

January 17, 2013 "The town Planning Board closed a public hearing on the long-debated
Patrick Farm development Wednesday night with a decision to seek a reduction in the nearly
500 housing units proposed for construction on a vast parcel of undeveloped land. The controversial
project calls for 410 high-density multifamily units and 87 single-family houses on 208 acres off routes
202 and 306 outside the village of Pomona. Opponents have fought Patrick Farm for years, arguing a
project of its size will destroy the character of the single-family neighborhood and endanger the environment. The Planning Board closed the
hearing as midnight approached after hearing out more than three hours of speakers, many of whom urged board members to delay final
approval of the project to allow for further review of the designs. The board agreed to solicit further written comments from the public and
the project applicant on several disputed issues through Jan. 30." Journal News story here.

East Ramapo makes deadline on deficit; schools chief seeks N.Y. help in fiscal crisis

January 17, 2013 "East Ramapo school officials made a state Education Department deadline Wednesday to submit a
plan to address the district’s deficit, but they say that aside from a multimillion-dollar bond they intend to use to close
this year’s shortfall, there’s “almost nothing” they can do to solve the district’s broader financial crisis without an overhaul
of the state funding formula. East Ramapo Superintendent of Schools
Joel Klein made the statements in a four-page letter
to state education officials, at once pleading for support from the state and criticizing the tenor of its recent communications
with the district." Complete Journal News coverage here.

Sandy showed risks of Hudson water treatment plant plan

January 17, 2013 "If United Water’s desalination plant, proposed for Haverstraw Bay, had been built last year, the critical
water intake infrastructure and pipes could have been destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. Unprecedented storm surges, 10 feet
in Haverstraw Bay, stripped the fronts off houses near the water, and dislodged intake pipes and mangled equipment used
for United Water’s pilot plant. The storm knocked marine fuel tanks into the Hudson and forced the partial shutdown of Indian Point,
located only 3.5 miles upstream from the proposed intake for United Water’s plant. Raw sewage flooded the area adjacent to the
proposed water supply intake. Access roads to the proposed sites, needed in emergencies, were completely flooded and impassable.
In short, the storm would have jeopardized public water supply for hundreds of thousands of people." (More)

Pomona Court Decision-- Rabbinical College of Tartikov 
Judge Dismisses Half of Complaint and Declares Major Principle of Law—Next Step,
Pomona Responds to Decision

January 14, 2013 In an interview Saturday morning, Marci Hamilton, one of the lead attorneys for the Village
of Pomona, told Preserve Ramapo she was very pleased with the decision from U.S. District Judge Kenneth
Karas. "He did a great job," she said. "He called all of the relevant case law and was absolutely clear that no
one comes into a community and gets to build without first making an application." Without this clarification,
she explained, you would have the federal government (through the RLUIPA law) establishing itself as a local
governmental authority, controlling land use and development. (More)

School district makes big cuts--E. Ramapo axes teachers and sports

January 9, 2013 "A week ahead of a state deadline to get a deficit-reduction plan in place, the East Ramapo school board approved
eliminating six music teachers and almost all spring sports and plans to borrow nearly $10 million to plug its massive deficit. The decisions,
voted on during a meeting Tuesday night, followed a tense month of budget discussions that involved public outcry from hundreds of
parents and students who protested initial proposals to cut kindergarten and the entire elementary music and art program. Major budget
cuts are imperative if the district is to meet a state deadline next week requiring it to submit a plan to address the deficit and balance
its budget, including payment of $5 million in overdue bills to Rockland Board of Cooperative Educational Services." Complete story here.

Lawsuits mount against Minisceongo Park shopping center--Ramapo and
Haverstraw boards targeted

January 7, 2013 "Opponents of the proposed Minisceongo Park shopping center have filed another set of lawsuits against the towns
of Haverstraw and Ramapo. The development is proposed for a 53-acre lot that straddles the Haverstraw and Ramapo border on
Route 202 near Exit 13 of the Palisades Interstate Parkway. One of the recent lawsuits was filed by the village of Pomona, which
is challenging the Haverstraw and Ramapo planning board actions. Other lawsuits were filed by local businesses including Green Earth
Farms Rockland LLC, Paint’N Place Inc., 202 United Development Corp., Parkway Realty Corp., and Good Council Realty Ltd. and John
McDowell, who challenge actions by the Haverstraw town Planning Board and the Rampo town planning and zoning boards." Journal
coverage here.

DEC sets Patrick Farm public hearing,
suspends 90-day limit for permit review

January 5, 2013 "The debate over the controversial Patrick
Farm development will move to a public stage next week when
residents get a chance to voice their opinions to state regulators.
New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation has scheduled
a legislative public hearing for Monday at the Joseph T. St. Lawrence
Community, Health and Sports Center, 115 Torne Valley Road, Hillburn.
Sessions at 3 and 6:30 p.m. are intended to solicit public comment as
part of the ongoing environmental review from the state agency,
which needs to sign off on two permits before construction begins.
DEC spokeswoman Wendy Rosenbach said the agency was taking the
concern over the development’s impact seriously." Complete story here.

Conceptual photo shows development proposed for the Patrick Farm Property

Man agrees to do community service, apologize for water-balloon scuffle

January 4, 2013 "A man involved in the Spring Valley water-balloon incident — in which 50 men surrounded a
family — agreed Thursday to accept 40 hours of community service and sign a letter of apology to the family of
Sherry Scott, the village clerk. As part of the court agreement, Solomon Simkowitz, 40, of Wesley Hills will
see charges that he pushed Scott and harassed her family on June 15, 2011, dismissed if he stays out of trouble
for six months after finishing his community service. The incident erupted when Scott’s then-11-year-old daughter
tossed a water balloon and hit a car driven by a Hasidic Jew, who was turning off Monsey Boulevard onto Fletcher Drive.
The driver called the Chaverim of Rockland, a volunteer group that assists community members. About 40 to 50 members
of Chaverim descended on the apartment where the Scotts live on Fletcher Drive, police said. Spring Valley police and Scott contend the driver
chased Scott’s daughter, who was then protected by a 17-year-old cousin. Scott and her son, Junathan McNeil Sr., 36, came outside. The Chaverim
and the Scott family began pushing each other, as Scott’s daughter Shatiya tried to get into her apartment. At some point, Scott said Simkowitz
pushed her against a brick wall, injuring her leg and back. Spring Valley police charged Simkowitz with third-degree assault and second-degree
harassment and Jacobowitz with second-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree unlawful imprisonment and second-degree harassment."
Complete story here on LoHud.

State warns E. Ramapo after deadline passes without plan

January 3, 2013 "The East Ramapo school district has just less than two weeks to get a plan in place to address its multimillion-dollar
deficit and pay overdue debts to Rockland BOCES, state education officials warned Thursday.A letter handed down from Deputy
Commissioner Ken Slentz is a second request to Superintendent of Schools Joel Klein for East Ramapo to submit a plan and timeline
for addressing its estimated $8 million deficit and balance its budget, including payment of some $5 million in back bills it owes to
Rockland BOCES.Today’s letter follows an initial Dec. 14 request from Assistant Commissioner Charles Szuberla Jr. that gave the
district until Jan. 2 to submit the plan — a deadline East Ramapo missed. If school board members willfully disobey or ignore an
order of the commissioner, he can remove them from office, though the only way the state education department can actually
take over a school district is if legislation is passed to authorize it." Journal story here.

Town of Ramapo Kicks After-school Tutoring Program out of Spring Valley Site

January 1, 2013 "When schools reopen Wednesday, a few dozen kids who attend a local after-school tutoring program — and their
parents — may be out of luck because the town of Ramapo has ordered the owner to stop operating out of its space at the Cultural
Arts Center.In a Dec. 24 letter to Jodi Georges, director of the program, Ramapo Town Attorney Michael Klein said use of the space
on Dr. Berg Lane hasn’t been approved by the Town Board. Furthermore, he said, the town hasn’t received proof the program is
licensed, insured and certified to operate as a not-for-profit. Georges has been using the space for about three years after signing
an agreement in 2009 with Spring Valley village Trustee Demeza Delhomme, who manages use of the center by not-for-profits that
serve seniors, youth and other community groups. The space is provided rent-free to these groups by the town, which owns the
building, but the agreement authorizing Georges to run a “not-for-profit after-school homework assistance and enrichment agency”
from noon to 7 p.m. five days a week is not town-approved, according to Klein." Journal News story here. For more information
on the connection between Trustee Delhomme and Supervisor St. Lawrence see these documents.

Community rallies to preserve graves--Historic site included in sale
of Edwin Gould Property to local developer

December 30, 2012 "Tucked into a wooded hill on the land — some 145 acres of sprawling forest and field off Chestnut Ridge
Road — is a tiny cemetery containing the graves of perhaps a dozen Talmans, several of whom fought in the Revolutionary War,
Talman’s father told him. According to the family, whose ancestors were some of the earliest settlers of Rockland County, the
property was acquired by Douwe H. Talman in 1796. It changed hands over the years and was eventually owned by the Edwin
Gould Foundation in the 1920s, according to records from the Historical Society of Rockland County. Earlier this month, and after
years of attempts, the Edwin Gould Foundation, based in Manhattan, sold the property to a local limited liability company
for $9.3 million." Complete Journal News coverage here.

Proposed Legislation Might Aid East Ramapo School District

December 28, 2012 "Sen. David Carlucci, D-New City, plans to introduce legislation that will increase the payout for education
funding from lottery winnings by 10 percent. That, and adding a portion of unclaimed prize winnings to a pool for education,
could raise about $700 million for schools without increasing taxes, Carlucci said.
Two other bills that were introduced in 2011
but stalled in committee will be reintroduced in the new session, he said. These are a bill to change the state aid formula to
provide more money to the struggling district, and another that would allow the commissioner of education to intervene." Click
here for complete story.

East Ramapo still Violating Federal and NYS Laws concerning Placement of
Special Ed Students in Private Schools--Order to Post Letter Outlining Charges
on the East Ramapo Website Still Not Obeyed

December 27, 2012 A letter sent last week to Dr. Joel Klein Superintendent of the East Ramapo Central School District outlined
violations of Federal and New York State laws regarding the placement of special needs students in the district. Many have been
placed in private schools bypassing required reviews and offering no documentation of the placements. The illegal placements
have been made by a single person handling the review. The violations go back to July of this year. The district has been warned
several times of the violations with no change in its disregard of the law. The letter sent last Friday explains the violations, itemizes
the demands needed to bring the district into compliance, and demands that the letter be posted for public viewing on the East Ramapo
website in the announcements section. (The letter is dated Dec 19 and today, Dec 27, it still is not on the website.) If the decision has
been made to hold off on posting this document until after the next Board meeting, Jan 8, we offer this copy. Feel free to forward
the PDF on to other interested members of the school community--that's what the State intended.

Law stymies savings if East Ramapo district cuts kindergarten

December 22, 2012 "A state law that entitles 5-year-olds to a public education regardless of whether a school district
has a kindergarten program is giving East Ramapo officials reason to pause as they consider what programs to cut — namely,
kindergarten — from their already bare-bones budget to stem a multimillion-dollar deficit
State education law says children
who turn 5 on or before Dec. 1 are entitled to attend public schools in the district they live, no matter which grade they start in.

East Ramapo Superintendent Joel Klein appeared to agree with the rationale in an interview this week following a Board of Education
meeting where teachers and parents who’ve fiercely opposed cutting kindergarten spoke up about the law.“We’re totally aware of
the law and we just became aware of that recently, and we will definitely take that into consideration when making any decisions,”
Klein told The Journal News/LoHud.com Thursday." Read the complete coverage here.

Newsday--East Ramapo schools budget crisis: State demands answers

December 15, 2012 "With the solvency of Rockland BOCES in peril, the state education department sent a letter
Friday to East Ramapo school officials demanding that they balance their budget and pay area education cooperatives
about $5 million in back bills, Newsday has learned. The missive appears to be the first step in a process that, without
cooperation from district officials, could result in a state takeover of the financially troubled district. "I'm very concerned
about the decisions the district is making around its finances, including the failure to pay for the BOCES services," State
Education Commissioner John King Jr. told Newsday Friday. "We are committed to exercising whatever authority we have
to assure that students are well served." East Ramapo school officials estimated that, without cuts, they won't be able to
make payroll at the end of the school year. Still, when faced with public outcry at a Dec. 4 meeting, the school board
balked at making any decisions and Orthodox Jewish board members, who hold a majority, abruptly left the meeting
as public comment began." Read the complete Newsday article here.

Ramapo Stadium Foes Accuse Town  of 'End Run' on
Public in Debt Vote

December 14, 2012 "It’s been almost two years since town taxpayers first became obligated to back
$25 million in debt for Ramapo’s controversial baseball stadium. The Town Board’s decision last week
to extend that obligation past the original five-year agreement has critics worried that taxpayers could
get slammed down the road if revenues from the stadium and another project, the Ramapo Commons
housing development, don’t roll in as expected. The way the vote was held — as an unannounced “new
business” item approved at the tail end of a nearly three-hour board meeting Dec. 3 — also has drawn the
ire of critics who’ve long opposed the stadium financing. Members of Preserve Ramapo — a grassroots political
group whose members have challenged Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence — claim the town purposely
shielded the vote from the public and further kept taxpayers in the dark by failing to provide documents
from the meeting right away." The complete story on LoHud site can be read here.

Editorial: Slipshod governance on Ramapo stadium financing
Journal News Comments on Illegal $25m Bond Vote

Dec 11, 2012  "last week, the Ramapo Town Board’s failure to follow the basic rules of transparency further
clouded a financial relationship that has raised the ire of the New York State Comptroller’s Office and stirred
concern among credit ratings agencies. On Dec. 3, the Town Board took a vote — related to town-guaranteed
bonds for the project — that wasn’t listed on the meeting agenda. It couldn’t be found on meeting minutes either.
A week after the board action, the minutes still didn’t exist. Town officials wouldn’t even confirm the action on
the record." Read the complete editorial here.

New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation Orders
Public Hearing on Environmental Issues at Patrick Farm

December 10, 2012 The DEC has issued an order for the developer of the Patrick Farm project,
Yechiel Lebovits, to set up a public hearing in Ramapo. The order explains: "Because a significant degree of
public interest exists, DEC has made a determination to hold a Legislative Public Hearing." The project
sponsor, Levovits, must arrange for a suitable venue for the hearing and to secure the services of a steno-
grapher. An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will be assigned to the hearing. The meeting will most likely
take place in January. Read the text of the DEC letter here.

Boulders’ Off-season Rocky—Owners Fire the GM and the League
Scrambles to Replace another Failed Franchise

December 10, 2012 Now there are four. When the Rockland Boulders joined the Can-Am League, two seasons ago,
there were eight teams from New Jersey, New York, New England and Canada. Today, only four remain as the other
half of the league has gone belly up. At home, here in Rockland, the Boulders prepared for the upcoming season by
firing the team’s general manager Dave LaPoint. (More)

Sources: Ramapo board OKs refinancing $25M in ballpark debt to extend repayment

December 8, 2012 "With a mega debt payment looming for the Rockland Boulders ballpark next year, the Town Board
this week approved refinancing about $25 million in costs associated with the park, sources with knowledge of the
decision told The Journal News/LoHud.com. The board voted unanimously, minus one absent member, late Monday
to refinance the debt that funded construction of the park in order to spread repayments over a longer term and lock
in a lower interest rate, the sources said. Numerous town employees and elected officials refused to speak about the
matter on the record. The debt was issued as five-year bonds by Ramapo Local Development Corp. and guaranteed
by the town for construction of the 3,500-plus seat baseball stadium, known as Provident Bank Park. The park is home
to the Rockland Boulders and opened for its inaugural season in June 2011." Complete Journal News story here.

Stavisky's Dual Role and the Inherent Conflicts

December 5, 2012 "Apparently a flaw in the election law allows a party chairman to be approved
by a county Legislature as the election commissioner for that party. It may be legal, but it isn’t right!
What will Mrs. Stavisky do when a candidate supported by her party machine is challenged by an
independent candidate? Under the law, she will have the power to rule their petition invalid and force
the independent candidate to go to court to overturn her decision. Many Democratic committeemen
want Ann Marie Kelly to remain their impartial Democratic election commissioner. Mrs. Stavisky obviously
did her best to prevent an open meeting. She also claims no conflict of interest exists between the two roles."
Read here the full text of two letters to The Journal News about Kristin Stavisky's dual political roles on the Board
of Elections and as head of the Rockland Democratic party.

Time Off Policy Defined--Ramapo Puts Vacation Rules in Writing

December 4, 2012 "A new policy allows town employees to use vacation, personal or other earned
time off to observe religious holidays. The policy puts in writing an established town practice of
accommodating employees who request to leave a few hours early Fridays to observe Shabbat, for
example, or take off a day here and there for a holiday, Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence
said.The policy was adopted by the Town Board on Monday night and takes effect immediately." Read
the Journal News story here. Full text of the new rules here.

Some Democrats question party chief Stavisky's dual role,
nominated as election commissioner

November 29, 2012 "Kristen Zebrowski Stavisky’s selection as Rockland County’s Democratic election
commissioner on Monday surprised no one. But it has caused rumblings within her party, with some
committee members saying the current Democratic election commissioner, Ann Marie Kelly, was forced
out of her position and Stravisky engineered her selection in such a way that her opponents did not make
it to the meeting in New City where she was voted in.Stavisky has denied the charges." Full story here.

Sandy Storm Surge Raises serious Questions about
Safety Risks at Desalination Plant

November 25, 2012 "The tremendous damaging coastal effects of the Hurricane
Sandy has added grave new concern to the public view of United Water desalination
proposal. The United Water desalination pilot plant pump house and intake sites
are on the shore line of Haverstraw Bay just 3.5 miles south of Indian Point Nuclear
power station." (Full text of the Letter to the Editor in Our Town here.)

Wal-Mart on the Minisceongo Park Site--A Community View

November 24, 2012 "At the Nov. 14 Planning Board meeting, community residents, wetlands experts and
local business owners voiced objections to the project, ranging from the negative impact on the character
of the community, devastating effect on local businesses to the destructive impact on the wetlands in the
area and ultimately our drinking water and the Hudson River. The objections by the public continued to be
expressed well after 10 p.m. The response from the developer’s paid consultants could be summed up this
way: 'We are the experts, the local residents are not, so trust us.' " (More)

Rockland Democratic chief poised to win election commissioner post
Says dual role will not create conflicts

November 24, 2012 Kristen Zebrowski Stavisky has spent months lobbying for support to secure the post and,
during the party’s convention on Monday, is likely to tie up the job because she already has the key backing
of the party’s executive committee. If Stavisky’s appointment is approved by the Rockland County Legislature,
which is virtually guaranteed, she would simultaneously come to hold one job that requires her to be objective
and fair to all political office seekers and another where she is helping the efforts of a candidate who is backed
by her party. She said she wasn’t worried about a conflict." Read full text of The Journal News story here.

Ramapo busts tax cap, passes $90.5M budget--9.43% tax increase

November 21, 2012 "The town adopted its tax-cap-busting budget Tuesday, voting 3-2 to pass a $90.5 million
spending plan for 2013. Spending will increase about $8.5 million this year, or 10 percent over the current
budget.Under the plan, town taxes will rise 9.43 percent, meaning most taxpayers will pay $46.80 more annually
for every $50,000 of assessed value."

How the Board Members Voted (Yes vote approves tax increase--No vote opposes the increase)
Comments cited were given to The Journal News Mareesa Nicosia (full coverage can be read here)

St. Lawrence Voted YES

Pat Withers

Voted YES

Brendel Logan Voted YES

Yitzchok Ullman
Voted NO

Daniel Friedman
Voted NO

St. Lawrence said he wasn’t concerned that the vote wasn’t unanimous. Board members “have their own minds and they can vote however they see fit as to whether they like or dislike the budget.”

Withers described the budget as imperfect yet fair and said he voted with public safety as his priority.
“I always put public safety before politics, and the public safety part of this budget is what I like,” he said.



“To raise taxes 9 percent is unacceptable,” he said. “To blame the county, you know, two wrongs don’t make a right.”
He added: “The supervisor’s attitude was the budget is his way or the highway, and I chose the highway.”


“I don’t think anybody wants tax increases, but I wanted to see more cuts in spending and more ideas for revenue enhancement to balance the budget without raising taxes,” he said. “That wasn’t in place so I voted ‘no.’”


Read the Community View: Tax Increase Isn't Solution to Ramapo's Debt Crisis here.

Download a PDF copy of the Adopted 2013 budget here, or read the Summary here.

East Ramapo school district seeks new budget cuts
Superintendent opposes eliminating kindergarten; familiar ideas on table for $7M deficit

November 21, 2012 "Faced with a growing $7 million deficit, the East Ramapo school district is looking once
again to cut nonmandated programs and staff to close its budget gap. Among the possibilities the district will
consider are cutting school nurses, shortening the school day, cuts to elementary art and music, and centralizing
special services for private-school students. Eliminating the kindergarten program, which was proposed last spring
and was curtailed from full day to half day this year, is another consideration. But Superintendent Joel Klein, in
addressing more than 60 people including parents, staff, the school board and administrators at a meeting at Kakiat
Elementary School on Tuesday night, said he does not support the measure, which would affect more than 700 students."
Complete Journal News coverage here.

Ilan Schoenberger aided in Rockland's mess

November 20, 2012 "Rockland County approaches $100 million in debt, we recently had a 30 percent
tax increase, and a 4 percent surcharge added to our electric bill. Guess who is running for county executive?
Ilan Schoenberger, chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, the very person who year after year was
responsible for advancing flawed budgets from County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef." Read the full text of
the letter to The Journal News here.

Uphill Push for Change in Orthodox Stronghold

November 20, 2012 "After a decade of fighting a public school board dominated by Orthodox Jews in
suburban New York, Oscar Cohen, a soft-spoken 71-year-old with a reputation for composure, is starting
to get angry.'You have eight school districts in Rockland County,' the retired school administrator told the
Forward recently. “One is cutting every nonmandated service to the bone. Seven are not. Ninety percent
of the kids going to the one are children of color. Is something wrong with that picture?' " (More from the
Jewish Daily Forward here)

Preserve Ramapo to pursue town ward system in court

October 25, 2012 "In late summer, Preserve Ramapo collected thousands of signatures and submitted two
petitions to the town clerk, aiming to land two propositions on the ballot in next month’s general election:
one to increase the number of Town Board members from four to six and one to establish a ward system in
which each Town Board member would represent a designated geographic area. Board members are now
elected at large. Members of the group — which opposes town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and
many of his financial decisions — said the town needs a better system of checks and balances and their
proposals, especially a ward system, would ensure that happens." A show cause filing and an Article 78
lawsuit have now been invoked because of the town's attempt to ignore its obligations. Journal story here.

Oustatcher Prevails in Lawsuit Against School Board and District--Another
Costly Misstep by the Board and Its Attorney

October 23, 2012 "A judge has ruled in favor of a former East Ramapo schools superintendent who sued the district
for breach of his contract.Ira Oustatcher filed a lawsuit in December, claiming he was owed more than $97,700 to
date because the district cut his pay — breaking the terms of his contract — after he was demoted from the superintendent
job and reassigned to his current position, principal of Pomona Middle School. Joel Klein, who was named in the lawsuit
along with the district and the Board of Education, succeeded Oustatcher as superintendent in the spring of 2011." The
board's attorney, D'Agostino, was uncharacteristically silent when asked for his opinion by the reporter. Journal story here.


Land annex plan for New Square sparks
development fears from Ramapo residents

October 18, 2012 "A proposal to annex 6.87 acres of
privately owned town land to the village of New Square
received scant support Wednesday during a public hearing
that drew about two dozen residents. The annexation, which
requires the full support of the town and village boards, would
enable land that is now zoned for single-family residences to be
developed into multifamily dwellings. Applicants want to
accommodate the growing numbers of families who desire to live
together in the insular, densely populated Hasidic village." Full
text of the Journal News story here.

Ramapo Taxpayers Footing the Bill for the Highest Paid Public Employee in
New York State--Christopher St. Lawrence insists "He's worth every penny of it"

Ramapo Police Chief Peter Brower

Salary $321,719


NYC Police Commissioner
Ray Kelly


Governor Andrew Cuomo


St. Lawrence's explanation why Brower is the highest paid local employee in the entire State of New York:"It's a dangerous job and he's worth every penny."

October 18, 2012  New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is in charge of the largest police force in the country--more
than 35,000 cops. Kelly is paid $205,180 for enforcing the law in the largest city in the nation (8.2 million people). Ramapo Police Chief
Peter Brower is in charge of 125 cops in a town of 126,595 in the Lower Hudson Valley and is paid $321,719. Brower earns $116,539 more than
Kelly while managing roughly 35,000 fewer officers. These outrageous numbers didn't discourage Brower's boss, Supervisor St. Lawrence,
from going on Channel 12 and insisting that his very pricey chief "[Has] a tough job, and a dangerous job. . . and he's worth every penny
of it." St. Lawrence and his Town Board (Daniel Friedman, Pat Withers, Brendel Logan, and Yitzchok Ullman) have recently voted a
9% increase in Ramapo Town taxes. Coverage in The Journal News here and the NY Post here. 

The Death of a Once-Proud School District

October 16, 2012 October 16, 2012 "For the past five years news, reports detailing the destruction of the East Ramapo School
District ("ERSD") have appeared on a regular, and recently daily, basis. This once-proud and superlative school district, that
encompasses a section of Clarkstown, has been ravaged by mismanagement and the shortsighted agenda of the ultra-Orthodox
majority on the school board. As a 1974 graduate of Spring Valley High School, I find these events especially disturbing." Read
the full text of Michael Bongiorno's Op Ed that appeared in Our Town here.

Group aims to prevent use of East Ramapo district funds for officials' legal defense

October 15, 2012 "Supporters of a class-action lawsuit against the East Ramapo school district want to block the Board of Education
from using public money to defend school officials in several ongoing legal actions. In a petition served on the district Friday, Spring
Valley residents Steven White and Betty Carmand ask the state education commissioner to grant an “emergency stay” on up to $2 million
in district money they say is earmarked for legal costs to defend board members, administrators and former employees.The petition is
backed by New York City public interest law firm Advocates for Justice, which filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of some 200 parent
plaintiffs against the district this summer." Complete Journal News story here.

Community View: Tax increase isn't solution
to Ramapo debt crisis

Oct 9, 2012 Re "Ramapo to refinance bond debt: Plan will save town millions," Oct. 6 article: "The 9 percent
increase in Ramapo’s tax rate in the town’s 2013 budget plan will do nothing to solve our debt crisis. At
the end of 2013, I expect that the town — and its taxpayers — will be in even deeper debt than we are now."
(Complete text here.)

Ramapo Developer Blamed for Turning Lake Lucille Brown with Silt

October 9, 2012 "Clarkstown will ask the state Department of Environmental Conservation to impose a cleanup plan on a
developer whose actions officials say have caused Lake Lucille to turn brown with silt. The DEC and the Ramapo building
department have instituted a stop-work order on the developer, Joseph Herskowitz of Monsey, who is building the 18.6-acre
Sky Ridge development off Buena Vista Road in unincorporated Ramapo near the Clarkstown border. Both agencies also have
issued violations to the developer for failing to comply with stormwater controls that have allowed silt to flow a mile and a
half downstream into Crum Creek. The creek flows into Lake Lucille, off South Mountain Road in New City, which feeds the
Lake DeForest reservoir that serves Rockland and Bergen counties." Complete Journal story here.

Community View: Better water management needed, not desalination

Oct 7, 2012 "The plan by United Water New York to construct an environmentally damaging desalination plant on the shore
of the Hudson River’s Haverstraw Bay in Rockland County overlooks less expensive and more sustainable options and could
end up saddling Rockland residents with increasingly escalating water bills for years to come." Full text here.

Firefighter Slams United Water Scare Tactics Used in Promoting Desalination Plant

October 5, 2012 Robert D. Jackson, a retired lieutenant in FDNY and a member of the Rockland County Incident Management
Team and former Rockland County legislator, wrote a letter to The Journal News condemning United Water’s inferences that
a proposed Hudson River desalination plant could solve a problem with water needed for firefighting. Read the letter here.

Journal News Editorial: East Ramapo must not compromise on children's safety

October 4, 2012 "Simmering tensions between the public school community and the Orthodox majority on the school board
boiled over this week at Grandview Elementary. Schoolyard squabbling occurred — among the adults. It was a big disappointment.
A parent-coordinated intervention Tuesday aimed to stem trespassing on school property while pupils in grades K-3 are in the building.
It quickly devolved into confrontation, with Ramapo police being called, and became yet another example of the growing strife
between the public school community and the Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities.
As with other hot-button issues in East Ramapo,
the school board and administration could have provided remedies. Instead, the board’s longstanding inaction — even as parents and
school staff expressed concerns — exacerbated the problem." Read the entire editorial here.

East Ramapo parents patrol school property--Some pedestrians argue
when told they are trespassing

October 3, 2012  "Tired of hounding district policymakers to secure school borders against trespassers, East Ramapo parents
took matters into their own hands Tuesday.
About eight parents patrolled the grounds of Grandview Elementary for two hours,
informing dozens of walkers who were taking a shortcut through the property that they were trespassing and asking them to
find another route. A district security officer joined them. Despite parents’ demands, district officials have tacitly condoned
the presence of strangers on school grounds during school hours, alternately denying trespassing is a problem and worrying they’ll
appear anti-Semitic if they take action. Police have said they can’t do much unless “No Trespassing” signs are posted on the
property." Full text of The Journal News coverage, with video, here. Story in Newsday here.

Ramapo to blow past tax cap--Town taxes to increase 9%--No mention of
ballpark debt or Elm Street millions in costs passed on to taxpayers
St. Lawrence just blames the County

October 2, 2012 "The Town Board voted to bust the tax cap in July, much to the chagrin of a group of residents who
protested the measure at Town Hall at the time. Clarkstown, Orangetown and Haverstraw also plan to exceed the cap
in 2013. Ramapo’s proposed $90,398,592 plan increases spending by some $8.4 million, or 9.3 percent more than the
2012 budget of $81,982,185.
According to the 2013 proposal, townwide taxes will increase 9 percent, while residents
of unincorporated Ramapo can expect a slightly lower increase of 7.23 percent. That means for each $50,000 of assessed
value, a homeowner would pay $44.65 more in property taxes in 2013 under the townwide rate and $28.85 more
under the unincorporated rate." Complete Journal story here.

School funding: Worse than they thought
East Ramapo officials put deficit at $6m

Sept. 26, 2012 "Ahead of a financial audit due next month and following another round of budget cuts, East Ramapo officials
say the school district faces an estimated $6 million deficit — far more than what they’ve cited in recent weeks. The district
ended the 2011-12 school year with a $1.78 million deficit and no reserves. Now, the district is adding about $1.5 million in
unanticipated expenses for transportation, special education and BOCES services, mostly due to increased enrollment, Assistant
Superintendent for Finance Michael Ivanoff said Tuesday. About 1,000 new students enrolled in East Ramapo’s private schools
this fall and 10 new private schools opened. Roughly 70 percent of students in the East Ramapo district attend private schools,
which receive public funds for transportation, books and special education." Complete Journal News coverage here.

Preserve Ramapo Asks NYS Attorney General
to Examine the Town’s New Confidentiality Policy

Sept. 25, 2012 Four weeks ago, Supervisor St. Lawrence and his board voted
unanimously to enact a new Confidentiality Policy. This policy threatens any
Town employee with termination and/or legal action if that employee discusses
virtually anything about town business, records, plans, or whatever St. Lawrence
deems “confidential,” with anyone outside of Town Hall. What’s confidential
includes “processes, reports, research, sources of supply, financial data” even
those things oddly classified as “confidential public information.”
The Executive Director of the Committee on Open Government at the Dept. of State in Albany has told Preserve Ramapo
that the policy is illegal, and today we have filed a formal complaint and request for an investigation by the Attorney
General’s Intergovernmental Affairs Bureau. (More)

Community View: Plan to Tap Hudson Just Doesn't Add up

Sept. 24, 2012 "This does not make any mathematical sense at all. There are several options and alternatives that can provide
additional water sources that would not include such a foolish use of ratepayer dollars. Many of the alternatives would create
construction jobs and if we invested more on fixing existing infrastructure would also result in more construction jobs. Let’s think
about a more robust and sensible solution to our water needs and protect our existing infrastructure and environment. It should not
be forgotten that UW is a private company with a corporate interest; its goal is making profits, not improving existing infrastructure,
leaving us poorly served." A practical cost analysis of the proposed United Water desalination plant by an experienced wastewater
engineer. Full text here.

State Education chief John King has East Ramapo under scrutiny

Sept. 22, 2012 "State Education Commissioner John King Jr. said Friday that he is following developments in the troubled
East Ramapo School District and is aware that many parents are calling for state intervention. “We are looking closely, and
we are concerned,” he said at a meeting with The Journal News/LoHud.com Editorial Board. Harry Phillips, the Rockland/
Westchester/Putnam representative on the state Board of Regents, which makes education policy, went further, saying the
school district will have trouble meeting the special-education costs of the region’s fast-growing Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox
communities.“We see nothing but problems ahead,” he said. “People will have to look at some sort of takeover.” " Complete
Journal News story here.

East Ramapo forecasts more cuts after school board trims transportation, jobs

Sept. 21, 2012 "The day after the East Ramapo Board of Education voted to eliminate three staff positions and nonmandated
transportation to private schools, an administrator said more cuts were planned soon to close the budget gap. Michael Ivanoff,
assistant superintendent for finance, did not say when the cuts would come or from where.“There are more financial challenges
on the horizon,” he said. “There will be more cuts.” The district has a budget deficit of $1.78 million and also must produce savings
to pay for about $1 million in legal costs to defend board members and administrators in a petition and lawsuit filed earlier in
the summer." Journal News story here. See also,
Spring Valley High's fall play canceled by budget cuts here.





RLUIPA Documentary America's Holy War Nominated as Finalist In Great Lakes
International Film Festival

September 19, 2012
The documentary America's Holy War, from British filmmaker Moondance Films, will be screened next week
at the Great Lakes International Film Festival in Erie, Pa. It is a finalist in the Best Documentary category. The story about the RLUIPA
conflict features Ramapo as one of its central locations with the Patrick Farm project as a major flashpoint. The film's world premier
was at the historic Lafayette Theater in Suffern, NY, last October. Visit http://www.greatlakesfilmfest.com/ for more Information
about the Festival.   

Funny Numbers from the Ramapo Democratic Committee's Financial Report

September 18, 2012 Keeping track of local politicians can lead you down some rather strange rabbit holes. The most recent
financial report from the Ramapo Democratic Committee (the July Periodic) had a few entries that should have raised both
Democratic and Republican eyebrows. Where the money went might have upset more than a few of the loyalists. That report
was followed by a second, amended periodic report, and it didn't do much to shovel cover over some rather damning  entries
in the first report. (More)

Public responds to Journal News "East Ramapo District in Crisis" Series

Sept. 17, 2012 Click here for a sample of letters sent by readers responding to the two-day investigative series
about the East Ramapo School District and embattled board of ed. Link to index of Journal articles in that series here. 

Ramapo Reform Democrats Run the Table
Defeat St. Lawrence Candidates in 37 of 37 Contests
With the 88 seats won in uncontested races, the total is 125
seats on the Ramapo and Rockland Democratic Committees
Read the details here

Patrick Farm: Judge nixes approval of development; Ramapo must do
architectural review

Sept. 14, 2012 "A state Supreme Court judge has annulled final approval for a high-density development of nearly 500 homes on
Patrick Farm that opponents argue would cripple the environment and the character of the single-family neighborhood. Based on
legal action by the Ramapo Organized for Sustainability and a Safe Aquifer, the judge ruled Ramapo violated its own rules that
require developments to undergo architectural review before the Planning Board considers final approval. As a result of the ROSA
decision, Scenic Development LLC in Monsey must put its architectural designs before the Ramapo’s Community Design Review
Committee. No date has been set." Full Journal News coverage here. Read the ROSA Press Release here.

District in crisis: East Ramapo's public- and private-school families fight for resources

Sept. 9, 2012 "One week after East Ramapo became the only school district in the region to see its budget defeated by voters,
school board Vice President Daniel Schwartz warned at a meeting that the district faced a “terrible, terrible crisis.” The crisis
he referred to was not the impending dismissal of another 90 jobs, including all social workers and most teaching assistants.
It was not the reduction of kindergarten from full day to half-day or the shriveling of art, music and sports programs, or the
possibility that a second defeated budget would eviscerate the school system like a carpet bombing. The crisis that Schwartz
bemoaned in May was a creeping anti-Semitism spurred by distrust of the school board, which since 2005 has been run by majorities
of Hasidic and other Orthodox Jews who send their children to private schools." Full Journal story here.

This article provides an overview of The Journal News' impressive coverage that includes 14 news stories published
over two days, Sept 9 and 10. The news items cover the economics, the New York State investigations, the
Comptroller's reports, the state intervention in two attempted sales of grammar schools, the unprofessional
behavior of the Board's attorney, the class action lawsuit against the board members, and more. There is additional
information and video the newspaper's online site. Check out the Index Page here for links to all the stories.

East Ramapo needs intervention: Journal News Editorial

Sept. 9, 2012 "With so much wrong in East Ramapo school district, it’s hard to see how it can survive without intervention at the
state or federal level. It will need that and much more. The East Ramapo school district is broke. There’s not a penny in reserve funds,
and the district is operating at a deficit. A litany of other concerns are set forth in disturbing detail in today’s Journal News/LoHud.com
special investigation, A District in Crisis. School board members have a fiduciary responsibility to make sound decisions on behalf of the
public schools and the property taxpayers, and the East Ramapo school board has failed miserably." Full text of the editorial here.


Thanks to All for a Successful Ward Petition Drive

We Needed 1,360 Signatures and We Got
for the Ward System and
2,033 for the increase in number of board members
The 690 pages of your petitions were delivered to Ramapo Town Hall\and will appear on the November Ballot

Education cuts hurt East Ramapo kids

Sept. 4, 2012  Letter in The Journal News "School starts this week and I ask, what is happening in East Ramapo?
Are they ready? It was announced at the last board meeting that the fund balance is 90 projected to be minus $1.7 million.
We have seen egregious cuts to our children’s education over the past few years and it was also announced that due to
pending litigation costs there could be even more cuts. Is it even legal to carry a negative fund balance? Full letter.

Ramapo group seeks ward system--Group's petitions also seek to expand board

Sept. 2, 2012 "Activists with the grassroots political group Preserve Ramapo are reviving an effort that’s been thwarted in
past years to seek a public vote that would change the composition of the Town Board.
Members want to establish a ward
system in which each Town Board member would represent a designated geographic area. Board members are now elected at large.

'Our system is one that’s supposed to be one of checks and balances, and we feel that right now there’s not enough of checks and balances,
and a ward system would bring that to Ramapo,' said Preserve Ramapo member Michael Parietti of Suffern." Complete Journal story here.

Rockland sues Ramapo over emergency communications equipment rejection
Ramapo planners won't allow 7 antennas

August 28, 2012 "Rockland County is suing the Town of Ramapo after a Planning Board rejected the county’s bid to install emergency
communications equipment on a wireless tower in a residential neighborhood in Monsey.
The rejection, which came after a
contentious May meeting of Ramapo’s Planning Board, blocked the county’s attempt to install seven antennas and an equipment
shelter at the tower, which residents argue would increase health risks as well as truck traffic in the neighborhood, since the
upgrades would require monthly maintenance.
The equipment would fill in gaps in the wireless coverage for the county’s emergency
communications, which include radio from police, fire, and other officials.
The tower, on Eastview Road in Monsey, is owned by a
division of Cablevision and has existed at the site for decades." Journal story here.

Can-Am's Worcester Team Fading to Gray
Court Changes Locks on Main Street Office

August 27, 2012 Last Friday, the economically besieged Can-Am team, the Worcester Tornadoes,
scheduled to play the Quebec Capitales at home. When the team took the field, they were
wearing the yellow and black uniforms of the "Grays." The Grays were a Can-Am "traveling team"
that disappeared five years ago. The reason for the name change was that it was the only
alternative to a shirts-and-skins dress code for the contest. The Tornadoes' uniforms had been seized under court order
granted to the Hilton Garden Inn, which is owed $32,562.00 by the team. (More)

Patrick Farm: What Happens Next?
In this Press Release from the activist group ROSA, an overview of the current lawsuits against the massive development
is presented as well as what can be expected next from the plaintiffs and the Town of Ramapo. Press Release here.

Jamieson reversed again on Patrick Farm--Judge erred by dismissing lawsuits

August 27, 2012 "Two more legal actions seeking to block development of the 208-acre Patrick Farm have been reinstated,
as a state appeals court ordered a judge to consider challenges to Ramapo’s decisions on environmental impacts and increasing
the housing density for the property.
The Appellate Division panel ruled that Supreme Court Justice Linda Jamieson erred when
she dismissed legal challenges in 2011 by property neighbors Sonya and Milton Shapiro and Elizabeth Youngewirth.
An appeals
panel ruled in May that Jamieson also erred by denying Pomona’s legal challenge on the same grounds.
Those three cases join
six other legal actions challenging the approvals and environmental reviews for the Patrick Farm development." Journal News
coverage here. Text of the court decision can be read here.

East Ramapo alumni berate school board
East Ramapo graduates, students protest cuts, back class action suit

August 25, 2012 "Holding signs and chanting, “Save our schools,” about 100 East Ramapo students and alumni demonstrated
in front of their alma mater Thursday night, decrying school board decisions to cut funding and rallying in support of a lawsuit
that targets the district’s leadership." Complete Journal News coverage here.  Video of the students who spoke at the
press conference can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOsCjzddgFk&feature=youtu.be President of the Spring
Valley Branch of the NAACP, Mr Willie Trotman, talks about Education and standing behind our children. View this part of the
Press Conference here http://youtu.be/ZsISeUhq6Nc.

Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee wants new look at United Water rate case
that led to planned Haverstraw treatment plant

August 23, 2012 "Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee wants the state to reopen a 2006 rate case that required United Water New York
to develop a long-term water supply solution. Jaffee asked that the agency require an independent financial analysis of possible
alternatives to the water treatment plant, which, she said, is estimated to cost between $139.2 million and $189.3 million. She
also asked the PSC to hold public hearings to consider “new information and unforeseen circumstances" to determine whether
a joint proposal that settled the rate case should be amended or vacated." I felt that we needed to raise these issues," Jaffee
said Wednesday. "United Water hasn’t done its due diligence and it needs to do more.' " Full text of The Journal News story here.

Clash over videotape interrupts East Ramapo school board meeting

August 22, 2012 "An East Ramapo school board meeting broke up early, delaying time-sensitive votes — including one related
to the federal lawsuit filed against the board — because of a dispute over a woman’s right to videotape the meeting that nearly
led to her arrest.
Board members and about 50 members of the public were listening to a presentation of a recent audit report
when board President Daniel Schwartz interrupted in an attempt to enforce a new videotaping policy. The policy, which Schwartz
proposed after being elected board president in July, limits taping of the public meetings to a designated area at the back of the
room. [The policy violates the public's right as defined in a Committee on Open Government legal opinion given to the board.] “When
you’re ready to arrest me, just drag me out,” said [the videographer Emilia] White, after refusing Schwartz’s repeated requests for her
to move to the back of the room because, he said, her taping from the location was interfering with the meeting. White, who is Haitian,
added, “In the back of the room to me means the back of the bus.” Full Journal News coverage here.

You can  view the video from the August 21, 2012 meeting when Emilia White was threatened with arrest for video taping at a School Board Meeting
at this site: 

D.A. seeks judge's recusal--David Stein accused of remark in race-tinged case

August 17, 2012 "Rockland County prosecutors say disparaging remarks Town Justice David J. Stein supposedly made about a civil rights
leader show he cannot properly judge three men accused of misdemeanor charges after a Spring Valley incident involving a water balloon.
In June 2011, up to 50 members of an Orthodox Jewish group confronted Spring Valley Village Clerk Sherry Scott, her daughter, son and other
family members outside their home on Fletcher Road after a car was hit by a water balloon. During a March 29 discussion in Stein’s chambers,
Stein told the prosecutor and defense attorney that he didn’t think an agreement could be reached.
“I doubt it,” Stein said, according to the
court papers. “I knew Bill Scott (Sherry Scott’s father) and he was the biggest racist in Rockland County and I know Sherry Scott.” Pressed by
prosecutor Jason Rosenwasser to expound on his comment, Stein said, “Well, she is his daughter.”
Rosenwasser then asked Stein to recuse himself,
contending “that due to Your Honor’s preconceived opinion about Bill and Sherry Scott it is impossible for you to be fair and impartial in these cases,
cases which candidly all have racial undertones.” Stein refused to recuse himself and declined to speak on the record about his comments." Complete
Journal News
story here.

Minisceongo Park development foes get more time to review plan

August 15, 2012 "The head of the Haverstraw Planning Board has decided to give opponents of the proposed Minisceongo
Park development more time to learn about what would be the largest shopping center in northern Rockland County. The 53-acre
lot, a former sand and gravel pit, straddles the Haverstraw-Ramapo border on Route 202 near Exit 13 of the Palisades Interstate
Parkway. After more than two hours of public participation, Planning Chairman Salvatore Corallo told the audience that the board
would continue the public hearing not in September, but Oct. 10, partly because the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals is still considering
parking variances, and partly because people can get more time to study the environmental review documents. 'You have roughly
60 days, rather than 30 days, to review,' Corallo told the public." Complete Journal News coverage here.

Update: Can-Am Tornadoes $90,000 in the red--Two Companies Initiate Lawsuits

August 14, 2012 Today's Worcester Telegram reports that the last-place Massachusetts team has $7,500 in a bank account, which
has been attached. There are two vendors suing for more than $30,000, and the city of Worcester is owed for police details from
2007 through 2010 and fire details from July 2011 through August 7 of this year--the tab so far totals $59,140. If this team goes the
way of the recently failed Pittsfield Colonials, Brockton Rox, and NY Federals, there will only be four teams left in the Can-Am League.
Read Two Companies Sue Tornadoes Over Bills here. 

The Cleaning Company Shows up with Court Order
to Take Possession of the Can Am League Worcester
Tornadoes’ Uniforms, Bats, Gloves and Game Receipts

August 14, 2012 "The Enterprise Cleaning Co. of Worcester cleans the Hanover Insurance
Park stadium, bathrooms and concourses at a discounted rate and has not been paid for
any of its services this year, company president Mr. Buchalter said, a pattern that has
played out for the past two years, he said. The Tornadoes are in their eighth season.
Chief Executive Officer Todd Breighner bought the team after the 2009 season and he inherited $500,000 in debt
from the previous owners." (More)

Amended copy of the East Ramapo Parents Class Action Lawsuit here

Parents to sue East Ramapo School District

August 7, 2012 "A class-action lawsuit brought on by a bevy of parents claims East Ramapo school district’s top
officials and Board of Education members past and present have repeatedly schemed to 'siphon off public money
to support private religious institutions.' Among other claims, the group alleges the district has segregated students
in special-education programs based on their race, at taxpayers’ expense, according to a draft version of the lawsuit
provided to The Journal News/Lohud.com by the public-interest law firm Advocates for Justice. The 60-plus-page
document, expected to be filed in federal court Tuesday, is the latest legal blow to the struggling district as a conflict
intensifies between parents of public-school students and the Orthodox and Hasidic school-board majority that makes
decisions on behalf of those students." Journal News coverage here.

East Ramapo School Board refuses AG's request to have lawyers step down
in probe--Continue to withhold more than 1,300 documents

August 2, 2012 "Lawyers for the East Ramapo school district are seeking to sue state Attorney General Eric T.
Schneiderman over their right to represent Board of Education members in the continuing state investigation
of the controversial attempted sales of two school buildings. Lawyers Albert D’Agostino and Dominick Minerva,
both of Long Island, have worked for East Ramapo for the past three years and are representing school board
members in the attorney general’s investigation into “alleged improprieties” in the district’s attempts to sell
two former elementary schools to private religious schools." Complete Journal News story here.

Violent Crime Numbers Spike in Ramapo--Up 72% from 2007 to 2011,
Most Accelerated Increase in the County

August 1, 2012 According to disturbing recent statistics on reported criminal activity, the Rockland town with
the most accelerated increase in violent crime is Ramapo (up 72%), with Orangetown (34%) second, then
Clarkstown (18%), Haverstraw (12%), and Stony Point (11%). The numbers appear on the NYS Criminal Justice
Services website, and are current, reported as of 4/2/2012. The increases in the towns were measured over
the years 2007 through 2011, and the trends in Ramapo are not encouraging. (More)

Parents to sue East Ramapo school board over public funds

July 31, 2012 "A growing number of parents with children in East Ramapo public schools plan to file a lawsuit in
the coming days seeking millions in damages from current and former school board members they allege were
involved in a pattern of abuse of millions of public dollars used to support private schools. Arthur Schwartz, the
group’s attorney and head of the New York-based nonprofit public interest firm Advocates for Justice said 'This
lawsuit would seek to recover damages from the people who wasted millions of dollars in taxpayer money.' He
said the suit will target former school board members as well as the five addressed in the earlier petition: school
board President Daniel Schwartz, Vice President Yehuda Weissmandl, and members Moses Friedman, Moshe Hopstein
and Eliyahu Solomon.
Parents want the board members to be held personally liable for up to millions in damages and
want to bar them from using district dollars to defend themselves, with the money then returned to the district." Read
the full text of The Journal News story here.

Governor Cuomo Vetoes Private School Tuition Bill

July 31, 2012 After passage in both legislative houses in Albany, the Governor returned the Senate version of
the bill with his signed veto and reasons for his rejection of the proposed law. Read the full text of his veto
From The Journal News: "The amended special-education bill drew a huge response from public-school
districts and private, religious-based school advocates across the area once it was unveiled. Critics said the
amendment could cost millions of tax dollars to finance, was a back-door voucher system that undermined the
separation of church and state, and could create a segregated school program for the state’s most fragile
children." Complete Journal coverage can be read here.

Rockland County Parents Ask State to Oust 5 Orthodox Jews on School Board

By Peter Applebome The New York Times Jvetuly 28, 2012
SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. — In the East Ramapo Central School District here, the children of Caribbean and Latin American
immigrants have filled the classrooms in recent years. About 85 percent of the students are black or Hispanic, and only
7 percent are white. But on the school board, seven of the nine seats are held by Orthodox Jews. Now, after years of
increasingly bitter discord between parents and the board, the parents are trying to force the state to intervene. (More)


ABC News Coverage of Impending
Federal Lawsuit Against the East
Ramapo School Board

July 26, 2012 Click here for video replay of
the story broadcast today.


New Cost Overruns for Ballpark Construction keep
Rolling In--Bill for June is $143,785.15

July 26, 2012 If you thought the construction at the Provident Ballpark was completed, unfortunately, you're
mistaken. The cost overruns keep coming as a continuing insult to the taxpayers who voted to reject paying
these bills more than a year and a half ago. The Supervisor and Town Board just voted another $144K to
Morano Brothers and Holt Construction Corp. That's the June bill for taxpayers, and keep in mind that these
costs are for change orders--cost overruns--tariffs for lousy planning. (More)

Probe Looks at Spring Valley Judge-Alan Simon in
the Middle of another Controversy

June 24, 2012 "Justice Alan Simon is being investigated by police for harassment involving a confrontation with
an intern assigned by the mayor to work in the justice court clerk’s office.
Simon became concerned that someone
he didn’t interview or approve to work in the office had access to confidential court files, his lawyer, William Frank,
said Monday, confirming his client was under police investigation.
Simon also is accused of threatening to have the mayor,
police officers and other court personnel arrested or held in contempt of his court or both for not following his orders. Another
issue is whether Simon will be reviewed by state court authorities such as the 9th Judicial District or the state Office of
Judicial Conduct. Rockland County Court Judge Charles Apotheker, who oversees the Justice Court for the district, didn’t
have any comment on Simon or the events in Spring Valley." Read the full story in The Journal News here.

July 24, 2012 In a letter to the Governor, the Rockland County AARP Chapter 1577 warns of the impact of
the proposed desalination plan. Read the full text of the letter presented recently to Cuomo here.

Five East Ramapo School Board Members face ouster attempt,
accused of using funds to support religious schools

July 19, 2012 "Critics of the East Ramapo Board of Education are asking the state education commissioner to
remove Orthodox and Hasidic board members they say have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to support
private religious schools while ignoring the growing needs of students in the public schools. The New
York-based public interest law firm Advocates for Justice, on behalf of 14 East Ramapo parents and
community members, said it is calling for the removal of five board members and the appointment
of a state monitor to oversee all spending and special-education placements at the district." (Journal News)
The five targeted for removal are Board President Daniel Schwartz, VP Yehuda Weissmandl, Moses Friedman,
Moshe Hopstein, and Eliyahu Solomon. (More)

North Jersey drinking water going to waste as system leaks lose 25%

July 17, 2012 The Record reports: "Last year alone, United Water could not account for 26 percent of the water it
treated and pumped. That amounts to 10.6 billion gallons, enough to fill the Oradell Reservoir three times over. 'United
Water has a lot of leaks in their system. It’s one of the leakiest systems I know,' said Robert Kecskes, a retired water
supply expert for the state Department of Environmental Protection." Now consider this: "
In the summer of 2007, downriver
from Lake DeForest at the Oradell (N.J.) Reservoir, United Water was discharging 7.31 million gallons per day. This is nearly
as much water as the 7.5 million gallons per day that the proposed Haverstraw desalination plant would produce at full
build-out and 5 million gallons per day more than the historical daily median flow." Are Rockland ratepayers going to pay
for United Water's failure to maintain its own infrastructure in order to supplement UW New Jersey customers?" Read the Record
article here.

Albany Bill Would Add Family to Special Education Factors (New York Times)

July 15, 2012 "Critics of the bill, including the administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, said the language in the
bill was too broad and could cover anything from clothing or food preferences to the cultural norms and customs practiced
in Orthodox Jewish, Roman Catholic or other religious households." Article here.

Questions About Town of Ramapo Finances--Letter to the Comptroller

July 12, 2012 In a letter sent to the Chief Examiner for the NYS Comptroller's Office, Bob Rhodes addresses a
number of financial questions that remain unanswered by the town administration. Read the full text of the letter here.

County Legislators Turn their Backs on East Ramapo Parents and Students

July 11, 2012 Last night’s Rockland County Legislature meeting began with a short ceremony honoring one of the most
celebrated East Ramapo High teachers, Michael Smith. Leader of the justifiably famous East Ramapo Marching Band,
Smith was recently fired, joining hundreds of staff that have been let go in this year’s round of devastating cuts. But
it turned out to be just more empty political theater as many of those same legislators who were pushing in to be
photographed with Smith were the same members who later in the evening refused to allow a vote on a resolution
requesting Governor Cuomo to veto a bill that has the potential to destroy what’s left of the East Ramapo school
district. (More, including how each member voted)

Read My Lips

“The stadium will be built with private money.
There will be no taxpayer dollars. I got the
message.” (Sept. 2010)

More than $60 million taxpayer dollars later: We need
to increase taxes and not be limited by the state 2% cap.
(Friedman—Agreed; Logan—Agreed; Ullman—Abstained; St. Lawrence—Agreed;
Withers—absent July 2012)  The Bill for the taxpayers?  8.9% for starters

July 10, 2012 “Citing a budget shortfall as it plans for 2013, the Town Board approved a plan to override the state’s
2 percent tax-levy cap, despite opposition from angry residents who demonstrated at Town Hall on Monday. The board
voted 3-0 Monday night, with one abstention and one member absent.The vote followed a lengthy public hearing during
which residents opposed to the override plan alternately assailed officials for mishandling their money and for holding a
budget-related public hearing in the dead of summer with little notice.” Full Journal News coverage here.

Legislator Meyers to Introduce Resolution at County Legislature Tuesday
Urging Governor to Veto Special Needs Student Placement Bill

July 8, 2012 The Journal News, The Spring Valley Chapter of the NAACP, even the Huffington Post have
called on Governor Cuomo to veto a bill that will in effect create a voucher system for private schools,
an illegally segregated school system, and overwhelming new debt for the East Ramapo School District as
well as districts around the state. Parents have been calling the Governor's office, and Tuesday Joseph Meyers
will ask the County Legislator to adopt a resolution expressing their legislature's agreement with the parents,
the paper, the NAACP, and news outlets like the Huffington Post. You can read the resolution here.
And please join the East Ramapo parents and taxpayers at 7pm Tuesday at the Rockland County Legislative meeting.  

Ramapo Dumps Provident Bank—Or—
Provident Bank Dumps Ramapo

July 3, 2012 The resolution that was passed at the town board
meeting contained no explanation. And there was no discussion
at the board meeting to explain the removal of Ramapo bank
deposits from the bank that christened Chris St. Lawrence’s ballpark.
The message simply read: "Cross River Bank is hereby designated as
official depository for Town of Ramapo funds for the remainder of 2012." Cross River Bank is not in Ramapo,
it’s not even in the State of New York. Why the offloading of tax revenues and other deposits out of state? (More)

JN Editorial: N.Y. special-education bill would saddle
many districts with soaring costs

June 27, 2012 "Amid last week’s bill-passing whirlwind in Albany, legislators passed a bill designed to empower
special-education families by demanding districts give consideration to cultural and family background when
making placement decisions, and by mandating a rapid timetable for tuition reimbursement when a parent
decides to place a child in a different program than what a district recommends. Despite its laudable goals,
the bill likely oversteps federal rules, and sets up skyrocketing special-education costs for some districts.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo should veto the bill, and encourage legislators to craft reforms that work for families
and are affordable for school districts." (More--including full text of the bill)

Who is Kalman Weber?

June 25, 2012 Kalman Weber is usually described as a community activist. He is
the president of the South East Ramapo Taxpayer’s Association. That’s the short
answer to the question of who he is. But more important than the self-ascribed
titles, the question should also be viewed from the vantage point of what Kalman
Weber does. In the most recent East Ramapo budget and school board election
(May 15, 2012) Weber’s Taxpayer’s Association placed a number of ads relating to
the candidates and the issues. Most of these ads were divisive, questionable,
and misleading. (More)

Crowd Protests Proposed Water Treatment Plant in Haverstraw--Opponents
Argue Construction, Desalination Costs too High

June 26, 2012 "Members of the Rockland Coalition for Sustainable Water said they want an issues conference before a state
Department of Environmental Conservation judge so alternatives can be considered. George Potanovic was among about 30
coalition members who gathered on the steps of the Rockland County Courthouse to deliver petitions containing the signatures
of 24,000 people who oppose the plant. Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee, D-Suffern, and state Sen. David Carlucci, D-New City,
accepted the petitions and said they would get them to Cuomo’s office. Potanovic said the project deserved more scrutiny
because economic and environmental issues that weren’t evident when the plant was first pitched had surfaced.
They include
the cost to build the plant, which the coalition pegs at $198 million, and the cost to run the plant, because desalination uses
a lot of power that will “forever tie local water rates to the cost of electricity,” Potanovic said. The coalition estimates that
ratepayers could see their annual bills increase by as much as $500 if the plant is built." Journal coverage here.

DiNapoli bid to up control of LDCs fails--But some say increased oversight
likely in future

June 24, 2012 "State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s latest bid to gain more authority over local development corporations
failed to make it to the Senate floor before state lawmakers went home for the summer. But state officials are optimistic
that the measure, which passed unanimously in the Assembly on Wednesday, stands a good chance when senators reconvene
in Albany — whether it’s in a special session this year or in a new legislative session next year. The comptroller has been a
vocal critic of LDCs in recent years, including the Ramapo LDC, which he said in a 2010 audit of the Rockland Boulders
baseball stadium had sidestepped regulations and left taxpayers liable for up to $60 million. He cited the ballpark in pushing
the bill last week." Full Journal News article here.

DiNapoli Urges Senate to Pass Legislation to Give Comptroller
Audit Authority Over LDCs--Bill has passed in the Assembly

June 22, 2012 "Citing millions of dollars in unnecessary costs to taxpayers, State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli
called on the state Senate to vote on his proposal to give the Comptroller’s office direct audit authority over
local development corporations (LDCs) and other similar entities that are controlled by local governments. The
bill has passed the Assembly (A.9689) and is awaiting Senate (S.7540) action." When passed in the Senate, St.
Lawrence will be legally forced to open the Local Development Corp books to state auditors. Full text of the
press release from DiNapoli's office here.

Ethical Values in Ramapo--Real and Imagined

June 22, 2012 When John Layne, the Deputy Head of the Highway Department in Ramapo
was arrested on May 23, 2012, and charged with a garden variety of felonies, Christopher
St. Lawrence's response was unhesitating: "Public officers must be held to the highest
standard of integrity and honesty, and the Town Board will take all steps necessary to
ensure that all persons working for Ramapo live up to those expectations." He gave
the statement to The Journal News. Yes, "The highest standard of integrity and honesty." Indeed! In Ramapo!
And that applies to everyone. (More)

East Ramapo voters approve budget

June 19, 2012 "A small fraction of East Ramapo voters easily approved the district’s $191.9 million school budget
Tuesday during a revote, bringing closure to a long and anxiety-ridden budget season. The 2012-13 spending plan,
virtually identical to the one taxpayers rejected last month, was approved by a vote of 3,562 to 1,217, according
to unofficial results announced by the district late Tuesday." Journal coverage here.

Newsday Reporting: Team changing name to. . . Bergen Boulders?

June 19, 2012  A story in today’s Newsday warns that Ramapo should "Say farewell to the Rockland Boulders." The
team will be changing its name this Saturday in a news conference in Upper Saddle River N.J. The new name will
be directed at New Jersey to attract potential fans from Bergen County. Although the Jersey fan base being groped
by the team’s management have not kicked in a dime for the stadium, they have become the target of a pretty
strange marketing scheme. (More)

East Ramapo School District set for revote

June 18, 2012 "As voters in the East Ramapo school district head to the polls Tuesday to decide on a $191.9 million
budget proposal for next school year — for the second time this spring — they will do so without knowing what their
schools will look like if the budget fails again. If it fails, the district is required to adopt a contingency budget with a
zero percent tax-levy increase, which would require it to cut $2.6 million from an austere spending plan for 2012-13.
District officials say they haven’t put together a contingency plan and they’re counting on the budget to pass." Story here.

East Ramapo touts union pay concessions in 5-year teachers contract

June 14, 2012 "The East Ramapo teachers union has agreed to a new, five-year contract that limits raises and temporarily
freezes salaries for those who take on extracurricular leadership roles. The contract, which goes into effect July 1, includes
average annual cost-of-living raises of 1 percent to 1.5 percent starting in the second year. Additional step raises based on
teachers’ individual years of experience and other factors will be given only three out of the five years of the contract,
rather than annually as in the past. The contract’s approval by the Board of Education at a meeting last week followed six
months of negotiations between the school district and the union." Full text of the Journal News story here.

Ballpark further dents Ramapo's beauty 

June 12, 2012  Letter in The Journal News
hy does this Provident Bank Park baseball stadium in Ramapo have to be such an annoyance? It’s bad enough the
citizens who live near it have to be forced to put up with the fireworks’ sound; now concerts. My once quiet street
is now strewn with beer cans and bottles from the pre-show tailgaters." Read the complete letter here.

Attorney General Investigating East Ramapo Sale of Schools

June 9, 2012 The Journal News reported today: “The East Ramapo school district this week handed over the last of
thousands of emails and other records related to the attempted sale and current leases of two school buildings after
the state Attorney General’s Office subpoenaed the district earlier this year.” (More)

Funny Numbers at the Ballpark

June 5, 2012 More than most sports, baseball is a game of numbers. Individual and team statistics
define the value of a franchise, and, ultimately, its history. Immortality of individual players is
celebrated with the retirement of the star’s number. All of this makes what is happening with
the weird numbers at Ramapo’s Provident Ball Park all the more disturbing. (More)

Ramapo Racks Up Debt Quickly

June 3, 2012 In just two years, the Town of Ramapo has gotten itself on the hook for about $100 million to fund
the construction of its Elm Street “affordable” housing project and its super-deluxe baseball stadium. Now, just
as I predicted, Moody’s Investors Service has downgraded Ramapo’s credit rating by two steps, and anticipates
a further reduction. It reduced Ramapo’s credit rating just in time for Ramapo’s sale of a $15 million bond
anticipation note. Why is Ramapo borrowing another $15 million? And why is it doing this with a bond anticipation
note instead of an ordinary bond? Read the full text of Bob Rhodes' Community View here.

East Ramapo fails to make budget cuts at the top

May 30, 2012 "You cannot compare East Ramapo with Clarkstown or any other district. When you talk about budget cuts, start at the top.
Instead of trying to cut the budget, the Board of Education saw fit to hire an out-of-town attorney at an outrageous cost to the taxpayers.
How many unnecessary administrators do we have in Central Office? Cuts need to be made at the top, not with the educators who are
working directly with children and their families." Read the full text of this Community View here.

Federal Court Tosses Redistricting Battle of Chasidic Villages

May 30, 2012  "A federal court has dismissed claims that threatened to upend newly drawn lines for Assemblywoman Annie Rabbitt’s district
and those of surrounding Assembly districts in Orange and Rockland counties. A legal challenge brought by a Town of Ramapo councilman
had accused state lawmakers of diluting the voting power of Ramapo’s large Hasidic population by separating the Hasidic villages of New
Square and Kaser into two Assembly districts rather than keeping them in the same one, as they are now." (More)

Ramapo Leaders Must Take Blame--Journal News Editorial

May 30, 2012 It was the combination of the arrogant ego of the Supervisor who turned his back on the taxpayers who voted against funding
his crackbrained ballpark project and the clueless complicity of his board that has brought the Town of Ramapo to the negative economic outlook
described in the latest Moody's ratings. The taxpayers now have years, or decades of $100million+ debt added to their taxes, and the Town is now burdened
with the lowest credit rating of all the towns in Rockland County. Preserve Ramapo forced the referendum vote on this project, and the people
responded by rejecting any money for the ballpark. St. Lawrence then lied about no taxpayer funds for the park, and his board backed him up.
The New York Comptroller slammed this group for the enormous waste of taxpayers' money, and now Moody's has cut our credit rating off at the knees
with the promise of more downgrades in the near future without some dramatic improvements. Today, The Journal News has pointed to those responsible
in a lead editorial. "
Ramapo town leaders can point to the state’s property-tax cap, the weak economy and even Rockland County’s fiscal troubles for
contributing to a two-step downgrade by Moody’s Investors Service. But they need to save significant blame for their own choices — namely, the guarantee
of loans taken by the Ramapo Local Development Corporation to build a controversial baseball stadium." Full text of the editorial can be read here.

Moody's Drops Ramapo Credit Rating--
Boulder's Ballpark Debt Dents Ramapo Credit

Ramapo now has lowest credit rating of any Town in Rockland
Town now Two Steps Above Junk Status
Rating from Aa2 to A1 on $119 million outstanding Debt
Ramapo only Town in County with "Negative Outlook" from Moody's

May 29, 2012 "The millions of dollars in debt guaranteed by the town to build its controversial
baseball stadium continues to play a major role in its financial standing, as evidenced by Moody’s Investors Service, which cited the debt
guarantee as part of its rationale to downgrade the town’s credit rating.
The debt-rating agency has lowered Ramapo’s rating two notches,
citing “significant erosion of the town’s financial flexibility” due to two years of operating deficits, midyear shortfalls and “aggressive”
revenue expectations.
The town has $119 million in outstanding general obligation debt, of which $40.3 million is issued by the local
development corporation and guaranteed by the town. The $40.3 million includes a $15.3 million loan from Provident Bank for the
construction of phase one of the Ramapo Commons housing development and a $25 million bond that financed the construction of the
baseball stadium.The bond guarantee, though, is just a fraction of what taxpayers have invested in the Provident Bank Park facility.
According to the New York State Comptroller’s Office, town taxpayers are on the hook for as much as $60 million for the stadium.
The two-notch drop in Ramapo’s creditworthiness — the first change in its rating since 1997 — puts it in last place among towns in
Read Mareesa Nicosia's story here. Read the Moody's report on its research for the downgrade here.

Albany Law School Blog posts Patrick Farm Lower Court Reversal

May 29, 2012 Patricia E. Salkin, Associate Dean and Director of the Government Law Center of Albany Law School,
has posted on her Law of the Land blog the reversal won by Pomona in its court action against the Patrick
Farm development. Read
"NY Appellate Court Holds Village Has Standing to Challenge Town Rezoning
on SEQRA Grounds and on Procedural Grounds
" here. Our coverage can be read here.

Disgraceful, but Not a Departure from the Way They Do Things

May 28, 2012 The ad in the Sunday Journal for the upcoming game with the Worcester
Tornadoes featured the man who is arguably the most notorious abuser of steroids and
other illegal enhancement drugs in the history of baseball. He has also been arrested and
charged with other crimes, and most recently was kicked off the latest minor league
team that gave him a chance. The team was in Mexico and he was released for
admitting to using a banned
substance without a prescription. A world-class sports cheat who is the featured attraction at Sunday's game.
Nothing like promoting a career drug abuser for the kids. (More)


WPIX coverage of East Ramapo
Budget and the prospect for keeping
Kindergarten classes

(click image for video)



Why Block Antenna, But Not Stadium?

May 26, 2012  Letter in The Journal News "I find it both incongruent and preposterous that the Ramapo Planning
Board rejected the emergency services request to add antennas to an existing tower because it would increase noise
pollution and traffic and the changes could contribute to the diminution of property values. Where was the rejection
of the plan for the Provident Park baseball stadium in the backyard of my neighborhood for the same reasons in 2010?
Full text of the letter here.

St. Lawrence Appointee Arrested--Second
in Command at the Highway Dept, John Layne,
Charged on numerous Counts by DA

May 21, 2012 Last June when Christopher St. Lawrence and his Board enthusiastically created
an $80k position for John Layne as Deputy Superintendent of Highways for Ramapo, we posted
a long piece itemizing all the red flags hauled up by this ex-mayor of Airmont, and ex-building inspector for Sloatsburg.
We concluded the piece with this warning: "Some sources tell us that the $80,000 for Layne will buy personal internal
surveillance for St. Lawrence in the Highway Department. Many feel that Layne is being maneuvered in position to take
over when the current Superintendent, Tony Sharan, retires. But whether it’s for a political periscope or the
patronage-equals-control calculus that defines local politics, the spending and borrowing has maneuvered the town of
Ramapo into an increasingly dangerous position." Then in this afternoon's LoHud: "Former Airmont Mayor and current Ramapo
deputy highway department superintendent John Layne was arrested at 10:30 a.m. today on corruption charges relating
to his previous job as the Sloatsburg building inspector. The District Attorney's Office charged Layne with official misconduct,
first-degree falsifying business records, petty larceny, and issuing a false certificate." St. Lawrence told the Journal reporter
that he was shocked. We're not. Read our assessment of Layne from last June here and The Journal News article John Layne,
Airmont ex-mayor, charged with corruption in his former role as Sloatsburg building inspector

Journal News editorial: East Ramapo budget vote fails children

May 17, 2012 "Once again, public school children lost in East Ramapo, as the majority of district voters — many
of whom have children who attend nonpublic schools and yeshivas — rejected the proposed school budget. The
“No” vote was an especially bitter pill to swallow; not only was East Ramapo’s the only budget in the Lower Hudson
Valley to go down, it also was $7 million less than the district’s current budget. The 2012-2013 budget plan already
contained draconian cuts that limited options for children, from the very beginning of their public school experience
through to the very end. For youngsters who attend the public school system — mostly minority-group members from
working-class families — it will only get worse." Read the complete editorial here.

Read Mareesa Nicosia's evaluation of the consequences of the failed budget vote:
"East Ramapo budget loss may mean deeper cuts, including all kindergarten" here

A Delusional Solution

May 16, 2012 A puzzling story in The Journal News last week claimed, "Two councilmen want Ramapo LDC
control shifted to Town Board, cite accountability." The two are Daniel Friedman and Pat Withers, and what
they want is actually not legal. And their reasons for wanting to take control of the LDC (Supervisor St. Lawrence’s
Local Development Corp), as explained to the Journal reporter, is to protect the public from none other than themselves.
(Full story here)

East Ramapo School Budget only one in the
County to fail--Yes 5742  No 7798

Yonah Rothman 8410 (wins seat on Board)
Jacob Lefkowitz 8355 (wins seat on Board)
Eliyahu Solomon 8343 (wins seat on Board)
JoAnne Thompson 6233
Hiram Rivera 6214
Kim Foskew 6181 

Ramapo Central School Budget--Yes 1358 No 618

Theresa DiFalco 1293 (wins seat on Board)
Teresa Monahan 1289
(wins seat on Board)
Thomas Bollatto Jr. 1016 (wins seat on Board)
William Gonzalez 924

Journal News Coverage:  East Ramapo: Solomon, 2 Newcomers Elected (here); East Ramapo is sole Rockland district to reject school budget (here)

United Water fine just a drop in bucket

May. 14, 2012 A fine of $40,000 is a minor inconvenience to United Water New York, a subsidiary of Paris-based
Suez Environnement
; but we in Rockland should take notice. Without algal blooms, there wouldn’t be an issue
with copper sulfate. Without excess nutrients in the reservoir, there wouldn’t be algal blooms. Full text of letter here.

Moody's sinks Rockland's credit rating, now lowest-rated in New York State

May 11, 2012 "Rockland County now has the lowest credit rating of all New York counties rated by Moody’s Investors
Service after the company downgraded the rating Thursday by three levels, from A3 to Baa3. Moody’s also is reviewing
the rating for further downgrade, which could occur at any time within the next 90 days. A drop of one more level — to
Ba1 or lower — would put the county at below-average creditworthiness, meaning the county’s credit rating would essentially
be at junk status.
Rockland County is now the lowest-rated county in the state.” Full text of The Journal News coverage here.

Former Airmont trustee Veronica Boesch to finish late mayor's term

May 10, 2012 "The village board has appointed a former trustee as its new leader after the sudden death of
Mayor Dennis Kay last month.
Veronica D. Boesch, a retired teacher who was elected to the board in 2007,
succeeds Kay, a longtime local leader who was involved in the Boy Scouts and other causes. Complete
Journal News story here.

Financial Analysis of the 2011Annual Report of the Ramapo
Local Development Corp (LDC)

May 8, 2012 We finally have the long awaited financial statement from last year’s operations of the Ramapo Local
Development Corporation. The financial statement only hints at the financial disaster that Supervisor St. Lawrence
has created for our town. When reading the report one has to keep in mind that following standard accounting practice
they assume the assets of the LDC are worth what it cost to create them. Readers should recall that the "affordable"
housing was built on a cost plus basis and the stadium was constructed through the worst winter in recent memory by
tradesmen working weekends and two and three shifts. Today these assets are worth almost nothing. Read the
complete report here.

Pomona Wins Decision in Appellate Court:
Judge Jamieson's Patrick Farm Lawsuit
Denials Overturned

May 7, 2012 On April 24th, a four-judge panel of the
Appellate Division of New York State overturned orders
written by Judge Linda S. Jamieson in the Rockland County
Supreme Court relating to the Village of Pomona's lawsuit
against the Town of Ramapo and the concessions Ramapo
had made to the developer of Patrick Farm. Jamieson had ruled that Pomona had no right to sue ("did not have
legal standing"). The Appellate Court ruled that Jamieson had gotten it wrong ("erred") and that the village did
have that right. (More)

Saudi Arabia on the Hudson?
Why Water Speculators Want
Desalination in the Moist Northeast
Read Manna Jo Greene's Commentary posted
on Huffington Post here. Greene is the Environmental Director, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater.

The Other Costs of the New Square Arson Attack

May 6, 2012 When, at around four o’clock in the morning, Shaul Spitzer showed up at the
home of Aron Rottenberg carrying accelerants, with which he would threaten the lives of
an entire family, the fire he ignited seriously burned both Rottenberg and himself. The fire
also starkly lit several underlying problems that brought the two New Square residents to
that deadly confrontation in the middle of the night. (More)

"We’re not going to take it anymore!"
Volunteer Firefighters on Building Violations

May 3, 2012 John Kryger, an assistant fire coordinator at the Rockland Fire
Training Center, told The Journal News yesterday that firefighters "shouldn’t
have to be adversarial" but they will be taking the offensive against local
government officials and boards that allow illegally altered housing to pose
a threat to volunteer firemen. The situation has reached a tipping point,
and Kryger announced, "We’re not going to take it anymore." (More)

DEC Fines United Water $40k for Polluting Reservoir

May 2, 2012 "United Water New York has agreed to a civil penalty of $40,000 for improperly
applying pesticides to the Lake Deforest Reservoir under the terms of a consent order with
the state Department of Environmental Conservation, the agency said Tuesday.
United Water
New York owns and operates the reservoir, a major drinking water supply for thousands of
Rockland homes and businesses. The company had nothing to say regarding its pollution of the reservoir Tuesday." Journal
News story here.

Let New Jersey pay for the Hudson water plant

April 26, 2012 "Concerning the United Water proposal to build a reverse osmosis water treatment plant using Hudson River
water — I get it, it safely removes most contaminants to an acceptable level. But, it will cost more to operate than we’re
told. There is a very simple way to increase Rockland water that costs Rockland zero — stop sending Rockland water to
New Jersey and have United Water N.J. build a plant for New Jersey where they drink the Hudson River water and absorb
the cost to build the plant." Complete letter to the Journal here.

East Ramapo candidates make their pitch to concerned citizens

April 26, 2012 "Gathered at the Chuggin’ Rhino in Pomona from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 17, Kim Foskew, Hiram Rivera
and Joanna Thompson rallied a group of roughly 50 for support in this year’s East Ramapo school board election. These
three candidates were picked by the Concerned Citizens of East Ramapo because they claim to be committed to putting
the “children first.” Story.

Popular Nanuet Carnival Disappears in Pomona

April 26, 2012 "Dreamland Amusements can no longer stage their once popular biannual carnival in the parking lot of the
Nanuet Mall due to construction there, so they moved the location to the parking lot of Provident Bank Park. So far,
it’s not working out, organizers have told the Rockland County Times. People cannot see the amusements from the
road and that is affecting turnout." Posting from Rockland County Times here.

Welcome to Jose’s Nightmare

April 23, 2012 It was only one month ago, on March 8, that he was kicked out of the Mexican Baseball League for admitting
to using a banned substance without a prescription. The drug was testosterone and the player was 47-year-old Jose Canseco,
who might be the most infamous pro sports juicer of all time. Then, on April 20th, the Worcester Tornadoes of the Can-Am
League announced the signing of Canseco. In the press release, Tornadoes General Manager Jorg Bassiacos said, "We expect
Jose to bring a lot of excitement to Hanover Insurance Park at Fitton Field." Story here.

Community View: Water Treatment Project Faces Costly Snags

April 19, 2012 "United Water has proposed building the Haverstraw Water Supply Project treatment plant on property at a
closed town landfill, just south of the Haverstraw Marina. The treatment plant would draw water from the brackish Hudson
River, remove contaminants, treat it and deliver it to its customers. The company provides drinking water to the majority
of homes and businesses in Rockland." Read William Stein's Community View here.

East Ramapo budget cuts spending by $7million, slashes staff, programs

April 19, 2012 "The East Ramapo school board adopted a $192 million budget that decreases spending by $7 million and reduces
scores of staff and programs while raising the tax levy by 1.9 percent. Taxpayers will cast their votes on the budget May 15.The
5-1 vote, with two abstentions, by the Board of Education late Wednesday night came after weeks of public controversy about
the impact of the district’s multimillion-dollar deficit." Journal story here.

Shaul Spitzer gets 7 years for New Square arson attack

April 18, 2012 "An 18-year-old New Square man who severely burned a village dissident during an arson attack got sentenced
to seven years in state prison on Tuesday after apologizing for trying to burn Aron Rottenberg’s family out of the Hasidic
Jewish village.
The attack on Rottenberg and others for refusing to pray in the village synagogue and other activities raised
how the Hasidic Jewish theocracy in New Square controls the lives of residents and deals, harshly at times, with those
who choose not to follow the grand rabbi’s dictates." Full text of the Journal News coverage here.


Joe Meyers' remembrance of Mayor Dennis Kay here

The Preserve Ramapo community will miss Mayor Kay

Airmont Mayor Dennis Kay dies at 65

April 15, 2012 "Dennis Kay, a two-term mayor of Airmont and longtime local leader involved in the Boy Scouts and other
causes, has died. Kay, who had recently turned 65, was found dead this morning in his home on Lorna Lane, his family said.
Family members said Kay had been in good health and that his death was unexpected. They did not immediately know
the cause." Journal News story here.

New Square arson attack: Spitzer Faces 5-10 years at sentencing Tuesday,
Supporters seek leniency from Judge William A. Kelly

April 14, 2012 "Shaul Spitzer, 18, faces five to 10 years for first-degree assault in the attack on Aron Rottenberg at 4:15 a.m. May 22
during an attempt to burn down the family’s home on Truman Avenue in New Square. Rottenberg, 44, once a plumber, continues to
recover from third-degree burns over 50 percent of his body, suffered when Spitzer set off an incendiary device while grappling
with Rottenberg. Spitzer suffered burns to his hands and arms. Before Spitzer pleaded guilty Feb. 8, state Supreme Court Justice
William A. Kelly told the teenager that he would cap his prison term at 10 years.
The violent felony assault charge carries a sentence
range of five to 25 years for a first-time offender." Complete story at Journal News here.

East Ramapo schools Concerned Citizens group to kick off campaign ahead of district vote

April 11, 2012 "The Concerned Citizens of East Ramapo will hold a campaign kick-off meeting tonight ahead of the East Ramapo
school district’s Board of Education and budget vote May 15. The group of public education advocates will introduce three
candidates running for three open seats on the Board of Education: Kim Foskew, Hiram Rivera and current board member
JoAnne Thompson. The event is from 7 to 9 p.m. in the faculty dining room of the Rockland Community College cultural arts
building, 145 College Road. Training and coordination for campaign volunteers also will take place." Journal story here.

Journal Editorial: Bad time for Spring Valley Raises

April 3, 2012 "Spring Valley Mayor Noramie Jasmin justifies her newly enacted 8.5 percent salary increase by saying she
works hard — “24/7” — for her village. No doubt she and the village’s four trustees, also getting substantial raises, put in
long hours; but the increases come at the wrong time, with village residents still struggling to dig their way out of the recession.

The four village trustees will see a 20.6 percent salary bump in the 2012-2013 budget, putting base compensation for the part-time
posts at $25,750; compensation for the mayor, whose post is considered full time, increases to $125,000. Taxpayers have been
generous to the mayor in other respects; they already picked up the $46,000 tab for the high-end SUV Jasmin drives. The raises
come as Spring Valley homeowners will see their village property tax bills go up more than 3 percent in the new budget; the
village’s tax levy increase is 3.4 percent." Read the complete editorial here.

Ramapo Placed on Municipal Early Warning System Watch
(MEWS) for Distressed Debt

March 30, 2012 The Town of Ramapo has accumulated a dangerously high debt load and now has been placed on a watch
list for those municipalities and companies involved in distressed debt. (More)

Hundreds protest cuts to East Ramapo budget

March 29, 2012 "Several hundred people turned out Wednesday night at an East Ramapo community forum where a
proposal to cut millions from the school district’s budget — and the impact of those cuts on students — was the center
of attention.
Administrators, saying the district faces a multimillion-dollar deficit next year, have proposed a list of
nonmandated staff and program cuts totaling more than $20 million. Superintendent of Schools Joel Klein has said the
district needs to cut between $13 million and $20 million to meet the state tax cap and pass the proposed $202 million
budget for the 2012-13 school year. Recommendations include eliminating the kindergarten program to save $5.1 million,
cutting extracurricular activities by half or in total to save up to $400,000, and eliminating the elementary library program
to save $1.2 million. Another would cut the athletic budget in half or in total to save up to $850,000. Cutting the entire
program would eliminate all after-school sports and intramural programs. Other proposals would drastically reduce the number
of teachers, social workers and nurses." Full Journal coverage, including video, here.

Journal Editorial: More oversight needed for LDCs

March 25, 2012 "Ramapo’s LDC — which St. Lawrence chairs — allowed the town to get around all sorts of other
issues as well. After town voters overwhelmingly defeated a referendum to guarantee a $16.5 million loan for the
stadium, the RLDC went ahead and secured a short-term bond (for $25 million) that was guaranteed by the town,
or rather its taxpayers. Plus, town land, purchased by the town for $7.7 million, was given to the RLDC, which
could use it as collateral. Then, there’s town-paid site work that benefited the RLDC project, and the town’s
payment of fines to the state Department of Environmental Conservation for violations at the site.
Of more concern:
The comptroller cast doubt on the RLDC’s scheme to pay back the stadium bond — using profits from the sale of units
at an affordable housing complex being built by the RLDC. The comptroller doubted the profit could cover both bond
payments for the housing construction and the stadium’s debt. If the RLDC come up short on its stadium bond payments,
the bills could land in the lap of the guarantors — the taxpayers of Ramapo." Full text of the editorial here.


Ramapo Cited for Abuses of
St. Lawrence's Development Corp
that Bills the Taxpayers

March 25, 2012 In a joint investigation by the Rockland and Westchester
offices of The Journal News, reporters Mareesa Nicosia and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon
profile the role of Local Development Corporations in the two counties.

The best alternative to meet Rockland's water needs

March 24, 2012 "The United Water Lake DeForest water treatment plant has a capacity of 20 million gallons per day. 
However, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) currently limits production to an average of 10 million
gallons per day.  The best alternative to meet Rockland's water needs is to remove this NYSDOH production limitation
and operate Lake DeForest as it was originally intended, 'solely for the benefit of the citizens of Rockland County'.
Read the full text of Bob Dillon's letter to the County elected officials here.

Radio show 'East Ramapo Underground' spotlights school district issues

March 23, 2012 "Our goal is to inform the public about what is happening to the East Ramapo school district with
regard to the budget cuts and the upcoming election and to make sure the people are fully aware of what’s happening,”
Hatton said, following the show’s debut Thursday morning." Journal story here.

East Ramapo mulls 4.78% tax hike; worst-case scenario includes 180 staff cuts

March 23, 2012 "If taxpayers vote down the proposed budget, the district must adopt a contingency budget with no tax-levy
increase. In that scenario, it faces at least a $15 million deficit. Proposals totaling $24 million worth of cuts include up to
180 staff positions, the entire kindergarten program and the elementary library program. The district has shed 255.8
employees in the past four years." Journal coverage here.



Wesley Hills
Incumbents Prevail



Mayor David Goldsmith 728
           Bret Bekritsky 580
Trustees Ed McPherson 694  Marshall Katz 732
               Jonathan Gewirtz 595  William Fried 562
(Totals are unofficial and do include absentee ballots)
Journal News story here.

East Ramapo Schools Weigh $20m in Cuts

March 15, 2012 "In addition to extracurricular programs like sports and clubs, it will consider paring down honors and
Advanced Placement classes and BOCES offerings. Most significantly, officials said, more than 180 staff positions could
potentially be cut. 'We do not have a choice. We will have to make some of these, if not all. We don’t know yet,'
Superintendent Joel Klein said, of the proposed cuts. If nothing else, the district will look to maintain a 'good, solid'
general education program, he added." Full text of Journal story here.

An Environmental Engineer's Objections to the Desalination Proposal

March 14, 2012 Among the documents presented and sent regarding the desalination project there is
this letter from a local consulting engineer with credentials in environmental engineering. Mr. Stein, of
New City, has more than fifty years of experience in the design and development of water supply and
waste water disposal, highway, bridge, dam and land development projects. He explains why the project
is unnecessary. Text of the letter here. 

Arson Victim Rottenberg's Car Set on Fire in New Square

March 9, 2012 "A car belonging to Aron Rottenberg — the dissident member of the Hasidic community
targeted and seriously burned in a May arson attack — was intentionally set ablaze Thursday night. Hillcrest
firefighters responded to Jefferson Avenue about 10:40 p.m. to find the rear of Rottenberg’s 2003 Mazda
in flames, Ramapo Police Sgt. Blaine Howell said. The arson fire started with someone lighting either
paper or cardboard under the trunk near the gas tank, Ramapo Capt. Brad Weidel said this morning.
He said the criminal charge is third-degree arson if someone is caught." Journal coverage here.

ABC Ignores “The Supervisor Misspoke” Excuse
and Embarrasses CSL into Honoring his Word

March 5, 2012 In a retirement ceremony at town hall, Supervisor
St. Lawrence promised on camera, “As a retirement we will keep
the dog in food and health. We will give him health benefits like
one of the guys here.” The dog had saved lives and provided
notable service to the police K-9 Corps and the public. When he became critically ill, however, the
cameras were no longer rolling and repeated, even certified requests to the Supervisor for help after
the dog's benefits were abruptly discontinued went unanswered. Cue the cameras, and guess what
the response was once the lights were on again? The story and video here. 

Rockland Has Enough Water

March 5, 2012 "United Water wants to treat and desalinate Hudson River water to meet Rockland’s
water supply needs. Before the already overtaxed residents and businesses of Rockland County pay
for an unneeded “Haverstraw Water Supply Project,” United Water must first gauge the real supply,
and real need, within the county. Meeting the current and foreseeable future water needs of Rockland
is simply a matter of United Water complying with the state Department of Environmental Conservation
discharge permit for Lake DeForest." (More)

SHELL GAME: Developers Bet on Rezoning to Maximize Profits

March 4, 2012 A lead story in Journal News Sunday examines the nexus of developers, politicians, and
zoning boards in Rockland and Westchester Counties. The article includes the changes in zoning at the
Patrick Farm site from Adult Student Housing to high-density placement of 500 homes over an aquifer.
Story here.

Hillcrest Fire Company joins lawsuit to halt Patrick Farm

March 3, 2012 "Saying firefighters’ concerns about the design of the massive Patrick Farm housing development
have been ignored, the Hillcrest Fire Company has joined an existing lawsuit that seeks to halt the project in its
current form. The controversial 497-home development was approved by the Ramapo Planning Board late last year
amid public criticism over its planned density, wetlands location and proximity to a pressurized gas line. Several
lawsuits seeking to reverse the decision followed in January, including one filed by 10 members of the environmental
group Ramapo Organized for Sustainability and a Safe Aquifer (ROSA) against the town and the developer, Scenic
Development LLC of Monsey." Full text of the Journal story here.

Call to Investigate Elm Street Condos Triggers
Federal Monitoring

March 1, 2012 This was the promise from the Supervisor: "The Ramapo Local
Development Corporation (RLDC) is spearheading an initiative to construct a
new affordable work-force housing development on Elm Street in Spring Valley.
The project, known as Ramapo commons, is going to benefit families who otherwise might not be able to afford
to purchase a home in Ramapo." So who are the families who bought the first 24 condos recently completed?
A clue: Most of them weren’t people. (More)

Activists challenge religious land-use law (RLUIPA)

March 1, 2012 "There are 40 synagogues on the Great Neck peninsula, more per capita than Jerusalem, notes Rita Hall
of Reach Out America, a grassroots advocacy organization that has as one of its missions upholding separation of church
and state. In the Village of Great Neck, alone, there are 28 houses of worship - adding in the schools and parks almost
one-third of its property falls under "tax-exempt" category." The article is a review of the film "America's Holy War" and
a general commentary on the destructive nature of the RLUIPA legislation. (More)

Estimate of First Year's Loss at the Stadium

February 28, 2012 The Provident Bank Stadium Park has been and will continue to be an economic disaster for Ramapo.
Ramapo Supervisor St. Lawrence cited the Fishkind study in order to argue that the stadium will someday be a financial
success.  But he doesn’t remind us that Fishkind based his optimistic projections on a total construction cost of only
$20 million.  Based on incomplete data the Comptroller’s report found a total cost of $60 million.  Preserve Ramapo
believes the final cost will be closer to $70 million. (More)

Ramapo Stonewalls on Revenue Numbers for the Ballpark

February 27, 2012 "Ramapo officials are dragging their feet on requests by The Journal News to release records of revenue
generated by the multimillion-dollar baseball stadium, an expert on state open government law said. Robert Freeman,
executive director for the state Committee on Open Government, said Thursday that the town and officials from its
development corporation have imposed an “artificial roadblock” by failing to fulfill requests for records about how much
money Ramapo made during the facility’s inaugural season. The town-created quasi-governmental agency, the Ramapo
Local Development Corp., owns and operates the controversial stadium." Journal story here.

Ramapo Officials Disgrace Themselves over the Banning of RLUIPA Film

February 24, 2012 "A documentary (America's Holy War) explaining the history and substance of the Religious Land Use and
Institutionalized Persons Act was banned by the New York Association of Towns, at its annual conference in Manhattan earlier
this week, because of unspecified objections from municipal officials from the Town of Ramapo in Rockland County. The
executive of NYAT, who would not specify who had objected, never saw the film or even asked to preview it before
they acted." Read the director's full response here. And remember, a screening of the film is scheduled next Wednesday, 8pm,
at Rivertown Film in Nyack. Click on notice above for details. 

Ramapo stadium's earnings fall short in 1st year

February 23, 2012 "The town’s controversial baseball stadium generated $734,100 in its inaugural
season, falling more than $300,000 short of projections made by a consultant in 2010 that it would
net $1.1 million.
A revenue shortfall is significant as the RLDC prepares to make the first payment
of the year toward the $25 million, five-year loan backed by the town for the stadium’s construction.
The stadium’s success also has been tied to the taxpayers, though St. Lawrence insists residents
will not be liable. The town deeded ownership of the 61 acres of parkland the stadium sits on
to the RLDC to pay off the costs.
The first payment of $1,937,500 is due March 15, and a
second payment of $437,500 is due in September." Journal story here.

Montebello on track to have its own court

February 20, 2012 "The village is on track to operate its own Justice Court during the spring,
joining eight others within the Town of Ramapo that already do so. The village has operated
without a court since its incorporation in 1986, relying instead on Ramapo Town Court to hear
traffic cases, violations of zoning and building codes, and minor civil and criminal offenses. Though
he has opposed the idea of a village court in the past, Mayor Jeffrey Oppenheim said times have
changed. 'Now I feel that there is a legitimate need,' Oppenheim said Monday. 'My feeling is that
the people in the village deserve the right to elect a justice for their own court.' Contributing to the
decision, Oppenheim said, was the loss of a re-election bid by longtime former Town Justice Arnold
Etelson, a Montebello resident, to Alan Simon in November. Because Etelson was ousted from the
bench not by Montebello residents’ votes, but by Ramapo’s large Jewish bloc vote, Oppenheim said, village residents 'are
essentially disenfranchised.' " Full Journal story here.

Water desalination plant a bad idea for residents

February 19, 2012 "United Water has launched a major public relations advertising and direct mail campaign aimed at
convincing us that its plan to build a desalination plant for Hudson River drinking water is a good idea and the least
expensive alternative for Rockland residents. But United Water is not telling us the whole story. The company claims its
plant would provide economic benefits and new tax revenues. But the fact is, the projected cost of the plant has been
increasing, it would create only a few permanent jobs, it would require higher operational and energy costs and any tax
revenues will be generated by higher water rates for everyone.Hudson River desalination is a bad idea for Rockland." In
a Community View appearing in The Journal News, two members of the Rockland Water Coalition explain six reasons why
the plant is a bad idea for residents. (More)



Ramapo's financial 'tricks' dig a tremendous hole

Feb. 17, 2012  Community View in The Journal News

The Town of Ramapo is facing a cash crunch that could become a true emergency
toward the end of this year. It will almost certainly not be able to make scheduled
debt payments without borrowing millions of dollars. (More)


East Ramapo schools chief proposes $202M budget; layoffs, program cuts likely

Feb. 16, 2012 "The East Ramapo school district has a hard road ahead as it seeks to provide effective education with fewer resources
while meeting the state’s new tax levy cap next school year. That was the message of Superintendent of Schools Joel Klein, who on
Wednesday night floated a $202 million budget proposal for the 2012-13 school year." (Story here)

Religious school ruled illegal by Ramapo still open; congregation gets 30 days to file plans

Feb. 16, 2012 "A Route 306 religious school continues to hold classes for children in a former single-family house despite being taken
to Ramapo Town Court for operating illegally and after yeshiva officials promised the village mayor they would first seek approvals.
Congregation Ohr Torah went before Ramapo Justice Rhoda Schoenberger on Tuesday and got another 30 days to move ahead on
filing plans and going before village planning and zoning boards. The congregation lacks a certificate of occupancy and approvals to
operate a school in the house and an addition." (Story here)

The law applies to New Square, too

Feb. 15, 2012 "The recent climax of the New Square arson case is troubling on several counts. First, it is troubling that a man who
attacked a home with a fire bomb that resulted in life-threatening burns on Aron Rottenberg can plea down from attempted murder
to assault. Secondly, it is troubling that the leadership of New Square can squash investigation into their role in the attack on a man
who they had allegedly repeatedly threatened by the writing of a check. However, the most troubling aspect is the concluding
sentence of the above editorial on this plea deal: “The community, like the Rottenbergs, is moving on.” (Full letter here)

RLUIPA Documentary America's Holy War to be Screened
at Annual Conference of NYS Association of Towns (Feb 21)

The story of Ramapo and RLUIPA, as covered in America's Holy War, will be going Statewide when
it is screened at the Annual Conference of the New York State Association of Towns on February 21
at the New York Hilton in Manhattan. Officials from every municipality in the State as well as others
will be attending. The screening is part of a session entitled, "How to Survive an RLUIPA Investigation." There will be a panel
discussion after the screening. Local screening will be at Rivertown Film in Nyack, Wed. Feb. 29 at 8pm. Details here.

Cost of new United Water plant questioned

February 14, 2012 "United Water New York is trying to lessen its impact on the Hudson River and aquatic life as it seeks approvals to tap
the waterway as a drinking water source. Meanwhile, critics want to determine what they consider the “true” costs of the plant before
the process moves any further. The developments come as deadlines for public comment have been set, the Rockland Water Coalition
prepares to hold information sessions, and United Water readies an open house at its testing lab in West Haverstraw." Story here.

Journal News editorial: Arson plea ends further inquiry

February 8, 2012 "Spitzer admitted that he acted out of retribution — for Rottenberg’s defiance of an edict by Grand Rabbi David Twersky,
leader of Skver Hasidim. That order commanded residents to pray in New Square’s lone synagogue. For months prior to the attack, Rottenberg
and his family had been on the receiving end of escalating protests due to his and other dissident men’s decision to worship at Friedwald Center,
a rehabilitation and nursing center outside New Square. While most of the others eventually returned to the community synagogue, Rottenberg
continued on at Friedwald. His defiance could have cost him his life.
There were documented incidents of smashed car and house windows;
rapping on a bedroom window in the wee hours; phone calls threatening torment of Rottenberg’s daughter in school — followed by her school
desk and property turning up on the front porch; and crowds of men — as many as 300 — massing outside the Rottenberg home. This was joined
by a letter circulated by the village’s rabbinical court, with Rabbi Twersky’s stamp, spelling out instructions on where to worship. This area, too,
is beyond further inquiry in these proceedings." As is the public response of the Supervisor and Ramapo Police Chief ("top Ramapo police and political
leaders would parrot each other’s assurances that the arson attack was an isolated incident and part of no pattern of intimidation. Read the complete editorial.

Uncovering St. Lawrence's Ballpark Numbers

February 8, 2012 On Wednesday, Feb. 1, the auditors from the New York State Comptroller’s Office issued the final results of their
examination of finances in the Ramapo Town government. Along with other serious criticisms of the supervisor and town board,
they repeated the charge that "Town officials have inappropriately mingled the activities of the Town and the Ramapo Local
Development Corporation (RLDC) in construction of a baseball stadium. These actions allowed Town officials to circumvent laws the
Town is required to abide by for the approval and construction of such projects." The State officials predicted "Taxpayers could be
liable for up to $60 million in the stadium deal, and in addition, there is little likelihood that the project will generate sufficient revenue
to help the Town pay for this outstanding liability." When contacted by local news media, the Supervisor initiated a shrill but shallow
defense of his RLDC claiming he had no idea where the Comptroller’s numbers were coming from. (More)

Ex-East Ramapo School Board President sentenced
to a Year and a Day for Mail Fraud

February 8, 2012 "Nathan Rothschild, 54, the ex-fire district chairman and former president
of the East Ramapo Board of Education, had sought probation after pleading guilty to one
count of mail fraud in the summer. In addition to the prison time, Rothschild was
sentenced to two years of post-release supervision. Federal prosecutors had recommended
27 to 33 months in prison. Journal Story here.


New Square arson suspect pleads guilty to assault; says he set resident on fire

February 8, 2012 "An 18-year-old follower of the New Square grand rebbe pleaded guilty Tuesday to setting a dissident community
member on fire during an arson attack that rocked the Hasidic community. Shaul Spitzer, who lived with Grand Rabbi David
Twersky and did butler-type work for him, will face a maximum state prison sentence of 10 years for first-degree assault
when sentenced April 17. The plea was part of an overall agreement that included the settlement of a civil lawsuit brought
by the victim, Aron Rottenberg. He will receive a monetary award – believed to be in the $2 million range — from supporters
of Spitzer and Twersky." Journal News story here.

Journal News: Comptroller Stands Firm on Basic Findings and Incompetence of the Board

February 2, 2012 "Auditors stand firm on earlier findings that the town 'inappropriately mingled its activities' with the Ramapo
Local Development Corp. it created to finance the stadium, allowing officials to circumvent laws. For the first time, auditors
called on the Town Board to 'cease using the RLDC to, in effect, circumvent procurement practices' that would have been
required for any normal capital project. 'Town Board members failed to properly monitor the project, did not know the
stadium cost or how it would be paid for,' auditors added." Full story here.

NYS Comptroller's Ramapo Audit (final) Released today:
DiNapoli: Actions of Ramapo Town Officials Highlight need for LDC Reform

Taxpayers Could be Liable for Up to $60 Million in Stadium Deal

February 1, 2012

"Ramapo town officials took a risky approach to financing a minor league stadium through the Ramapo Local
Development Corporation (RLDC), according to an audit released today by New York State Comptroller
Thomas P. DiNapoli. As a result, taxpayers may be liable for up to $60 million.
'Local officials can and should nurture economic development
opportunities in their communities, but they have an obligation to taxpayers to ensure that projects are realistic and financially viable,' DiNapoli
said. 'Instead, Ramapo officials ignored red flags that the project numbers didn't add up which could adversely impact its finances for years to come.
It is questionable deals like this that prompted my proposed reforms for the future use of LDCs by local governments.'
In addition, DiNapoli's
auditors found that Ramapo had operating deficits of more than $2.4 million in 2010 and has experienced cash flow problems." The full text
of the press release and link to the complete final audit here.

Jury selection to begin Tuesday in New Square arson attack case

February 1, 2012 "Shaul Spitzer has waived his right to a pre-trial hearing and jury selection is now scheduled to begin
Tuesday on charges in an arson attack on a dissident resident of New Square last May. Spitzer is facing felony counts of
attempted murder, arson and assault for his suspected role in a May 22 attack on fellow New Square resident Aron Rottenberg.
He faces 5 to 25 years if convicted of the top count of second-degree attempted murder." Story here.

New lawsuit filed against Patrick Farm project

January 31, 2012 "Members of the environmental group Ramapo Organized for Sustainability and a Safe Aquifer filed a petition
Thursday in Rockland County Court against the town and the developer, Scenic Development LLC of Monsey. The controversial
development was granted final Planning Board approval Dec. 27, amid heated public criticism centering on the environmental
impact of building on a site that is now woods and wetlands. The board’s approval is conditional on the developer obtaining
state permits.
The 10 ROSA members listed in the lawsuit live near the 196-acre site near Routes 202 and 306 outside Pomona."
Full story here.

Ramapo Bends, then Breaks over Bates-Horton Violations

January 31, 2012 "One of several recent amendments to the town’s zoning law unanimously approved by the Town Board last week
applies to owners of the illegally converted two- or three-family homes on Bates Drive, Horton Drive and Witzel Court. Many of those
converted homes still lack certificates of occupancy.
The change to the law reverses an earlier clause, added in 2004, that for the
first time permitted the once-illegal conversions on the condition that property owners join a homeowners association that manages
the condominium apartments." Read The Journal News' "Ramapo tidies housing site, approving 2-family homes in management pact"
and then read the paper's editorial "Ramapo backs down on zoning."

Desalination Plant and Radioactive Waste from Indian Point

"Indian Point has one of the largest stockpiles of spent fuel in the U.S. Approximately 1,500 tons
of radioactive waste is stored in densely packed pools at Indian Point. No containment
structures exist over the spent fuel pools, leaving them vulnerable to sabotage. If Indian Point
is relicensed, an additional 1,000 tons of highly radioactive waste will be produced and stored
at the site indefinitely. (Riverkeeper)"


Update on Release of Comptroller's Audit of the Town of Ramapo

January 24, 2012 In response to a request sent to the NYS Comptroller's Office, we were told by the Assistant Director of
Communications, Kate Gurnett, that the state expects to "release the final audit within the next few weeks." We will post that document
here when it is released. Commentary and the complete text of the draft version can be read here.  

East Ramapo Takeover Unlikely

January 23, 2012 "A state takeover of the struggling East Ramapo school district is being suggested by some community
advocates, but the dramatic step is unlikely, based on past practice in New York. East Ramapo will face a multimillion-dollar
budget deficit before the end of the school year, and the district may borrow up to $10 million this spring to cover costs,
Superintendent Joel Klein said recently." Journal article here.

Desalination Plant Raises Costs, Harm in the Long Run

January 19, 2012 "United Water New York has embarked on a public relations blitz in support of its plan to augment the
Rockland County water supply by desalination of the Hudson estuary. Advertising for its “Haverstraw Water Supply Project”
is misleading when it touts the planned plant as cost-effective and a great tax generator for the Rockland community." Read
the Community View by Professor Nicholas Christie-Blick of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory here.

DEC ready to review United Water's Hudson River treatment plant

January 19, 2012 "United Water New York has provided enough information on its Hudson River treatment plant to allow
the state’s review of the project to proceed. The state Department of Environmental Conservation has deemed the company’s
draft environmental impact statement complete, agency spokeswoman Wendy Rosenbach said.The draft environmental report is
now ready for public review along with draft permits that the company needs to obtain before it can begin withdrawing and
treating river water it wants to supply to its Rockland County customers. A public hearing on the report and the permits will be
held at 2 and 6 p.m. Feb. 28 at Haverstraw Town Hall, 1 Rosman Road, Garnerville. Written comments may be submitted until
March 19." Full text of the Journal article here.

East Ramapo Superintendent: Layoffs and cuts are assured

January 14, 2012 "Describing East Ramapo’s financial condition as 'not a very pretty picture,' the superintendent says
layoffs and program cuts next school year are all but assured in order for the district to comply with the state’s 2 percent
tax-levy cap in 2012. 'It’s very, very tight,' Superintendent Joel Klein said of the struggling district’s current budget. 'And
going forward, it’s going to be even worse. As we know, next year we’re going to be making cuts. Of what magnitude,
I don’t know.'” Full text of The Journal News story here.

 Ramapo—A Fiscal Deadbeat?

January 10, 2012 It was just a little over a week ago that Supervisor St. Lawrence
admitted on the radio that the Town would not be able to pay back the $2.5 million
borrowed in September from the Workman’s Compensation Fund and two other funds.
The loans were due no later than December 31, but the Town let the deadline slip.
Eight days later, The Journal News reported that of the $15 million owed to Provident
Bank in Ramapo-backed loans for the Ramapo Local Development Corp’s Elm Street
Housing project, the Town has only been able to repay $6 million, less than half of what’s owed. Worse yet, the housing
project now needs another $8.4 million from Provident Bank—an institution that is experiencing its own dangerous fiscal
stresses at this point. (More)

Ex-legislator Connie Coker: Patrick Farm plan is abhorrent
Letter in Our Town: Patrick Farm downzoning--Ramapo’s assault on the rest of Rockland

January 10, 2012 The former Chair of the County Legislature's Environmental Committee condemns the Patrick Farm Plan,
and a Tappan resident speaks out voicing concerns about destructive down zoning that will affect everyone in Rockland. Both here.


Our Water Bills, Our Future

January 9, 2012 0ur family just received another slickly written, glossy mailing from
United Water Co. (UW) telling how OK it will be to drink water that comes from the
Hudson River. Facing huge opposition from the public, UW seems to be making a desperate, all-out push to persuade
the public that UW's "Haverstraw Water Project" would be good for Rockland County. In the last several months our
mailbox has been cluttered with at least five such mailings, plus almost nonstop newspaper ads. Who is paying for all
of this? It's probably all of us, from our recently jacked-up water bills. And for what? Read the full text of Chad Murdock's
letter here.

Journal News Editorial: Patrick Farm Plan Untenable

January 5, 2012 "Ramapo town leaders recently took steps to aid homeowners who were victimized by poor planning decisions
of yesteryear, and almost simultaneously increased the likelihood that bad planning will cause further harm to town residents.
The contradictory decisions could cause costly headaches down the road. The same week that St. Lawrence touted the tax help
for homeowners, the town’s planning board on Dec. 27 cleared the way for a controversial mega-housing development on a swath
of lush, open land known as Patrick Farm. The development, which environmentalists and neighbors have fought for years, brings
nearly 500 housing units to 196 acres off routes 202 and 306, near the headwaters of the Mahwah River, a key part of Rockland’s
drinking water supply. Rockland’s planning department found much wrong with the requested zone changes.
In fact, the county
negatively viewed the first downzone by the town, in 2004, that allowed the area to change from two-acre to one-acre zoning.
Now the town has approved 410 high-density, multifamily units with up to six bedrooms and 87 single-family homes with four
bedrooms." Full text of the editorial here.

Two Year-end Letters to The Journal News

December 31, 2011

We encourage all of our readers to write letters not only to The Journal News, but also to the Rockland County Times
and the other local papers as well. In the last issue of 2010, the Journal published the following two letters: Issues swirl
around Patrick Farm plan and Ramapo needs to invest in future.

Ramapo Fails to Repay $2m Borrowed from Workers’ Compensation
Fund—Also Defaults on $500k transferred from Ambulance and Lighting Districts

December 31, 2011 Back in September, apparently under cash-flow pressures, St. Lawrence and his board borrowed
$2.5 million, most of it from the Workers’ Compensation Fund, most of it ($2m) going to bail out the Town’s General
Fund. Today it was reported St. Lawrence said they will not meet the payback deadline, nor did he offer any assurance
about repayment. He simply said they would revise the resolution that originally ordered the transfers. (More)



Planning Board Approves
Patrick Farm Plan—Opposition
Lawsuits Will Go Forward in Appellate
Court—DEC Approvals still Missing

December 28, 2011 Last night at the Ramapo Planning Board meeting there were three 7-0 votes granting
board approval to three propositions related to the Patrick Farm plan of developer Yechiel Lebovits to place
500 housing units on the rural site in Pomona. (More)

St. Lawrence and Board Wrap up Year-end Gift for Ballpark Contractor
Morano Contract Bloats from Original $4.3 to $15.4 million

December 27, 2011 No, ‘Tis not the season. The season was over in September with the Boulders
in next to last and the taxpayers still holding the bag for what has become an endless stream of
construction costs at the ballpark site on Firemen’s Memorial Drive. Now it’s late December, and
change orders (cost overruns) are still coming up regularly in the Ramapo Town Board meetings.
When these resolutions are read aloud in the meetings, Town Attorney Michael Klein always neglects
to mention the amounts so we have a few for you to look over, with the numbers attached. (More)

St. Lawrence Legacy Gets more Ragged by the Day

Posted on the LoHud Rockland Blog Saturday, December 17:
"At the Lafayette Theatre in Suffern on Saturday, close to 1,000 people sat in the historic theater
watching the Christmas Classic, It's a Wonderful Life. The movie was brought to the masses as
part of the Ramapo film festival. And dignitaries and town officials were on hand to take their bows.
That’s when life became not all too wonderful for Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence,
the hometown fellow from Suffern who attended the film with his wife and his mother.
his name was announced, a strong cascade of boos filled the theater." Full blog here.


Can-Am Baseball League Falling Apart--Three Teams Fold
in First Year of Boulder's Play--Pittsfield Colonials, Broxton
Rox, and New York Federals Will not Return in 2012

December 16, 2011 Can-Am Commissioner Miles Wolff announced today that his league of eight
teams in 2011, the league which is the home of the Rockland Boulders, has shrunk to five teams.
The Broxton Rox folded today, joining the Pittsfield Colonials, which went belly up earlier this fall.
Wolff announced the remaining five teams will join another independent league, the American
Association, for part of the season to round out the current unbalanced schedule. Details of the financial collapse of the
Rox here. Visit the www.CanAmLeague.com for today's announcement of of the future for the remaining five.

Ramapo Planning Board Decides to Decide on Patrick Farm

December 15, 2011 After two long nights of criticism, expert testimony and community reaction to the
Patrick Farm application, the Planning Board, at 1:21 in the morning, decided to close the public hearing and
adjourn until December 27 when they will meet to vote on the three
items related to the Patrick Farm
development: 1. Patrick Farm Subdivision approval of a drawing entitled Patrick Farm Subdivision, consisting
of 88 tax lots on 196.4 acres; 2. Patrick Farm Condominiums plan approval of a drawing consisting of 314 market
rate townhouses and 72 "work force flats" on 51.459 acres; 3. Patrick Farm Volunteer Housing final site development
plan approval of a drawing entitled Patrick Farm Volunteer Housing, consisting of 24 residential rental units
for community service volunteers on 5.065 acres. All votes last night were 6-0 with Timothy Scott absent and Rev.
Walter Brightman recusing himself. The public may submit written commentary to the board up until 5pm Dec. 21.
Comments should be mailed or brought to: The Ramapo Building Dept., 237 Rte. 59, Suffern, NY 10901.  

Patrick Farm Meeting Held Over--
Continues Tonight (Wed Dec 14) 8pm
at Ramapo Town Hall

December 14, 2011 With an overflow crowd and a long list of speakers,
the Patrick Farm application before the Ramapo Planning Board will
continue tonight. Journal News coverage of last night's meeting can
be read here. We will present a list of principal speakers against the
project and the evidence they presented Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in the next few days.

Comptroller Enforces State Law in East Ramapo School District

December 10, 2011 "East Ramapo has revised its textbook-loan policy and is taking other corrective actions after the state
Comptroller's Office blasted the school district for its handling of millions of dollars between 2008 and 2010.
The audit also
found that the district undercounted the fund balance in its budget by more than $4.5 million in 2010 and that board members
in its health insurance pool failed to make payments totaling $15,672." Journal story here.

Stadium Architect Sues St. Lawrence's Local Development Corp
in dispute over ballpark payments

December 7, 2011 "The town's local development corporation is being sued by an architecture firm in a
dispute over payments for the design of its baseball stadium. The RLDC failed to pay the Nebraska-based
company $62,061, the remainder due on a contract of more than $1.5 million, according to the lawsuit."
Journal News story here.

Update: Comptroller audit of the Town of Ramapo

November 30, 2011 In a phone call to the Chief Examiner of the Office of the State
Comptroller, we were told that the final version of the audit of the Town of Ramapo will
be posted within three weeks on the State website at www.osc.state.ny.us.

RLUIPA Documentary Shown at Cardozo Law School
November 30, 2011 Holy Wars
the documentary film about Ramapo and the Religious Land Use
and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) was shown and the Benjamin N. Cardozo (NYU) Law
School this past Tuesday. The movie was shown in the Moot Court auditorium before an
audience of about 200. Most members of the audience were students at Cardozo including
NYU law students. The two invited guests and speakers were Anne MacGregor, the director
and producer of the film, and Marci Hamilton, Paul R. Verkuil Chair in Public Law at Cardozo.
Professor Hamilton is a leading church/state scholar and author of
God vs. the Gavel. (More)

Legislator Meyers to Hold Forum on County Budget
and Proposed 30% Tax Increase

November 22, 2011 County Legislator Joseph Meyers sent the following notice in an
email to his constituents: "I will be having a County budget information session at Airmont
Village Hall
on Tuesday, November 29th at 8pm. Please come to learn more about the projected
2012 County budget and share your concerns and ideas before the Legislature votes on the budget
in early December. This directly affects all of us. The County Executive’s proposed budget for
2012 would increase County Property Taxes by about 30% for next year and cut many jobs and
services besides. It would close the County nursing home. Even with all of that, the budget
is still out of balance to the tune of about $18million." (More)

Ramapo Board Approves 2012 Budget

November 20, 2012 Last week, the Ramapo Town Board approved the 2012 budget for the Town.
We received a copy of the full document at the end of the week, and have begun the process of
analyzing the various sections of the plan. At the same time, the highly critical final audit of the
Town is due back from the comptroller, probably shortly after Thanksgiving. (More)

Thank You from the Candidates, with a Comment on
the Two-Party System in Ramapo--click here

Region's aging schools crumble as finances falter

November 13, 2011 "In East Ramapo, it's not clear how officials can pay for $34 million
in repairs outlined by inspectors. The district, operating on a contingency budget, has
cut almost 400 employees since 2008 despite growing enrollment." Read the complete LoHud
report on schools in the lower Hudson Valley here.

Numbers for the Voter Turnout

Recent totals at the Board of Elections list 58,806 registered voters in the Town of
Ramapo. In the November general election there was a total of 21,395 who voted
for Supervisor. The voter turnout then was 36% of those who could have voted. By any
measure, this was a very poor showing, especially when you consider the drastic
changes taking place in the town.

Election Results for Ilan Schoenberger

November 10, 2011 Take a look at the election results for Ilan Schoenberger and you
may (or may not) be surprised. (More)

Election Results--How the
Districts Voted and Who Won What

Click here for larger image



Election Results--All Districts Reporting--Nov 8
Unofficial Results from the Rockland Board of Elections

Christopher St. Lawrence 11,809
Robert Rhodes                    6,799
Marino Fontana                   2,787

Daniel Friedman                11,754
Brendel Logan                   11,141
Emilia White                        6,375
Patricia Wooters                  6,151
Michael Dolan                      2,399
Michael Campbell                2,308

Ilan Schoenberger               2,999
Michael Parietti                   1,048

Joseph Meyers                     3,002
Elye Kramer                            448

Aney Paul                             1,591
Henry Stewart                         959

Louis Falco                           28,477
Timothy O'Neill                    20,166
Matthew Brennan                  7,319

Alan Simon                           11,908
Arnold Etelson                       7,581

Sherri Eisenpress                  24,022
Paul Chiaramonte                 20,088
Karen Riley                             6,590


Important Meeting With East Ramapo School Superintendent Klein
Thursday Nov. 11--Kurz Center in Spring Valley (Details)

Response to Journal News Endorsement

Candidate Robert Rhodes discusses the collapse of the two-party system in Ramapo. (More)

One Measure of Corruption in Ramapo

November 2, 2011 In an Oct. 31 letter to the Journal News editors, a reader in Orangeburg complained about the
contributions that Orangetown Supervisor Paul Whalen accepted from businesses that do work for the town. Rightfully,
the reader, Pearl Samuels, pointed out, “This puts a business person in an impossible situation — how do you say ‘no’ when
it may affect your livelihood?” I think it also carries with it the malodorous pay-to-play taint that functions as that special
species of bribes-after-the-fact here in Rockland. In Ramapo, however, $9,000 would be a pretty paltry sum compared
to the hundreds of thousands paid to Supervisor St. Lawrence. His take in the last five years rounds out to $705,752.00
in political donations. (More)

St. Lawrence Asks for Extension on Disastrous State Audit

November 1, 2011 We have been informed by Christopher Ellis, Chief Examiner of the Office of the State Comptroller,
that the Supervisor has asked for an extension beyond the thirty days allowed for comments on the State Audit of the
Town's financials. The report had been damning, and the delay would allow the comments to be sent back by November
4, which would take the matter past the date of the upcoming elections. If you have not read the State's review of the
financial condition of Ramapo check here.

Judge rejects legal challenges to Ramapo's Patrick Farm development

October 25, 2011 "A state judge has rejected three lawsuits seeking to block the nearly 500-home Patrick Farm development,
decisions that allow the builders to start applying for construction-related permits from the town. Acting Supreme Court Justice
Thomas Walsh found the Ramapo Planning Board and Town Board followed land-use and planning regulations and state environmental
laws when approving a Monsey-based developer's highly dense development along Routes 202 and 306 outside Pomona. All three
opponents plan to appeal Walsh's decisions to the state Appellate Division." Journal story here.

America’s Holy War--World Premier of British Documentary
Film on RLUIPA in Ramapo--1pm Sunday, Oct. 23 at
the Lafayette Theater in Suffern

Filmed in Ramapo between 2007 and earlier this year, the documentary examines RLUIPA
cases past and running. The filmmaker, Moondance, an Anglo-Italian-American production
company with Australian Associates, was established in 1987 by journalist and award-winning author, Anne MacGregor. The
London-based independent has produced programs for the BBC, Discovery US Specials, Smithsonian Networks, and ITV.
Screening is open to the public—tickets are $8 for the1pm screening at the Lafayette Theater. (Full text of the Press Release)

Here’s Your Summer Electric Bill for the Ballpark--
More than $30,000.00 a Month

October 21, 2011 Orange and Rockland gas and electric bills for St. Lawrence’s ballpark
are really steep, and they were delivered to the taxpayers not to the owners of the Boulders
who use the park exclusively during the season. These bills are part of the continuing costs that
the residents will have to bear along with the boulder-size debt payments on the loans to build
the park the public didn’t want. (More)

Etelson stands on reputation after town justice primary loss

Oct.15,2011 Letter in The Journal News "I am saddened by losing the primary elections for Ramapo town justice,
joined by hundreds who have graciously expressed their dismay, but I am still running on the Republican line. My solace
is the enjoyment of knowing that I have devoted my legal and judicial career to fairness, honesty and patience to listen
to the plight of litigants." Full text of the letter.


St. Lawrence Rakes in $51,400.00
from those Who Built the Ballpark
Check the list here


CSL and Board Vote $1.6 million more for the Ballpark
7 Cost Overruns for Holt, Morano, and AKRF Inc.

October 11, 2011 If you thought you were done paying for St. Lawrence’s ballpark you are mistaken. Tonight, at the
Ramapo Town Board Meeting, Supervisor St. Lawrence and the town board members unanimously voted to approve
10 change orders for construction and testing at the baseball park. The total cost to the taxpayers was $1,632,079.00.
(Story here)

There Are No Consequences

October 5, 2011 Within the span of six days, Supervisor St. Lawrence and others associated with
him were found guilty of denying a worker’s civil rights in one courtroom and of improperly sticking
the taxpayers of the town of Ramapo with a $25 million debt in another. In neither place, though,
were there any penalties handed down by the judges. (More)

Can-Am Pittsfield Team Folds--New York Traveling Team
also Gone  Hobbled League is Now Left With Six Teams

October 4, 2011 "The Pittsfield Colonials are no more. Team owner Buddy Lewis said the Can-Am League's owners voted
to rescind the team's membership in the league. 'We've been trying to get investors. We were unsuccessful in doing that,'
Lewis said in a phone interview following the league meetings in Newark, N.J. 'We were trying to keep [the team] here.'
Lewis said the team's inability to refresh a $200,000 line of credit helped lead to the demise of the franchise. It marks the
second consecutive season that a Can-Am League team will not return for the next season. The Sussex Skyhawks did not
return to the league after the 2010 season." Story from The Berkshire Eagle here.

General Fund Needs Cash Infusion--So St. Lawrence Transfers
$2m from Workers’ Compensation Fund

September 28, 2011 On September 14 at the regular Ramapo Town Board meeting, Supervisor St. Lawrence requested
authorization to make the following budget loans: $2,000,000 from the Workers’ Compensation Fund to the General Fund,
$100,000 from Ambulance District to the Highway DB account, and $400,000 from the Lighting District to A Fund. On
Friday, Sept. 23, when he was asked on WRCR why this massive withdrawal from Workers’ Compensation Fund, he
offered a confused narrative about a worker with a serious medical condition to account for $1million of the transfer.
He didn’t have much to say about the other $1million. He did, however, insist, once again that there are no cash-flow
problems at the Town. (More)

Board Member Friedman finds his own Baseball Bonus

September 27, 2011 In the New York State Comptroller’s report on money and Ramapo Town
governance, the examiners described the Town Board as ineffectual and often ignorant of the
issues on which they voted. "In fact," the Comptroller’s Office reports, "Board members told us
that they did not know how much the baseball stadium would cost the taxpayers or how it
would be paid for." None of that seemed to bother Board Member Daniel Friedman who, more
than any other councilman, hustled quite a pile of donations from those involved with Project
Grand Slam (the ballpark). He might not know what it would cost the taxpayers, but he certainly
knows what it was worth to him. (More)


New Hempstead resident petitions to block East Ramapo's lease of
Hillcrest school to yeshiva

September 27, 2011 "An East Ramapo school district resident is petitioning the state Department of Education to halt the 2011-12
lease of Hillcrest Elementary School to Congregation Yeshiva Avir Yakov of New Square.
"East Ramapo has an appraisal in front of it
that says the fair market rental value of this property is $10.50 per square foot, yet still they arbitrarily turned around and leased the
property for $4.22 per square foot," Forrest said Monday. "There's no rationale on how (the Board of Education) arrived at that figure.
It's troubling, and we're operating on an austerity budget, and the district could use that income." Forrest's petition further charges
that Avir Yakov has fallen behind in its monthly payments on the prior lease and owes $3,500 in back rent since January." Journal story here.

Five Boulders players lived in clubhouse for weeks

September 25, 2011 While St. Lawrence and his political cronies partied in their luxury box,
five of the Boulders were homeless at the home field. Being paid less than $1,200 a month
doesn't give you too many options, and their own organization and the politicians who built
their $70 million stadium didn't think they were required to help them. In fact, "Boulders
president Ken Lehner said the team had no obligation to provide housing to the players." The
Journal reported, "
For the last couple weeks of the Rockland Boulders' inaugural season, Mike
Richard ate his postgame meal at Provident Bank Park and slept on a training room table in the
clubhouse. Don't call it dedication. Richard said he and four of his teammates had no other place to go." Full story here.

East Ramapo enrollment surge crowds classes, blocks students from AP classes

September 24, 2011 "Enrollment is up in the East Ramapo school district this year, and unanticipated numbers of students
entering from outside the district and outside the U.S. are contributing to crowded classrooms and overextended teachers.
Compounding the problem, many of the district's new students don't speak English, putting stress on the faculty and causing
the district to examine its need for special services the students may require.Some students who were signed up for Advanced
Placement, or AP, Regents and honors courses have been shut out of those classes." Story here.

Two Letters in The Journal News Concerning the State Audit

"Return town finances to sound practices", and "Ramapo: 3 hats and no checks and balances." Read both letters here.


A Financial Mess, Cluelessness, and Criminal Violations
Uncovered in Comptroller's Audit of Ramapo

September 21, 2011 How bad was the State Audit of the Town of Ramapo and its Board?
The Journal News
bannered its publication this way: "Comptroller’s draft audit blasts Ramapo’s
ballpark financing, budget planning." But it wasn’t just the ballpark that created the current
financial mess. The audit itemized 8 possible violations of State law, pointed out three out of
five town budget funds under water in 2010 (who knows where they are now in 2011), it identified
scores of worst practices (even absent practices) throughout financial operations, and it found an
IT department that seemed dangerously clueless about protecting residents’ private information,
locking down banking transactions, and managing user accounts. And of course, as the Journal points out, the audit has a lot to say
about the ballpark financing, including this damning assessment: "As a result of the decisions the Board made (St. Lawrence and the
four board members), Town taxpayers are now potentially responsible for approximately $35.4 million in expenditures for a property
not owned by the Town. Furthermore, the Town has agreed to guarantee an additional $25 million in bonds issued by the RLDC against
the voters’ wishes." That’s $35.4 million up until May 18, 2011, before the million dollars a week in cost overruns in June and into the
summer. More of what the examiners found at Town Hall here.

Ramapo Residents, Brace for Tax Hikes

Sept. 21, 2011 The New York state comptroller did a great job revealing the irresponsible spending and reckless lack of
financial controls that characterize the town of Ramapo. Furthermore, the auditors' very conservative observation that
St. Lawrence's stadium is probably not going to pay for itself was well taken. Read entire letter here.

Ramapo Stadium Audit Revealing--Journal News editorial

Sept.19, 2011 "Auditors said that Ramapo Town Board members appeared to be in the dark about how the stadium
financing worked, and said they did not know how much it would cost taxpayers, or how the project was being financed.
Yet, a majority voted in favor of the project every time. How and why Town Board members went along with the scheme
to build a stadium with no idea how it would be paid for, or even how much it would cost, is a question voters must
continue to ask." Full text of the editorial here.

Jury finds Supervisor St. Lawrence Guilty of Violating Worker's Civil Rights

Sept. 16, 2011 At around four this afternoon, in a White Plains Federal courtroom, a jury returned a verdict of guilty against
Supervisor St. Lawrence in the Tim Cronin first amendment lawsuit. St. Lawrence had been charged with taking retaliatory
action against Cronin when the employee of the Spook Rock Golf Course refused to place a large four by eight plywood campaign
sign for St. Lawrence on his front lawn. "The verdict was delivered Friday afternoon at the U.S. District Court after several hours
of jury deliberations and after days of testimony during which Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence was cross-examined. The
jury found that Timothy Cronin's refusal to allow St. Lawrence's campaign signs on his property in 2005 was a motivating factor in
his termination, 11 months later, from his job at Ramapo's Spook Rock Golf Course." The jury did not award any damages.  George
Cotz represented Cronin in the action. Journal News coverage here, the back story on what happened here.

If you like the stadium, put it in your town

Sept.14, 2011 Letter in The Journal News   

How ironic that these two letters praising Ramapo Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence for building a baseball stadium
over the objections of the majority of his own constituents were from writers living outside of Ramapo. (More)

Primary Returns: Joe Meyers wins the Democratic Line for Legislature--Robert Rhodes, Patsy Wooters and
Emilia White Fail to Win Democratic Line--all will Campaign on the Preserve Ramapo Line
Among those who lost in the Democratic Primary: Henry Stewart, Denet Alexandre, Tim O'Neill, Karen Reilly,
Arnold Etelson, and Rita Louie
     Board of Elections Preliminary Returns here

St. Lawrence to Take the Stand Today in
First Amendment Lawsuit Filed Against Him--Jury Trial
Began on Monday  Background Story here


Can-Am Evicts Playoff Team from its Home Stadium—Colonials will Play Entire Series on the Road

Sept. 8, 2011 In a bizarre turn of events, the Can-Am League has decided to have the Pittsfield Colonials team play all of its post-season
playoff games as if it were another of the league’s “traveling teams.” League Director Miles Wolff told the Berkshire Eagle, “We didn’t
want to do it; it certainly doesn’t look good for anybody. It’s purely a financial decision for the clubs to move the games. Basically, the
league members have sort of been financing a lot of the operations in Pittsfield. The members [feel] if the ownership can’t do it, why do
we have to keep financing it?” So the Pittsfield fans will not see any of the playoff games unless they, the fans, decide to travel. The
franchise is not expected to return to their park next year, and the mayor says he believes they have not made either rental payment
the city required this season. He also said the city will “make every effort we can” to collect the money it’s owed. (Story).

Alan Simon’s Egg Timer

September 7, 2011 Alan Simon, candidate for Ramapo Town Justice, told the Monsey Advocate in a front-page interview
that he was capable of handling 170 cases a day in the Spring Valley courtroom where he serves as village justice. He offered
this astounding claim in response to those who have pointed out that it’s unwise to have one judge serving on two courts,
both with very busy schedules. By reassuring the public that he can deal with landlord-eviction cases, small claims lawsuits,
even criminal matters in even less time than it takes to prepare a two-minute egg, Simon has redefined the term "judicious"
for us all. A carefully considered and weighed legal opinion is, apparently, available to all who appear in his Spring Valley court
in an average of less than two minutes per case, no matter the nuances, evidence or complexities. If you prefer your judicial renderings loose
and runny, you probably couldn’t do better than this short-order judge. Our objections to Mr. Simon’s candidacy, however, also include his
controversial tenure as head of the Ramapo Building Planning and Zoning Department when he was the highest paid official at Town Hall. (Story
looks at this instant Justice problem, reviews a Journal News editorial very critical of his years as Director of Planning and Zoning in Ramapo, and
provides a clear example of Simon's disregard for the law as Planning Director

Digging an $85M Hole for Taxpayers in Ramapo—Is a Major Tax Hike on the Horizon?

Sept. 1, 2011 In the short span from June 9, 2010, to July 29, 2011, Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and his town board have
passed 18 bonds creating more than $85 million in new debt for the Ramapo taxpayers. That’s about $7 million more than the total
of the entire 2011 annual budget for the town. What’s going on? (More)


Audit: East Ramapo School Board bungled millions

Sept. 2, 2011 "The East Ramapo school district lost track of $2.4 million in textbooks it loaned to private schools and undercounted
the fund balance by more than $4.5 million in 2010, according to an audit by the state Comptroller's Office. The audit was released
Wednesday and covers the period of July 1, 2008 to April 13, 2010. It found that East Ramapo failed to put $2.4 million of professional
services out to bid and allowed three school board members to receive health care through the school district's insurance pool even
after they missed $15,672 in payments. 'The board, along with district officials, failed to fulfill its stewardship, oversight and leadership
responsibilities when it failed to establish a proper control environment, implement its own adopted policy and establish policies
and procedures required by sound business practices," the report concludes. "The deficiencies exposed district funds and assets to abuse,
waste and/or loss.' " Read the complete Journal News Coverage here.

DiNapoli Press Release with link to complete Audit of the Board here

Keep Scrutiny on East Ramapo - Journal News Editorial

Sept. 2, 2011 "The newest examination of East Ramapo School District, this one by the state Comptroller's Office, shows why yet more
investigation is needed by state and federal authorities. Taxpayers, parents and students in this working-class district deserve assurances
that their resources are being used properly and that their school leaders are endeavoring to provide the best education possible. So far,
the evidence is less than reassuring.
The comptroller's report makes plain that the voters had good reason to be concerned about district
finances and leadership. The authorities should keep digging; the district's so-called leaders must be held accountable.
" Read the full text
of the Journal News editorial here.

What Is Bottom 9 Ball?

August 23, 2011 Is it the deal of the century? How did an unknown marketing expert from Florida gain total control of a $70 million
stadium/catering facility without risking a penny of his own money? In 2009 Ken Lehner incorporated Bottom 9 Ball (B9B). He is the
only officer listed in the document of incorporation. This corporation supposedly has a number of "owners." What kind of an investment
does an individual have to make in order to become an owner? We have no idea, in fact we have no idea if this corporation has any assets
of any kind. All we do know is that the number of "owners" and their names seem to change on a regular basis. (More)

Bears Might Join the Colonials as Teams Absent from the Can-Am League next Year

August 21, 2011 The Independent League, in which the Rockland Boulders play, might be missing two teams next year. As the
Pittsfield Colonials teeter on bankruptcy this season (see As Boulders Prepare for Opener), the Newark Bears have prospects
as bleak in their digs in Newark. An article in yesterday's New York Times outlines the problems. If the Bears and the Colonials
fail, that would put the Boulders in a six-team league. The Boulders rocky season continues in next to last place, 20 games out.
Read the Times article Did Newark Bet on the Wrong Sport? here.

Habitat report stirs concerns for Haverstraw Bay--Desalination Plant cited

August 22, 2011 "A new state report on the Hudson River's fish and wildlife habitats states that certain activities
would significantly impair Haverstraw Bay, considered the aquatic nursery of the historic waterway.
In the case of Haverstraw
Bay, the report states that 'any activity that would degrade water quality, increase turbidity or sedimentation, alter flows,
water salinities or temperature ... would result in significant impairment of the habitat.' Rockland County Legislature Chairwoman
Harriet Cornell, D-West Nyack, submitted comment on the new report, which is still in draft version, concerned by the impacts
The report described the bay as a major spawning, feeding and wintering area for various fish species, waterfowl,
eagles and harbor seals; and said it was critical to commercial and recreational fisheries throughout the Atlantic Coast." Complete
story here.

Judge Orders All Attorneys to Court on Monday, Aug 22--ROSA's Lawsuit
to be Argued in State Supreme Court

August 19, 2011 Full text of the ROSA press release here.

Read the Journal News story Ramapo housing lawsuit may hinge on aquifer under 497 planned homes

"Please be advised that no such record exists"

August 18, 2011 Preserve Ramapo frequently submits Freedom of Information Act (FOIL) requests for public documents in
order to check the reality against politicians’ public rhetoric. Recently, Supervisor St. Lawrence and his assistant Phil Tisi
have been claiming that the profits at the Boulder’s baseball games will cover the costs for the numerous multi-million-dollar
loans and will even generate a profit for the town. That’s the rhetoric, and you’ll hear the same talking points repeated by
these individuals on local radio and in stories in the newspapers. We submitted several FOIL requests to vet these claims, and,
not surprisingly, there is a wide disconnect between the claims and the cash accounts. (More)

New Square Flouts Building Safety Codes: Clout Protects Hasidic Enclave
from State Rules

August 10, 2011 "At least 60% of the structures in New Square have serious code violations," said Kim Weppler, who
retired in April as chief of the fire department responsible for New Square. "It’s only a matter of time before someone
gets killed." Read the full text of the story from the current issue of The Jewish Daily Forward here.

Michael Grant's Attempt to Run Unopposed Fails in Court

August 3, 2011  Rita Louie, the current deputy mayor of Pomona and a long-time activist and advocate
for good government in Rockland decides she wants to run for county legislature in her district. She and
her team of supporters/petitioners gather and submit 426 signatures, well above the required number of
281. Michael Grant, the incumbent legislator in that district, and the choice of the Haverstraw machine, 
turns in 434 signatures. (More)

Discussion of Financial Condition of the Boulder’s Stadium Needs Real Numbers

July 28, 2011 An article in today’s Journal News attempts to present a balanced analysis of the financial state of the Boulder’s
and the baseball stadium. (See Rockland Boulders So Far: Rock-solid or a millstone?) A fatal flaw at the center of the
discussion is that many of the numbers could not be vetted by the reporter because these key figures have not been
made public. In fact, some of them have been kept from the public. (More)

Ramapo Surpasses $1million in Legal Fees to Defend
Adult Student Housing (ASH) on Grandview Avenue Site

July 27, 2011 "A state appeals panel has temporarily blocked a justice's order holding Ramapo and its Planning Board in contempt
concerning a yeshiva's Kiryas Radin adult student housing complex on Grandview Avenue. The case, while increasing the town's
legal costs in the 7-year-old dispute to more than $1 million, focuses on the Planning Board ignoring a state justice's order to
conduct a complete environmental impact statement. A second issue centered on the board legalizing occupancies." Ramapo's
appeal of Supreme Court Justice Frances Nicolai's contempt and eviction order will now go before the Appellate Division in Brooklyn."
The complete Journal News story here.

Ramapo owes $50G environmental fine in ballpark construction
(Another insult to Ramapo taxpayers)

July 22, 2011 That's the headline of the Journal News story. But there's a serious question to be answered here. Christopher St.
Lawrence's Ramapo Local Development Corp. built the ballpark, and they broke the environmental laws that prompted this
fine. St. Lawrence is the President of the RLDC and he is the Chairman of the Board of the RLDC, so why are the taxpayers
asked to bail out his sorry butt once again for this illegal activity at Fireman's Memorial Drive? I guess part of the answer is
traceable to his board of sock puppets who will vote for any and all expenses relating to the ballpark, but the primary problem
is with the Supervisor who has built this $70m disaster on lies. The voters overwhelmingly rejected the funding of this thing, and
he told anyone who would listen that no taxpayers' dollars would be spent, and yet he continues to bill the public. If you see
Mr. St. Lawrence at a public appearance, or any of his board members, make it a point to ask them, Why did they lie? And demand
a straight answer. We are past the point where they can be allowed to endanger the economic well being of the entire town
with this kind of arrogant, catastrophic governing. Journal Story can be read here.


Opening Night--Did We Make any Money?

July 19, 2011 Having perverted the old saying to now read, "If we build it, they
will pay for it," (Yes, that’s St. Lawrence and his board pointing to the Ramapo
taxpayers), the big question becomes, "How are we going to pay for even the
debt service on this $70 million monster?" A quick analysis of the money on
opening night isn’t very reassuring. In this article we evaluate how much money
the Town made or lost on opening night of the Boulders season. (More)

Should the President of a School Board be a High School Dropout?

July 11, 2011 In a letter to The Journal News a reader writes: "I have been getting angrier and angrier thinking about former
East Ramapo School Board President Nathan Rothschild's 11th grade education. During the court proceedings, when he entered
a guilty plea on federal charges, Rothschild admitted he had only an 11th grade education." Read the full letter here.

Aron Rottenberg Delivers Invocation at County Legislature--Legislators
Balk at Resolution Asking FBI to Lead the Investigation

July 7, 2011 On Wednesday evening, Aron Rottenberg was invited to deliver the invocation at the
Rockland County Legislature meeting. Later in the evening, Legislator Meyers proposed a resolution
calling on the FBI to take a leading role in the investigation of the deadly assault on the Rottenberg
family within New Square. What followed was an object lesson in the way elected officials stand up to or acquiesce quietly
to the voting cartels. (More)

East Ramapo's Colton School sale halted pending state review

July 7, 2011 "The state Department of Education has ordered the East Ramapo school district to temporarily halt the sale of the
Colton School, a department spokesman confirmed Wednesday. Commissioner John King has issued a stay in the school sale pending
his decision on an appeal filed June 20 by Brenda Carole Anderson. Anderson has accused the board of failing to made a good-faith
effort when it voted 5-2 to sell the school for $6.6 million to the Bais Malka/Hebrew Academy for Special Children. In July 2010,
the Town of Ramapo assessed the school and the parcel of more than 15 acres on Grandview Avenue at $11,962,569. The appeals
process typically lasts for months before a final decision. The district cannot take any action toward selling the school during
that period." Full text of The Journal News story here.

United Water's Argument for a Desalination Plant Leaks Like a Sieve

July 6, 2011 Bob Dillon has created an in-depth evaluation of the United Water Joint Proposal for building a desalination plant to
draw drinking water from the Hudson. His study addresses five serious flaws in the Water Company's argument, including: the proposal
is incomplete without the groundwater study by the US Geological Survey; it does not consider the illegal releases from Lake De Forest
to New Jersey customers of United Water; it doesn't consider additional supplies from Lake Tappan; nor does it consider Rockland's
riparian rights to additional water supply from the Hackensack River; it doesn't account for the economic cost of desalination (adding
almost $500 a year more to customers; and it doesn't have realistic estimates about the supposed ratable benefits for Haverstraw. Dillon's
study is complete with volumes of reference material linked to his analysis. Read it here.

Town Board Still Spending $1million per week on the Ballpark—
June Overruns Equal $4+ million—Votes still unanimous at 5-0

July 1, 2011 They say baseball is a game of numbers, but here in Ramapo it’s not the numbers
on the field that are impressive. As the team is muddling along, struggling to get out of next
to last place with a 12 and 19 record, the Ramapo Town Board keeps piling on the debt with
millions in cost overruns at meeting after meeting. In the two board meetings in June, the
million dollars a week pace has been matched again. And for those who think the ballpark
is built and the spending is over, take some time to attend a board meeting—the wasteful
spending continues on this project. (More)


In Rockland, water's in all the wrong places

Jul. 1, 2011      Community View in The Journal News
Re "Rockland flooding might be worst since 1999," June 24 article: "After all the flooding and the "State of Emergency"
issued by the Rockland County Executive's office on June 23, we must ask ourselves the question: Does Rockland County
actually have a water shortage? It's a vital question as United Water, which supplies water to a majority of Rockland residents,
moves forward on plans to tap the Hudson River to supply water to the county. Just days before the storm that flooded many
homes and businesses in Rockland, about 50 county planning officials and residents met in Haverstraw Town Hall to hear
Paul Heisig, hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, present the findings of the Rockland County Water Resource Assessment,
a five-year scientific study that was funded by the County of Rockland, the state Department of Conservation and United Water. (More)

Ex-East Ramapo School Board President Pleads Guilty
   Will serve time in prison 

June 30, 2011 The Journal News is reporting that "Former East Ramapo schools chief
and Monsey fire commissioner Nathan Rothschild this morning pleaded guilty to engaging
in a mail fraud scheme. He could face up to 20 years in prison for the felony charge."
Rothschild was charged with attempting to sell public property worth $125,000 to eliminate
his own personal debts. The federal judge who accepted the plea said Rothschild will
likely serve 2 to 3 years for the offenses. (More)


Criminal Law, the Legitimate Concerns of the Religious Minority in New Square
and Civil Rights

June 20, 2011  Conspiracy, literally, a breathing together, has been called the prosecutor's best friend.  Recent events in New Square
suggest that a charge of conspiracy will be used in the prosecution of the persons allegedly involved in acts of intimidation and worse
against the families of Aron Rottenberg, Dovid Fromovitz and other members of the community. (More)

State Supreme Court Judge Cites Ramapo and Ramapo Planning Board for Contempt
Over the Adult Student Housing Complex on Grandview Avenue

June 16, 2011 When the Ramapo Town Planning Board was ordered by the state Supreme Court to re-evaluate the Adult Student Housing
complex on Grandview Avenue, beginning with a new environmental impact study, board member Dora Green expressed her own
legal opinion at a board meeting saying she didn’t think Judge Nicolai had the legal right to tell them to do that. Yesterday, Nicolai held
the Planning Board and the Town of Ramapo in contempt. His published decision "gives Ramapo 45 days to nullify all final approvals for
the ASH housing project and evict the tenants, except for the 16 families approved previously by the court." Ramapo taxpayers will now
be paying the legal bills for the opponents who filed the lawsuit that resulted in this decision. Ms. Green might better represent those
residents by: a) Remaining awake during critical hearings on which she is supposed to vote, and b) Refraining from the amateur practice
of law, which is not one of the requirements for a planning board member. Read The Journal News story here, and the complete text
of the judge's order here.

Town Adds another Layer to the Bureaucracy--$80K Position
Created for John Layne

June 10, 2011 He’s a politician with a past—and a building inspector with baggage, as well. And now
he’s the Deputy Town Superintendent of Highways at a salary of $80,000 per year. At a time when all
other levels of government are cutting, does Ramapo’s Dept. of Highways need an additional high-price
functionary? St. Lawrence and his board think so. (More)

New York State Commissioner of Education Nullifies and Sets Aside
East Ramapo Board of Education sale of the Hillcrest School

June 6, 2011 Using the facts presented, Commissioner David M. Steiner ordered that the July 28, 2010 sale of the Hillcrest
Elementary School be nullified because "the board abused its discretion by hastily approving the sale of Hillcrest [school]
to the Congregation [Yeshiva Avir Yakov] and that such sale must be set aside." Click here for Journal News coverage. To
read the full statement from the Education Commissioner, click here.

"Jihadis" enforce obedience to grand rebbe in New Square, residents say

June 5, 2011 "Residents who defy this Hasidic enclave's spiritual leader say they live in fear of a band of thugs who sometimes
violently defend his edicts — and they cite a recent arson attack as the latest example of the group's work. Described as "jihadis"
by those who fear them and "hotheads" by some village leaders, the group numbers up to 40 men and boys between the ages of
15 and 35, current and former members of the community told The Journal News." Complete Journal coverage here.

FBI Joins Ramapo cops in New Square investigation of attack

June 4, 2011 "They will assist us and will not take over the case," said Ramapo Detective Lt. Mark Emma. "If they determine
federal crimes have been committed, they will make a determination on whether to pursue them."
Police and the FBI
will not only investigate the attempt to burn down the home of Aron Rottenberg, 43, but also months of vandalism,
harassment and threats in the Hasidic Jewish village, Emma said. Full text of The Journal News story here.

Investigation of Ramapo Police Dept.
Shouldn’t Be Done by the Ramapo Police Dept.

June 3, 2011 For the second time in 10 days, The Journal News has called for an investigation
of the Ramapo Police Department in its handling of the events leading up to the arson attack
on Aron Rottenberg and his family in New Square. And now there’s another legal question for
the state or federal authorities. Why is an obvious hate crime not being investigated as a
hate crime, and why has Shaul Spitzer, the accused arsonist, not been charged with a
hate crime? Who made the decision to drop this from the case, and what are the legal
consequences for the authorities who decided to ignore state and federal statutes on bias crimes? (More)

Press Release: Legislator Meyers Joins Call for Federal Probe of New Square Incident

June 2, 2011 County Legislator Joe Meyers has joined the call for a federal probe into the recent events in New Square where
Aron Rottenberg was recently burned over more than half his body for his decision to pray outside his community’s synagogue.

“A federal probe is necessary because issues of civil rights and freedom of religion are involved and these are potential federal
crimes. Furthermore, we all saw Ramapo Supervisor Chris St. Lawrence, who is the head of the Town of Ramapo Police Commission,
dismiss the incident as an isolated one based on assurances he received after the incident by the Deputy Mayor of New Square.
This is not appropriate conduct given his position and the on-going investigation”, said Legislator Meyers. Press release text here.

Political Whitewash of Arson Attack Begins--
Newspaper and Lawyer Demand Federal Investigation

May 26, 2011 The opening of the Journal News editorial is hardly ambiguous. "Aron Rottenberg
of New Square has long complained to Ramapo Police that he has suffered for his decision
to pray outside his community's synagogue. Now he is in critical condition with burns over half
his body, and an 18-year-old New Square resident is charged with attempted murder,
arson, and assault. Federal authorities, better positioned to inquire where local officials
will not, should vigorously investigate the attack, and the systematic harassment that preceded
it, as a civil rights violation and hate crime." (More)

Second East Ramapo School
Board Officer to Face Legal
Charges Within a Month--
Wieder Arrested for Voter
Interference at Polling Place

May 20, 2011  On April 16, East Ramapo School Board
President, Nathan Rothschild, was charged in U.S.
District Court with mail fraud in an attempt to
defraud the public. Rothschild is free on bail
and has resigned as President of the Board.
Yesterday, Aaron Wieder, current Vice President of the Board, was arrested and charged with violations of the state
election law. Charges arose from a poll watcher at Hillcrest Elementary who said Wieder was photographing and
otherwise intimidating voters, and, along with two unknown men, blocked the entrance to the school, preventing
voters from entering the polling station. Wieder was released without bail and is due to appear in Clarkstown Town
Court on June 15. Story in today's Journal News here.

Airmont settles federal suit, agrees to allow religious student housing

May 10, 2011 "The settlement of the U.S. Attorney's Office's 2005 lawsuit against the Ramapo village could end a decade-long
legal action involving the Hillside Avenue development sought by the Hasidic congregation. Journal News coverage here.

At Two Hidden Board Meetings
Ramapo Approves 9 Resolutions
Worth $51.7million

May 7, 2011 The regular Ramapo town board meetings are scheduled for the
second and fourth Wednesdays of each month in the evening (8pm) at Town Hall.
State law requires notifying the press of these meetings "at least one week prior",
and providing "conspicuous posting in one or more public locations at least 72 hours
before such meeting." This year, there were two very important town board
meetings about which the public got virtually no advance notice. The first, a daytime
meeting on Feb. 17, was kept from the press and the public until 53 minutes before
the meeting was to begin. The second, April 14, was scheduled for the morning after
the regular Wednesday night meeting. On Monday, April 11, Supervisor St. Lawrence
notified the board members of the meeting. He then sat on the information until late
in the afternoon of the day before the 11am meeting, when he had it faxed it to the newspapers. At these two meetings,
protected from public scrutiny, St. Lawrence and his board passed nine resolutions that itemized $51,721,990.85 in new
spending—much of it for the ballpark project which had been rejected by the public last fall. (More)

Comptroller targets law Ramapo used to build baseball stadium

May 7, 2011 In a recent press release, State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli wrote: "Local governments are supposed to
use LDCs for economic development purposes. But we found that isn't always the case. Time after time, our auditors
uncovered LDCs being used to skirt the laws governing local government operations. And that's costing taxpayers money."
Citing an ongoing pattern of abuse, the Comptroller has introduced a package of reforms. Christopher St. Lawrence formed
the Ramapo Local Development Corp (LDC), and he became its President and Chairman of the Board. The Ramapo LDC is
currently building a housing complex in Spring Valley, Project Grand Slam, and it plans to build a hotel in Sloatsburg and
a housing development there also. He has committed tens of millions of Ramapo taxes to the ballpark while still publicly
insisting that it will be built with private funds. There have been no investors and the cost, which St. Lawrence claimed
would only be $25m is now bumping up against a $70m completion total. The land for both projects belonged to the taxpayers
before St. Lawrence and his board gave the first two properties, the S.V. housing project and ballpark site, to his LDC.
The first two projects for his LDC could reach $90-$100m, and St. Lawrence is just getting started. Preserve Ramapo has been
working for months to provide the information and to get the state Comptroller involved. The Journal Story (here) outlines
what we hope is a beginning of a hard look at the books kept by the Supervisor's private development company. 

NAACP: Feds Investigating East Ramapo School District

April 19, 2011 "The NAACP announced Monday that the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights
has begun investigating the East Ramapo School District."We cannot release any information as to what they're looking
at or what they're looking for, but we do know that they have begun an investigation into the functioning of the East
Ramapo School District," Aldridge said, adding that the U.S. Department of Education has asked that the particulars
of the investigation be withheld." Complete Journal News story here.


Redistricting Approaches final phase
Chestnut Ridge Hosed Again

April 18, 2011 The final maps are up on the GIS County Portal website. We also look
at the comments from a Chestnut Ridge Trustee, Howard Cohen, delivered before the
committee on April 11. Links to maps and comments here.



President of East Ramapo School Board
Indicted in Federal Court--Resigns from Board

April 15, 2011 "East Ramapo Board of Education President Nathan Rothschild
resigned from his role with the district Friday amid federal charges that he
engaged in a mail fraud scheme while serving as a Monsey fire commissioner.
Rothschild, 54, of Monsey, appeared in U.S. District Court in White Plains on
Friday, pleading not guilty to the felony charge, said Herb Hadad, a spokesman
for the U.S. Attorney's Office. Hadad said Rothschild used his position as fire
commissioner to cause Monsey to enter into a real estate deal with one of his
personal creditors in order to pay an outstanding debt." Complete Journal News
article can be read here. "Rothschild faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in
prison and a maximum fine of the greater of $250,000 or twice the gross gain or loss derived from the crime (Press
Release -- US Attorney's Office)." Read the full text of the press release here.

St. Lawrence and Entire Board Backdoors $25m Bond for the Ballpark—Jamieson
OKs Process Hidden from the Public—Moody’s downgrades Bond Rating and
Assigns Negative outlook to LDC Bonds

April 12, 2011 The last time the Ramapo Supervisor and his Board wanted to bond $16.5m for the ballpark, they posted a public notice
in the Rockland County Times. They said in the notice that this loan was subject to "permissive referendum" (the public could be
allowed to vote on it), and the matter was handled in public Town Board meetings—this was all done as a matter of required procedure,
probably not out of any sense of fair play or open government. They got killed in that vote. More than 70% of the taxpayers told them
absolutely no taxpayer dollars should be spent on the ballpark. Immediately afterwards, St. Lawrence publicly vowed, "I got the message.
There will be no taxpayer dollars." But then the investors who were supposed fund this project never showed up. And you can’t blame
them given the unbelievably shaky history of the Can-Am Baseball League (73% failure overall, 100% failure in New York State). Even banks
refused to make the loans. So the race to get ready for the June opening ramps up to three shifts around the clock and at $30m and counting
you’re running out of money. What can you do? SHUT THE LIGHTS OUT! You don’t publish any public notice this time. No Legal Notice in the
paper, no visibility for the public. Then call a special meeting of the Town Board at four o’clock in the afternoon (that was Feb. 17). No one
there to see and hear the vote—a 5 to 0 complete agreement on a new $25m bond for the ballpark: that’s St. Lawrence, Daniel Friedman,
Fran Hunter, Pat Withers, and Itzy Ullman all colluding to keep these tens of millions borrowed for the ballpark hidden away from public sight.
And yesterday, the IPREO Municipal Deal Calendar lists a $25m Revenue Bond (fully backed by the Town of Ramapo—the taxpayers, that is)
offered by the Ramapo Local Development Corp. What began as monumental lie by the Supervisor promising that the will of the taxpayers
would be honored and "The stadium will be built with private money. There will be no taxpayer dollars. I got the message." has developed
into a wider, absolute betrayal of the residents of Ramapo by the town board and the lead town attorney Michael Klein. (More)

Journal News editorial: Ticked Off over Ballpark Fiasco? Then Bench
St. Lawrence, Daniel Friedman and Fran Hunter in November

April 6, 2011 From The Journal News editorial Page: "St. Lawrence has gotten into plenty of dust-ups over his "Project Grand Slam,"
starting with the supervisor's pledge not to use taxpayer money for the project. After voters soundly defeated an August referendum
to guarantee building loans taken out by the Ramapo Local Development Corporation, St. Lawrence said, "I got the message." He didn't.
St. Lawrence and his majority on the Town Board continued to use town money to pay for [the project]. The stadium's full cost has
topped $30 million, according to St. Lawrence, although Preserve Ramapo pegs the costs at near $60 million. Miffed taxpayers, however,
are not without recourse: As always, they can remember St. Lawrence's role — and that of board supporters Frances Hunter and Daniel
Friedman — when they fill out their "lineup" cards on the next election day." St. Lawrence has needed Friedman and Hunter's votes to
continue paying for the stadium with taxpayer money. All three are up for election this November. Complete editorial here.

Judge Linda Jamieson Turns Down Appeal to Stop the Ballpark--
Puts Ramapo Residents Back on Deck to Pay $30m More

April 5, 2011 The decision from the court was disappointing for what it said and even more so for what it left out.
Judge Jamieson seemed to deal with one single issue while disregarding a dozen other legal points in the proceeding. (More)

The Journal News story "Preserve Ramapo loses bid to stop baseball stadium" is up here.


East Ramapo Board Ousts Oustatcher, Appoints Klein Interim Superintendent--
Finalizes Budget with 7.5% Tax Increase to Send to Voters

April 1, 2011 Thursday night's meeting of the East Ramapo School Board finalized changes to the proposed budget that
will be voted on May 17, along with four seats on the board. The seven members present also voted to demote Super-
intendent Ira Oustatcher and appoint Joel Klein to serve as interim schools superintendent. (More)

hy·poc·ri·sy noun, pl sies

March 24, 2011
If you attend a sufficient number of Ramapo board meetings, you will likely find yourself one evening asking,
They don’t really believe that stuff they’re saying, do they? Surely there’s a limit to their capacity for
self deception. (More)

Who's Paying for Ramapo's Investor-less Ballpark?

March 17, 2011  Community View in The Journal News "The private investors never showed up, so work in and
around the crater on Pomona Road is 100 percent taxpayer funded. In one recent two-week period, cost overruns
totaled $2.3 million. St. Lawrence and two council members, Fran Hunter and Daniel Friedman, didn't bat an eye
voting their approval. (Feb. 23 Town Board meeting minutes show $2,315,890.30 approved.) That was just two
weeks after a Feb. 9 Town Board meeting at which the same three approved $1,307,069.85 in overruns." (More)

NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation Issues a Stop Work
Order at Ballpark Site Due to Environmental Violations

March 11, 2011 After an inspection at the site yesterday, the NYS DEC found a number of
violations and ordered a stop to all construction activities except for the work necessary
to correct the half dozen violations. This is not the first time violations have shut down
the project. (More)


Oh #@%&, It’s an Ilander

If you'd like a picture of how corrupt the political process can be
here in Rockland and Ramapo click here.

Agency Ramapo buys insurance policies through
linked to one named by feds in alleged fraud scheme

February 28, 2011 "A Monsey company that provides Ramapo with liability insurance carriers and handles the town's
claims is associated with the firm charged last week by federal prosecutors in a $550 million insurance scam. The LeBaum
Co. is providing the town with $491,166 in liability insurance through three companies until February 2012." Full text
of The Journal News story here.

Chaim Mayer Lebovits Indicted in $550-million Insurance Fraud Scheme

February 27, 2011 Monsey businessman and political activist, Chaim Lebovits, was named in a Federal indictment
last week along with five others accused of multiple counts of insurance fraud, money laundering and wire fraud.
As Managing General Agent and Vice-President of Liberty Planning, Inc., an insurance agency located in Monsey,
the defendant and others are alleged to have purchased large insurance policies for “Straw Buyers” offering
fraudulent information and then created trusts to sell the policies on the secondary market. The Department of
State lists Moishe E. Lebovits as Chairman or CEO of Liberty Planning, Inc. Moishe is also Chairman or CEO of
LeBaum Company, the company that insures the Town of Ramapo. (More)

Ballpark Now Costing Taxpayers $1million per Week

February 27, 2011 At every Ramapo Town Board meeting there are cost overruns and change orders approved
for hundreds of thousands of dollars for St. Lawrence’s ballpark. The Town Attorney Michael Klein doesn’t identify
the project when he abbreviates the reading of the resolution, and only two of the council vote for approval along
with St. Lawrence. Fran Hunter and Daniel Friedman vote to approve the spending. At the last Town Board meeting,
Feb. 23, the total approved by St. Lawrence/Hunter/Friedman was more than $2million. This time, the baseball
tax trio voted while the other two council members, Itzy Ullman and Pat Withers, were out of the room. (More)

Who’s Paying for the Ballpark—Part 2

Entire Package of State Aid for Ramapo Used up in
One Cost Overrun for St. Lawrence’s Ballpark

February 23, 2011 In the governor’s proposed budget, aid to all municipalities will be
cut by about 2%. The Town of Ramapo, which receives the greatest share of state aid
of any town in the County, will have its aid package cut by almost $9,000, but that hardly
makes any difference because St. Lawrence, Hunter and Friedman have blown the entire
amount of state aid in 2011 on one check to Turco Golf for a cost overrun on their
ballpark project. (More)


Ramapo inspectors find evidence of 22 illegally occupied units
at Mosdos Adult Student Housing site on Grandview

February 15, 2011 "Ramapo building and fire inspectors have found evidence of 22 apartments being occupied in violation
of a state judge's order and town regulations at a congregation's adult student housing project off Grandview Road outside
New Hempstead. In late January, attorneys for four villages provided Nicolai with utility bills that indicated at least 17 more
units were illegally occupied. Nicolai said the evidence was overwhelming; he called Ramapo derelict in its duties to uphold
his order and town zoning rules and order another inspection." Journal News story here.

A Fresh Start in Ramapo?

February 11, 2011 Following on the announcement that Alan Simon has quit as planning director in Ramapo, The Journal News
printed an editorial today that opened with: "Ramapo Planning and Zoning Administration Director Alan Simon has issued his
resignation, which takes effect March 4. The date represents an opportunity for Ramapo, where land-use issues and zoning
enforcement are the spark of fiery politics. It is time to turn around the town's legacy of ever-bending zoning regulations and
lax enforcement that has fostered an attitude among some developers that it's easier to seek forgiveness than ask permission.
By choosing someone who will enforce zoning laws and sniff out building violations, Ramapo can stem a dangerous tide of
developers who choose to ignore building codes until they get caught." It's a nice thought, but it neglects to mention that
Simon followed Brophy who left office after they found the envelope stuffed with $100 bills and the weed in the glove compartment
of his Town vehicle. It also doesn't push for an answer to the obvious question: Why wasn't Simon fired by the Supervisor when the
town attorney said he was routinely breaking the law? If this whole mess teaches us anything, it's that there's truth in the old saw--A
fish rots from its head.

Alan Simon Quits as Ramapo Director of Planning and Zoning

February 10, 2011 "The town's embattled planning and zoning administrator has resigned,
effective March 4. When the Town Board hired Simon, the Building Department was in
disarray after its chief inspector was forced to resign after being caught with cash and
marijuana. Simon ran zoning and planning, while another person oversaw the inspections.
Simon also began running the enforcement side and his tenure became controversial and
confrontational with other departments, specifically the town Attorney's Office and engineering
department. The battle heated up — according to letters obtained by The Journal-News — when
the town's top lawyer told Simon he was illegally signing building permits and other documents, and overruling engineering
decisions on developments. Simon was fast-tracking specific developments — mostly in Monsey — and changed town policy
to allow a developer's engineer to self-certify a project without oversight from the town's engineers and planners. Simon
responded that he acted properly and had permission from Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence. Town Attorney Michael
Klein had told the Town Board in a memo that Simon's actions potentially left Ramapo open to "significant civil and
criminal liability." Complete Journal News story here.

Inept! -- Bottom 9 Baseball Neglects to Trademark
Baseball Team's Name, Then Loses It

February 9, 2011 If you go to the Patent Office search site at http://tess2.uspto.gov/
and look up Rockland Boulders, you will find a trademark filed for the baseball team,
but it’s not owned by Bottom 9 Baseball, the Can-Am League, or Christopher St. Lawrence.
Apparently the business arm of the enterprise did not have the sense to protect their most
important property—the brand. The TM is owned by a local, small businessman, Peter Vistocco. Months after Vistocco filed
and got the listing Bottom 9 finally got around to applying and found it was too late. (More)

Dropped Ball on Stadium Project
February 9, 2011
Out-of-control costs have already guaranteed that Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence's
vanity stadium will lose millions of dollars a year. Initial bids have meant nothing. Contractors have been forced to
do dangerous work on water saturated mud and to remove snow from frozen ground so that work can continue.
We, the taxpayers of Ramapo, are paying for overtime and could cover endless "unanticipated" construction costs. (More)

State Judge finds Ramapo yeshiva illegally housed people at Nike site--blames
Ramapo and threatens special inspector if Town doesn't end violations

February 3, 2011 "A state Supreme Court justice found the evidence convincing that a Ramapo yeshiva allowed people to
live in adult-student housing on Grandview Avenue in violation of his orders and town law. Justice Francis Nicolai also
called Ramapo 'derelict' for allowing the illegal occupancies. '
To a large degree ... what has happened here is as a result
of the lackadaisical ... attitude of the Town of Ramapo towards this building site. ... It was absolutely clear that there
were violations of the building code ... violations of the fire code, and yet they took almost no action,' Nicolai said. He
said he might impose daily fines on Mosdos Chofetz Chaim but was concerned the fines would be absorbed by the
bankruptcy petition. The justice also said he might fine Ramapo." Journal News story here.

 Can-Am League and a study in public policy failure

Tuesday, 01 February 2011 12:50



"Ramapo taxpayers better understand that this stadium will be a loss leader
no matter what both sides say. Ramapo officials think the team will bring in
$900,000 in stadium related revenues. The bad news, the revenues figure is grossly overstated, the good news
for Ramapo is that at this point they are not being asked to pay the team's expenses like New Orleans and
Indianapolis and Glendale, Arizona residents are doing for pro sports teams. The bad news is that Ramapo will
have to find money somewhere to pay for the annual $1.3 million stadium debt. That money won't be coming
from local college baseball teams (Rockland Community College, St. Thomas Aquinas College and Dominican
College) or high school baseball or stadium concerts, as the seating capacity is too small for anything but
small acts." (Full text of the story here)

Preserve Ramapo Files Grand Slam Lawsuit in State Supreme Court

January 28, 2011 "Among a dozen accusations — most of which town officials already have denied — Preserve Ramapo
claims the town has improperly financed the multimillion-dollar project and wrongly transferred a taxpayer-owned 61
acres to the Ramapo Local Development Corp. The complaint filed in state Supreme Court in New City on Wednesday
also claims Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence has acted improperly by voting on financial and other issues as both a
Town Board member and as head of the development corp. The 54-page legal action also says the town and St. Lawrence
continue to fund the 3,500-seat stadium with taxpayer money, even though voters rejected the town guaranteeing
$16.5 million for the project's construction in August." Full text of The Journal News story here.

Read the Complete text of the Lawsuit here

Project Grand Slam--the Cost to the Taxpayers, so far

January 28, 2011 The question that’s likely to occur to anyone driving by the ballpark site out on Pomona Road is,
"With no investors, how is he paying for this?" The unfortunate answer, so far, has been, "The taxpayers are paying
for it." Forget what he told the paper the day after the public soundly rejected public funding in the August 24th
referendum vote. The measure of what Mr. St. Lawrence’s word is worth appears below. "No taxpayer
dollars!"—you add them up for yourself. (More)


The Ramapo Hatter and the Reorg

January 19, 2011 Is it fair to assume you can guess the size of a politician’s head
by the number of hats he tries to put on it? If so, then nothing short of a haberdasher’s
nightmare was created at the last Ramapo Town Board meeting. (More)



Water Resources: Wistful thinking won't replace a plan
Our Town
January 5 Editorial

January 16, 2011 "The Rockland County Sewer Commission oversees wastewater.
The Rockland County Drainage Agency weighs in on wetlands, streams and runoff.
What official agency, determines the policy that ensures an adequate supply of drinking
water and the use and conservation of water resources in Rockland? You guessed it, no one,
thus a classic pol­icy vacuum that is filled by the organization most likely to benefit itself,
our multi­national water utility, United Water Resources." More



Legal battles continue in Ramapo Planning Dept.--
Alan Simon lashes out at Attorney's Office and Co-workers 

December 26, 2010 Apparently, Alan Simon, Ramapo's Director of Planning and Zoning has decided that the best defense is
a truly offensive offense, and he's gone on a tear--scripting one potential lawsuit/and or/investigation after another. Keeping
track of all the possible illegalities in this short article is a challenge, so pay attention as you add up your own total. The surprise
ending for the story might be contained in his score on a retake of the Civil Service exam. He failed it the first time around, and
now the County Personnel Office says his current job ($143k) and his $7,166 raise depend on his December 11 retake. Journal story. 


Preserve Ramapo Initiates Lawsuit against Ballpark

December 19, 2010 A letter has been sent to Christopher St. Lawrence, all the principals of the Ramapo Local Development
Corp., the members of the Ramapo Town Board, and Ramapo Attorney Michael Klein that explains the following legal responsibility:
"You are hereby placed on notice of such impending lawsuit. Accordingly, please be advised that you have a legal, fiduciary and
ethical obligation to disclose to any lenders, consultants, title companies and other parties involved in such land transfer or any
financing involving such land of the above impending and threatened legal claim. You may not knowingly make any representation
that is inconsistent with your knowledge of the impending and threatened lawsuit." Full text of Joseph Meyers' letter.

The Short Uneasy Career of Ryan Karben--Finance Director

December 16, 2010 It was only two days ago that Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence announced the appointment of Ryan
Karben as the new Ramapo Finance Director. He had bucked the straw vote of the Board members who opposed the appointment
of the ex-Assemblyman/Village Attorney. The Board, with the single exception of a political lapdog-in-training, rejected Karben,
offering a clear sign of the political risk the Supervisor was taking for his long-time ally. In fact, you can still see the vivid evidence
of that price-to-pay on the LoHud blogs. Then, this morning, Karben rewarded the Supervisor's misguided loyalty by handing in a letter
that, in effect, was a resignation. The strangest thing about the sequence of events is that Karben knew about the problem of his
personal clients appearing before the Town two days ago when he apparently accepted the offer. He let the bonfires on the blogs
burn for two days, and then, finally, today, said, "No thanks," and the anger on the blogs turned to laughter. If you missed them,
the Comments sections at the end of both stories are still up on LoHud. Original Journal story with 80 comments here. The updated
story with a different set of comments here. 

Permits for Illegal School Expose Ramapo to "Significant Civil and Criminal Liability"

Dec. 15, 2010 "A religious school operating illegally on Highview Road is receiving state funding based on Ramapo building and zoning
officials wrongly giving the congregation a temporary permit to operate, says Ramapo town attorney Michael Klein. It appears the town
illegally issued a building permit and certificate of use which are or may be used to defraud the school district or state in providing aid.
It is patently illegal to issue a building permit and/or a certificate of occupancy or use for a building (other than one-, two- or three-family
home) if the site plan approval has not been granted. Significant civil and criminal liability may arise from this situation." Ryan Karben is
the attorney representing the school. Journal story here.

St. Lawrence Appoints Ryan Karben as Ramapo's Finance Director

Dec. 14, 2010 Despite a suspicious exit from his State Assembly post, a recent drunk driving charge that led to an evening in the County
lockup, and his recently being fired from his post as Spring Valley village attorney, Ryan Karben was appointed by St. Lawrence to the
position of Ramapo Finance Director over the objections of Board members Fran Hunter, Pat Withers and Itzy Ullman. The only board
member at St. Lawrence's side supporting the appointment was Daniel Friedman, whose vote on most issues has developed into little
more than an echo of the Supervisor. Karben might not be available for immediate comment, as he is likely busy in preparation for
a court date this Thursday in the Elizabeth DiGiacomo vs. High Mountain Sanitation in Rockland Civil Supreme Court. Background on
that situation is available here. The Journal News story is here.

No Decision at Patrick Farm Meeting

December 2, 2010
[In brief] Meeting runs 5 hours. 52 speakers address the Board
with objections to the project. Ken Zebrowski and
Ellen Jaffee send reps to voice concerns over aquifer
and the Columbia gas pipeline. Leonard Jackson Associates
withholds critical information from public and Town
professional staff. Planning Board member nods off.
Shortly after 1am, public session is closed but no vote
is taken. Vote not scheduled for any particular time.

Grand Slam "A project that has failure written all over it"

Nov. 27, 2010 An award-winning sports journalist writes: "In the suburban New York City
at the Town Hall of Ramapo in Suffern, New York, which is about 35 miles north of the
George Washington Bridge, Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence will once again
on Tuesday night explain why he feels there is the need to spend millions of dollars for a
project that has failure written all over it." Evan Weiner, the winner of the United States
Sports Academy's 2010 Ronald Reagan Media Award, has written a detailed analysis of the
economics, the faltering history of the Can-Am League, and the disasters experienced in other
regions that continue to pay for sports fields that have failed or even have been already
torn down as taxpayers are still working on the original debt. Read "No Never Means No in
the Politics of Sports Facility Construction."

Baseball Tax Heading over the Fence

Nov. 22, 2010 At the end of the summer, on August 24, the voters of Ramapo voted to end taxpayer funding for Christopher St. Lawrence’s
baseball park. The vote was an overwhelming 70% to 30%. In effect, the voters erected a financial wall between St. Lawrence’s RLDC
(Ramapo Local Development Corp.) and St. Lawrence’s Ramapo Town Board. About the vote, St. Lawrence told The Journal News that he
had gotten the message, and going forward, he pledged "there will be no taxpayer dollars" tossed over that wall to the RLDC and its ballpark.
An examination of the paper trail since that infamous declaration lays out a pattern of monumental deceit, some of it possibly prosecutable. (More)

Ramapo officials looking to rein in zoning boss Alan Simon

Nov. 21, 2010 “Planning and Zoning Administration Director Alan Simon was criticized for fast-tracking developments by overstepping his authority
by signing documents he was not permitted under law and town rules to sign, town officials and town memos said. St. Lawrence said he continues
to support Simon, even though he agrees Simon has overstepped his authority and the law by signing building permits and certificates of use and
occupancy, overruling engineers and changing town policy. He said Simon was wrong to try to ban town engineers from his office and from reviewing
development plans. And he hasn’t passed the civil service exam for his position. Simon also has changed policy by signing temporary approvals for
developments still before the Planning Board, like a religious school that opened illegally on Highview Road in a residential house. And he’s allowed
developer’s engineers to self-certify that projects followed site plans.” Yet St. Lawrence still supports him. Journal story here.

Ramapo adopts $78.5M Budget—Property Taxes Up 4.9%,
Police Services Up 6.2%, Elected Officials Get 5% Raises

November 21, 2010 Blaming the State and pension funds, St. Lawrence said during a Town Board meeting held Friday
morning to adopt the budget, "We hope the state gets their act together." An unusual sentiment from a politician who has
turned his back on the taxpayers in his Town, and despite their clear objections, seems hell-bent on spending $20 to $30 million
on a baseball park that will undoubtedly feature his name on everything but the hot dogs. That's about a third of the entire budget
total invested in a business enterprise that has a 70% likelihood of failure. Journal coverage of the tax increases here.

Questionable Activity at Ramapo Planning Dept. Widens

November 10, 2010 It was only two weeks ago that Alan Simon, Ramapo
Director of the Planning and Zoning Administration, was in the news for some
rather questionable activity. Documents show that he, Simon, and Supervisor
St. Lawrence were planning to have the taxpayers pick up a $75,000 bill owed
by developer Rabbi Areyah Zaks to the State Supreme Court. Zaks had moved
16 families into his Adult Student Housing development on Grandview Ave. that
Judge Nicolai had ordered closed with an injunction. (More) 

Lee Ross's Presentation before the Planning
Board--What Patrick Farm will be turned into

Larger photo and links to the video presentation here.


Simon and St. Lawrence Wanted Taxpayers to Put Up
the $75,000 Court-ordered Bond Demanded of ASH Developer

October 27, 2010 When State Supreme Court Judge Francis Nicolai ordered that a $75,000
surety bond must be posted by the developer of the Adult Student Housing project at the
Nike base, the builder turned to an unusual source for the funding. Rabbi Areyah Zaks turned
to Town Hall and the Ramapo taxpayers for the $75,000 he owed the court. And even more
surprising, Supervisor St. Lawrence and Alan Simon, Director of Building and Zoning,
both agreed to work on the withdrawal from the town’s tax coffers. (More)

Karben Fired as Spring Valley Attorney

October 26, 2010 "Mayor Noramie Jasmin fired Village Attorney Ryan Karben on Monday for not doing the job she expected
of him. Jasmin said Monday night that she fired Karben because he didn't "fulfill my expectations as the village attorney."
She didn't provide specifics." Trustee Demeza Delhomme told The Journal News, "The mayor told me there was an incident."
Journal story here.

DEC Order Shuts Down Work at Ballpark Site--Multiple
Erosion and Sediment Control Violations Cited

October 15, 2010 The New York State Dept. of Environmental
Conservation-–Division of Water—inspected the Grand Slam construction
site last Thursday, and then on Tuesday of this week ordered a "stop to all
construction activities, exclusive of that work necessary to correct the
erosion and sediment control deficiencies." The DEC found five violations of
State Environmental Conservation Law ranging from no erosion controls to a larger problem with "the entire site
under construction and there are no stabilization measures." The work site includes two wetlands, one State
and one Federal, and the property drains into a large County park. (More)

Read My Lips!

October 14, 2010 Just three weeks ago, in response to an overwhelming 70% to 30% defeat
in the ballpark referendum vote, Christopher St. Lawrence promised the 10,145 voters
who came out that he had heard them. He told The Journal News, "The stadium will be
built with private money. There will be no taxpayer dollars. I got the message." Last night,
St. Lawrence and two board members broke that promise rendering what the Supervisor
guaranteed just a few weeks ago an expedient lie. (More)

Taxes in Two Towns: Clarkstown reduces Taxes by $5-$10 per homeowner
Ramapo payers face stiff increases of 5%+ per household

October 6, 2010  In Ramapo: "The proposed budget would increase town property taxes by 4.97 percent, with taxes
for town police services rising 6.2 percent, and sewer user fees jumping 4.89 percent, Supervisor Christopher
St. Lawrence said. The spending plan increases spending by $3.5 million and includes 5 percent raises for elected
officials and nonunion members." Journal Story here. Clarkstown: "For the first time in recent memory, Clarkstown
residents would see a modest decrease in their taxes under a $110 million budget for 2011 proposed by the
Town Board." That story here.

Desalination Plant to Cost United Water
Rate Payers $485 per year

October 1, 2010 "United Water’s proposal to construct a desalination plant in
Haverstraw NY is being promoted as a source of additional property tax revenue
for the North Rockland School District and the Town of Haverstraw. However,
the average North Rockland United Water customer will likely see an increase in
annual water bills of $485, roughly 2.2 times the estimated $221 annual property
tax revenue that would accrue to the benefit of the average North Rockland
customer / household from property taxes derived from a desalination plant."
The other towns, including Ramapo will pay $485 per customer. Read Bob Dillon's
analysis here.

Patrick Farm development would damage water source

September 24, 2010 Community View in The Journal News "The Ramapo Planning Board is deciding whether to approve an
immense residential development on a 206-acre parcel of land known as Patrick Farm. The site sits atop a critical component
of the Ramapo River Basin, designated a sole source aquifer by the Environmental Protection Agency. I believe that the Rockland
County Legislature should begin the act of taking Patrick Farm by using eminent domain law. An Aug. 8, 1992, the EPA action
notice addresses the importance of the Ramapo aquifer systems: "As a sole source aquifer there are no viable alternative drinking
water sources of sufficient supply; and if contamination were to occur, it would pose a significant hazard to the public health."

JN Editorial: East Ramapo Sale Rightly Delayed

Sept. 2, 2010 "Questions raised about East Ramapo's sale of Hillcrest Elementary School are apparently shared by the state education
commissioner, who has halted the sale of the school.It could take up to six months for the commissioner to weigh an appeal of the
Hillcrest sale filed by East Ramapo parent and public school activist Steve White. It's worth the wait. Because of the board's lack of
transparency in its decision-making on this and other issues, the public has been denied the information needed to judge the benefit
of the property's planned sale to Yeshiva Avir Yakov of New Square." Complete editorial here.

State blocks sale of East Ramapo's Hillcrest School

Sept. 1, 2010 "The state education commissioner has ordered the East Ramapo school district to halt the sale of Hillcrest
Elementary School, an Education Dept. spokesman confirmed Tuesday. Commissioner David Steiner issued a stay in the
school sale, pending his decision on an appeal filed with the Education Department by Steven White, a district parent,
on Aug. 7.
White thinks the East Ramapo Board of Education improperly sold the school to Yeshiva Avir Yakov, a New Square
congregation, in July for about $3.2 million, far below the $10.2 million value assigned to the 12-acre property by the
Clarkstown Assessor's Office. The sale price was decided after a first appraisal valued the school and land at $5.9 million.
A second appraisal, which the board did not approve until nearly a week after the school sale, was obtained by the school district's
attorney, Albert D'Agostino." Journal News coverage here.

St. Lawrence isn't Ramapo's dictator

August 29, 2010 Letter to The Journal News  "Seeing that the Ramapo baseball stadium initiative was defeated and
seeing that Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence is still going to move forward with this project, one must
wonder when was St. Lawrence appointed dictator of Ramapo? The taxpayers of Ramapo have spoken and we don't
want any part of this. Why the supervisor insists on still moving forward is quitebaffling. When are the taxpayers of
Ramapo going to get together and stop this behavior? Yechiel J. Rosenrauch Suffern


St. Lawrence to Ramapo: Drop Dead!

I’m going to build this stadium no matter what the voters say,
and they’re going to pay for it.

August 27, 2010 In a rare referendum vote, more than 70% of the voters rejected taxpayer
guarantees for a $25 million baseball stadium for an Independent League team here in Ramapo.
On the night of the vote, Supervisor St. Lawrence’s challenge was repeated as he offered a
more polite phrasing for his blunt message: I don’t give a damn what they want—they’re going to
pay for it, one way or another, and I’m going to build it. (More)


Voters decisively reject $16.5m for stadium

August 24, 2010 The vote count was an overwhelming 7 to 3 margin against spending $16.5 million taxpayers' dollars for a stadium
for an Independent League ball team. The totals published by the Town were 7,166 No (against funding the ballpark), and 2,979
Yes (in favor of the funding). The total number of voters was 10,145 with an overwhelming 70.6% showing up to reject the
resolution . The rare referendum special election was the only check of the public of its kind in recent memory, and the voters
were hardly equivocal in their opinion. Check the Journal News coverage. Click here for a breakdown of districts.


August 3, 2010 Another piece of Ramapo history has been obliterated
from the landscape--to be paved over with parking lots. The most
recent views and a retrospective of what had been on the site--a legacy
that reaches back to pre-Revolutionary Ramapo.


July 28, 2010 The destruction of a pristine woods at the
corner of Pomona Road and Firemen's Memorial Drive has
accelerated as the politician who has proved himself to be
the greatest threat to Ramapo's environment blunders ahead
without the funding or support for a project that he has
repeatedly said in public is going to be built whether the
taxpayers want it or not. Photos and link to Flickr catalog
of images here.  

Federal agreement ends poultry slaughtering in
violation-ridden New Square plant; Adir has plans
to replace plant with a 5X larger factory

July 23, 2010 Federal prosecutors and owners of a violation-ridden and unsanitary poultry
processing plant have reached an agreement that permanently shuts down the slaughtering
operation but could allow storage and sale of imported fowl inspected by the government.
The U.S. Attorney's Office took civil action in December against New Square Meats for
unsanitary conditions at the plant and selling poultry since 2002 that the U.S. Department of
Agriculture never inspected.
Adir Poultry, a company connected to New Square Meats and Ezras Yisrael, wants to replace the
5,000-square-foot slaughterhouse with a $3 million, 26,250-square-foot plant." Journal News story here.

Sports Journalist Examines Ballpark Memorandum of Understanding--
Calls it "A Potential sports financial fiasco in the making"

July 19, 2010 "Assuming Bottom 9 Baseball gets into the Can-Am League (and pays a million dollars
or so for that right) and is set to go and Ramapo or the RLDC gets the stadium funding together, the new
facility will be built over the winter and will be ready to open on June 6, 2011. Bottom 9 Baseball will
be throwing a million dollars or four percent of the estimated costs into the venue. The team will pay $175,000
a year in rent. It would take more than a century for Ramapo to get back the construction costs at that rate.
The team threw a couple of bones to Ramapo. The municipality will get a dollar for each ticket sold (not including those seats
in the stadium's 20 luxury boxes – the town will get some money from those seats and some money from the sale of the stadium's
naming rights. What are the odds that a Ramapo Stadium can get any money for naming rights when the New York Giants/Jets
Meadowlands Stadium, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and the Golden State Warriors facility are still unnamed?)" Complete article

Ballparkdigest.com Skeptical Over Hired
Consultant’s Rosy Financial Picture for Ballpark

July 11, 2010 "A consultant estimates that a new Can-Am Association ballpark in Ramapo,
N.Y., should turn a profit if things go well. But a closer look at the number shows that
the city has almost no room for error and will rely on offseason events, not baseball, to
cover debt payment
." The site's editors also have this to say: "Crunching the numbers: It
will take $700,000-$800,000 just for debt service on $25 million in bonds on a 20-year repayment schedule using current interest
rates. No way this deal works without a lease where the city eats at least half the cost of the ballpark." Click here to read
the two articles.

 One Time Political Operative for St. Lawrence
Arrested for Burglary and Assault

July 5, 2010 An article in the July 1st Journal News reported that "a 34-year-old local
businessman has been charged with forcing his way into a Kaufman Court home and
assaulting the couple living there. Jacob Wagschal, owner of JW Developers on Sunrise
Drive in Monsey, faces a hearing in Ramapo Justice Court on the morning of July 15.
An argument over a parking issue apparently caused a confrontation between Wagschal
and a family living on Kaufman Court, according to a spokesman for the police department.
The male homeowner told police that Wagschal was carrying a cane and hit him in the face, and then punched him
several times in the chest." Wagschal is familiar to our readers as one of the individuals connected with the fraudulent
signs put up the night before a recent election. These signs directed Preserve Ramapo supporters to vote on the line
containing the St. Lawrence slate. (More)

Census estimates show big gains in some local communities

June 27, 2010 "Eleven Lower Hudson Valley communities grew by more than 10 percent in the last decade,
according to newly released census estimates.
Rockland's Orthodox Jewish villages, Kaser (34%) and New Square (32%),
have seen the region's biggest population increases, as they continue to build more housing to accommodate growing
families there. Also in Rockland, Haverstraw (11%), Pomona (10%) and Montebello (10%) saw high growth." Story here.

Ramapo Voters Demand a Say
on the $25 million Ball Park

June 24, 2010 Late this morning, Preserve Ramapo Chairman Robert
Rhodes and Rockland County Legislator Joseph Meyers delivered four
volumes of petitions with 2,139 signatures from those in Ramapo who
want the voters to decide whether $16.5 million in new loans to build a baseball park should be co-signed by
the already stressed taxpayers. (More)

Jim Bouton on Building New Baseball Stadiums

"The only people, besides team owners, who want new stadiums are politicians, lawyers, and the
media. Politicos like to swagger around a palace—and stadiums are the modern palaces—the bigger
the better, especially for mayors suffering from stadium envy. They like to watch games from the
owner's box in full view of the TV cameras and hang out in the clubhouse with the players. This is
in addition to the usual perks, graft, kickbacks, and patronage that accrue to politicians on big
construction projects."
(Click here for More from the ex-Yankee All-Star)


Preserve Ramapo Files Complaint
with Inspector General—Asks for
Fraud Investigation of the Urban
Renewal Certification of Ballpark Site

May 5, 2010 Yesterday, Preserve Ramapo filed a formal
complaint with the New York State Inspector General.
At the same time, the organization requested a thorough
investigation of what it considered to be a fraudulent
application for urban renewal status for the wooded site
next to the Fire Training Center in Pomona.
Applicable sanctions were also sought by the group.
(Complete story with full text of the complaint

Patsy Wooters gets Rockland County environmental
volunteer award

May 2, 2010 "Patsy Wooters has spent more than a decade raising awareness about
the environmental issues confronting Rockland County.
From threats to drinking water
and air quality to concerns about overdevelopment and habitat loss, Wooters has
worked to explain how these issues fit into everyday life." Story here.

A Risky $26million Gamble with 5 to 1 odds-Against
            and There’s No Business Plan


April 28, 2010 Last week, Preserve Ramapo received a stack of 120 pages, documents and notes,
from the Ramapo Town Clerk’s Office. We had submitted a Freedom of Information Act request
for two things: the business plan for Supervisor St. Lawrence’s $26m baseball park (Project Grand Slam)
and a list of the investors he said he had lined up for the project. What we got back was an assortment
of unrelated papers pulled from a number of areas, but there was no document that purported to be or
even vaguely resembled a business plan, and there were no investors. (More)

Official spokesperson for Mendel Hoffman
chosen for the Ramapo Town Board

April 15, 2005 Daniel Friedman was appointed to the Ramapo
Town Board at last night's board meeting. Friedman will take
the place of Ed Friedman who passed away on March 12. Board
members St. Lawrence, Hunter, Withers, and Ullman voted to
seat the 24-year-old to serve out the remainder of Ed Friedman's
term. (More) 

Nike/Mosdos—Federal Judge Tosses Bias
Claim Against the five Villages

April 8, 2010 In the latest legal milestone in the ongoing odyssey
of the Nike Base, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas has thrown out
the religious discrimination lawsuit brought against the five villages
that opposed the ASH (Adult Student Housing) project on Grandview
Avenue. Karas’ dismissal was delivered in a written opinion dated
March 31, 2010. The RLUIPA club that was wielded by the developers
against the villages has been cast aside, Christopher St. Lawrence’s innovative ASH dispensation from zoning
laws has been rebuked, and the judge found the charge that the residents "began to establish villages for the
purpose of controlling who resided within each village" and to exclude the "increasing Orthodox and Hasidic
Jewish population" was baseless.  Story here.

1,000,000 Visits

April 5, 2010

Over this past weekend, the PreserveRamapo.org website crossed a
threshold the average blog doesn't reach. Since it's launch on May 30,
2003,more than one million visitors have clicked on the Preserve Ramapo
Web address to check local news in Ramapo and the 12 villages
in the Town.

Fire Chief: Locked Doors Trapped New Square Students During Blaze

Chained fire exits described as "barbaric"

April 1, 2010 From the Journal News "Firefighters had to knock down a locked door in order to 
evacuate teenage boys from a fire in a yeshiva Thursday after the students living in the dormitory
were unable to get out because several exits had been padlocked, said Kim Weppler, chief of the
Hillcrest Fire Company.
Weppler said that when firefighters arrived, some of the estimated 30
teenage boys living in the dorm had escaped the building, but that about 20 others had been unable
to evacuate because several of the exits had been padlocked or dead-bolted.
To gain access to the
rest of the building and search for additional students, Hillcrest firefighters had to pry open a door
in the common hall, which separates the school from the dormitory, and cut a padlock on a gate in a
common fire exit stairwell, Weppler said. 'Deadbolts, padlocks or any other devices used to chain a
fire exit are barbaric,' he said. 'Especially when people are occupying the space within.'"
Full story
on Journal News
site here.

Independent League Commissioner Promises
"Great Success" Despite History

 Where are the Durham Bulls of Yesteryear?

March 28, 2010 The Commissioner of the Independent Can-Am League, Christopher St. Lawrence's
partner in the proposed $25million baseball park in Ramapo, claimed in a Community View in The
Journal News:
" In every market where our leagues have built new facilities, the municipalities
have enjoyed great success and seen strong positive economic benefits. I hope this helps clear up some of
the discussion, and I am sure that a new stadium with Can-Am baseball will be providing great baseball
entertainment for decades to come in Rockland County."
Actually, the Can-Am League has fielded seven teams
in New York State and all seven have gone belly-up and/or moved out. Of the 22 modern franchises, this League has
seen 16 fail. We also look at the Commissioner's most famous team, the Durham Bulls, and what happened when he
tried to get the town of Durham to build a stadium for that team. (More)

Drawings of a minor-league baseball stadium proposed to be built in Ramapo were displayed during a meeting of the Ramapo Town Board at Town Hall in Airmont on March 10. Peter Carr/The Journal News

Let taxpaying "investors" view business plan for Ramapo Ballpark

Community View in Journal News  March 23, 2010

There are problems with the facts in Supervisor St. Lawrence’s Community View, "Baseball will lift up region.
" He says a formal business plan for the $25.5 million project does exist. On Feb. 17, Preserve Ramapo submitted
a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request for all documents, notes and communications concerning this project.
A month later, Tuesday, March 16, we were given 48 pages and a large technical drawing. No business plan—in fact,
no documents or papers that might be part of a business plan, were included. Either the Town is illegally
withholding information in violation of State law, or Mr. St. Lawrence is violating the public trust with a serious
lack of candor. (More)


Playing With House Money

The Economics of the Baseball Field Proposal

March 19, 2010 Before investing $25.5 million in a baseball stadium and team, you would think the first steps
taken by the Town of Ramapo would include a serious business plan. Estimate the costs, the risks, the benefits,
ROI, and the overall suitability of the project for the community. There’s no evidence that this has been done,
and the public has been generally stonewalled in its attempt to get any information about the project beyond what
Christopher St. Lawrence chooses to feed to the newspaper and Channel 12. None of this seems to bother the Supervisor.
But then again, he’s not playing with his own money—he’s using house money, or more precisely, the taxes you pay
on your house—that money. And the obligation will be yours and your kids’ until the year 2040. Click here for an
analysis of the economic liabilities of this project, including information about the league he is looking to partner with.

This time D'Agostino lashes
out at students

Last time, he launched a threatening tirade
against a parent who criticized the selection
of the costly counsel under investigation by
the State's Comptroller. That performance
looked like this. Story and video here.





A pattern is emerging. One that seems to indicate serious issues with the First Amendment and
anger management. Reasoned discourse? A measured professional demeanor? Don't get your hopes up.
A student wrote to us, concerned that the characterization of the confrontation presented in the Journal
article didn't tell the complete story. He sent the video, so those who weren't present could hear the
exchange. Click here to view what happened. 

St. Lawrence plans to enter "floating craps game"
with taxpayers' money

Baseball plan is analyzed by sports business expert

March 7, 2010 Evan Weiner, a New York City-based journalist and speaker,
is recognized as a global expert on the business of sports. He was presented
with the United States Sports Academy's first ever Distinguished Service
Award for Journalism in 2003 in Mobile, Alabama. This morning on the
www.examiner.com website he posted an analysis of the St. Lawrence
initiative to borrow $25 to $30million to build a stadium and bring a
minor league baseball team to Ramapo. "If that happens," Weiner writes,
"Ramapo will join a league [CanAm Leage] that is more of a floating crap game
than a stable organized entity." Read the entire analysis here.


New Snow Removal Service in Airmont "Excellent"

February 12, 2010 When the Village of Airmont replaced the Town of Ramapo
Highway services at a savings of $86,000 a year the only question was how well
the new contractor would do. Phone calls made yesterday to a number of Airmont
residents unanimously rated the new snow removal contractor as "very good" to
"excellent" with most using "excellent" as their preferred descriptive.
The pretreatment before the snow began to fall around midnight striped
the roads, and by 6am the morning after the day-long 14-inch snowfall, the roads
were black throughout Airmont. Story here.

United Water Created Shortages that Now Justify Desal Plant

February 7, 2010 "The New York State Department of Conservation decision authorizing the construction of
Lake DeForest states, "This Commission has the full power to see that this project is operated solely for the
benefit of the citizens of Rockland County. The only benefit to the Hackensack Water Company (United Water
New Jersey) and the people of New Jersey is the incidental benefit of a regulated flow in the river." Even during
periods of drought between 1991 through 2007, the United States Geological Survey's Hackensack River West
Nyack monitoring station recorded an average flow of approximately 15 million gallons per day. As a result, the
average flow to New Jersey exceeded the amount permitted by the DEC by more than 7 million gallons per day." (More)

Slumlord Sits on East Ramapo School Board and
Spring Valley Zoning Board

February 5, 2010 The owner of the house at 38 N. Myrtle Avenue in Spring Valley has
been cited numerous times within the last four months, and along with the health and
safety violations, the Rockland County Dept. of Health has described the home as an
illegal boarding house. Of the many violations throughout the building, it was noted by
the inspectors that, "Some of these violations are considered to be life-threatening."
The owner of 38 N. Myrtle is Eliyahu Solomon, a school board and Spring Valley zoning
board member. Full story here.

How Congress Undermined the American Dream:
The Effect of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA)
on Residential Neighborhoods

January 28, 2010 "How could Congress have passed legislation that so dramatically harmed the interests
of so many of its constituents? There are two main explanations.
First, Congress did not bother to familiarize itself with the constitutional rules surrounding land
use. There is no evidence in the legislative history that any member (or staffer) grasped that land
use law that has been the domain of the states and local governments since the Framing. They
simply did not understand that this attempt to federalize local land use law was a revolution in
the making. Nor is there any evidence of even a modicum of knowledge of the purposes and
principles underlying zoning and planning, or how such legal rules aid and protect private
property owners.
Second, the record on RLUIPA was unbalanced, and thus distorted. The only groups permitted to
testify regarding the bill were religious groups, and less than a handful of constitutional scholars,
including myself. The very group most affected by the bill - residential homeowners - was
conspicuously absent." Read the entire article by Constitutional Law Expert Marci Hamilton here.

Ramapo Town Board Sells Out Patrick Farm in Unanimous Vote:
Frances Hunter--Yes;  Yitzy Ullman--Yes; David Stein--Yes;
Christopher St. Lawrence--Yes   

January 26, 2010
Three hundred Ramapo residents showed up at the special meeting of the Town Board last night, and 2,000 more
had emailed board member Fran Hunter asking her to vote against the high-density building on Patrick Farm. Owner
Yekiel Lebovits and his developer from Brooklyn, Abraham Moskovits
, have applied to put 500 homes on the environmentally
sensitive property on Route 202 near the corner of Route 306.


St. Lawrence talks about Patrick Farm
becoming a new village--Would not stand
in the way of religious developers

January 24, 2010 Friday morning, Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence
explained to the audience of a weekly radio show that he would not stand
in the way of Yekiel Lebovits or Scenic Development of Monsey if their
intentions include the creation of a new high-density religious community on the Patrick Farm property. Click
here for recent aerial views
of the density in two other Orthodox communities in Ramapo. This promise contrasts
starkly with his active opposition to the petitions from the residents of Ladentown when they applied for the
same thing. Or the several petitions for single-district elections which he fought in court.


St. Lawrence Protégé Quits—Total Comp for
Less than 1 Year of Probationary Service is $522,474.00

January 22, 2010 Baile Glauber had been Ramapo’s first Orthodox Jewish Policewoman
until yesterday. Actually, she was a probationary officer, and despite the strong personal
support of Christopher St. Lawrence, when Glauber’s probationary period was to end in
February, Police Chief Peter Brower planned to recommend that she not be hired on
as a regular on the force. (More)

Joint Resolution by Legislators Joseph Meyers and Jacques Michel
Concerning the Haitian Crisis and Relief Efforts

January 15, 2010 Read the full text of the resolution here. 

Report on the Clarkstown Public Hearing on Desalination

January 13, 2010 A most informative informational meeting was held before the Clarkstown Town Board
last night. The most interesting information was provided by a well-informed and persistent audience
that would not accept the evasive answers provided by executives and engineers representing United Water. (More)

Proposed Rockland County Desalination Plant a Boon for United
Water New York, a Bust for Area Water Customers

January 12, 2009 Washington, D.C.—"The Haverstraw Water Supply Project, a proposed
desalination plant in Rockland County, New York, could generate as much as $5 million in annual
profits for United Water New York, but community members would ultimately pay the price
in the form of increased water rates, finds a new report released today by the national consumer advocacy
group Food & Water Watch. Entitled Not Worth It’s Salt: How Rockland County Could End Up Paying for an
Unnecessary Desalination Plant
, the report recommends approaches to meeting the area’s water needs that
include conservation, improving existing water infrastructure, and better stormwater management and land use
planning, among others." Read full text of this press release with link to the full study by Food & Water Watch here.

Federal judge shuts down New Square poultry plant

December 29, 2009 "A federal judge has ordered a New Square kosher poultry slaughterhouse padlocked
for unsanitary conditions that pose a health risk to the community. During an April visit to the plant, federal
investigators said they found poultry residue on walls, light fixtures, and the manager's office. Employee restrooms
had no soap or hand sanitizer while rubbish and foul-smelling pools of water were found outside the plant, according
to court papers federal authorities filed asking for the temporary restraining order against the plant." Story here.

Feds: New Square chicken plant sold
uninspected poultry since 2002

December 28, 2009 "A kosher poultry slaughterhouse and processing plant in New Square has been
selling uninspected meat since 2002 and continues to operate under unsanitary conditions, federal
prosecutors said. The U.S. Attorney's Office is seeking a temporary restraining order and a preliminary
injunction against New Square Meats, which is seeking an expanded facility, for violating federal law.
The case will be heard at 10 a.m. tomorrow in federal court in White Plains. 'The defendants ... have
demonstrated a brazen disregard for the health and welfare of the consumers of its poultry products,'
the U.S. Attorney wrote in a court document. It went on to state the defendants have 'repeatedly flouted' the
law and ignored requests by federal investigators to provide necessary records." Story here. 



No Résumé Needed in Spring Valley

December 11, 2009 Two recent appointments in Spring Valley
seem to prove that if you want to hide your qualifications,
or lack of qualifications, or you’d just rather avoid any
conversation at all about your life experience and professional
track record, the new Jasmin administration could have
a place for you. (Story here)


New York Times: Board's Hiring Sets Off a School War

December 7, 2009 "Ground zero for now is the schools, where roughly 70 percent of the students are
black and Hispanic, and where Hasidic and other Orthodox Jews, who almost always send their children
to private yeshivas, control six of the nine seats on the school board." Read Times' article here.

Lawyer-Go-Round Continues to Spin
in East Ramapo
Board Meeting Features Long, Angry Public Monologue
D'Agostino Erupts at Parent's Criticism

December 3, 2009 It’s gotten to the point
where you need a scorecard to see who’s the legal
counsel today for the East Ramapo School District,
so here’s a current lineup of who’s in and
who’s on the bench. Also we have Albert D'Agostino's
first legal action--he threatens a parent with, "I will
have you in court by Friday." The parent had expressed the opinion that the decision to hire D'Agostino "stinks."
Complete story (here).

"This is a Declaration of War"

November 24, 2009 It was well past midnight (12:42) when the
school board came out of executive session to open the public
portion of last Wednesday’s East Ramapo School Board meeting.
There was a single item to be discussed. The Orthodox majority
on the panel wanted to fire the two attorneys currently serving
the district and to bring in another attorney, Albert D’Agostino,
at quadruple the salary. School Superintendent Oustatcher called
it a disservice to the children of this community, adding "that the
decision would rip asunder both the board and a community."
Deputy Superintendent Joe Farmer characterized the decision as a "declaration of war." The President of the School Board,
Nathan Rothschild, had requested that the vote not be taken, but be put off until next week for a full session devoted
to the issue. But Moshe Hopstein, Aron Wieder, Morrris Kohn, Eliyahu Solomon, and Richard Stone were deaf to the
objections. They had no answers for the Board’s nor the Superintendent’s questions, and they voted 5 to 3 to bring in
the attorney who assisted in the Orthodox takeover of the Lawrence School District on Long Island. (More)

Holy War

October 29, 2009 In his newspaper Mendel Hoffman announced, "We now have to deal with
over 10,000 people who sent a strong message: We don't want Jews to live and expand in
Ramapo. Their concern is our existence." During this year's primary elections some anonymous
writer posted the following on synagogues in the Monsey area: "These dangerous activists proclaim
that the Town should go back to the times when there was the limit on how much we can
expand, and that shall never be!" The two writers were obviously working on behalf of the 
St. Lawrence campaign, and the distrust and anger they fomented had a purpose. Story here.

St. Lawrence Turns His Back on the Ramapo Fire Chiefs

October 26, 2009 At the beginning of this year (Jan. 14), the Ramapo Fire Chief’s Association sent an urgent letter
to Supervisor St. Lawrence concerning unnecessary risks the volunteer firefighters faced in Ramapo due to building
policies and violations there. They described the current situation as "an extremely dangerous and untenable situation"
that is allowed to exist as projects continue to be approved, altered and illegally occupied. Read the letter and the
response here. 

Leaders must stand up to New Square slaughterhouse plan

October 18, 2009 "The leadership of New Square has decided that it wants to build a huge chicken slaughterhouse off
Route 45, directly opposite single-family homes and perhaps only a hundred yards from apartment houses occupied by
New Square's own residents. The role played by Rockland's political leaders in this whole affair can only be described
as dreadful. To put it simply, it appears that our county's entire political leadership has turned its back on our residents
for the continued political support of the very small group of individuals who will deliver New Square's bullet vote to
properly compliant politicians." Read the complete text of Robert Rhodes Community View here.

Neighbors and Village, Town, County, and
State Officials Stand Together Against the
Proposed Slaughterhouse in New Square

October 17, 2000 For photo coverage of the rally in New Hempstead
against the poultry slaughterhouse, click here.

Thom Kleiner: "This should not be allowed in a residential neighborhood. We cannot let this stand. If Perdue wanted to open
a chicken plant in Pearl River, we'd stop that, too."
Ken Zebrowski: "We have to work together to stop this." Zebrowski recently introduced legislation to prohibit municipalities
from granting any approvals for the construction or operation of a slaughterhouse that is within 1,500 feet of a residential area.
Joe Meyers: Legislator Meyers introduced a resolution in the county Legislature calling on New Square to reject the proposal
and asking the state to withdraw the $1.62 million grant awarded for the project.

Preserve Ramapo Files Complaint with Attorney General
over DA's Failure to Investigate Voter Violations

October 2, 2009 This week, Preserve Ramapo filed a formal complaint and requested an
investigation of the Rockland County District Attorney’s failure to investigate felony
violations of New York State Election Law at a New Square polling place. We also asked that
a second, independent investigation look at the possibility of election fraud based on a
political relationship between the office or any individuals in the Office of the Rockland County District Attorney
and the officials of the Village of New Square. Both requests were sent to the Public Integrity Bureau of the New
York State Attorney General's Office in New York City. (Story here) 

Rockland County has 5th highest property taxes in the United States

October 1, 2009 According to the American Community Survey, which is based on US Census Bureau statistics,
in 2008, Rocklanders paid median property taxes of $8,430--up $895 from the year before. The median is the
middle number with half paying more and half less. The number for property taxes in all of New York
State is $3,622 and the median for the country is $1,897. Last year we were 6th highest, so we're edging our
way up toward the worst in the nation--definitely not good. Journal story here. 

Slaughterhouse—The Environmental Cost
and the Political Backlash

September 25, 2009 Because the proposed 50,000-square-foot slaughterhouse on
Route 45 in New Square
could prove to be an environmental Chernobyl for homeowners
in New Hempstead, Spring Valley and Clarkstown, there has been a political backlash
rising up from the grass roots. Two letters today in The Journal News accuse
politicians of serving the bloc vote with no regard for consequences that will
end up being paid by local residents. Read "Mad at Sen. Morahan for chicken plant
support" and "Apathy only makes the bloc vote stronger" here.

A Slaughterhouse on Main Street--
An Environmental Catastrophe

September 9, 2009 The proposed 50,730-square-foot poultry
slaughterhouse in New Square would not only create the type of air
pollution called "brown air" throughout the surrounding neighborhoods,
it would also have a disastrous impact on the supply of potable water.
Slaughterhouses like these also negatively impact waste-water systems,
storm and sewer, and this one is to be built on one of the more traveled
roads (Route 45) in Ramapo. The firestorm created by the plan is a
reaction to the size, the location, and the politics of the decision—the
last of which has a particularly offensive odor. Full story here.

Grant to New Square is the last straw

September 11, 2009 "The recent $1.63 million "Restore New York" grant ("State to give New Square $1.6M for chicken
slaughterhouse," Sept. 4) for a kosher chicken slaughterhouse in New Square is the last straw for this second-generation
Ramapo homeowner. How can this be allowed when we pay some of the highest property taxes in not only the state
but the country?" Full text of the letter here.

Crying Fowl--Journal News Editorial

September 5, 2009  "The Rockland County Planning Department has recommended against the proposal [the poultry
slaughterhouse in New Hempstead], as submitted by New Square. Planners found problems in the site plan, a variance
request and a special-permit request. Concerns ranged from lack of parking to the stress on New Square's notoriously
low water pressure.
The county still has not been notified that the area was re-zoned for industrial use, something
that New Square Deputy Mayor Israel Spitzer says happened more than a year ago. There's also some fuzzy math - though
the state announcement hails the project, which it reported will be placed on a 7.8 acre lot, county documents show
the parcel for the slaughterhouse at 0.99 acres. The Empire State Development spokesperson said, '[There was ] a great
deal of support' from elected state officials." Read the full text of the editorial here.

Haverstraw supervisor asks New York Attorney General to investigate
New Square slaughterhouse grant

September 4, 2009 "Following a $1.6 million state grant for a kosher chicken slaughterhouse in New Square, Haverstraw
Supervisor Howard Phillips is asking the state attorney general to investigate the process by which municipalities are
chosen for awards of public money." Journal story here.

St. Lawrence's Protégé Files Complaint
Against the Police Union, Department, Town,
and Fellow Officers

August 22, 2009 Baile Glauber's "nomination as a police officer was strongly
supported by Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and the Town Board." Today,
The Journal News reported, "Ramapo's first ultra-Orthodox Jewish police officer
has filed a federal labor complaint accusing the town and some fellow officers of discriminating against her because
of her religious beliefs." Ms. Glauber had been given a work schedule that gave her the Sabbath and other religious days
off. "She said the department gave her a hard time about taking Jewish holidays off, but relented when her lawyer got
involved. She has been assigned to desk duty for months after complaining that she was injured." Journal story here.  

Open Space Generates Overwhelming Debt for
Taxpayers--Opportunity for Developers

August 14, 2009  Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence boasts proudly of
the $35 million dollars he has spent for “open space.”  There are a few things you
should know about his “open-space” purchases that he will not tell you. (More)

St. Lawrence to Face Charges in Federal Court
for 1st Amendment Violations
August 7, 2009 Federal Judge Kenneth Karas of the U.S. District Court of the Southern
District of N.Y. filed a ruling on Wednesday (Aug. 5) that Tim Cronin, former greens
keeper at Spook Rock Golf Course, has adequate cause to bring Christopher St. Lawrence
to trial in Federal Court. St. Lawrence is charged with the violation of Cronin’s First Amendment
rights and with retaliation taken by him, St. Lawrence, against Cronin. For complete
story, click here.

Mendel Hoffman--The Clinic, the Taxes,
and The Advocate

August 4, 2009 The Ben Gilman Medical and Dental Clinic in Spring Valley is
scheduled to reopen today. The building had been closed by the Board of Health,
The Journal News
reported, because it had dead birds, animal droppings, and other
unsanitary conditions. Today, the news focus shifted to the Director Mendel Hoffman.
According to the Journal, "Hoffman was paid more than $556,000 in 2006 as director
of [a number of local nonprofits], many of which receive much of their budgets
from taxpayer funds, according to records." Full story here.

A Slaughterhouse on North Main Street

July 27, 2009   Last Friday, The Journal News posted the Rockland
County Planners’ rejection of the proposed poultry slaughterhouse
on North Main Street in New Hempstead. They called the plant "an
incompatible, industrial use that should not be permitted alongside
residential properties." On the same Friday morning, Supervisor St.
Lawrence, on his WRCR local radio slot, said he would not oppose it,
and, in fact, he praised the project as economically advantageous
and state-of-the-art, as well. He virtually guaranteed that there
would be no brown-air problems on Main Street from this 50,730-square-foot factory. (Story here)

Some Republicans who were asked to carry
candidate petitions are rippin'--literally--
protesting Dolan, Reda, and the Carpetbagger
(Christopher St. Lawrence)

July 13, 2009 We have learned from Republican friends that the petitions
returned to the Ramapo Republican Committee have included shredded candidate petitions as well as some
that were just torn up, stuffed into an envelope and returned. (More) 

Journal News editorial: Ramapo must consider the cumulative and
regional impacts of its high-density development

July 6, 2009 "In Ramapo, land-use issues are about more than traffic, sewer and water use. A growing religious
community's needs for housing and schools has rubbed against a woodsy, single-family home, suburban culture.
Overdevelopment angst is often fed by the town's willingness to downzone, even in the densest areas, and the
planning and zoning boards' perceived overflexibility for developers seeking more building on less land. County planners
have consistently warned of the stress overdevelopment throughout Ramapo puts on the county's infrastructure. Frequently
criticized is downzoning in the Monsey area that allows six-family structures to replace single-family homes. Town officials
have said that it is better to accommodate a rapidly growing population, rather than create onerous zoning laws that beg
for illegal development." Read the full editorial here.

New Square and Kaser are the fastest-growing municipalities
in the Lower Hudson Valley

July 1, 2009  "Two villages in Ramapo - New Square and Kaser - are the fastest- growing
municipalities in the Lower Hudson Valley, according to newly released data from the
Census Bureau. Between 2000 and 2008, New Square grew 40 percent, while Kaser's
population grew 30 percent, according to the data. The population of New Square was
6,461 in 2008. In Kaser, it was 4,315. New Square ranks fourth in the state, behind
Brookville, Romulus and Kiryas Joel. Kaser ranks ninth." Tables of the new data here.

New Square considers plan for poultry slaughterhouse
on Route 45

June 30, 2009  "New Square is considering a plan to allow a business to build a large poultry
slaughterhouse on Route 45 across the street from New Hempstead. The proposed
50,730-square-foot facility would be built in a new industrial park at the intersection with
Rovitz Place, according to documents. (More)




  A St. Lawrence Sampler

June 22, 2009 Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence has filed a lawsuit against
the candidates running against him in the September 15 primary. Bruce Levine,
Veronica Boesch, and Rod Lustin were served with legal notice that Mr. St.
Lawrence is highly incensed over their characterization of his administration as
In this piece we take a look at an abbreviated list of some of the "gifts"
this administration has offered all of us, beyond even the invention of a new kind
of zoning called Adult Student Housing, and in addition to that colorful building
inspector driving around with an envelope stuffed with cash alongside the pot in the 
glove compartment of his town vehicle. (Story here)

Journal News coverage: Ramapo zoning board nixes one yeshiva,
favors another

June 20, 2009 "The fates of two controversial plans to build yeshivas in residential neighborhoods were questionable
despite decisions this week by the Zoning Board of Appeals. The first soundly rejected Bobover Yeshiva of Monsey's
plan for a school to replace an illegal one it operates on Route 306." Story here.

Bobover Yeshiva denied approval by
Zoning Board: Vote is 4 to 1

June 18, 2009 After one-and-a-half hours of public testimony, the
request for zone changes needed to permit the building
of a school for 250 students on two acres on Route 306 failed by a
four to one majority vote. The Town Hall meeting room was packed
with an audience that spilled out into the hallway. The crowd erupted
with the announcement of the denied approval. (More)  

Christopher St. Lawrence,

June 11, 2009 What do you do when you are
faced with the first difficult primary challenge
of your career, and your bloc might not be able
to pull your bacon out of the fire? Well, for
Christopher St. Lawrence, the answer was obvious--
high-tail it over to the opposition. Send enough of
your Monsey base over to the opposition party's
convention, and if you can't get your own party
line, steal theirs. And what about loyalty to your
own party? Forget it--no place for that when it's your
own fat you smell in the pan. Republican candidate
Christopher St. Lawrence will soon be seeking your
endorsement on the Republican Party Line. Sounds
odd doesn't it, especially when you think here's a
guy who never misses an opportunity to remind you
that, as a kid, he spent hours licking envelopes
working on his father's campaigns. (Read the complete story here.)

NYS Board of Elections: Gift cards given out at New Square
Polling place, a felony--DA investigating similar abuse in Monsey

June 10, 2009 After receiving the legal determination from a state Board of Elections Enforcement
Counsel, a Preserve Ramapo representative met with a detective from the Rockland County District
Attorney's Office and requested that the department complete a full investigation of two events in
recent elections. In the 2005 Supervisor's race, poll workers at a New Square location handed out cards
that promised a gift to those who had come to vote. In the September Primary Election in 2006, ice-cream
making machines were promised to voters in Monsey. Both acts constitute felony violations of the State
Election Law Section 17-142. The Journal News learned yesterday that the District Attorney is now
actively investigating the apparent felony in the Monsey election. Complete story here.

Criminal Fraud

June 5, 2009

The flyer sent out to all residents in Ramapo
proclaiming Ramapo as the safest place in the
country is a fraud. In fact, it is one of the more
outrageous examples of marketing fiction to belch
out of the St. Lawrence smoke machine. This piece,
though, goes beyond the usual attempts to dupe the
public. It, in fact, places the academic reputation
of a publisher at risk, and, worse, it portrays the
FBI as an organization that doesn’t have a clue when
it comes to crime statistics. (More)

Federal Judge hears arguments in Pomona
Rabbinical College RLUIPA suit

May 21, 2009  "Marci A. Hamilton, attorney for Pomona and an expert on the federal Religious
Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, known as RLUIPA, presented the village's case first, arguing
that Pomona has never received an application from the developer on the project, so the village
officials and residents didn't know what Tartikov really wanted to build on the site. Congregation
Rabbinical College of Tartikov sued the village in July 2007, arguing that Pomona's land-use regulation
and conduct prohibited it from building and operating the college and housing for students on a 130-acre
site off routes 202 and 306." The judge's decision is expected in 6 to 12 months. Read story here. See
draft of the Tartikov original plans here.

Bobover Backlash

May 10, 2009 Members of the Monsey community expressed their criticism of the illegal
slaughtering of a calf at the Bobover school on Route 306. Rabbi David Eidensohn
said, "This was not a religious act, it was an act of a fool." "
Rabbi Moses David Tendler of
Community Synagogue of Monsey, a professor of medical ethics and biology at Yeshiva University
as well as an expert on Talmudic law, said the group's slaughter of a cow showed a disregard for
laws as well as the group's failure to understand American society. "They are ignorant of social mores,"
he said. "They don't know what is right and proper in an American community."
In an editorial in Saturday's paper titled "No More Breaks for Yeshiva Bobover," The Journal News
editors wrote: "On May 14, the Ramapo Zoning Board of Appeals should not give an inch on Yeshiva
Bobover's continuing dispute with the town over variances to allow the construction of a building on the
property to serve 250 students. In recent years, Ramapo has allowed organizations, often private schools,
to continue to operate even if they are out of compliance with codes. Sometimes, this has resulted in
good compliance with local codes and general cooperation. Other times, the violations pile up as town
regulations are repeatedly ignored. Guess which pattern fits here?"
Dramatically absent from this general discussion are the town leaders--Supervisor St. Lawrence, Inspectors, and the
Boards responsible for preventing illegal schools like Bobover, not looking the other way for years.
Read: Jewish leaders, others condemn cow slaughter in Ramapo here,
No More Breaks for Yeshiva Bobover here.


Rancor where private-school parents
make public-school decisions

April 26, 2009  A New York Times reporter looks at the situation
in the East Ramapo School District. He compares Ramapo and
Lawrence, Long Island. "
In both cases, the boards voted to close one of the local schools.
In both cases, one reason given is declining enrollments because so many local families now
send their children to yeshivas. In both cases, the decision was made by boards dominated
by Orthodox Jews who are running the public schools but don’t send their own children to them."
The Times' suburban reporter also discusses the recent attempt to stack the board. "It gained a
measure of acrimony a year ago when two Orthodox school board members dropped out of
the race a week before the election, in effect giving their seats to two other Orthodox
candidates, one of whom never campaigned, never supplied information for a candidate
questionnaire and never showed up at candidate's forums." More

Lamont-Doherty Rockland water website is
out of beta--visit Water Resources in Rockland County

“It is a disgrace that a criminal investigation has
not been initiated in this matter…"

April 11,2009 The outrage over the disputed transfer of a 76-year-old woman's home for $40,000
made its way from the LoHud blogs to Saturday's editorial page. Many are calling for a criminal
investigation over the proceedings. With the RICO statute as the basis for the lawsuit against Gershon
Alexander ("purchaser") and Ryan Karben ("attorney who was chosen to look after the woman's
best interests at the closing") there will, no doubt, be an investigation. Many would prefer that the
DA's office take a look also. Our cursory look at the numbers put the Ramapo Supervisor St. Lawrence
in bed with another of Gershon Alexander's companies, Puddingstone in North Haledon, N.J. Read
the most recent update "Congers Woman's belongings trucked from disputed house" here. At the
bottom of the article are the comments and questions from the public. Read about St. Lawrence's
involvement with Gershon Alexander here.   

Ramapo denied appeal in Adult-Student Housing case

April 9, 2009  "The town has been denied a chance to appeal a court ruling that gave four villages
the right to sue it over the town's zoning for adult-student housing. The Court of Appeals, the
state's highest court, preferred instead to allow the villages' case to proceed. Chestnut Ridge,
Montebello, Pomona and Wesley Hills launched the lawsuit in 2004, charging that Ramapo hadn't
fully considered the environmental impacts of its zoning that permits dormitories and apartments
connected to schools." Full story here.

Cracking a Rotten Nut

April 8, 2009 During the week that Christians celebrate
Easter and Jews celebrate Passover, in Congers, the
next callous phase of an alleged house theft played out.
“The belongings of a 76-year-old Congers woman
were hauled away from her home this week in the
midst of a federal racketeering lawsuit charging she
was swindled out of the townhouse. Elizabeth
DiGiacomo's property, including all of her dying
husband's clothing, was trucked away before her
attorney could try to prevent it with a court order
against High Mountain Sanitation Haverstraw, a company based in Haledon, N.J. DiGiacomo lived
in the development since 1997. She was locked out of the 46 Leif Blvd. townhouse late last month.
She is now living with her son, John, in New City. Her husband is hospitalized with terminal brain
cancer.” (Journal News) At the center of this sordid affair is Gershon Alexander of New Hempstead,
Ryan Karben, two companies (High Mt. Sanitation and Puddingstone Group), and a trail that leads up
the side of a mountain of garbage with one other surprise standing at the top. (More)

The Tax Shell Game in Ramapo

April 8, 2009 What do you do if you’re soon running for Town office
and your budget is swelling? You have to pass the increases to the
taxpayers, unless. . . Unless you can shove the costs off to the villages.
Charge the increases to them, and then credit the costs you’ve transferred
to them as accounts receivables on your books. Let the taxpayers pay the costs to the villages while
you’re "reducing" taxes at your level. It’s the kind of fraud the Town of Ramapo has been pulling for
years with highway department costs, and will once again claim as part of their “responsible stewardship”
in Ramapo. In addition, this year, Supervisor St. Lawrence has taken $200,000 out of the Chestnut Ridge
budget by prohibiting Interstate Waste Systems from operating in Chestnut Ridge. The company had to
suspend operations, and the village lost almost a quarter million in revenues. Read “Taxes could rise 8.9%
in Chestnut Ridge” here. Then read “Airmont looks to replace Town of Ramapo for road maintenance” here.

 More Than Half of Local Politicians Accept or Consider Pay Freeze—
Darden and St. Lawrence: "No thanks, we’ll pass."

March 23, 2009  In a Journal News feature article, Len Maniace
writes, "Faced with a crumbling national economy, a number of
top municipal administrators around the Lower Hudson Valley are
foregoing pay raises this year. More than half the municipalities
and school districts responding to an informal survey by The Journal
said their top officials were considering or already had agreed
to do without raises." Two high-profile officials (Mayor of Spring Valley
and Supervisor of Ramapo), with two of the heftiest compensation
packages, have decided to forego the idealism. (More)

Karben returning to court, again--Lawsuit charges a
violation of the RICO statute

March 13, 2009 Ryan Karben and a corporation that seems to have a fictitious address were named
in a lawsuit that accused the Monsey attorney "and a New Jersey-based company of misrepresenting
a real estate transaction in which a 76-year-old Congers woman says she lost the deed to her home."
The lawsuit was filed in federal court in White Plains under "civil provisions of the federal Racketeer
Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, known as RICO." Read the Journal story, "Lawsuit: Woman
duped of deed to home" here, and for an interesting couple of degrees of separation from Supervisor
St. Lawrence read this interesting comment posted by a reader online at the LoHud site, and then
review the Preserve Ramapo story he refers to.

Wi-Fi Sprinklers--You're kidding, right?

Feb. 22, 2009  Living in Ramapo, you get used to some pretty bizarre situations. From
the Supervisor calling down at you twice an hour from one of those $30,000 clocks (eight in all
scattered around the town), to a judge (Scott Ugell) telling Ramapo Building Inspector Brian Brophy
not to worry about the dope and envelope of cash he was caught with--just consider it never
happened. Here's another one of those Ramapo moments that makes life so surreal here.

Building a death trap

Feb. 20, 2009  "For decades, volunteer firefighting officials in Rockland have
warned that one day their colleagues would die, trapped in an illegally converted
apartment or condo, running into rooms without windows or walls blocking what they
expected would be an escape route. So many single-family homes have been altered into
two, four and even six apartments that the officials were certain tragedy would someday
strike. It was just a matter of when and where." Read the Journal News editorial here, and
then read "Hillcrest Volunteers Want Out of New Square" here.


County Loses Activist
with an Historic Record

Jan. 27, 2009   Last Friday, Irving Feiner
of Nyack passed away at the age of 84
after a short illness. From early adulthood to
the present, Irv dedicated himself to the
defense of the civil rights guaranteed to all
while fighting inequalities from the trial of the
Trenton Six in 1949 to the current unfair tax
burden on the residents of Spring Valley.
Story here.

Two tributes to Irv Feiner in The Journal News:

Editorial page--An appreciation: Irving Feiner
"Irving Feiner believed in speaking his truth to power--often with cutting and colorful
language. Feiner died Friday at 84. We remember his legacy of standing up for civil
rights and social justice, and expressing his thoughts loud and clear." Full text here.

Bob Baird's column--Guardian of our liberties
"Irv Feiner was a pain in the neck, and points south. He was irritating, aggravating,
and sometimes downright annoying. And he was usually right." Full column here.


Karben agrees to plea--sentenced to a sleepover

December 11, 2008 The court case had reached jury selection when Ryan Karben
pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of driving while impaired by alcohol. He was
given a two-day jail sentence and a fine. Taken to the Rockland County Jail last
night at about 10pm, he was reported released by 8 am this morning. "His attorney,
Kenneth Gribetz, said that under the law, people who serve a portion of a day receive
credit for the entire day. 'There was no special treatment given to him,' Gribetz said.
'He's fully served. He's completed his sentence.' Prosecutor Kevin Gilleece said this morning
that he was not aware Karben had gotten out." Journal story here.

Ramapo record on
'Open Space'
stirs questions

October 27, 2008 For years, Ramapo Supervisor
Christopher St. Lawrence and town attorney Michael
Klein have assured us that the open space he has been
buying will never be developed. Preserve Ramapo has suggested that St. Lawrence is not to
be trusted and asked why he has refused to dedicate this property as parkland, a simple process
requiring only a formal resolution by the Ramapo Town Board. (More)

Latest mismanagement of Ramapo Police by
Supervisor St. Lawrence

September 16, 2008  First there was the situation where "a young Ramapo officer
was publicly excoriated by Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence for ordering
a Hasidic Jewish woman, being booked on a fraud charge, to take off her wig." What
followed was a St. Lawrence public apology to the officer. Now,
"Ramapo Officer
Ernst Tenemille, who has sought a work schedule that would permit him to observe
his Sabbath as a Seventh-Day Adventist, has found his request stalled on technicalities.
Now he faces more paperwork and a Police Commission hearing to explain his needs.
None of that happened when Ramapo's first Orthodox police officer earlier this year
was granted Friday night through Saturday off, to accommodate her religious obligations."
A Journal editorial asks, "Why the different treatment?" Full text here.

The ZBA, the cops, and the Supervisor

Two homes replaced with 42, political fraud, and the machine
boss makes promises to his base--connecting the dots.

Sept. 2, 2008
The notice for the public hearing first appeared
on West Central Avenue on a cold, rainy Thursday in February.
In fact, it was February 14, Valentine’s Day. The laminated
12 by 18-inch signs were bound to trees with blue tape. What
was unusual about these notices was the middle section below the
HEARING. A large block of text, 27 lines, followed, itemizing
not just a single variance, but a list of 50 variances. The list
was too long for anyone to stand in the cold rain and read all
the way through, in fact, it was almost too long to fit on the large
poster. Fifty variances—there was no way any board would allow
that many violations of the zoning rules, no way. (More)

Preserve Ramapo sues Supervisor and board
over broken pledge to protect open space

August 28, 2008 Preserve Ramapo warned the residents
last year that St. Lawrence and his board had formally dedicated only
one of the open space properties, the one that surrounds St. Lawrence's
home, and that all the rest were vulnerable and could be sold to
developers. At the time, St. Lawrence and his attorney Michael Klein
were "shocked and dismayed" at the accusation. St. Lawrence said
of our warning, "This is utter nonsense." Less than one year later, the
two have overcome their indignation and entered into a contract with
developer Jeffrey Goldstein to sell item number 16 on their list of "Open Space, Parkland and Historic
Preservation"--the Tilcon Quarry. Goldstein wants to build 440 condos on the property that had been gifted to the
people of Ramapo by Tilcon. Wednesday morning, Robert Rhodes, Chairman of Preserve Ramapo, was joined
by Legislator Joseph Meyers and attorney James Hyer as they filed a Supreme Court lawsuit to prevent the sale of
the open space property. More.


Tapping Hudson no substitute
for planning

August 22, 2008  "Responsible planning must
be based on real information, not propaganda
provided by interested parties. Unfortunately,
United Water, working closely with the Rockland
Business Association, is doing its best to mislead
the citizens of Rockland." Read the full text of
Robert Rhodes' letter to The Journal News
You can also read Rhodes' July Testimony at
the Public Hearing on the Proposed United Water
Experimental Treatment Plant.


Supervisor St. Lawrence and his Board
are sued by worker

August 8, 2008  The Journal News reports today that the
supervisor and Town Board are being sued in federal
court by a former employee charging that he was
disciplined for refusing to post a four-foot by eight-foot
St. Lawrence campaign sign on his lawn. Tim Cronin's
lawyer explained, "We're suing over the violation of his
First Amendment right to take whatever position he wanted in a political
race." We reported on this in an extensive story titled "The Awful Price of
Independence in Ramapo." You can read that story here, and check today's update
in the Journal here.

The Quarry, Political Lies, and
the future of Ramapo

August 6, 2008  Last night, at a Suffern workshop
called to address a plan to put 496 condos on the
Tilcon Quarry site, the man who put the deal together
sat silent throughout the entire meeting. Ramapo Supervisor
St. Lawrence had no comments. He had sold the open space
property that had been given to the people of Ramapo by Tilcon to one of his biggest donors—the
developer Jeffrey Goldstein. Suffern had not been part of the negotiations—our sources say the
mayor of Suffern had not even been told about the deal—and last night the Supervisor adopted a
godfather-like demeanor throughout the entire proceeding. (More)

Building Condos on the Dump

August 1, 2008 It’s not just a dump, it’s a Superfund
Cleanup Site. That puts it in the major leagues of
dangerous landfills. The N.Y. State Department of
Environmental Conservation will continue to monitor
the site for 20 more years to make sure poisonous
leachate doesn’t run into the groundwater. It’s 86
capped acres of fermenting garbage that has to be
vented so methane buildup doesn’t one day blow it all over the Torne Valley. And now it’s
being seriously considered as a future site for 650 living units. Once again, a really bad smell
leads back to Town Hall in the form of a damp money trail. (More)

Do You Really Want to Drink
Hudson River Water?

July 12, 2008 "United Water New York's
proposal to build a reverse osmosis desalinization
and filtration plant to supply Rockland County with
drinking water from the Hudson River leaves many
with a bad taste in their mouths and concerns about
the quality of our drinking water, how the plant
will affect the ecosystem of the river, the
increased developm
ent it will bring on land - and at
what costs?" Read George Potanovic's Community
View here and please attend the public hearing Monday.

          Photo  George Potanovic, Jr.

Politicians: It's property taxes, stupid

July 10, 2008  "Gov. David Paterson, Assembly Speaker Sheldon
Silver and former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno agree
that property taxes are seriously threatening to drive homeowners
out of their houses. But they couldn't agree to do anything about it."
Read Irv Feiner's Community View here.


Robert Rhodes Announces
Preserve Ramapo Plans to
Sue Ramapo over Sale of
Quarry to Builder

July 3, 2008 "We believe this sale is illegal.
A municipality is not allowed to give gifts to
private parties. The fact that the developer is a generous contributor to St. Lawrence’s
election campaigns does not give him the right to accept gifts from the town of Ramapo."
The Chairman of Preserve Ramapo explained that they are in the process of researching
the sale and gathering documents for the action. (More)

Patrick Farm To
Have nearly 500
Residential Units--
61 of the 207 acres to
Be Downzoned to MR-8

June 19, 2008 Developers Yechiel and
Isaac Lebovits have submitted a
Draft Scoping Document that will be
reviewed by the Ramapo Town
Board in a public meeting scheduled for
Monday, June 23 at 6:30 at Ramapo Town
Hall on Route 59. The builders propose the
construction of 497 dwellings on the 207-acre historic site. The proposal includes
a map change of 61.3 acres now zoned for R-40 (one residence with 40,000 feet) to
MR-8 (multi-family housing with 8 units per acre). The village-size development is
expected to increase local population with numbers that could match the entire
population of the Village of Pomona as it exists today. The site is located over a
primary aquifer. Read The Journal News story here. A PDF of the 17-page scoping
document is available here. 



Ramapo Land Company II Opens for Business

June 18, 2008 On Monday evening, the Ramapo Town Board
approved the sale of 65 acres in Suffern to one of the most
powerful developers in the area, Jeffrey Goldstein. At the center
of the deal was the man who brokered the sale, Supervisor
Christopher St. Lawrence. The land had been donated to the
people of Ramapo by Tilcon New York, and St. Lawrence
engineered the sale to Goldstein who plans to build a complex
of 440 condominiums on the Suffern site. (More)





The Back Door to the Board Room

May 29, 2008  On May 20, the day of the school board
elections, a dangerous precedent played out in full view
of the public, but it went by mainly unnoticed. A
candidate was granted a seat on the Board of Education
in East Ramapo. He was not elected, he was appointed
after hiding out throughout the campaign. More.


Shadow Candidates and Musical Chairs
in East Ramapo

May 16, 2008 Some things you take for granted--like democratic
elections. After the election, they count the votes, and before that,
the candidates campaign--showing up at grocery stores, on the inside
pages of the newspaper--taking hold of your sleeve wherever the
opportunity presents itself. But not this time in the School
Board Elections in East Ramapo. Two candidates have been out talking
and giving interviews, but two others just suddenly quit without any explanation, with only
one week to go before election day. And then there are the final two, who are
more like shadows with nothing more known about one of them than just his name,
and little more about the other. Should stealth candidates be tolerated in a system so
dependent on an informed electorate?  More.


Lebovits to develop Patrick
Farm without ASH
St. Lawrence backs away from
his Adult Student Housing

April 25, 2008 The Journal News reported this morning
that "Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence and
Terry Rice, the attorney for the developers, said in separate
interviews that adult-student housing would not be built on
the [Patrick Farm] property." More



Spring Valley taxes--now that's a crime

April 15, 2008  Irv Feiner comments on the 10% jump in Spring Valley taxes. Read his letter here.

Wow, We Could’ve Had a V8

April 1, 2008

At a time when the Fed is bailing out investment
banks to prevent a collapse of the system and
the state is looking for even more ways to cut a
budget already hanging in shreds, what are we
doing here in Ramapo to keep the tax wolves from
our doors? We’re buying time. Literally, buying time
with property tax money. Read the sad details


Letter writers answer RLUIPA attorney Savad

"What Savad chooses not to mention is that an unintended byproduct of the law allows
developers to wield the RLUIPA sword as a weapon for economic gain." Read the full text
of this and two other letters responding to Savad's defense of the RLUIPA legislation here.

   The new residential look for St. Lawrence's Ramapo  photo©rosspilot.com

The St. Lawrence Legacy—Emptied Aquifers

March 25, 2008 In a Community View in today’s Journal News, Phil Tisi continues the water war between
United Water and Supervisor St. Lawrence’s office. This has been going on for a month or so now, and as
the two sides point and throw brickbats at each other, there is silence over the fact that they both have
actively conspired to destroy the water supply that has served this region for eons. (More)

DWI charge leaves Karben's political future cloudy

"Even if found not guilty of driving while intoxicated, former Assemblyman Ryan Karben could find
it difficult to return to office, voters and experts said yesterday." Read Laura Incalcaterra's full story
in the online Journal News here. Note--the Journal online articles often have interesting comments
sent in by readers. These appear at the bottom of the article, and they're worth checking out.

St. Lawrence owes $27,066
in back taxes--Pattern of being
delinquent goes back 5 years

In early November we reported on the Supervisor's tax
with the Village of Montebello. He didn't pay those either
until they were handed over for collection by the County.
As Ramapo Town Supervisor it is extremely unseemly that he
would force the same collection agency to get involved in
his Ramapo Town property taxes, school taxes, police, and
library taxes. Actually, the last time he paid his town taxes on time was in 2002. Perhaps, like
the infamous Leona Helmsley, he thinks that "taxes are for the the little people." Our coverage
includes current tax bills and table of past delinquencies. Story here.    

Hasidic community's bloc vote a far cry from democracy

Irving Feiner, a political activist for more than half a century, offers an analysis of the
calculating and undemocratic nature of Ramapo's Hasidic bloc vote. Using voting
statistics and trends, he considers the same question voiced in a Journal editorial,
"Are all the voters registered in the area living in the area?" Irv discusses five qualities
that set the vote apart from any other special interest. Read the full text of the
Community View piece here.


St. Lawrence Once Again
on the Tax Deadbeat Rolls

The name of Supervisor Christopher P. St. Lawrence
appears on this year's warrant sent to the County for
collection. But it's worse than that. The tax bill he has
refused to pay, again, is being picked up by the rest of us.
To read the documents, both current and those related to
past similar performance by the town executive click here.



Ramapo's third try at proving that the Open Space properties
are protected forever

In the beginning, Supervisor St. Lawrence just said that they were all dedicated parklands and
open space. When showed the documents that only one property was formally dedicated, the
one wrapped around his house, he turned to town attorney Michael Klein for some support. Klein
said there were convenants in the deeds that protected them, and then almost immediately
recanted when he searched a half dozen deeds and couldn't find any covenants. Now, with this
recent Community View by Klein, again, we have another vague citation to law "dating back at
least to 1871" (no specific citation quoted) and two curious other claims that contradict the
town's own documents. Three explanations in about three weeks. Why not do what the people
asked for at the demonstration--dedicate the properties just as you did the one in your back
yard? It will take 15 minutes at a town board meeting. Is there something we are not being told?
Read more here.

The Awful Price of Independence in Ramapo

It's one thing to ask employees for political donations and quite another
to enlist their attendance at political events and to assume their complete
allegiance in a campaign. Town, state or federal employees do not give up
their independence when they fill out the application for their jobs. In fact,
without their independence, the entire system would suffer because
monolithic governments tend to collapse of their own stagnating weight. Tim
Cronin's story is a cautionary look at a broken system. Story is here. 


Journal News joins Preserve Ramapo calling on St.
Lawrence to dedicate open space properties

"It's no surprise that the grass-roots organization, with a mission to curb
overdevelopment in the town, is wary of the way "open space" purchases
have been made. With no official "open space" resolutions from town government
dedicating the properties as parkland, disposition of the lands could become
cloudy in the future, Preserve Ramapo supporters say." There's a simple solution
according to the editorial page of the Journal--"dedicate the land a parkland."
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The Supervisor, Open Space, and Credibility

The last time Supervisor St. Lawrence asked the public to take his word
about the absolute security of a situation it cost us plenty. For three years,
Preserve Ramapo warned about overdevelopment and the collapsing sewer
system, and St. Lawrence, again and again, denied the massive spills, he
announced at a Sewer Commission meeting "There's nothing wrong with
the sanitary sewer system," and in a recent Community View he vigorously
defended the system as a "marvel of modern engineering." Then the en-
gineering report ordered by the DEC informed us that $50 million is needed
to fix the failing system. $50 million taxpayer dollars, and the repairs have
been mandated by the State. Now in another Community View St. Lawrence
is reassuring us again--this time vowing that the open space purchases are
"protected forever." This could cost us even more in money and quality of
life issues. Story and commentary here.

Ramapo Open
Space Purchases
not Protected
except. . .

Twenty-three of 24
Open Space purchases,
which cost taxpayers
$24 million, have not
been protected despite
the propaganda from the
Supervisor and his Board.
The solitary property that has been protected in perpetuity is the Mitch Miller
property which just happens to completely surround Supervisor St. Lawrence's
home. Full text of Community view here.

Supervisor and Town Board
Refuse to Protect Open
Space Properties

Having trumpeted his open space purchases for four years, the Supervisor
refuses to dedicate the properties as protected parkland, the only way to
guarantee that they will not end up sold or developed. Asked at Monday's
Town Board meeting, St. Lawrence had a single word response to the
question, Will you dedicate the 23 purchases that remain unprotected?
Story here.


Open space or the Ramapo
real estate company?

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information
Act request raise some disturbing questions about
claims made by the Supervisor concerning open space
purchases. With no clear answers coming from the
Town Clerk's office or attorney, Preserve Ramapo
looks elsewhere for explanations.
Read the story here.

The Ethically Challenged County
Legislature and Ramapo Town

Richard Kavesh, a Nyack Village Trustee, points to
some recent problems with raises, redrawing district
lines to keep incumbents in place, and the silencing
of the public at Legislative meetings. In a similar
vein, Preserve Ramapo looks at a buried ethical
problem for Supervisor St. Lawrence. Read the
Kavesh Community view ("Hold incumbents to a
higher standard") here, and the story of St. Lawrence's ethical problem here.





Ramapo Residents

Do you know what's going on in our Town? Neighbors in Airmont, Chestnut Ridge, Hillburn, Kaser,
Montebello, New Hempstead, New Square, Pomona, Sloatsburg, Spring Valley, Suffern, and Wesley
Hills--read what's really happening in the stories on our pages, and then remember, as Ramapo voters,
you can fix these problems when you vote in local elections.

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